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MS 4079Correspondence and papers on missions supported by the ICF1956-1981MSS/4003-4095/4079-4080/4079
MS 2955 no. 78Postcard of Scott memorial church at Norwich20th centuryMSS/2950-2956/2955/78
MS 2955 nos. 66-9Views of Norwich20th centuryMSS/2950-2956/2955/66-9
Benson 108 ff.196-212NORWICH, City of1892Benson/108/196-212
MS 1965, ff.1-2Prospectus of school in Norwich (printed)1849MSS/1961-1965/1965/1-2
MS 2162, f.137City of Norwich1948MSS/2156-2163/2162/137
MS 2955 no. 79Postcard of Roman Catholic church at Norwich20th centuryMSS/2950-2956/2955/79
MS 1971, ff.28-9City of Norwichc. 1910MSS/1971/28-9
MS 585 pag. 52Excerpta ex Chronico brevi Norwicensi. MSS/585/26
W.T.A./GEN/6/15W.T.A. Correspondence with branches: Norwich1968-1970WTA/GEN/6/15
Arches J 5/53ROBINSON V HADLEY1700Arches/J/5/53
Arches A 23ROBINSON V HADLEY1700Arches/A/23/163
Arches B 13/106ROBINSON V HADLEY1700Arches/B/13/106
Ramsey 256, ff. 341-354Julian of Norwich commemoration 1973Ramsey/4-287/1973/256/341-354
CM XVII/9Probate inventory of Robert Aylmer of Norwich, citizen and alderman. 4th July 1492CM/17/9
Runcie/SPEECH/375Norwich Clergy Summer School11 Jul 1985Runcie/SPEECH/375
MS 2010'Epistolae virorum doctorum de rebus ecclesiasticis tempore Elizabethae reginae', containing correspondence principally between the English Bishops and the continental Reformers.MSS/2000-2019/2010
Coggan 18, ff.1-17Norwich6 Dec 1974-3 Dec 1975Coggan/4-220/4-25/18/1-17
MS 1144NORWICH CATHEDRALEarly 18th centuryMSS/1144
CM X/140Grant by Peter of Mellinges to Walter the clerk, son of Ailmer the watchman, of all the land of his fee which Walter's father held of him (no place but perhaps Norwich). Late 12th centuryCM/10/140
BSR/IND/REG/N/3Norwich Industrial Mission1970-1982BSR/5/2/1/34
MS 3196Talbot Papers1558-1570MSS/3192-3206/3196
Sion L40.2/L5BIBLE13th centurySionMSS/L/5
MS 3194Talbot Papers1550-1557MSS/3192-3206/3194
BCC/7/1/5/1/21Correspondence & papers re Bible Weeks in Newcastle upon Tyne, Newport (Mon), Northwood & Norwich1953-1954BCC/7/1/5/1/21
MS 3206Talbot Papers1499-1580MSS/3192-3206/3206
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