Authorized Form of NameBurgess; Thomas (1756-1837); Bishop of Salisbury
EpithetBishop of Salisbury
DatesAndPlacesFormerly Bishop of St David's.

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FP Randolph 5, ff.78-9BURGESS (Thomas), bishop of St. David's and (1825) of Salisbury.1813FP/Randolph/5/78-9
MS 2028, p. 104Letter from Thomas Burgess, Bishop of Salisbury, to ---; autograph of same, 18161821MSS/2028-2029/2028/104
MS 2028, p. 136Autograph of Thomas Burgess, Bishop of Salisbury1830MSS/2028-2029/2028/136
MS 2184, f.176Letter from Thomas Burgess, Bishop of St. David's, and (1825) Salisbury, to Howley, commenting on a charge by the latter 5 December 1814MSS/2184-2213/2184/176
MS 2184, f.63Letter from Thomas Burgess, Bishop of St. David's, and (1825) Salisbury, to Howley, discussing the subject matter of a prize
23 December 1811MSS/2184-2213/2184/63
FP Blomfield 65, ff. 171-2BURGESS (Thomas), Bishop of Salisbury1829FP/Blomfield/61-68/65/171-2
MS 2547 ff. 18-19Letter15 September 1825MSS/2547/18-19
FP Howley 9, ff. 11-12aLetters from BURGESS (Thomas), bishop of St. David's, and (1825) of Salisbury.1824, 1827FP/Howley/6-21/9/11-12a
F I/X f 210vBURGESS Thomas20 Oct 1820F/1/24X/210v-a
F I/W f 174vBURGESS Thomas8 Apr 1813F/1/23W/174v-a
FP Blomfield 65, ff. 175-6BURGESS (Thomas), Bishop of Salisbury1829FP/Blomfield/61-68/65/175-6
VB 1/14/543Burgess, Thomas, Bp. Elect of St. Davids1825V/B/1/14/543-a1
MS 4239 ff. 41-52Six letters from Thomas Burgess, Bishop of St. Davids and subsequently of Salisbury, to various correspondents. 1821-1828 MSS/4239/41-52
MS 1300-1305GOEZE'S DEFENCESMSS/1300-1305
MS 3996Autograph Letters1558-1987MSS/3996
MS 2184, ff.81-164Congratulatory letters to Howley on his appointment to the see of LondonAugust-September 1813MSS/2184-2213/2184/81-164
VB 1/13/166Burgess, Thomas, Bp. Elect of St. Davids1803V/B/1/13/166-a1
F I/V f 61BURGESS Thomas13 Jul 1803F/1/22V/61-a
FP XXXVIVOLUME XXXVI: Missionary Bonds1761-1769FP/1-40/36
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