Place Entry/Russian Empire
CountryRussian Empire
NotesState that existed from 1721 until the Russian Revolution of 1917. It was the successor to the Tsardom of Russia (1547-1721), and the predecessor of the Soviet Union (1922-1991). It was the second largest contiguous empire of the world, surpassed only by the Mongol Empire. At one point in 1866, it stretched from eastern Europe, across Asia, and into North America.

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MS 4841Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841
MS 4840/10Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/10
MS 4840/8Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/8
MS 4845PersonsMSS/4840-4856/4845
MS 4840/2Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/2
MS 4849/17Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/17
MS 4841/29Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/29
MS 4840/6Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/6
MS 4841/26Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/26
MS 4849/2Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/2
MS 4855/5Negative - Miscellaneous negativesMSS/4840-4856/4855/5
MS 4845/5PersonsMSS/4840-4856/4845/5
MS 4849/8Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/8
Tait 266 ff. 234-43Correspondence on the distribution of bibles in RUSSIA1880Tait/161-296/266/234-43
Davidson 13, ff.177-80, 187-91Political situation in RUSSIA.Davidson/1-26/13/177-80, 187-91
Tait 419 f. 292RUSSIA1860Tait/409-442/409-424/419/292
Tait 224 ff. 105-10Correspondence on the distribution of bibles in RUSSIA1876Tait/161-296/224/105-10
Davidson 475Russia1911-1927Davidson/218-516/475
F. Temple 32, ff. 316-21 passimRUSSIA1901F.Temple/32/316-21 passim
F. Temple 59, ff. 6-7, 186-7 passimRUSSIA1902F.Temple/59/6-7, 186-7 passim
Benson 133 ff.163-8, 177-9, 216-18 passimRUSSIA.1891-1892Benson/133/163-8, 177-9, 216-18 passim
Davidson 81, ff.180-1War between RUSSIA and JAPAN in KOREA.1904Davidson/27-217/81/180-1
Davidson 97, ff.323-51War between RUSSIA and JAPAN1904Davidson/27-217/97/323-51
MS 2829PALMER PAPERS20 July [1851]-4 October [1851]MSS/2800-2857/2829
Davidson 5/41War between RUSSIA and JAPANDavidson/1-26/5/41
Davidson 469Russia1903-1920Davidson/218-516/469
Davidson 84, ff.5-17 passimWar between RUSSIA and JAPAN1903Davidson/27-217/84/5-17 passim
Davidson 29, f.116Persecution of JEWS in RUSSIA.Davidson/27-217/29/116
Davidson 176, ff.263-4Visit by British churchmen to RUSSIA.1912Davidson/27-217/176/263-4
Davidson 120, ff.140-211Persecution of JEWS in RUSSIA.1906Davidson/27-217/120/140-211
Tait 281 ff. 232-59Letters on the persecution of JEWS in RUSSIA1882Tait/161-296/281/232-59
Davidson 120, ff.98-122Political situation in RUSSIA.1906Davidson/27-217/120/98-122
Davidson 176, ff.199-235Persecution of JEWS in RUSSIA.1912Davidson/27-217/176/199-235
MS 4840/24Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/24
Davidson 467Russia1905-1924Davidson/218-516/467
Benson 103 ff.226-62Letters on the persecution of JEWS1891Benson/103/226-62
Davidson 469, ff.41-58Commemoration of John HUS, Bohemian reformer (d.1415), in RUSSIA.1915Davidson/218-516/469/41-58
Benson 148 ff.112-97RUSSIA.1896Benson/148/112-97
Tait 244 ff. 59-60, 75-8, 96-101Letters on the burial laws in RUSSIA1875Tait/161-296/244/59-60, 75-8, 96-101
Benson 100 ff.96-7EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE1891Benson/100/96-7
FP Howley 4, pp. 1007-34MOSCOW, Russia.1825FP/Howley/1-4/4/1007-34
MS 1898Copies by the Rev. William Palmer of documents in relation to the liturgy of the Russian Orthodox ChurchMSS/1861-1906/1898
FP Howley 31, ff. 193-6RIGA, Russia.FP/Howley/24-46/31/193-6
MS 1895, ff. 81-2RUSSIA; SCOTLAND - Petition of Scottish episcopalian clergy to the synod Russian Orthodox Church respecting union (draft)[1851]MSS/1861-1906/1895/81-2
MS 4840/22Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/22
MS 4840/11Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/11
FP Howley 4, pp. 1035-42RIGA, Russia.FP/Howley/1-4/4/1035-42
FP Howley 4, pp. 1003-6ARCHANGEL, Russia - Letter on the Anglican chaplain.1818FP/Howley/1-4/4/1003-6
MS 4845/8PersonsMSS/4840-4856/4845/8
MS 4840/19Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/19
Benson 86 ff.295-302Letters and papers on ROSENTHAL (Michael), Curate of St. Paul, Haggerston, Middx.; Warden of Jewish Mission House, Stepney, Middx.1890Benson/86/295-302
MS 4840/30Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/30
MS 4851/14Negatives - Orthodox churches in the Russian Empire MSS/4840-4856/4851/14
MS 1897Copies by the Rev. William Palmer of documents relation to the history and liturgy of the Russian Orthodox ChurchMSS/1861-1906/1897
Davidson 473Russia1909-1922Davidson/218-516/473
MS 4840/32Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/32
MS 4840/16Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/16
MS 4840/31Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/31
MS 4840/12Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/12
MS 4840/35Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/35
MS 4840/28Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/28
MS 4840/7Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/7
MS 4840/15Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/15
Davidson 155, ff.148-66RUSSIA. 1909Davidson/27-217/155/148-66
MS 4840/17Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/17
MS 4849/3Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/3
MS 4847/3Translation of St Euphrosyne's relics1910MSS/4840-4856/4847/3
MS 4849/27Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/27
MS 4849/6Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/6
MS 4847/4bTranslation of St Euphrosyne's relics1910MSS/4840-4856/4847/4b
MS 4845/6PersonsMSS/4840-4856/4845/6
MS 4847/11Translation of St Euphrosyne's relics1910MSS/4840-4856/4847/11
MS 4845/9PersonsMSS/4840-4856/4845/9
MS 4849/7Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/7
MS 4841/6Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/6
MS 4841/7Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/7
MS 4841/30Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/30
MS 4845/4PersonsMSS/4840-4856/4845/4
MS 4845/1PersonsMSS/4840-4856/4845/1
MS 4841/17Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/17
MS 4841/15aOrthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/15a
MS 4841/24Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/24
MS 4841/27Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/27
MS 4849/24Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/24
MS 4849/22Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/22
MS 4849/16Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/16
MS 4849/25Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/25
MS 4855/6Negative - Miscellaneous negativesMSS/4840-4856/4855/6
MS 4851Negatives - Orthodox churches in the Russian Empire MSS/4840-4856/4851
MS 4849/15Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/15
MS 4849/21Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/21
MS 4849/10Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/10
MS 4855/4Negative - Miscellaneous negativesMSS/4840-4856/4855/4
MS 4847/5Translation of St Euphrosyne's relics1910MSS/4840-4856/4847/5
MS 4851/7Negative - Orthodox churches in the Russian Empire MSS/4840-4856/4851/7
MS 4854Negatives - Translation of St Euphrosyne's relics.MSS/4840-4856/4854
MS 4854/2Negative - Translation of St Euphrosyne's relicsMSS/4840-4856/4854/2
MS 4851/8Negative - Orthodox churches in the Russian Empire MSS/4840-4856/4851/8
MS 4855/2Negative - Miscellaneous negativesMSS/4840-4856/4855/2
MS 4849/9Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/9
MS 4849/13Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/13
MS 4849/14Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/14
MS 4849/12Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/12
MS 4849/5Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/5
MS 4849/18Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/18
MS 4851/2Negative - Orthodox churches in the Russian Empire MSS/4840-4856/4851/2
MS 4851/5Negative - Orthodox churches in the Russian Empire MSS/4840-4856/4851/5
MS 4851/6Negative - Orthodox churches in the Russian Empire MSS/4840-4856/4851/6
MS 4851/9Negative - Orthodox churches in the Russian Empire MSS/4840-4856/4851/9
MS 4854/8Negative - Translation of St Euphrosyne's relicsMSS/4840-4856/4854/8
MS 4854/6Negative - Translation of St Euphrosyne's relicsMSS/4840-4856/4854/6
MS 4851/12Negative - Orthodox churches in the Russian Empire MSS/4840-4856/4851/12
MS 4841/25Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/25
MS 4840/13Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/13
MS 4841/28Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/28
MS 4840/14Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/14
MS 4840/4Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/4
MS 4840/26Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/26
MS 4840/20Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/20
MS 4840/23Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/23
MS 4849/20Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/20
MS 4840/21Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/21
MS 4851/13Negative - Orthodox churches in the Russian Empire MSS/4840-4856/4851/13
MS 4840/9Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/9
MS 4840/34Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/34
Davidson 181, ff.252-9 passimVisit by British churchmen to RUSSIA.1911Davidson/27-217/181/252-9 passim
FP Jackson 52Anglican churches and chapels in Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland1866-1884FP/Jackson/F/52
MS 4745General Secretary's Papers1917-1918MSS/4735-4767/4741-4764/4745
MS 4840/3Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/3
MS 4847/10Translation of St Euphrosyne's relics1910MSS/4840-4856/4847/10
MS 4851/3Negative - Orthodox churches in the Russian Empire MSS/4840-4856/4851/3
MS 4855/1Negative - Miscellaneous negativesMSS/4840-4856/4855/1
MS 4849/11Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/11
MS 4840Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840
MS 4849Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849
MS 4849/26Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/26
MS 4841/3Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/3
MS 4840/27Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/27
MS 4840/29Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/29
MS 4855/3Negative - Miscellaneous negativesMSS/4840-4856/4855/3
MS 4845/10PersonsMSS/4840-4856/4845/10
MS 4849/19Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/19
MS 4841/21Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/21
MS 4841/8Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/8
MS 4841/11Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/11
MS 4841/18Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/18
MS 4841/13Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/13
MS 4841/19Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/19
MS 4841/15bOrthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/15b
MS 4845/7PersonsMSS/4840-4856/4845/7
MS 4849/4Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/4
MS 4847/1bTranslation of St Euphrosyne's relics1910MSS/4840-4856/4847/1b
MS 4847/2Translation of St Euphrosyne's relics1910MSS/4840-4856/4847/2
MS 4847/9Translation of St Euphrosyne's relics1910MSS/4840-4856/4847/9
MS 4849/1aPlaces in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/1a
MS 4851/10Negative - Orthodox churches in the Russian Empire MSS/4840-4856/4851/10
MS 4851/11Negative - Orthodox churches in the Russian Empire MSS/4840-4856/4851/11
MS 4854/1Negative - Translation of St Euphrosyne's relicsMSS/4840-4856/4854/1
MS 4854/7Negative - Translation of St Euphrosyne's relicsMSS/4840-4856/4854/7
MS 4841/4Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/4
MS 4841/5Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/5
MS 4841/14Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/14
MS 4841/20Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/20
MS 4849/1bPlaces in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/1b
MS 4847/1aTranslation of St Euphrosyne's relics1910MSS/4840-4856/4847/1a
MS 4847/7Translation of St Euphrosyne's relics1910MSS/4840-4856/4847/7
MS 4854/4Negative - Translation of St Euphrosyne's relicsMSS/4840-4856/4854/4
MS 4840/18Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/18
MS 4840/25Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/25
Benson 126 ff.17-30Letters from BRABAZON (Reginald), l2th Earl of Meath, on the persecution of Lutherans in RUSSIA1893Benson/126/17-30
Davidson 192, ff.37-45Visit by British churchmen to RUSSIA.1914Davidson/27-217/192/37-45
MS 4855Negatives - Miscellaneous negativesMSS/4840-4856/4855
MS 4849/23Places in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4849/23
MS 4840/1Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/1
MS 4841/22Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/22
MS 4851/15Negatives - Orthodox churches in the Russian Empire MSS/4840-4856/4851/15
MS 4841/31Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/31
MS 4847Translation of St Euphrosyne's relics.1910MSS/4840-4856/4847
MS 4744General Secretary's Papers1915-1916MSS/4735-4767/4741-4764/4744
MS 3399Riley Papers1888-1889MSS/3398-3401/3399
MS 1894Correspondence between the Rev. William Palmer, Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, and his father the Rev. William Jocelyn Palmer, Rector of Mixbury[1824]-1853MSS/1861-1906/1894
MS 1896Copies of documents relating to the history of the Russian Orthodox Church, partly in the hand of Emma Palmer and partly in that of the Rev. William PalmerMSS/1861-1906/1896
MS 1899-1900Notebooks of the Rev. William Palmer describing the liturgy of the Russian Orthodox Church1841MSS/1861-1906/1899-1900
MS 1901A volume of the Rev. William Palmer's journal of his visit to Russia3 Feb-2 May 1841MSS/1861-1906/1901
MS 250MISCELLANY, INCLUDING ENGLISH VOYAGES 15th century - early 17th centuryMSS/250
Benson 157 ff.283-8 passimCREIGHTON (Mandell), Bishop of London (1897).1896Benson/157/283-8 passim
BM 5/225Agenda24th & 25th October 1911BM/5/225
Davidson 182, ff.371-87Visit by British churchmen to RUSSIA. 1913Davidson/27-217/182/371-87
MS 4840-4856Anglican and Eastern Orthodox Churches Association Slides relating to Russia and Russian Orthodoxyc. 1910MSS/4840-4856
MS 4840/5Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/5
MS 4840/33Everyday life in RussiaMSS/4840-4856/4840/33
MS 4841/1Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/1
MS 4841/2aOrthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/2a
MS 4841/2bOrthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/2b
MS 4841/9Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/9
MS 4841/10Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/10
MS 4841/12aOrthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/12a
MS 4841/12bOrthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/12b
MS 4841/16Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/16
MS 4841/23Orthodox churches in the Russian EmpireMSS/4840-4856/4841/23
MS 4845/2PersonsMSS/4840-4856/4845/2
MS 4845/3PersonsMSS/4840-4856/4845/3
MS 4847/4aTranslation of St Euphrosyne's relics1910MSS/4840-4856/4847/4a
MS 4847/6Translation of St Euphrosyne's relics1910MSS/4840-4856/4847/6
MS 4847/8aTranslation of St Euphrosyne's relics1910MSS/4840-4856/4847/8a
MS 4847/8bTranslation of St Euphrosyne's relics1910MSS/4840-4856/4847/8b
MS 4851/1Negative - Orthodox churches in the Russian Empire MSS/4840-4856/4851/1
MS 4851/4aNegative - Orthodox churches in the Russian Empire MSS/4840-4856/4851/4a
MS 4851/4bNegative - Orthodox churches in the Russian Empire MSS/4840-4856/4851/4b
MS 4854/3Negative - Translation of St Euphrosyne's relicsMSS/4840-4856/4854/3
MS 4854/5Negative - Translation of St Euphrosyne's relicsMSS/4840-4856/4854/5
BirkbeckPapers of William John Birkbeck1853-1929Birkbeck
MS 4767Photographs from pre-revolutionary Russia, probably associated with Henry Joy Fynes-Clinton. MSS/4735-4767/4767
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