Place Entry/Congo
NotesBelgian Congo 1878-1960 (controlled region of Belgium 1878-1908, annexed to Belgium 1908-60); independent nation from 1960 (Republic of the Congo 1960-64, Democratic Republic of the Congo 1964-71, Zaire 1971-97, and Democratic Republic of the Congo 1997-)
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Lang 117, ff. 260-329Treatment of Free Church missions in the BELGIAN CONGO1933Lang/1-186/117/260-329
Davidson 220Congo1909Davidson/218-516/220
Davidson 219Congo1907-1909Davidson/218-516/219
Davidson 221Congo1910-1913Davidson/218-516/221
Davidson 13, f.6Reform of the administration of BELGIAN CONGODavidson/1-26/13/6
Davidson 114, ff.131-61Reform of the administration of BELGIAN CONGO1906Davidson/27-217/114/131-61
Fisher 147, ff. 1-9Jurisdiction of the Bishop of NORTHERN RHODESIA in the BELGIAN CONGO1954Fisher/1-271/134-151/147/1-9
Ramsey 56, ff. 339-41Correspondence and papers on Christian statements on CONGO; VIETNAM - correspondence and paper on a statement on Vietnam and the Congo by the Conference of Missionary Societies in Great Britain and Ireland1964Ramsey/4-287/1964/56/339-41
Runcie/PHOTO/248Zaire [1980][1980]Runcie/PHOTO/248
Runcie/ACP/1981/3Burundi, Rwanda and Zaire1981Runcie/ACP/1981/3
CFR AC 10Anglican Provinces and Dioceses in Africa1950-1977CFR/1/5/10
Ramsey 56, f. 342Correspondence and papers on Christian statements on CONGO; joint statement by the Church of England, the Church of Scotland and the Free Church Federal Council on VIETNAM1964Ramsey/4-287/1964/56/342
Runcie/PHOTO/VISITS/1Zaire [1980][1980]Runcie/PHOTO/VISITS/1
Runcie/ACP/1985/5Burundi, Rwanda and Zaire1984-1985Runcie/ACP/1985/5
CIO/2/4/16Press Releases May - Jun 19801980CIO/2/4/16
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