Authorized Form of NameSmith; Robert Payne (1819-1895); Orientalist and theologian
ForenamesRobert Payne
EpithetOrientalist and theologian
ActivityDean of Canterbury
SourceNational Register of Archives

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LC 31 ff. 95-8Correspondence with Smith (Robert Payne), dean of Canterbury. LC/1888/31/95-8
MS 3216, no.29Smith (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury (1870).20th centuryMSS/3216/29
MS 2944 f. 19Smith (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1884MSS/2944/1-40/19
Tait 216 ff. 200-1SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1876Tait/161-296/216/200-1
Tait 207 ff. 116-23, 126-9SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1875Tait/161-296/207/116-23, 126-9
Tait 96 ff. 243-6SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1876Tait/76-104/96/243-6
Tait 237 ff. 134-5SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1878Tait/161-296/237/134-5
Tait 217 ff. 126-7SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1876Tait/161-296/217/126-7
Benson 48 ff.404-5, 415-16SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1887Benson/48/404-5, 415-16
Tait 173 ff. 13-17SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1871Tait/161-296/173/13-17
Tait 217 ff. 371-8SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1876Tait/161-296/217/371-8
Tait 246 ff. 154-61SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1879Tait/161-296/246/154-61
Tait 188 ff. 39-40SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1873Tait/161-296/188/39-40
Tait 192 ff. 204-11SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1873Tait/161-296/192/204-11
Tait 232 ff. 337-9SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1877Tait/161-296/232/337-9
Tait 293 ff. 200-7, 218-21SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of CanterburyTait/161-296/293/200-7, 218-21
Tait 254 ff. 409-10SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1879Tait/161-296/254/409-10
Tait 193 ff. 85-9, 92-7SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1873Tait/161-296/193/85-9, 92-7
Benson 15 ff.138, 141-2SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1884Benson/15/138, 141-2
Tait 280 ff. 210-11SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1882Tait/161-296/280/210-11
Benson 95 ff.214-17, 220-1SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1891Benson/95/214-17, 220-1
Benson 55 ff.365-6SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1888Benson/55/365-6
Benson 84 ff.148-9SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1890Benson/84/148-9
Benson 135 ff.76-9SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1895Benson/135/76-9
Tait 413 f. 87SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1863Tait/409-442/409-424/413/87
FP Temple 21, ff. 207-8SMITH (Robert Payne), dean of Canterbury1888FP/Temple/1-39/21/207-8
Benson 15 f.38SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1884Benson/15/38
Benson 12 ff.175-6SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1884Benson/12/175-6
Benson 78 ff.330-1SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1889Benson/78/330-1
Tait 236 ff. 3-4SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1878Tait/161-296/236/3-4
LC 27 ff. 282-3Correspondence with Smith (Robert Payne), dean of Canterbury. LC/1888/27/282-3
Benson 72 ff.21-4SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1886Benson/72/21-4
Benson 77 ff.163-4SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1888Benson/77/163-4
Benson 57 ff.207-8SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1888Benson/57/207-8
Benson 83 ff.89-90 passimSMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1890Benson/83/89-90 passim
Benson 88 ff.422-5SMITH (Robert Payne), Vicar of Milton-next-Sittingbourne, Kent.1890Benson/88/422-5
Benson 21 f.1SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1885Benson/21/1
Benson 55 ff.299-301SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1887Benson/55/299-301
Tait 258 ff. 357-62SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1880Tait/161-296/258/357-62
Tait 216 ff. 113-14, 129-30, 134-5, 142-3SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1876Tait/161-296/216/113-14, 129-30, 134-5, 142-3
Tait 188 ff. 43-8SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1873Tait/161-296/188/43-8
Tait 228 ff. 279-80SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1877Tait/161-296/228/279-80
Benson 33 ff.231-2, 253-4SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1886Benson/33/231-2, 253-4
Benson 63 ff.360-1SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1888Benson/63/360-1
Benson 127 ff.123-4, 132-7SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1894Benson/127/123-4, 132-7
Benson 3 ff.208-22SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1883Benson/3/208-22
Benson 55 ff.419-20SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1888Benson/55/419-20
Benson 83 ff.89-90 passim;SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1890Benson/83/89-90 passim;
Benson 87 ff.415-16SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1890Benson/87/415-16
Benson 89 ff.13-14SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1890Benson/89/13-14
Tait 89 ff. 155-6SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1871Tait/76-104/89/155-6
Tait 194 ff. 299-302SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1873Tait/161-296/194/299-302
Benson 45 ff.369-72, 385, 414-16SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1887Benson/45/369-72, 385, 414-16
Benson 12 ff.183-4SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1884Benson/12/183-4
Benson 127 ff.165-6, 185-6SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1894Benson/127/165-6, 185-6
Tait 228 ff. 365-8SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1877Tait/161-296/228/365-8
LC 13 ff. 87-8, 92-3, 100-1Correspondence with Smith (Robert Payne), dean of Canterbury. LC/1878/13/87-8, 92-3, 100-1
Tait 280 f. 220SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1882Tait/161-296/280/220
Tait 190 ff. 54-5SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1873Tait/161-296/190/54-5
Tait 246 ff. 225-34, 242-5, 250-1SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1879Tait/161-296/246/225-34, 242-5, 250-1
Benson 23 ff.139-41SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1883Benson/23/139-41
Tait 280 ff. 236-7SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1882Tait/161-296/280/236-7
Benson 84 ff.215-17SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1890Benson/84/215-17
Benson 89 ff.389-92SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1890Benson/89/389-92
Benson 28 ff.348-51, 431-72, 524-5 passimSMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1885Benson/28/348-51, 431-72, 524-5 passim
Benson 21 ff.373-4, 380-5SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1885Benson/21/373-4, 380-5
FP Temple 29, ff. 340-1SMITH (Robert Payne) dean of Canterbury1889FP/Temple/1-39/29/340-1
MS 2499 ff. 74, 133Smith (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury1891MSS/2452-2502/2499/74-141/74, 133
FP Jackson 31Surnames Roper - Spencer, A1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/31
MS 5062 ff. 2r-13rPhotographs: Canterbury MSS/5062/2r-13r
Benson 27 ff.21-4Pluralities Act Amendment Act1885Benson/27/21-4
Benson 119 ff.39-43SMITH (Robert Payne), Dean of Canterbury.1893Benson/119/39-43
Tait 90 f. 206STANLEY (Arthur Penrhyn), Dean of Westminster1872Tait/76-104/90/206
MS 3996Autograph Letters1558-1987MSS/3996
MS 1839 ff. 16-17vTo Henry Longley from Charles Thomas Longley13 Jul 1865MSS/1838-1845/1838-1839/1839/16-17v
FP Jackson 23Surnames Hill - Hutton1869-1885FP/Jackson/D/23
Benson 106 ff.103-9Letters and papers on Archbishop Benson and CANTERBURY, Cathedral1892Benson/106/103-9
F. Temple 61Letters and papers on the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox churches1874-1903F.Temple/61
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