Place Entry/Prague/Czech Republic
CountryCzech Republic
NotesFormerly Czechoslovakia

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MS 4573 ff. 67-82'World Christian Peace Assembly'. Prague.Jun 1961MSS/4573-4575/4573/67-82
MS 4573 ff. 218-223'Spring in Prague'. Third All-Christian Peace Assembly. Mar - Apr 1968MSS/4573-4575/4573/218-223
MS 1993, ff.153-156vSurvey of Prague cathedral, CzechoslovakiaMSS/1977-1993/1993/153-156v
CFR CFR 27/9Associate Secretary: Revd. H.R.T. Brandreth1971CFR/1/3/27-9
Runcie/MAIN/1983/192Moscow Peace Conference1983Runcie/MAIN/1983/192
CFR CFR 19/2General Secretary: Canon John Satterthwaite1955-1963CFR/1/3/19-2
CFR CFR 18/31General Secretary: Canon Herbert Waddams: private diary no. 3115-25 December 1953CFR/1/3/18-31
MS 4573 ff. 152-155'Diary of a visit to Prague for the Second All Christian Peace Assembly'. Jun 1964MSS/4573-4575/4573/152-155
CFR CFR 27/4Assistant General Secretaries: Revd. Michael Halliwell1950-1962CFR/1/3/27-4
CFR CFR 21/21General Secretary: Canon John Satterthwaite: diaries20-24 December 1968CFR/1/3/21-21
CFR CFR 24General Secretary: Canon Michael Moore's travels1973-1975CFR/1/3/24
CFR CFR 23General Secretary: Canon Michael Moore's travels1969-1973CFR/1/3/23
Runcie/EG/1985/40Peace: CPC Prague, July1984Runcie/EG/1985/40
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