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Ramsey 324, ff. 138-140Photographs: Overseas Visits1962Ramsey/324/67-188/138-140
Ellison P/1/4Greece Album1945Ellison/P/1/4
CFR CFR 21/17General Secretary: Canon John Satterthwaite: diaries28-31 December 1966CFR/1/3/21-17
CFR CFR 21/13General Secretary: Canon John Satterthwaite: diaries24 February-16 March 1965CFR/1/3/21-13
CFR CFR 19/2General Secretary: Canon John Satterthwaite1955-1963CFR/1/3/19-2
Runcie/MAIN/1984/253Patronage: The British School at Athens1984Runcie/MAIN/1984/253
CFR CFR 18/38General Secretary: Canon Herbert Waddams: private diaries nos. 38-3922 March-2 June 1956CFR/1/3/18-38
CFR CFR 21/14General Secretary: Canon John Satterthwaite: diaries29 October-4 November 1965CFR/1/3/21-14
CFR CFR 17/21General Secretary: Canon Herbert Waddams: private diary no. 2119 April-23 May 1951CFR/1/3/17-21
CFR CFR 21/19General Secretary: Canon John Satterthwaite: diaries13-26 March 1968CFR/1/3/21-19
CFR CFR 23General Secretary: Canon Michael Moore's travels1969-1973CFR/1/3/23
CFR RC 25Relations with the Vatican: Anglican Liaison: Rome reports (Findlow 1-5; BCP 1-9 & FPC 1-3)1964-1969CFR/6/3/1/25
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