Place Entry/West Indies
CountryWest Indies
NotesArchipelago comprising various islands, some of which were formerly colonies of Britain, the Netherlands, Spain or France.

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Lang 156, ff. 164-74CHAPLAINS - supervision of prison chaplains; report on prison chaplains in the WEST INDIES 1937Lang/1-186/156/164-74
Lang 122, ff. 73-129WEST INDIES1932-1933Lang/1-186/122/73-129
Fisher 232, ff. 103-11WEST INDIES1959Fisher/1-271/213-234/232/103-11
Fisher 211, ff. 36-8WEST INDIES1958Fisher/1-271/199-212/211/36-8
Fisher 250, ff. 287-94 passimWEST INDIES1960Fisher/1-271/235-260/250/287-94 passim
Fisher 194, ff. 123-31WEST INDIES1957Fisher/1-271/183-194/194/123-31
CFS G/3Register of books and tracts sent to the West Indies1823-1825CFS/G/3
Fisher 106, ff. 313-21MARY, The Princess Royal - visits the WEST INDIES1952Fisher/1-271/105-111/106/313-21
Ramsey 195, ff.82-96, 102-12Correspondence and papers on the economic situation in WEST INDIES1969-1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/195/82-96, 102-12
F. Temple 19, ff. 151, 156-7WEST INDIES.1898-1899F.Temple/19/151, 156-7
Tait 202 ff. 61-72WEST INDIES1874Tait/161-296/202/61-72
Tait 195 ff. 30-1WEST INDIES1873Tait/161-296/195/30-1
Tait 186 ff. 358-73Correspondence and papers on the disendowment of the Church of England in the WEST INDIES1872Tait/161-296/186/358-73
F. Temple 19, ff. 151-5WEST INDIES.1898F.Temple/19/151-5
Benson 90 ff.393-400ORDINATION1890Benson/90/393-400
Tait 234 ff. 14-21Correspondence and papers on the disendowment of the Church of England in the WEST INDIES1877Tait/161-296/234/14-21
Benson 66 ff.376, 391-2 passimCorrespondence on the ordination of deacons in WEST INDIES.1888Benson/66/376, 391-2 passim
Davidson 420, ff.255-328 passimMarriage between Protestants and Roman Catholics in WEST INDIES.1911-1913Davidson/218-516/420/255-328 passim
Ramsey 153, ff.15-25, 29-30Correspondence and papers on Archbishop Ramsey's visit to province of WEST INDIES; BERMUDA1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/153/15-25, 29-30
Davidson 266, ff.286-92Proposals for church union in WEST INDIES.1921-1922Davidson/218-516/266/286-92
FP Randolph 5, ff.72-84 passimWEST INDIES.1813FP/Randolph/5/72-84 passim
FP Randolph 3, ff.197-8WEST INDIES.1810FP/Randolph/3/197-8
FP Randolph 7, ff.264-5GORDON (Robert), lieutenant governor of Berbice, WEST INDIES1812FP/Randolph/7/264-5
FP Randolph 6, ff.59-62 passimWEST INDIES.1813FP/Randolph/6/59-62 passim
W.Temple 59, ff. 57-9WEST INDIES15 Aug 1942W.Temple/1-62/59/57-9
FP Howley 2, pp. 526-7WEST INDIES19th centuryFP/Howley/1-4/2/526-7
FP Porteus 20, ff.38-9Note of the numbers of negroe slaves converted to Moravianism in the WEST INDIES.1787FP/Porteus/20/38-9
FP Howley 2, pp. 161-4Letter on the appointment of a Roman Catholic bishop for WEST INDIES.1817FP/Howley/1-4/2/161-4
FP Howley 2, pp. 1-22, 123-42Letters and papers on the Church of England in WEST INDIES1820FP/Howley/1-4/2/1-22, 123-42
FP Howley 2, pp. 23-122, 143-4Letters and papers on the education of slaves in WEST INDIES.FP/Howley/1-4/2/23-122, 143-4
FP Howley 3, pp. 1031-50CURACOA, West Indies.1814, 1815FP/Howley/1-4/3/1031-50
FP Randolph 1, ff.18-19INGLIS (John), bishop of Nova Scotia (1825) - Appointment of the chaplain in Honduras, WEST INDIES.1812FP/Randolph/1/18-19
Runcie/ACV/1984/8West Indies: speeches1984Runcie/ACV/1984/8
CIO/ABCR/V/15West Indies 1969Feb - Mar 1969CIO/1/2/1/3/15
FP Porteus 12, ff.238-70ORDINATION.1803FP/Porteus/12/238-70
FP Howley 17, ff. 174-7Letters from GORDON (Harriot), of Aldbury, Herts.1818FP/Howley/6-21/17/174-7
Fisher 110, ff. 180-202WEST INDIES - proposals for a non-denominational chapel at the University College of the West Indies in JAMAICA1952Fisher/1-271/105-111/110/180-202
Runcie/ACV/1984/6West Indies: ecumenical events1984Runcie/ACV/1984/6
Tait 202 ff. 58-9COURTENAY (Reginald), Bishop of Kingston, Jamaica1874Tait/161-296/202/58-9
Tait 194 ff. 303-43, 370-1, 412-14WEST INDIES1873Tait/161-296/194/303-43, 370-1, 412-14
Lang 130, ff. 282-301Archbishop of CANTERBURY - oath of canonical obedience from bishops in the West Indies (1934)1933-1934Lang/1-186/130/282-301
Ramsey 173, ff.1-194Correspondence and papers on Archbishop Ramsey's visit to province of WEST INDIES1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/173/1-194
FP Randolph 7, f.217WALWYN (John Hutchinson), ordained for the colonies.1813FP/Randolph/7/217
Ramsey 284, ff. 30-39West Indies General1974Ramsey/4-287/1974/284/30-39
Ramsey 217, ff.96-105West Indies1971Ramsey/4-287/1971/217/96-105
Runcie/ACV/1984/4West Indies: general arrangements and programme1981-1984Runcie/ACV/1984/4
Runcie/EG/1984/42West Indies1984Runcie/EG/1984/42
Runcie/ACP/1984/86West Indies1984Runcie/ACP/1984/86
MS 1385 ff. 257-326WEST INDIES, Diocese of Jamaica1826-1868MSS/1374-1388/1385/257-326
FP Gibson 2Correspondence and papers1713-1748FP/Gibson/2
FP Jackson 31Surnames Roper - Spencer, A1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/31
Runcie/ACV/1984/7West Indies: press1984Runcie/ACV/1984/7
Runcie/ACP/1985/75West Indies (including Guyana)1985Runcie/ACP/1985/75
MEC/OB/10West Indies1963-1970MEC/13/10
Runcie/ACP/1987/53West Indies1987Runcie/ACP/1987/53
Runcie/ACP/1989/23West Indies 1988-1989Runcie/ACP/1989/23
Benson 20 ff.147-52CHURTON (William Ralph), Hon. Canon of St Albans; JACKSON (William Walrond), Bishop of Antigua 1884Benson/20/147-52
CFS G/5Government publications1823CFS/G/5
CIO/2/4/34Press Releases Jan - Feb 19841984CIO/2/4/34
Runcie/ACP/1982/50West Indies1981-1982Runcie/ACP/1982/50
Carey/ACP/1991/52West Indies1990-1991Carey/ACP/1991/52
SPG XVIIAmerican Colonies1667-1795SPG/17
Runcie/ACP/1988/61West Indies1988Runcie/ACP/1988/61
MS Film 984Microfilm copyMSFilm/950-998/984
MS 3470Letters and papers mainly on ecclesiastical affairs, 16th-17th cents.1547-1601MSS/3470-3533/3470
FP IXVOLUME IX: General Correspondence1703-1733FP/1-40/9
FP XVVOLUME XV: General Correspondence1704-1730FP/1-40/15
FP XVIVOLUME XVI: General Correspondence1731-undatedFP/1-40/16
FP XVIIIVOLUME XVIII: General Correspondence1740-undatedFP/1-40/18
FP XIXVOLUME XIX: General Correspondence1681-1749FP/1-40/19
FP XXVVOLUME XXV: Ordination Papers1765-1770FP/1-40/25
FP XXXVIVOLUME XXXVI: Missionary Bonds1761-1769FP/1-40/36
FP XLVOLUME XL1724-1808FP/1-40/40
Runcie/PHOTO/VISITS/20West Indies 19841984Runcie/PHOTO/VISITS/20
MS 941Miscellaneous Papers1603-1715MSS/929-942/941
CFS F/3Letters and papers1642 - 1796CFS/F/3
Benson 66 ff.370-95AUSTIN (William Piercy), Bishop of British Guiana.1887Benson/66/370-95
Fisher 110, ff. 441-50Overseas visits by Cyril Forster GARBETT, Archbishop of York1952Fisher/1-271/105-111/110/441-50
Runcie/ACP/1981/31West Indies1980-1981Runcie/ACP/1981/31
Runcie/ACP/1985/76West Indies: Cayman Islands1985Runcie/ACP/1985/76
FP I-XLFulham Papers Colonial1626-1822FP/1-40
FP XXVOLUME XX: General Correspondence1750-1788FP/1-40/20
FP XVIIVOLUME XVII: General Correspondence1661-1739FP/1-40/17
SPGSociety for the Propagation of the Gospel1667-1803SPG
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