Authorized Form of NameNorris; William Foxley (1859-1937); Dean of Westminster
ForenamesWilliam Foxley
EpithetDean of Westminster
SourceNational Register of Archives

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Bell 200, ff. 222-3Correspondence with William Foxley NORRIS, dean of York, and (1925) of Westminster.1924Bell/184-368/196-201/200/222-3
LC 151 ff. 304-5, 311-12Correspondence with NORRIS (William Foxley), dean of Westminster.1930LC/1930/151/304-5, 311-12
Bell 195, f. 84Correspondence with William Foxley NORRIS, dean of York, and (1925) of Westminster.Bell/184-368/193-195/195/84
MS 2948 ff. 188-191v, 198, 204, 207Norris (William Foxley), Dean of Westminster (1925)1910MSS/2948/188-191v, 198, 204, 207
MS 2346 f. 148Norris (William Foxley), Dean of Westminster (1925)1917MSS/2343-2411/2343-2348/2346/148
Bell 221, f. 157NORRIS (William Foxley), dean of York, and (1925) of Westminster.1930Bell/184-368/221-237/221/157
Douglas 63, ff. 167-71NORRIS, William Foxley, Dean of Westminster.1926, 1930Douglas/63/167-71
Douglas 2, ff. 208, 210, 2l6 NORRIS, William Foxley, Dean of Westminster.Douglas/2/208, 210, 2l6
Douglas 63, f. 175Letter to The Daily Chronicle1926Douglas/63/175
Bell 194, ff. 212, 214Correspondence with William Foxley NORRIS, dean of York, and (1925) of Westminster.Bell/184-368/193-195/194/212, 214
MS 5149Letter from W. Foxley Norris, Dean of York, to Lt-Col. H. L. Oldham23 Aug 1926MSS/5149/1
Douglas 26, f. 98RILEY, Athelstan, chairman of the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association1925Douglas/26/98
Bell 199, f. 142NORRIS (William Foxley), dean of York, and (1925) of Westminster.n.d.Bell/184-368/196-201/199/142
MS 5149Letter from W. Foxley Norris, Dean of Westminster, to Lt-Col. H. L. Oldham19 Mar 1927MSS/5149/4
MS 5049Photograph album1929MSS/5049
MS 3746Letters to H.R.L. Sheppard1910-1937MSS/3741-3750/3746
MS 2165, ff.26-48Papers concerning Thomas Secker, Archbishop of Canterbury, and his family circle1763-1776MSS/2165/26-48
ACSCHOArchbishops' Committee on Supply of Candidates for Holy Orders1924ACSCHO
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