Place EntryCathedral Church of St Paul/City of London
BuildingorStreetCathedral Church of St Paul
HistoricCountyCity of London
NotesSt Paul's Cathedral

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Davidson 483St. Paul's cathedral, city of LONDON1912-1930Davidson/218-516/483
Tait 425 ff. 361-4LONDON, City ofTait/409-442/425-442/425/361-4
Tait 183 ff. 41-54LONDON, City of1872Tait/161-296/183/41-54
Tait 84 ff. 250-1, 314-16LONDON, City of1868Tait/76-104/84/250-1, 314-16
Ramsey 320, ff. 168-170Sermons, addresses and articles21 January 1974Ramsey/314-320/320/168-170
Runcie/PHOTO/156Newman Celebration23rd November 1990Runcie/PHOTO/156
FP Temple 41, f. 213St. Paul's Cathedral, DIOCESE OF LONDON1889FP/Temple/41/213
FP Temple 41, ff. 35-219St. Paul's Cathedral, DIOCESE OF LONDON1885-1892FP/Temple/41/35-219
Tait 85 ff. 40-1Correspondence on St. Paul's cathedral, City of LONDON 1868Tait/76-104/85/40-1
Tait 89 ff. 161-2, 245-6, 249-50, 253-7, 263-71LONDON, City of1871Tait/76-104/89/161-2, 245-6, 249-50, 253-7, 263-71
FP Temple 41, ff. 22-34St. Paul's Cathedral, DIOCESE OF LONDON1885, 1892FP/Temple/41/22-34
FP Temple 41, f. 26St. Paul's Cathedral, DIOCESE OF LONDON[1885]FP/Temple/41/26
MS 2638 f. 90Engraving of St. Paul's Cathedral, London1930MSS/2615-2650/2638/1-286/90
MS 2161, ff.95-102Photographs of St. Paul's Cathedral, London20th cent.MSS/2156-2163/2161/95-102
FP Howley 28, ff. 249-66City of LONDON.1815-1828FP/Howley/24-46/28/249-66
Ramsey 316, ff. 112-113Sermons, addresses and articles1 December 1963Ramsey/314-320/316/112-113
Ramsey 320, ff. 346-349Sermons, addresses and articles30 September 1982Ramsey/314-320/320/346-349
Tait 82 ff. 121-2, 125-7, 173-8, 300-3LONDON, City ofTait/76-104/82/121-2, 125-7, 173-8, 300-3
MS 577 pag. 25The abjuration also of Bishop Pecock at Paul's Cross. MSS/577/14
Coggan 72, ff.288-293St.Paul's Cathedral3 May-27 Sep 1978Coggan/4-220/64-76/72/288-293
MS 2723Miscellaneous petitions and proposals1713-1732MSS/2690-2750/2723
Ellison P/20/6/4, ff. 30-31Confirmation of Runcie25/02/1980Ellison/P/20/6/4/30-31
Tait 175 ff. 366-81RANDOLPH (Thomas), Prebendary of St. Paul's1871Tait/161-296/175/366-81
Davidson 135, ff.135-40City of LONDON, St Paul's Cathedral.1907Davidson/27-217/135/135-40
BCC/7/1/5/1/7Correspondence & papers re a Service at St. Paul's on 20 October 1953 to inaugurate the Bible Speaks Today Campaign1952-1953BCC/7/1/5/1/7
Ellison O/1/1/98Ordination of Women9 June 1972-16 Feb 1981Ellison/O/1/1/98
Runcie/MAIN/1982/18BBC Jubilee Service1982Runcie/MAIN/1982/18
Ellison O/1/2/16Silver Jubilee 197730 Jan 1976-27 June 1979Ellison/O/1/2/16
Runcie/SPEECH/496Webster, Alan[1980-1990]Runcie/SPEECH/496
Runcie/PHOTO/257Consecration at Saint Paul's Cathedral25 Jul 1985Runcie/PHOTO/257
FP 43Building accounts of St. Paul's CathedralOctober 1639-September 1640FP/43
MS 3152 (f. 84)Estimate[1561]MSS/3152/84
Tait 431 ff. 126-7SCHOOLS1853Tait/409-442/425-442/431/126-7
Tait 429 f. 56LONDON, City of1859Tait/409-442/425-442/429/56
MS 594 pag. 22His [Reginald Pecock's] Abjuration at St. Paul's Cross. MSS/594/15
FP Temple 43, ff. 150-1St. Paul's Cathedral, City of LONDON1889FP/Temple/43/150-1
MS 3744Letters and papers of H. R. L. Sheppard1929-1937MSS/3741-3750/3744
MS 1070CONVOCATION1702-1715MSS/1070
Runcie/LC/79St Paul's Cathedral1986-1988Runcie/LC/79
Tait 79 ff. 126-9, 136-7LONDON, City ofTait/76-104/79/126-9, 136-7
MS 5062 ff. 14r-23rPhotographs: London MSS/5062/14r-23r
Runcie/LC/81Lambeth Conference London Day1986-1988Runcie/LC/81
ART/3/37St Paul's CathedralOct 1944ART/3/37
Runcie/PHOTO/33Bishop of Grantham and Kensington's Consecration23rd October 1987Runcie/PHOTO/33
Davidson 101, ff.374-80Memorial to CREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London, in St Paul's Cathedral, city of London1905Davidson/27-217/101/374-80
Tait 182 ff. 315-19LONDON, City of - Correspondence and papers on St. Paul's cathedral 1872Tait/161-296/182/315-19
LC 222Lambeth Conference 1968: Administrative arrangements: Conference Services1966-1969LC/1968/219-225/222
Runcie/LC/83London Day1984-1988Runcie/LC/83
HGAC/7/1/2Sketchbook 2n.dHGAC/7/1/2
Runcie/SPEECH/361National Federation of Housing Associations12 Jun 1985Runcie/SPEECH/361
BCC/7/1/5/1The Bible Speaks Today Campaign1951-1961BCC/7/1/5/1
MS 2552-2553ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL1767-1801MSS/2552-2553
MS 447SERMONS AND OTHER WORKS16th century-17th centuryMSS/447
MS 3280Photographs[1896-1900]MSS/3275-3284/3280
MS 2872 ff. 44-49Papers of the Commissioners for Rebuilding St. Paul's Cathedral1674-1675MSS/2872/44-49
MS 2872 ff. 51-74Papers mainly concerning Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex. Early 17th centuryMSS/2872/51-74
MS 2950POSTCARDS20th centuryMSS/2950-2956/2950
Runcie/PHOTO/113Installation into House of LordsFebruary 1980Runcie/PHOTO/113
Reg. Laud 1Register of William Laud1633-1638V/A/22Laud1
Ellison P/20/6/4, ff. 32-33Royal Wedding Episcopal Procession29/07/1981-23/10/1981Ellison/P/20/6/4/32-33
Lang 301A f. 34Photograph of Archbishop Lang at the consecration of Douglas Henry Crick30th November 1934Lang/299-301A/301A/34
Coggan 63, ff.1-115Jubilee14 Jan-24 Dec 1976Coggan/4-220/47-63/63/1-115
Coggan 63, ff.116-219Jubilee26 Nov 1976-28 Jul 1977Coggan/4-220/47-63/63/116-219
Tait 167 ff. 291-5LONDON, City of1870Tait/161-296/167/291-5
MS 1106FLORES HISTORIARUM ETC. (Annales Paulini)Late 13th century-14th centuryMSS/1106
CC/EFC(64)MTG7Meeting Papers7 Apr 1964CC/EFC/MTG/1964/7
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