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Fisher 57, ff. 349-59Political situation in GREECE1949Fisher/1-271/51-66/57/349-59
Lang 123, ff. 86-99GREECE1934Lang/1-186/123/86-99
Lang 185, ff. 138-211Support for resistance movements in GREECE1942Lang/1-186/185/138-211
Lang 183, ff. 39-66Support for resistance movements in GREECE1941Lang/1-186/183/39-66
Davidson 293, ff.210-20GREECE - Occupation of Corfu by ITALY.1923Davidson/218-516/293/210-20
Davidson 293, ff.87-95Civil war in GREECE.Davidson/218-516/293/87-95
Ramsey 77, ff. 121-3GREECE1965Ramsey/4-287/1965/77/121-3
Ramsey 115, ff. 121-3, 125-36Correspondence on the political situation in GREECE1967Ramsey/4-287/1967/115/121-3, 125-36
Benson 9 ff.58-9GREECE1883Benson/9/58-9
Tait 145 ff 380-2GREECE, Cretan War in1866Tait/105-160/145/380-2
Ramsey 176, f.149Letter on a student protest against the political situation in GREECE1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/176/149
Tait 222 ff. 227-31GREECE1876Tait/161-296/222/227-31
Benson 133 ff.90-2GREECE1894Benson/133/90-2
Benson 90 ff.179-85GREECE1890Benson/90/179-85
Davidson 14, ff.165-170Assistance for refugees in GREECE.Davidson/1-26/14/165-170
Coggan 12, ff.232Greece28 Feb 1975Coggan/4-220/4-25/12/232
Davidson 477, ff.217-36GREECE.1924-1925Davidson/218-516/477/217-36
Davidson 292Eastern Churches1922-1925Davidson/218-516/292
Benson 72 ff.396-404GREECE1889Benson/72/396-404
Benson 68 ff.3434-63GREECE1889Benson/68/343-63
CFR LRC 84Greece1935-1970CFR/4/3/11
MS 4527Letters of William Temple to his mother Beatrice Temple1905-1910MSS/4514-4534/4519-4529/4522-4529/4527
CFR CFR 20/11General Secretary: Canon John Satterthwaite: diariesMay 1964CFR/1/3/20-11
MS 2360RILEY PAPERS1923MSS/2343-2411/2360
MS 4375Fenwick, John Robert Kipling (1951-)1982-1993MSS/4375
MS 2141, f.54Appeal by Charles Holte Bracebridge of Atherstone Hall, Warwickshire, for Protestant church in Athens (printed)1836MSS/2140-2151/2140-2149/2140-2146/2141/54
MS 2824PALMER PAPERS20 November [1849]-11 August 1850MSS/2800-2857/2824
Ramsey 202, ff.291-297Greece1971Ramsey/4-287/1971/202/291-297
CFR CFR 17/22General Secretary: Canon Herbert Waddams: private diary no. 2223-29 May 1951CFR/1/3/17-22
Coggan 181Greece?c1980Coggan/158-222/181
CFR CFR 18/30General Secretary: Canon Herbert Waddams: private diary no. 3016 May-8 June 1953CFR/1/3/18-30
MS 2825PALMER PAPERS20 November [1849]-11 August 1850MSS/2800-2857/2825
MS 2823PALMER PAPERS4 June 1849-June 1852MSS/2800-2857/2823
Runcie/EOC/1984/20Greece: contacts1984Runcie/EOC/1984/20
CFR RC 225Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: GreeceCFR/6/3/22
MS 4575 ff. 31-65'To the Holy Mountain'. Greece, including Mount Athos. Sep - Oct 1976MSS/4573-4575/4575/31-65
Lang 167, ff. 206-14GREECE - appointment of the chaplain in Athens; Robert Richmond RAYMER, Chaplain in Athens, Greece - proposed resignation as chaplain1939Lang/1-186/167/206-14
Lang 109, ff. 84-90BULGARIA - treatment of Bulgarians in GREECE, RUMANIA and YUGOSLAVIA1932Lang/1-186/109/84-90
Ramsey 124, ff.301-5, 312-14ANIMAL WELFARE1968Ramsey/4-287/1968/124/301-5, 312-14
Runcie/MAIN/1980/95Greek Ambassador1980Runcie/MAIN/1980/95
W.Temple 25, ff. 304-20GREECE27 Sep-24 Oct 1944W.Temple/1-62/25/304-20
W.Temple 25, ff. 321-31GREECE15 June-13 July 1944W.Temple/1-62/25/321-31
MS 2830PALMER PAPERS18 October 1851-1 June 1852MSS/2800-2857/2830
Ramsey 286, ff.128-170Biographical1962-1974Ramsey/4-287/MISC-286/128-170
FP Blomfield 7, ff. 77-79ROBERTSON (Rev. Dr. -)1833FP/Blomfield/1-60/7/77-79
MS 4757General Secretary's Papers1959-1964MSS/4735-4767/4741-4764/4757
Bell 91Greece, Turkey1944 - 1958Bell/65-117/91
W.Temple 99Scrapbook of William Temple's visit to Greece, Egypt and Holland1938W.Temple/99
CFR CFR 17/12General Secretary: Canon Herbert Waddams: private diary no. 1220 January-2 March 1948CFR/1/3/17-12
CFR CFR 18/29General Secretary: Canon Herbert Waddams: private diary no. 2927 April-16 May 1953CFR/1/3/18-29
MS 2852PALMER PAPERS18 February-29 August [1850]MSS/2800-2857/2852
Sion L40.2/GSion College: Greek ManuscriptsSionMSS/G
CFR CFR 24General Secretary: Canon Michael Moore's travels1973-1975CFR/1/3/24
Runcie/EOC/1983/17Greece: Archbishop Seraphim1983Runcie/EOC/1983/17
Runcie/EOC/1982/11Greece: contacts: Archbishop Seraphim, Barnabas of Kitros1981-1982Runcie/EOC/1982/11
Davidson 104, ff.283-291Overseas visits by HEADLAM (Arthur Cayley), bishop of Gloucester 1905Davidson/27-217/104/283-291
Ellison P/25/5Holy Land11 Mar-1 Apr 1966Ellison/P/25/5
Fisher 330/76Press release: Prayers for Greece 15 Mar 1949 Fisher/330/75-217/76
Ramsey 22, ff. 107-11GREECE - papers on Archbishop Ramsey's visit to Athens; TURKEY - papers on Archbishop Ramsey's visit to Istanbul; Archbishop Ramsey visits Spyrou ATHENAGORAS, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople1962Ramsey/4-287/1962/22/107-11
MS 1175-1207Greek ManuscriptsMSS/1175-1207
MS 3512Miscellaneous papers [of Sir Matthew Hale]n.dMSS/3470-3533/3512
MS 2826PALMER PAPERS20 November [1849]-11 August 1850MSS/2800-2857/2826
MS 2827PALMER PAPERS20 November [1849]-11 August 1850MSS/2800-2857/2827
MS 2828PALMER PAPERS1850-1851MSS/2800-2857/2828
MS 1602-1603JENKINS PAPERS: JOURNAL OF A TOUR OF EGYPT AND PALESTINE9 December 1872-18 June 1873MSS/1590-1679/1602-1603
Carey/PHOTO/67Greece, 1994Feb 1994Carey/PHOTO/67
Bell 297DiaryNovember 1956-July 1958Bell/184-368/239-298/297
Fisher 45, ff. 249-65Visits by Canon Herbert Montague WADDAMS, General Secretary, Church of England Council on Foreign Relations to the Balkans: GREECE 1948Fisher/1-271/39-50/45/249-65
Ramsey 37, ff. 357-9Newspaper reports on a state visit to Britain by the royal family of GREECE; Lewis John COLLINS, canon of St Paul's Cathedral - newspaper reports and letter on disarmament (printed)1963Ramsey/4-287/1963/37/357-9
Runcie/EG/1988/26Europe: chaplaincies1988Runcie/EG/1988/26
MS 5193Photographs of Greece and the BalkansundatedMSS/5193
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