Authorized Form of NameDiocese of Durham
Corporate NameDiocese of Durham
RelationshipsFollowing the sixteenth-century Reformation, this diocese became part of the Church of England
InternalStructuresOriginally divided into two archdeaconries: Durham and Northumberland (until 1882). It covered the counties of Durham and Northumberland (except the archbishop of York's peculiar jurisdiction in Hexhamshire), part of the North Riding, some Cumberland parishes, and Allertonshire and Howdenshire in Yorkshire.
SourceFrederick A. Youngs, Jr., Guide to the Local Administrative Units of England, volume ii: Northern England (Royal Historical Society, 1991); Smith, Guide to Bishops' Registers, (1981) p. 264.

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MS 3208 (ff. 94-5)Church of England Liturgy22 June 1894MSS/3208/94-95
MS 3450Replies1962MSS/3444-3458/3449-3455/3450
Benson 55 ff.280-315Diocese of DURHAM1888Benson/55/280-315
Benson 84 ff.278-83Letters and papers on the administration of Diocese of DURHAM, sede vacante1890Benson/84/278-83
MS 1588 f. 93Charge on the Benefices Bill delivered to churchwardens at Durham visitation. "The Record." 29 May 1896MSS/1586-1589/1588/93
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Tait 244 ff. 301-308DURHAM, Diocese of1877Tait/161-296/244/301-308
Ramsey 187, ff.36, 82-7Correspondence and papers on Anglican-Methodist relations in the diocese of DURHAM1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/187/36, 82-7
Benson 167 ff.36-7Diocese of DURHAM1893Benson/167/36-7
Tait 116 ff 1-2DURHAM, diocese of1860Tait/105-160/116/1-2
Ramsey 189, ff.73-9SKELTON (Kenneth John Fraser), bishop of Matabeleland1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/189/73-9
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MS 1586 ff. 128-159The Chancellor's charge at the visitation of the churchwardens of the Diocese of Durham. 1900MSS/1586-1589/1586/128-159
MS 4422Dioceses of Canterbury, York, St. Asaph, Bangor, Bath and Wells, Bristol, Carlisle, Chester, Chichester, St. David's, Durham.n.dMSS/4400-4433/4422-4425/4422
FP Porteus 14, f.61BOWLBY (John), registrar to the dean and chapter of Durham. 1791FP/Porteus/14/61
CU 92Parochial returns from English dioceses in the form of a questionnaire concerning Reservation of the Sacrament1954CU/E/92
MS 928b, MS 928cRELIEF OF THE VAUDOIS1699-1700MSS/928b, 928c
FP Porteus 15, ff.72-5 passimNumbers of non-resident clergy by diocese.1804-1807FP/Porteus/15/72-5 passim
Ramsey 201, ff.106-116Durham diocesan pilgrimage1971Ramsey/4-287/1971/201/106-116
Ramsey 182, ff.135-7, 176-8, 194, 204Correspondence on the licensing of clergy in the diocese of DURHAM1969-1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/182/135-7, 176-8, 194, 204
Tait 285 ff. 165-166, 390, 418-419, 430, 439Letters and papers on the Ladies' Home Mission Association in the Diocese of DURHAM1881-1882Tait/161-296/285/165-166, 390, 418-419, 430, 439
Tait 280 ff. 267-70LIGHTFOOT (Joseph Barber), Bishop of Durham1882Tait/161-296/280/267-70
ICBS 8608Church name: MONK HESLEDEN, St. John1881-1882ICBS/FILE/08608
MS 1908'A Repertory of the Endowments of Vicarages', by Andrew Coltee Ducarel1772MSS/1907-1908/1908
ICBS 435Church name: ELTON, St. John1822-1844ICBS/FILE/00435
ICBS 183Church name: WOOLER, St. Mary1819-1836ICBS/FILE/00183
ICBS 1716Church name: HALTWHISTLE, St. Cuthbert, Beltingham1834ICBS/FILE/01716
ACUPA/R/2/1/20/9Durham10 Sep 1984ACUPA/R/2/1/20/9
BSR/DMSW/DIO/13Diocese of Durham1946-1985BSR/4/5/13
ICBS 728Church name: KNARSDALE, St. Jude1826ICBS/FILE/00728
ICBS 365Church name: CORNHILL, St. Helen1822ICBS/FILE/00365
ICBS 303 ff 35-36Church name: HEWORTH, St. Mary1843ICBS/FILE/00303ff35-36
ICBS 2473Church name: WHICKHAM, New Church1839ICBS/FILE/02473
ICBS 462 ff 1-16Church name: WINLATON, St. Paul1823-1824ICBS/FILE/00462ff1-16
ICBS 901Church name: DURHAM, St. Giles1827ICBS/FILE/00901
ICBS 498 ff 23-25Church name: FALSTONE, St. Peter1891ICBS/FILE/00498ff23-25
ICBS 498 ff 1-22Church name: FALSTONE, St. Peter1823-1826ICBS/FILE/00498ff1-22
ICBS 690Church name: HETTON, St. Nicholas1825ICBS/FILE/00690
ICBS 1065Church name: MONKWEARMOUTH, St. Peter1829ICBS/FILE/01065
ICBS 1667Church name: MORPETH, St. Mary the Virgin1834ICBS/FILE/01667
ICBS 709Church name: LONGHOUGHTON, St. Peter & St. Paul1825ICBS/FILE/00709
ICBS 721Church name: WHITTINGHAM, St. Bartholomew1825-1827ICBS/FILE/00721
ICBS 1238Church name: COCKFIELD, St. Mary1830ICBS/FILE/01238
ICBS 699Church name: DARLINGTON, St. Cuthbert1825ICBS/FILE/00699
ICBS 706Church name: WASHINGTON, Holy Trinity1825-1826ICBS/FILE/00706
ICBS 891Church name: TYNEMOUTH, Holy Trinity, Low Town1827ICBS/FILE/00891
ICBS 626Church name: EARSDON, St. Alban1824-1835ICBS/FILE/00626
ICBS 5584Church name: WHICKHAM, St. Mary1860-1864ICBS/FILE/05584
ICBS 1081Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Thomas, Westoe1829ICBS/FILE/01081
ICBS 1631Church name: NEWBIGGIN, New Church1833ICBS/FILE/01631
ICBS 1409Church name: WALKER, Christ Church1831-1848ICBS/FILE/01409
ICBS 451Church name: MICKLEY, St. George1822-1824ICBS/FILE/00451
ICBS 1641Church name: MOORSLEY, New Church1834ICBS/FILE/01641
ICBS 2080Church name: WOODLAND, New Church1836ICBS/FILE/02080
ICBS 2033Church name: DURHAM, St. Oswald1836-1837ICBS/FILE/02033
ICBS 3343Church name: LYNESACK AND SOFTLEY, St. John1843-1851ICBS/FILE/03343
ICBS 1871Church name: GATESHEAD, St. Cuthbert, Bensham1835-1836ICBS/FILE/01871
ICBS 1969Church name: GATESHEAD, Holy Trinity1836-1838ICBS/FILE/01969
ICBS 2996Church name: JARROW, St. Paul1841ICBS/FILE/02996
ICBS 2879Church name: BISHOP AUCKLAND, St. Anne1841-1848ICBS/FILE/02879
ICBS 6758Church name: HOLMSIDE, St. John1868-1871ICBS/FILE/06758
ICBS 3531Church name: BRANXTON, St. Paul1844-1850ICBS/FILE/03531
ICBS 2865Church name: LEE ST. JOHN, St. John of Beverley1841-1844ICBS/FILE/02865
ICBS 2984 ff 35-38Church name: SUNDERLAND, Holy Trinity1843ICBS/FILE/02984ff35-38
ICBS 2810Church name: WOODBURN, New Church1840-1842ICBS/FILE/02810
ICBS 2963Church name: BISHOP AUCKLAND, St. Paul, Hunwick1841-1847ICBS/FILE/02963
ICBS 3115Church name: WOOLER, St. Ninian, Fenton1842ICBS/FILE/03115
ICBS 3261 ff 21-22Church name: BLAYDON, St. Cuthbert1894ICBS/FILE/03261ff21-22
ICBS 5139 f 35Church name: SUNDERLAND, St. Paul, Hendon1860ICBS/FILE/05139f35
ICBS 3060Church name: COXHOE, New Church1842-1850ICBS/FILE/03060
ICBS 3328Church name: ALSTON, St. John, Nenthead1843-1847ICBS/FILE/03328
ICBS 6924Church name: PIERCEBRIDGE, St. Mary1868-1875ICBS/FILE/06924
ICBS 3462Church name: FOREST AND FRITH, St. James the Less1844-1846ICBS/FILE/03462
ICBS 3743Church name: SPITTAL, St. John the Evangelist1846ICBS/FILE/03743
ICBS 3261 ff 1-20Church name: BLAYDON, St. Cuthbert1843-1845ICBS/FILE/03261ff1-20
ICBS 3764Church name: BIRTLEY, St. John1846-1849ICBS/FILE/03764
ICBS 3384Church name: SHOTLEY BRIDGE, St. Cuthbert, Benfieldside1844-1851ICBS/FILE/03384
ICBS 3999Church name: CHESTER-LE-STREET, St. Mary & St. Cuthbert1847-1848ICBS/FILE/03999
ICBS 6922Church name: HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING, St. Michael, Lyons1868-1870ICBS/FILE/06922
ICBS 6452Church name: WALKER, Christ Church1865-1871ICBS/FILE/06452
ICBS 4072Church name: HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING, St. Michael1848ICBS/FILE/04072
ICBS 3971Church name: STAMFORDHAM, St. Mary the Virgin1847ICBS/FILE/03971
ICBS 3921Church name: EMBLETON, Holy Trinity1847-1853ICBS/FILE/03921
ICBS 4401Church name: COWPEN, St. Mary1851-1852ICBS/FILE/04401
ICBS 4116Church name: NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, St. John the Baptist1848-1849ICBS/FILE/04116
ICBS 3945Church name: DARLINGTON, St. John1847-1854ICBS/FILE/03945
ICBS 4332Church name: FERRYHILL, St. Luke the Evangelist1851ICBS/FILE/04332
ICBS 4518Church name: COXHOE, New Church1852ICBS/FILE/04518
ICBS 5476Church name: ESCOMB, St. John the Evangelist1859-1862ICBS/FILE/05476
ICBS 4897Church name: BELMONT, St. Mary Magdalene1855-1857ICBS/FILE/04897
ICBS 5137Church name: CRAMLINGTON, New Church1857ICBS/FILE/05137
ICBS 6011 ff 20-21Church name: RAINTON, WEST, St. Mary1882ICBS/FILE/06011ff20-21
ICBS 4919Church name: WILLINGTON, St. Stephen1854-1855ICBS/FILE/04919
ICBS 4827Church name: NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, All Saints1854-1855ICBS/FILE/04827
ICBS 4889Church name: AMBLE, St. Cuthbert1852-1855ICBS/FILE/04889
ICBS 5388Church name: KNARSDALE, St. Jude1859ICBS/FILE/05388
ICBS 4593Church name: BELMONT, St. Mary Magdalene1852-1854ICBS/FILE/04593
ICBS 6744Church name: FROSTERLEY, St. Michael & All Angels1867-1870ICBS/FILE/06744
ICBS 6639Church name: CLEADON, All Saints1867ICBS/FILE/06639
ICBS 6359Church name: CASTLESIDE, St. John the Evangelist1865-1867ICBS/FILE/06359
ICBS 8709 ff 54-58Church name: DEAF HILL CUM LANGDALE, St. Paul1897ICBS/FILE/08709ff54-58
ICBS 6434Church name: HARTON, St. Peter1865-1867ICBS/FILE/06434
ICBS 6215Church name: CONSETT, Christ Church1864-1867ICBS/FILE/06215
ICBS 10130Church name: GATESHEAD, St. Chad, Bensham1898-1899ICBS/FILE/10130
ICBS 9917 ff 37-42Church name: HEBBURN, St. Oswald1911ICBS/FILE/09917ff37-42
ICBS 6462Church name: STOCKTON, St. James1866-1868ICBS/FILE/06462
ICBS 6368Church name: HASWELL, St. Paul1865-1869ICBS/FILE/06368
ICBS 11625 ff 29-40Church name: HARTLEPOOL, St. Hilda1947-1948ICBS/FILE/11625ff29-40
ICBS 6020Church name: CRAMLINGTON, St. Nicholas1862-1868ICBS/FILE/06020
ICBS 7286 ff 1-18Church name: SILKSWORTH, St. Matthew1871-1872ICBS/FILE/07286ff1-18
ICBS 12389 ff 15-18Church name: HARTLEPOOL, Holy Trinity1958ICBS/FILE/12389ff15-18
ICBS 1938Church name: BOLAM, New Church1835-1836ICBS/FILE/01938
ICBS 5791Church name: PENSHAW, All Saints1861-1863ICBS/FILE/05791
ICBS 7539Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Mark1873-1876ICBS/FILE/07539
ICBS 6583Church name: CORNFORTH, Holy Trinity1867-1868ICBS/FILE/06583
ICBS 6163Church name: BILLINGHAM, St. John, Haverton Hill1863-1866ICBS/FILE/06163
ICBS 5533Church name: HOLY ISLAND, St. Mary1860-1863ICBS/FILE/05533
ICBS 7066Church name: DARLINGTON, St. Paul1870-1872ICBS/FILE/07066
ICBS 5724Church name: ULGHAM, St. John1860-1864ICBS/FILE/05724
ICBS 6011 ff 1-19Church name: RAINTON, WEST, St. Mary1862-1866ICBS/FILE/06011ff1-19
ICBS 6352Church name: BISHOP AUCKLAND, St. Paul, Evenwood1865-1867ICBS/FILE/06352
ICBS 6567Church name: HOWDEN-LE-WEAR, St. Mary the Virgin1866-1869ICBS/FILE/06567
ICBS 6782 ff 28-49Church name: WEST HARTLEPOOL, St. James1874-1875ICBS/FILE/06782ff28-49
ICBS 12389 ff 1-14Church name: HARTLEPOOL, Holy Trinity1937-1938ICBS/FILE/12389ff1-14
ICBS 13637Church name: EBCHESTER, St. Ebba1958-1959ICBS/FILE/13637
ICBS 13527Church name: HEWORTH, St. Mary1957-1958ICBS/FILE/13527
ICBS 11883Church name: FOREST AND FRITH, St. James the Less1928-1929ICBS/FILE/11883
ICBS 6371Church name: CHOPPINGTON, St. Paul1865-1866ICBS/FILE/06371
ICBS 6347Church name: SACRISTON, St. Peter1864-1866ICBS/FILE/06347
ICBS 6325Church name: SUNDERLAND, St. Barnabas, Hendon1864-1876ICBS/FILE/06325
ICBS 14286 ff 12-21Church name: STOCKTON, St. James, Hardwick1976ICBS/FILE/14286ff12-21
ICBS 6619Church name: WHITBURN, St. Andrew1867ICBS/FILE/06619
ICBS 6751Church name: GATESHEAD, Christ Church1868-1873ICBS/FILE/06751
ICBS 10851 f 61Church name: BISHOPWEARMOUTH, St. Gabriel1973ICBS/FILE/10851f61
ICBS 6640Church name: TOW LAW, St. Philip & St. James1867-1869ICBS/FILE/06640
ICBS 6759Church name: MONKWEARMOUTH, Venerable Bede1868-1877ICBS/FILE/06759
ICBS 6782 ff 1-27Church name: WEST HARTLEPOOL, St. James1868-1875ICBS/FILE/06782ff1-27
ICBS 13016 ff 20-24Church name: SOUTHWICK-ON-WEAR, St. Columba1980ICBS/FILE/13016ff20-24
ICBS 8165Church name: BEARPARK, St. Edmund the Martyr1877-1879ICBS/FILE/08165
ICBS 8821Church name: STOCKTON, St. Paul1882-1885ICBS/FILE/08821
ICBS 9133Church name: JARROW, St. Peter1886ICBS/FILE/09133
ICBS 7245Church name: CHESTER-LE-STREET, St. James, Burnopfield1870-1874ICBS/FILE/07245
ICBS 3377Church name: NINEBANKS, St. Mark1844-1846ICBS/FILE/03377
ICBS 7948Church name: MARLEY HILL, St. Cuthbert1875-1877ICBS/FILE/07948
ICBS 1681Church name: DINNINGTON, St. Matthew1834-1835ICBS/FILE/01681
ICBS 7916Church name: MURTON, EAST, Holy Trinity1875-1877ICBS/FILE/07916
ICBS 8006Church name: EBCHESTER, St. Ebba1876-1877ICBS/FILE/08006
ICBS 9382Church name: SACRISTON, St. Peter1889-1892ICBS/FILE/09382
ICBS 8930Church name: THORPE THEWLES, St. James1884ICBS/FILE/08930
ICBS 1749Church name: SHOTLEY, St. John1834-1836ICBS/FILE/01749
ICBS 8221Church name: ELDON, St. Mark1878-1879ICBS/FILE/08221
ICBS 7898Church name: WITTON PARK, St. Paul1875-1877ICBS/FILE/07898
ICBS 7884Church name: STAINTON, GREAT, All Saints1875-1877ICBS/FILE/07884
ICBS 8681Church name: BOLAM, St. Andrew1881-1882ICBS/FILE/08681
ICBS 7978Church name: SEDGEFIELD, St. Edmund1876-1877ICBS/FILE/07978
ICBS 7896Church name: SIMONBURN, St. Simon1875-1877ICBS/FILE/07896
ICBS 9172Church name: DARLINGTON, St. Hilda1887-1889ICBS/FILE/09172
ICBS 7919Church name: DURHAM, St. Mary le Bow1875-1876ICBS/FILE/07919
ICBS 9081Church name: LANGLEY PARK, All Saints1885-1888ICBS/FILE/09081
ICBS 1611Church name: SEAHAM HARBOUR, St. John the Evangelist1833-1841ICBS/FILE/01611
ICBS 1601Church name: STOCKTON, Holy Trinity1833-1838ICBS/FILE/01601
ICBS 8192Church name: CROXDALE, St. Bartholomew1877-1879ICBS/FILE/08192
ICBS 8455Church name: PRUDHOE, St. Mary Magdalene1879ICBS/FILE/08455
ICBS 7415Church name: STOCKTON, St. John the Baptist1872-1874ICBS/FILE/07415
ICBS 12607 ff 1-30Church name: DURHAM, St. Margaret1944-1952ICBS/FILE/12607ff1-30
ICBS 9328Church name: RYTON, St. Hilda, Hedgefield1889-1893ICBS/FILE/09328
ICBS 9101Church name: HARTON, All Saints, Harton Colliery1886-1890ICBS/FILE/09101
ICBS 1099Church name: SADBERGE, St. Andrew1829-1839ICBS/FILE/01099
ICBS 9241Church name: SOUTHWICK-ON-WEAR, St. Columba1888-1890ICBS/FILE/09241
ICBS 8474Church name: ESCOMB, St. John the Evangelist1879-1880ICBS/FILE/08474
ICBS 8511Church name: JARROW, St. Nicholas, Hedworth1880-1886ICBS/FILE/08511
ICBS 12323Church name: ELTON, St. John1936ICBS/FILE/12323
ICBS 8709 ff 1-53Church name: DEAF HILL CUM LANGDALE, St. Paul1882-1884ICBS/FILE/08709ff1-53
ICBS 12049 ff 41-42Church name: DURHAM, St. Oswald1961ICBS/FILE/12049ff41-42
ICBS 12280 ff 1-15Church name: EASTGATE, All Saints1935ICBS/FILE/12280ff1-15
ICBS 10682Church name: HAMSTERLEY, St. James1906-1909ICBS/FILE/10682
ICBS 9599Church name: SUNDERLAND, St. Hilda1891-1894ICBS/FILE/09599
ICBS 9916 ff 1-18Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Stephen1896ICBS/FILE/09916ff1-18
ICBS 8350Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Simon, Tyne Dock1878-1880ICBS/FILE/08350
ICBS 10059Church name: DEAF HILL CUM LANGDALE, St. Paul1898-1900ICBS/FILE/10059
ICBS 7286 ff 19-45Church name: SILKSWORTH, St. Matthew1878-1879ICBS/FILE/07286ff19-45
ICBS 7307Church name: HEBBURN, St. Cuthbert1871ICBS/FILE/07307
ICBS 11989 ff 1-19Church name: GATESHEAD, St. James1929-1932ICBS/FILE/11989ff1-19
ICBS 12592Church name: DARLINGTON, Holy Trinity1943ICBS/FILE/12592
ICBS 10411 ff 16-25Church name: SHOTTON, St. Saviour1949ICBS/FILE/10411ff16-25
ICBS 9917 ff 1-36Church name: HEBBURN, St. Oswald1896-1902ICBS/FILE/09917ff1-36
ICBS 9963Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Mark1896-1897ICBS/FILE/09963
ICBS 11389Church name: RYHOPE, St. Paul1919-1920ICBS/FILE/11389
ICBS 13405 ff 1-13Church name: HASWELL, St. Paul1956ICBS/FILE/13405ff1-13
ICBS 2578Church name: WINDYNOOK, St. Alban1839-1842ICBS/FILE/02578
ICBS 1944Church name: LEMINGTON, Holy Saviour, Sugley1836-1837ICBS/FILE/01944
ICBS 10916Church name: JARROW, St. Nicholas, Hedworth1909-1911ICBS/FILE/10916
ICBS 12466Church name: GATESHEAD, All Saints, Lobley Hill1938-1940ICBS/FILE/12466
ICBS 2786Church name: CROOK, St. Catherine1840-1844ICBS/FILE/02786
ICBS 10713Church name: GREENSIDE, St. John the Evangelist1907ICBS/FILE/10713
ICBS 12280 f 16Church name: EASTGATE, All Saints1959ICBS/FILE/12280f16
ICBS 11151Church name: HOWDEN-LE-WEAR, St. Mary the Virgin1912-1913ICBS/FILE/11151
ICBS 11920Church name: BLACKHALL, St. Andrew1929-1931ICBS/FILE/11920
ICBS 10851 ff 46-60Church name: BISHOPWEARMOUTH, St. Gabriel1961-1963ICBS/FILE/10851ff46-60
ICBS 10851 ff 1-45Church name: BISHOPWEARMOUTH, St. Gabriel1908-1912ICBS/FILE/10851ff1-45
ICBS 12277Church name: SHILDON, St. John1935ICBS/FILE/12277
ICBS 10834 ff 40-53Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Oswin1962-1967ICBS/FILE/10834ff40-53
ICBS 12695 ff 29-35Church name: STRANTON, All Saints1980ICBS/FILE/12695ff29-35
ICBS 11235 ff 22-35Church name: WEST HARTLEPOOL, St. Luke1961-1963ICBS/FILE/11235ff22-35
ICBS 12271 ff 1-27Church name: EASINGTON, St. Mary the Virgin1934-1937ICBS/FILE/12271ff1-27
ICBS 2421Church name: NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, New Church1838ICBS/FILE/02421
ICBS 11820Church name: SWALWELL, Holy Trinity1927ICBS/FILE/11820
ICBS 11829Church name: FERRYHILL, St. Luke1928ICBS/FILE/11829
ICBS 11596Church name: WEST HARTLEPOOL, St. Aidan, Oxford Street1924-1925ICBS/FILE/11596
ICBS 11625 ff 41-54Church name: HARTLEPOOL, St. Hilda1953ICBS/FILE/11625ff41-54
ICBS 11389 ff 54-64Church name: RYHOPE, St. Paul1966-1967ICBS/FILE/11389ff54-64
ICBS 11956 ff 41-53Church name: HART, St. Mary Magdalene1976-1978ICBS/FILE/11956ff41-53
ICBS 6200Church name: GATESHEAD, St. James1864-1865ICBS/FILE/06200
ICBS 11724Church name: WILLINGTON, St. Stephen1926-1928ICBS/FILE/11724
ICBS 12220Church name: STOCKTON, St. James1933-1936ICBS/FILE/12220
ICBS 12197Church name: BURNOPFIELD, St. James1933-1934ICBS/FILE/12197
ICBS 12937Church name: LANCHESTER, All Saints1951-1952ICBS/FILE/12937
ICBS 13512Church name: BISHOP AUCKLAND, St. Helen1957ICBS/FILE/13512
ICBS M1508Church name: WOLVISTON, St. Mary Magdalene, Wolviston Court1965-1966ICBS/FILE/M1508
ICBS 7136Church name: NEWBOTTLE, St. Matthew1870ICBS/FILE/07136
ICBS 11005Church name: CRAGHEAD, St. Thomas1910ICBS/FILE/11005
ICBS 12271 ff 28-33Church name: EASINGTON, St. Mary the Virgin1949ICBS/FILE/12271ff28-33
ICBS 12271 ff 45-46Church name: EASINGTON, St. Mary the Virgin1981ICBS/FILE/12271ff45-46
ICBS 13859Church name: HAWTHORN, St. Michael1960-1961ICBS/FILE/13859
ICBS 11235 ff 1-21Church name: WEST HARTLEPOOL, St. Luke1913-1917ICBS/FILE/11235ff1-21
ICBS 12619Church name: CORNFORTH, Holy Trinity1946-1948ICBS/FILE/12619
ICBS 13327Church name: NORTON, St. Chad, Roseworth1955-1956ICBS/FILE/13327
ICBS 3994Church name: STAMFORDHAM, St. Mary the Virgin1847-1851ICBS/FILE/03994
ICBS 14475Church name: CLEADON PARK, St. Mark & St. Cuthbert1967-1968ICBS/FILE/14475
ICBS 12655 ff 22-24Church name: STOCKTON, St. Thomas1978ICBS/FILE/12655ff22-24
ICBS 12751 ff 1-8Church name: GATESHEAD, St. Edmund1949-1950ICBS/FILE/12751ff1-8
ICBS 303 ff 1-34Church name: HEWORTH, St. Mary1821-1826ICBS/FILE/00303ff1-34
ICBS 12751 ff 9-27Church name: GATESHEAD, St. Edmund1958-1960ICBS/FILE/12751ff9-27
ICBS 13410Church name: HYLTON, St. Margaret, Castletown1956-1963ICBS/FILE/13410
ICBS 7242Church name: PALLION, St. Luke1871-1874ICBS/FILE/07242
ICBS 14448Church name: DARLINGTON, St. Herbert1967-1969ICBS/FILE/14448
ICBS 12378 ff 29-38Church name: BILLINGHAM, St. Cuthbert1963-1970ICBS/FILE/12378ff29-38
ICBS 13367 ff 1-12Church name: BRANCEPETH, St. Brandon1955-1957ICBS/FILE/13367ff1-12
ICBS 12903Church name: BENFIELDSIDE, St. Cuthbert1950-1953ICBS/FILE/12903
ICBS 7629Church name: DARLINGTON, St. James1873-1876ICBS/FILE/07629
ICBS 12365 ff 19-20Church name: DURHAM, St. Nicholas1956ICBS/FILE/12365ff19-20
ICBS 13979Church name: SEDGEFIELD, St. Edmund1962-1963ICBS/FILE/13979
ICBS 11389 ff 44-53Church name: RYHOPE, St. Paul1950-1951ICBS/FILE/11389ff44-53
ICBS 8712Church name: HEBBURN, St. Oswald1881-1883ICBS/FILE/08712
ICBS 12094Church name: STOCKTON, St. Peter1932ICBS/FILE/12094
ICBS 10834 ff 1-19Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Oswin1908-1910ICBS/FILE/10834ff1-19
ICBS 12049 ff 27-40Church name: DURHAM, St. Oswald1952-1956ICBS/FILE/12049ff27-40
ICBS 12980Church name: DURHAM, St. Mary le Bow1951-1958ICBS/FILE/12980
ICBS 12655 ff 1-21Church name: STOCKTON, St. Thomas1947-1948ICBS/FILE/12655ff1-21
ICBS 13405 ff 23-26Church name: HASWELL, St. Paul1957-1958ICBS/FILE/13405ff23-26
ICBS 13614 ff 7-19Church name: JARROW, St. Paul1960-1961ICBS/FILE/13614ff7-19
ICBS 11956 ff 38-40Church name: HART, St. Mary Magdalene1959-1960ICBS/FILE/11956ff38-40
ICBS 13614 ff 1-6Church name: JARROW, St. Paul1958-1959ICBS/FILE/13614ff1-6
ICBS 13405 ff 14-22Church name: HASWELL, St. Paul1957ICBS/FILE/13405ff14-22
ICBS 13220Church name: DARLINGTON, St. Clare, Newton Aycliffe1951-1954ICBS/FILE/13220
ICBS 12280 ff 17-21Church name: EASTGATE, All Saints1967ICBS/FILE/12280ff17-21
ICBS 13464Church name: PRESTON-UPON-TEES, All Saints1956-1959ICBS/FILE/13464
ICBS 12378 ff 21-28Church name: BILLINGHAM, St. Cuthbert1955-1956ICBS/FILE/12378ff21-28
ICBS M0166Church name: ESH, School Chapel1873ICBS/FILE/M0166
ICBS 13367 ff 13-23Church name: BRANCEPETH, St. Brandon1973-1975ICBS/FILE/13367ff13-23
ICBS 14286 ff 1-11Church name: STOCKTON, St. James, Hardwick1962-1966ICBS/FILE/14286ff1-11
ICBS 11860Church name: KIMBLESWORTH, St. Philip & St. James1928ICBS/FILE/11860
ICBS 11589Church name: NEW SHILDON, All Saints1923-1925ICBS/FILE/11589
ICBS 13614 ff 20-41Church name: JARROW, St. Paul1968-1969ICBS/FILE/13614ff20-41
ICBS 7229 ff 28-62Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Hilda1879ICBS/FILE/07229ff28-62
ICBS 12365 ff 1-18Church name: DURHAM, St. Nicholas1936-1937ICBS/FILE/12365ff1-18
ICBS 12720Church name: WEST HARTLEPOOL, St. Oswald1949ICBS/FILE/12720
ICBS 7181Church name: MIDDLETON ONE ROW, St. Laurence1870-1871ICBS/FILE/07181
ICBS 12607 ff 43-48Church name: DURHAM, St. Margaret1980-1981ICBS/FILE/12607ff43-48
ICBS 14982Church name: FROSTERLEY, St. Michael & All Angels1974-1975ICBS/FILE/14982
ICBS 12607 ff 31-42Church name: DURHAM, St. Margaret1976ICBS/FILE/12607ff31-42
ICBS 14071Church name: MONKWEARMOUTH, St. Peter1963-1968ICBS/FILE/14071
ICBS 10584Church name: FELLING, Christ Church1905-1906ICBS/FILE/10584
ICBS 11725Church name: HARTLEPOOL, St. Barnabas1926-1927ICBS/FILE/11725
ICBS 11137 ff 30-51Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Mary, Tyne Dock1952-1959ICBS/FILE/11137ff30-51
ICBS 12695 ff 1-28Church name: STRANTON, All Saints1948ICBS/FILE/12695ff1-28
ICBS 14549Church name: RAINTON, WEST, St. Mary1968-1970ICBS/FILE/14549
ICBS M0399Church name: HETT, Mission Church1880ICBS/FILE/M0399
ICBS 10528Church name: USWORTH, Holy Trinity1904-1906ICBS/FILE/10528
ICBS 9424Church name: DENTON, St. Mary the Virgin1889-1892ICBS/FILE/09424
ICBS 10482Church name: BRANDON AND BYSHOTTLES, St. John1903-1905ICBS/FILE/10482
ICBS 8935Church name: STRANTON, St. Paul1884-1886ICBS/FILE/08935
ICBS 9574Church name: GATESHEAD, St. Columba1891-1897ICBS/FILE/09574
ICBS 7654Church name: STILLINGTON, St. John1873-1883ICBS/FILE/07654
ICBS 4342Church name: HENDON, St. Paul1851-1852ICBS/FILE/04342
ICBS 11111Church name: NORTON, SOUTH, St. Michael & All Angels1910-1913ICBS/FILE/11111
ICBS 496Church name: WOLVISTON, St. Peter1823-1831ICBS/FILE/00496
ICBS M0126Church name: BERWICK-UPON-TWEED, School Chapel1871ICBS/FILE/M0126
ICBS 7203Church name: SPENNYMOOR, St. Paul1870-1872ICBS/FILE/07203
ICBS M0017Church name: FEATHERSTONE, School Chapel1873ICBS/FILE/M0017
ICBS 7471Church name: BISHOP AUCKLAND, St. Peter1872-1875ICBS/FILE/07471
ICBS M0368Church name: LEAMSIDE, Mission Church1879ICBS/FILE/M0368
ICBS 11382 ff 1-37Church name: BOLDON, EAST, St. George1919-1924ICBS/FILE/11382ff1-37
ICBS M0391Church name: MONKWEARMOUTH, Mission Church1880ICBS/FILE/M0391
ICBS 13222Church name: LAMESLEY, St. Andrew1954-1957ICBS/FILE/13222
ICBS 7374Church name: GATESHEAD, St. Paul, Low Team1872ICBS/FILE/07374
ICBS 9149Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Aidan1887-1888ICBS/FILE/09149
ICBS 14286 f 22Church name: STOCKTON, St. James, Hardwick1980ICBS/FILE/14286f22
ICBS 11989 ff 20-31Church name: GATESHEAD, St. James1953-1954ICBS/FILE/11989ff20-31
ICBS 7935 ff 1-19Church name: CROOK, St. Catherine1875-1878ICBS/FILE/07935ff1-19
ICBS M0060Church name: DENTON BURN, School Chapel1866ICBS/FILE/M0060
ICBS M0690Church name: CROOK, Mission Church1888ICBS/FILE/M0690
ICBS 15442Church name: HEIGHINGTON, St. Michael1980-1982ICBS/FILE/15442
ICBS 13577Church name: DARLINGTON, St. Mark1957-1959ICBS/FILE/13577
ICBS 462 ff 17-34Church name: WINLATON, St. Paul1827-1829ICBS/FILE/00462ff17-34
ICBS 7149Church name: BISHOPWEARMOUTH, St. Peter1870-1873ICBS/FILE/07149
ICBS 766Church name: GREENHEAD, St. Cuthbert1826-1828ICBS/FILE/00766
ICBS 1003Church name: ETHERLEY, St. Cuthbert1828-1833ICBS/FILE/01003
ICBS 756Church name: BELFORD, St. Mary1826-1829ICBS/FILE/00756
ICBS 4504Church name: SHOTTON, St. Saviour1852-1855ICBS/FILE/04504
ICBS 815Church name: HETTON, St. Nicholas1827-1833ICBS/FILE/00815
ICBS 909Church name: FERRYHILL, St. Luke the Evangelist1828-1829ICBS/FILE/00909
ICBS 1460Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, Holy Trinity1832-1836ICBS/FILE/01460
ICBS 1325Church name: WEST HARTLEPOOL, Holy Trinity, Seaton Carew1831ICBS/FILE/01325
ICBS 3842Church name: THORPE THEWLES, Holy Trinity1846-1850ICBS/FILE/03842
ICBS 1894Church name: EARSDON, St. Alban1835-1837ICBS/FILE/01894
ICBS 1904Church name: DENTON, St. Mary the Virgin1835-1836ICBS/FILE/01904
ICBS 2753Church name: ANCROFT, St. Peter, Scremerston1840-1843ICBS/FILE/02753
ICBS 2015Church name: TYNEMOUTH, Holy Saviour1836-1841ICBS/FILE/02015
ICBS 2858Church name: CAMBO, Holy Trinity1841-1842ICBS/FILE/02858
ICBS 2878Church name: WEST HARTLEPOOL, Holy Trinity, Seaton Carew1841-1842ICBS/FILE/02878
ICBS 3252Church name: INGLETON, St. John the Evangelist1843-1844ICBS/FILE/03252
ICBS 3537Church name: CROXDALE, St. Bartholomew1844-1847ICBS/FILE/03537
ICBS 4079Church name: HARTLEPOOL, Holy Trinity1848-1853ICBS/FILE/04079
ICBS 4200Church name: ESH, St. Michael & All Angels1849-1851ICBS/FILE/04200
ICBS 4748Church name: BISHOP AUCKLAND, St. Paul, Hunwick1853-1854ICBS/FILE/04748
ICBS 5794Church name: DURHAM, St. Cuthbert1861-1863ICBS/FILE/05794
ICBS 6760Church name: EGGLESTONE, Holy Trinity1867-1869ICBS/FILE/06760
ICBS 6468Church name: LEADGATE, St. Ives1864-1867ICBS/FILE/06468
ICBS 7049Church name: AMBLE, St. Cuthbert1869-1870ICBS/FILE/07049
ICBS 6234Church name: CAMBOIS, St. Peter1864-1866ICBS/FILE/06234
ICBS 6350Church name: JARROW, St. Paul1865-1867ICBS/FILE/06350
ICBS 6603Church name: CASSOP CUM QUARRINGTON, St. Paul1867-1868ICBS/FILE/06603
ICBS 6624Church name: WALLSEND, St. Paul, Howdon Panns1867-1877ICBS/FILE/06624
ICBS 6693Church name: RYHOPE, St. Paul1867-1877ICBS/FILE/06693
ICBS 6740Church name: WESTGATE IN WEARDALE, St. Andrew1867-1869ICBS/FILE/06740
ICBS 6969Church name: SUNDERLAND, St. Mark, Millfield1868-1872ICBS/FILE/06969
ICBS 7325Church name: BRANDON AND BYSHOTTLES, St. John1871-1876ICBS/FILE/07325
ICBS 7389Church name: WOLVISTON, St. Peter1872-1876ICBS/FILE/07389
ICBS 8525Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Michael, South Westoe1880-1882ICBS/FILE/08525
ICBS 8055Church name: PENSHAW, All Saints1876-1877ICBS/FILE/08055
ICBS 8606Church name: AYCLIFFE, St. Andrew1881-1882ICBS/FILE/08606
ICBS 8790Church name: SPENNYMOOR, St. Andrew, Tudhoe Grange1883-1884ICBS/FILE/08790
ICBS 8986Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Jude1885-1889ICBS/FILE/08986
ICBS 8940Church name: HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING, All Saints, Eppleton1884-1888ICBS/FILE/08940
ICBS 9063Church name: HEBBURN, St. John the Evangelist1885-1887ICBS/FILE/09063
ICBS 9215Church name: WINDYNOOK, St. Alban1887-1888ICBS/FILE/09215
ICBS 9736Church name: GATESHEAD, St. Aidan (Lightfoot Memorial)1893-1894ICBS/FILE/09736
ICBS 9916 ff 19-50Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Stephen1976ICBS/FILE/09916ff19-50
ICBS 9981Church name: SACRISTON, St. Peter1897-1898ICBS/FILE/09981
ICBS 10066Church name: HETTON, St. Nicholas1897-1901ICBS/FILE/10066
ICBS 10411 ff 1-15Church name: SHOTTON, St. Saviour1902-1903ICBS/FILE/10411ff1-15
ICBS 10834 ff 20-39Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Oswin1937-1938ICBS/FILE/10834ff20-39
ICBS 15210Church name: WINLATON, St. Paul1978-1981ICBS/FILE/15210
ICBS 11846Church name: CHILTON, St. Aidan1925-1931ICBS/FILE/11846
ICBS 11844Church name: BISHOPWEARMOUTH, St. Mary Magdalene1927-1931ICBS/FILE/11844
ICBS 11956 ff 1-37Church name: HART, St. Mary Magdalene1930-1931ICBS/FILE/11956ff1-37
ICBS 12049 ff 1-26Church name: DURHAM, St. Oswald1930-1933ICBS/FILE/12049ff1-26
ICBS 14248Church name: STANHOPE, St. Thomas the Apostle1965-1966ICBS/FILE/14248
ICBS 13913Church name: MEDOMSLEY, St. Mary Magdalene1961-1962ICBS/FILE/13913
ICBS 14925 ff 1-12Church name: HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING, St. Michael1974-1975ICBS/FILE/14925ff1-12
ICBS 14765Church name: JARROW, Christ Church, Jarrow Grange1971-1972ICBS/FILE/14765
ICBS 10671Church name: DALTON LE DALE, St. Andrew1906-1907ICBS/FILE/10671
ICBS 14725Church name: BISHOPWEARMOUTH, St. Michael & All Angels1971ICBS/FILE/14725
ICBS 14925 ff 13-18Church name: HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING, St. Michael1980ICBS/FILE/14925ff13-18
ICBS 13016 ff 1-19Church name: SOUTHWICK-ON-WEAR, St. Columba1952ICBS/FILE/13016ff1-19
ICBS 15115Church name: BISHOPWEARMOUTH, St. Mary, South Hylton1976-1977ICBS/FILE/15115
ICBS 11137 ff 1-29Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Mary, Tyne Dock1912-1914ICBS/FILE/11137ff1-29
ICBS 10685Church name: HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING, St. Michael, Lyons1906-1907ICBS/FILE/10685
ICBS 49Church name: RAINTON, WEST, St. Mary1818-1825ICBS/FILE/00049
ICBS 338Church name: BISHOPWEARMOUTH, St. Thomas1821-1827ICBS/FILE/00338
ICBS 2647Church name: COLLIERLEY, St. Thomas1840-1841ICBS/FILE/02647
ICBS 3023Church name: BYERS GREEN, St. Peter1842-1845ICBS/FILE/03023
ICBS 5015Church name: SPENNYMOOR, St. Paul1856-1858ICBS/FILE/05015
ICBS 3245Church name: HORSLEY, Holy Trinity1843-1844ICBS/FILE/03245
ICBS M0115Church name: JARROW, School Chapel, Hedworth1871ICBS/FILE/M0115
ICBS M0305Church name: CHILTON, Mission Church1878ICBS/FILE/M0305
ICBS M0154Church name: JARROW, School Chapel1873ICBS/FILE/M0154
ICBS M0152Church name: PRESTON, School Chapel1872ICBS/FILE/M0152
ICBS M0324Church name: JARROW, Mission Church, Hedworth1878ICBS/FILE/M0324
ICBS M0082Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Mark1869ICBS/FILE/M0082
ICBS M0714Church name: WINLATON, St. Paul1889-1890ICBS/FILE/M0714
ICBS M0282Church name: BROOM, School Chapel1877-1882ICBS/FILE/M0282
ICBS M1188Church name: CHOPWELL, St. John1907ICBS/FILE/M1188
ICBS M0884Church name: WASHINGTON, Mission Church1894ICBS/FILE/M0884
ICBS M0146Church name: GOSFORTH, NORTH, Mission Church1872ICBS/FILE/M0146
ICBS M1341Church name: WARDLEY, Mission Church1919ICBS/FILE/M1341
ICBS M0231Church name: ALNWICK, School Chapel1875ICBS/FILE/M0231
ICBS M0516Church name: GRANGETOWN, Mission Church1883ICBS/FILE/M0516
ICBS M0564Church name: FELLING, Mission Church, High Felling1885ICBS/FILE/M0564
ICBS M1123Church name: WOODLAND, St. Mary1904ICBS/FILE/M1123
ICBS M0581Church name: GATESHEAD, School Church, Bensham1885ICBS/FILE/M0581
ICBS M0827Church name: GATESHEAD FELL, Mission Church1894ICBS/FILE/M0827
ICBS M0454Church name: BISHOP AUCKLAND, Mission Church, Fylands Bridge1881ICBS/FILE/M0454
ICBS M0944Church name: SUNNISIDE, Mission Church1897ICBS/FILE/M0944
ICBS M0792Church name: HAMSTERLEY, Mission Church1891ICBS/FILE/M0792
ICBS M1105Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Oswin1905ICBS/FILE/M1105
ICBS M0851Church name: SWALWELL, Mission Church1893-1894ICBS/FILE/M0851
ICBS M1376Church name: CLEADON PARK, St. Mark & St. Cuthbert1925ICBS/FILE/M1376
ICBS M1092Church name: GATESHEAD, St. Hilda, Bensham1903-1904ICBS/FILE/M1092
ICBS M0693Church name: HEBBURN, Mission Church1888-1889ICBS/FILE/M0693
ICBS M0866Church name: WASKERLEY, Mission Church1894ICBS/FILE/M0866
ICBS 5Church name: BEDLINGTON, St. Cuthbert1818ICBS/FILE/00005
ICBS M0786Church name: WEST HARTLEPOOL, St. Oswald1891ICBS/FILE/M0786
ICBS M1160Church name: DURHAM, NEW, Mission Church1906ICBS/FILE/M1160
ICBS M1457Church name: STOCKTON, Mission Church1939ICBS/FILE/M1457
ICBS M0917Church name: GATESHEAD, St. Patrick1896ICBS/FILE/M0917
ICBS M0925Church name: NEWFIELD, Mission Church1896-1897ICBS/FILE/M0925
ICBS M1410Church name: STOCKTON, St. Crispin1931ICBS/FILE/M1410
ICBS M1046Church name: BISHOPWEARMOUTH, St. Gabriel1900-1901ICBS/FILE/M1046
ICBS M1180Church name: USHAW MOOR, Mission Church1907-1913ICBS/FILE/M1180
ICBS M1411Church name: DUNSTON, St. Nicholas1931ICBS/FILE/M1411
ICBS 4127Church name: SHINCLIFFE, St. Mary1848-1851ICBS/FILE/04127
ICBS M1256Church name: BOWBURN, Mission Church1910ICBS/FILE/M1256
ICBS M1498Church name: HYLTON, St. Francis, Hylton Castle Estate1962-1963ICBS/FILE/M1498
ICBS 2189Church name: NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, New Church, Byker1837-1850ICBS/FILE/02189
ICBS M1419Church name: BISHOPWEARMOUTH, St. Nicholas1932ICBS/FILE/M1419
ICBS M1391Church name: ANNFIELD PLAIN, St. Aidan1928ICBS/FILE/M1391
ICBS 2210Church name: HOLY ISLAND, St. Mary1837ICBS/FILE/02210
ICBS 345Church name: NORTON, St. Mary the Virgin1821-1826ICBS/FILE/00345
ICBS 1919Church name: ANCROFT, St. Anne1835-1836ICBS/FILE/01919
ICBS 1927Church name: SOUTHWICK, Holy Trinity1835-1847ICBS/FILE/01927
ICBS 2716Church name: TWEEDMOUTH, St. Bartholomew1840-1842ICBS/FILE/02716
ICBS 2607Church name: SUNDERLAND, St. Andrew, Ayres Quay1839-1842ICBS/FILE/02607
ICBS 5622Church name: NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, St. Michael, Byker1860-1862ICBS/FILE/05622
ICBS 7229 ff 1-27Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Hilda1871ICBS/FILE/07229ff1-27
ICBS 9300Church name: SHADFORTH, St. Cuthbert1888-1891ICBS/FILE/09300
ICBS 10849 ff 1-21Church name: GRANGETOWN, St. Aidan1908-1912ICBS/FILE/10849ff1-21
ICBS 14185Church name: DUNSTON, St. Nicholas1964-1966ICBS/FILE/14185
ICBS 4215Church name: MERRINGTON, St. John the Evangelist1849-1852ICBS/FILE/04215
W.T.A./GEN/5/2W.T.A. Development Campaign Dioceses A-D1972-1974WTA/GEN/5/2
ACUPA/C/1/3DUR-LIC12 Sep 1983-25 Jan 1986ACUPA/C/1/3
ACCM/CAND/SEL/11/13Diocese of Durham1959-1978ACCM/2/1/13/10/13
CC/ARCH/4/13/7Jarrow, Hedworth, County Durham. Diocese: Durham1956-1956CC/ARCH/4/13/7
CC/ARCH/4/13/16South Stanley, County Durham; St. Stephen. Diocese: Durham1952-1953CC/ARCH/4/13/16
CC/ARCH/4/13Diocese of DurhamCC/ARCH/4/13
CC/ARCH/4/13/10West Hartlepool, Owton Manor, County Durham; St. James. Diocese: Durhamc.1958-c.1958CC/ARCH/4/13/10
CC/ARCH/4/13/18Hylton Castle Estate, Sunderland, County Durham; St. Francis. Diocese: Durham1963-1963CC/ARCH/4/13/18
CC/ARCH/4/13/6Hartlepool, County Durham; Holy Trinity. Diocese: Durham1956-1958CC/ARCH/4/13/6
CC/ARCH/4/13/3Darlington, County Durham; St. Mark. Diocese: Durham1956-1963CC/ARCH/4/13/3
CC/ARCH/4/13/12Peterlee, County Durham; St. Cuthbert. Diocese: Durham1955-1959CC/ARCH/4/13/12
CC/ARCH/4/13/9Newton Aycliffe, County Durham; St. Clare. Diocese: Durham1953-c.1955CC/ARCH/4/13/9
CC/ARCH/4/13/8Humbledon, County Durham; St. Mary. Diocese: Durham1950-c.1951CC/ARCH/4/13/8
CC/ARCH/4/13/13Red House Estate, Southwick, County Durham; St. Cuthbert. Diocese: Durham1956-1959CC/ARCH/4/13/13
CC/ARCH/4/13/11Pennywell, County Durham; St. Thomas. Diocese: Durhamc.1951-c.1951CC/ARCH/4/13/11
ICBS 1084Church name: SATLEY, St. Cuthbert1829ICBS/FILE/01084
ICBS 1180Church name: WHITTONSTALL, St. Philip & St. James1829-1830ICBS/FILE/01180
ICBS 1163Church name: HURWORTH, All Saints1829-1832ICBS/FILE/01163
ICBS 1451Church name: NEWBURN, St. Michael & All Angels1832-1833ICBS/FILE/01451
ICBS 1436Church name: SHILDON, St. John1832-1835ICBS/FILE/01436
ICBS 2659Church name: COUNDON, St. James1840-1841ICBS/FILE/02659
ICBS 7379Church name: CHEVINGTON, St. John1872-1873ICBS/FILE/07379
ICBS 7481Church name: WILLINGTON, St. Mary1872-1876ICBS/FILE/07481
ICBS 7551Church name: LONGHOUGHTON, St. Peter & St. Paul1873-1874ICBS/FILE/07551
ICBS 8487Church name: MONKWEARMOUTH, St. Cuthbert1879-1881ICBS/FILE/08487
ICBS 8580Church name: WASHINGTON, Holy Trinity1881-1883ICBS/FILE/08580
ICBS 11673Church name: EASINGTON, Ascension, Easington Colliery1925-1929ICBS/FILE/11673
ICBS M1473Church name: ROWLANDS GILL, St. Barnabas1954-1958ICBS/FILE/M1473
ICBS 5477Church name: CHESTER-LE-STREET, Christ Church, Lumley1859-1861ICBS/FILE/05477
ICBS 223Church name: SUNDERLAND, St. John the Evangelist1820-1829ICBS/FILE/00223
ICBS 1285Church name: SLALEY, St. Mary the Virgin1830-1832ICBS/FILE/01285
ICBS 1328Church name: NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, St. James, Benwell1831-1838ICBS/FILE/01328
ICBS 1607Church name: DARLINGTON, Holy Trinity1833-1838ICBS/FILE/01607
ICBS 2160Church name: HASWELL, Holy Trinity, South Hetton1837-1838ICBS/FILE/02160
ICBS 2295Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Stephen1839-1849ICBS/FILE/02295
ICBS 2286Church name: DODDINGTON, St. Mary & St. Michael1838-1839ICBS/FILE/02286
ICBS 2426Church name: CHOLLERTON, St. Giles1838-1839ICBS/FILE/02426
ICBS 2459Church name: NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, St. Peter1839-1843ICBS/FILE/02459
ICBS 2467Church name: WHITTINGHAM, St. Bartholomew1839-1840ICBS/FILE/02467
ICBS 2520Church name: CORNHILL, St. Helen1839-1841ICBS/FILE/02520
ICBS 2714Church name: LONGHOUGHTON, St. Peter & St. Paul1840-1844ICBS/FILE/02714
ICBS 2916Church name: CONISCLIFFE, St. Edwin1841-1845ICBS/FILE/02916
ICBS 2984 ff 1-34Church name: SUNDERLAND, Holy Trinity1841-1843ICBS/FILE/02984ff1-34
ICBS 3449Church name: STRANTON, All Saints1844-1845ICBS/FILE/03449
ICBS 3349Church name: MORPETH, St. James1843-1847ICBS/FILE/03349
ICBS 3606Church name: MONKWEARMOUTH, All Saints1845-1853ICBS/FILE/03606
ICBS 3908Church name: SEGHILL, Holy Trinity1847-1849ICBS/FILE/03908
ICBS 4130Church name: STAINDROP, St. Mary1849-1850ICBS/FILE/04130
ICBS 4108Church name: ROTHBURY, All Saints1848-1864ICBS/FILE/04108
ICBS 4148Church name: BISHOPWEARMOUTH, St. Michael & All Angels1849-1850ICBS/FILE/04148
ICBS 4455Church name: FORD, St. Michael1851-1853ICBS/FILE/04455
ICBS 7257Church name: WITTON PARK, St. Paul1870-1871ICBS/FILE/07257
ICBS 4762Church name: PONTELAND, St. Mary1853-1855ICBS/FILE/04762
ICBS 4670Church name: GREENSIDE, St. John1853-1858ICBS/FILE/04670
ICBS 4796Church name: BERWICK-UPON-TWEED, Holy Trinity1854-1855ICBS/FILE/04796
ICBS 5050Church name: NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, St. Paul, Elswick1856-1859ICBS/FILE/05050
ICBS 5071Church name: HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING, St. Michael1857-1859ICBS/FILE/05071
ICBS 5029Church name: NEWTON HALL, St. James1856-1860ICBS/FILE/05029
ICBS 5139 ff 1-34Church name: SUNDERLAND, St. Paul, Hendon1857-1860ICBS/FILE/05139ff1-34
ICBS 5149Church name: BERWICK-UPON-TWEED, St. Mary1857-1859ICBS/FILE/05149
ICBS 5237Church name: HEALEY AND COMBHILL, St. John1858-1860ICBS/FILE/05237
ICBS 5266Church name: HEXHAM, St. Andrew1858-1860ICBS/FILE/05266
ICBS 5414Church name: STELLA, St. Cuthbert1859-1862ICBS/FILE/05414
ICBS 5392Church name: WITTON GILBERT, St. Michael & All Angels1859-1860ICBS/FILE/05392
ICBS 5529Church name: KIRKNEWTON, St. Gregory the Great1859-1864ICBS/FILE/05529
ICBS 5693Church name: SEAHAM HARBOUR, St. John the Evangelist1860-1861ICBS/FILE/05693
ICBS 5777Church name: RAINTON, EAST, St. Cuthbert1861ICBS/FILE/05777
ICBS 5897Church name: HUNSTANWORTH, St. James the Less1862-1864ICBS/FILE/05897
ICBS 6005Church name: SPITTAL, St. John the Evangelist1862-1871ICBS/FILE/06005
ICBS 6182Church name: TUDHOE, Holy Innocents1864-1866ICBS/FILE/06182
ICBS 6549Church name: NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, St. Anthony, Byker1866-1868ICBS/FILE/06549
ICBS 6479Church name: NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, St. Stephen, Elswick1866-1868ICBS/FILE/06479
ICBS 6241Church name: RENNINGTON, All Saints1864-1865ICBS/FILE/06241
ICBS 6201Church name: BILLINGHAM, St. Cuthbert1864-1865ICBS/FILE/06201
ICBS 6449Church name: HARTLEPOOL, St. Hilda1866-1867ICBS/FILE/06449
ICBS 6390Church name: BISHOP AUCKLAND, St. Helen1865-1866ICBS/FILE/06390
ICBS 6621Church name: LONGBENTON, St. John, Killingworth1867-1870ICBS/FILE/06621
ICBS 6377Church name: MORPETH, St. Mary the Virgin1865-1866ICBS/FILE/06377
ICBS 6596Church name: GATESHEAD, St. Edmund1867-1871ICBS/FILE/06596
ICBS 6604Church name: COXHOE, St. Mary the Virgin1867-1868ICBS/FILE/06604
ICBS 6804Church name: JARROW, Christ Church, Jarrow Grange1868-1869ICBS/FILE/06804
ICBS 6918Church name: ANCROFT, St. Anne1868-1870ICBS/FILE/06918
ICBS 6945Church name: ALSTON, St. Augustine1868-1873ICBS/FILE/06945
ICBS 7107Church name: BARNARD CASTLE, St. Mary1870-1871ICBS/FILE/07107
ICBS 7328Church name: MONKWEARMOUTH, St. Peter1871-1875ICBS/FILE/07328
ICBS 7321Church name: NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, St. Anne1871-1873ICBS/FILE/07321
ICBS 7467Church name: TRIMDON, St. Mary Magdalene1872-1874ICBS/FILE/07467
ICBS 7422Church name: ALLENDALE, St. Cuthbert1872-1875ICBS/FILE/07422
ICBS 7457Church name: GATESHEAD, St. Cuthbert, Bensham1872-1875ICBS/FILE/07457
ICBS 7538Church name: DURHAM, St. Giles1873-1876ICBS/FILE/07538
ICBS 7617Church name: STANLEY, St. Thomas1872-1877ICBS/FILE/07617
ICBS 8053Church name: MEDOMSLEY, St. Mary Magdalene1876-1878ICBS/FILE/08053
ICBS 7929Church name: NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, St. John the Baptist1875-1876ICBS/FILE/07929
ICBS 7935 ff 20-50Church name: CROOK, St. Catherine1883-1885ICBS/FILE/07935ff20-50
ICBS 8158Church name: SUNDERLAND, St. Stephen, Ayres Quay1875-1879ICBS/FILE/08158
ICBS 8171 ff 1-29Church name: NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, St. Matthew1877-1880ICBS/FILE/08171ff1-29
ICBS 8171 ff 30-52Church name: NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, St. Matthew1883-1888ICBS/FILE/08171ff30-52
ICBS 8212Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, Holy Trinity1877-1879ICBS/FILE/08212
ICBS 8245Church name: NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, St. Cuthbert1878-1882ICBS/FILE/08245
ICBS 8348Church name: BISHOPWEARMOUTH, St. Mary, South Hylton1878-1880ICBS/FILE/08348
ICBS 8379Church name: DUDDO, All Saints1878-1880ICBS/FILE/08379
ICBS 8718Church name: BENFIELDSIDE, St. Cuthbert1881-1883ICBS/FILE/08718
ICBS 8594Church name: BISHOP AUCKLAND, St. Andrew1880-1881ICBS/FILE/08594
ICBS 8605Church name: SHILDON, St. John1880-1882ICBS/FILE/08605
ICBS 178Church name: HYLTON, Ferry Chapel1819-1821ICBS/FILE/00178
ICBS 8609 ff 1-48Church name: TYNEMOUTH, St. Augustine, North Shields1881-1884ICBS/FILE/08609ff1-48
ICBS 8942Church name: SUNNYBROW, St. John1884-1886ICBS/FILE/08942
ICBS 9025Church name: BISHOP AUCKLAND, St. Paul, Hunwick1885-1886ICBS/FILE/09025
ICBS 9155 ff 1-26Church name: ELWICK HALL, St. Peter1887ICBS/FILE/09155ff1-26
ICBS 9155 ff 27-36Church name: ELWICK HALL, St. Peter1893-1894ICBS/FILE/09155ff27-36
ICBS 9253Church name: WEST HARTLEPOOL, St. Aidan, Oxford Street1888-1890ICBS/FILE/09253
ICBS 9266Church name: NEWFIELD, Holy Saviour1888-1896ICBS/FILE/09266
ICBS 9431Church name: SPENNYMOOR, St. Andrew, Tudhoe Grange1889-1891ICBS/FILE/09431
ICBS 9728Church name: JARROW, St. Mark1893-1896ICBS/FILE/09728
ICBS 9720Church name: GATESHEAD, Holy Trinity1893-1894ICBS/FILE/09720
ICBS 9841Church name: GATESHEAD, St. George1894-1896ICBS/FILE/09841
ICBS 10246Church name: WITTON-LE-WEAR, St. Philip & St. James1900-1902ICBS/FILE/10246
ICBS 10617Church name: ROKER, St. Andrew1903-1907ICBS/FILE/10617
ICBS 11082Church name: SUNDERLAND, St. Paul, Hendon1911-1912ICBS/FILE/11082
ICBS 10992Church name: COCKFIELD, St. Mary1910-1911ICBS/FILE/10992
ICBS 10951Church name: SEAHAM HARBOUR, St. Hilda & St. Helen1909-1912ICBS/FILE/10951
ICBS 11389 ff 1-43Church name: RYHOPE, St. Paul1920-1927ICBS/FILE/11389ff1-43
ICBS 11382 ff 38-86Church name: BOLDON, EAST, St. George1928-1934ICBS/FILE/11382ff38-86
ICBS 11625 ff 1-28Church name: HARTLEPOOL, St. Hilda1924-1931ICBS/FILE/11625ff1-28
ICBS 12271 ff 34-44Church name: EASINGTON, St. Mary the Virgin1965-1966ICBS/FILE/12271ff34-44
ICBS 11895Church name: ANNFIELD PLAIN, St. Aidan1930ICBS/FILE/11895
ICBS 11801Church name: SUNDERLAND, St. Barnabas1926-1929ICBS/FILE/11801
ICBS 12462Church name: BISHOPWEARMOUTH, St. Nicholas1938-1943ICBS/FILE/12462
ICBS 13081Church name: WHEATLEY HILL, All Saints1952ICBS/FILE/13081
ICBS 13319Church name: SPENNYMOOR, St. Paul1954-1956ICBS/FILE/13319
ICBS 13573Church name: HYLTON, St. Cuthbert, Red House Estate1957-1959ICBS/FILE/13573
ICBS 14760Church name: WOLVISTON, St. Peter1971-1972ICBS/FILE/14760
ICBS M1522Church name: DARLINGTON, St. Columba1969-1970ICBS/FILE/M1522
ICBS 2316Church name: GATESHEAD, St. Mary1838-1839ICBS/FILE/02316
ICBS 2633Church name: PELTON, Holy Trinity1840-1843ICBS/FILE/02633
ICBS 3581Church name: GATESHEAD, St. Cuthbert, Bensham1845-1848ICBS/FILE/03581
ICBS 3637Church name: GATESHEAD, St. Thomas, Eighton Banks1845-1855ICBS/FILE/03637
ICBS 4027Church name: BYWELL, St. Peter1848-1850ICBS/FILE/04027
ICBS 5060aChurch name: NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, Christ Church1856-1862ICBS/FILE/05060a
ICBS 5201Church name: COWPEN, St. Mary1857-1864ICBS/FILE/05201
ICBS 5918Church name: SEAHAM, Christ Church, New Seaham1862ICBS/FILE/05918
ICBS 7363Church name: HEIGHINGTON, St. Michael1872-1876ICBS/FILE/07363
ICBS 7864Church name: RIDING, St. James1874-1879ICBS/FILE/07864
ICBS 7895Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Thomas, Westoe1872-1877ICBS/FILE/07895
ICBS 8467Church name: DURHAM, St. Margaret1879-1881ICBS/FILE/08467
ICBS 9893Church name: SUNDERLAND, St. John1896-1902ICBS/FILE/09893
ICBS 10849 ff 22-45Church name: GRANGETOWN, St. Aidan1928-1932ICBS/FILE/10849ff22-45
ICBS 11488Church name: DARLINGTON, St. Matthew1922-1936ICBS/FILE/11488
ICBS 12378 ff 1-20Church name: BILLINGHAM, St. Cuthbert1936-1938ICBS/FILE/12378ff1-20
ICBS 3471Church name: WOLSINGHAM, St. Mary & St. Stephen1844-1849ICBS/FILE/03471
ICBS 15411Church name: JARROW, St. John the Baptist, Perth Green1980ICBS/FILE/15411
ICBS 1369Church name: USWORTH, Holy Trinity1831-1835ICBS/FILE/01369
ICBS 2223Church name: STOCKTON, Holy Trinity1837-1838ICBS/FILE/02223
ICBS 2287Church name: SHADFORTH, St. Cuthbert1838ICBS/FILE/02287
MS 3445, ff.126-7Durham, Diocese of.MSS/3444-3458/3445/126-127
MS 3446, ff.50, 142-4, 196-197vDurham, Diocese of.MSS/3444-3458/3446/50, 142-144, 196-197v
MS 3448The Paul Report1962MSS/3444-3458/3448
MS 3575Correspondence and Papers1955-1979MSS/3566-3575/3575
MS 3408 (ff. 1-18)Letters to Matthew Hutton (1529-1606), successively Bishop of Durham and (1596) Archbishop of York1565-1600MSS/3408/1-18
ICBS M1506Church name: BILLINGHAM, St. Luke1964-1966ICBS/FILE/M1506
ICBS M1467Church name: STANLEY, St. Stephen, South Stanley1952-1955ICBS/FILE/M1467
ICBS M0777Church name: HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING, Mission Church, Lyons1891ICBS/FILE/M0777
ICBS M0834Church name: GATESHEAD, Mission Church, Bensham1893ICBS/FILE/M0834
ICBS M1139Church name: SPENNYMOOR, Venerable Bede, Tudhoe Grange1905ICBS/FILE/M1139
ICBS M1387Church name: HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING, St. Oswald, Shiney Row1928-1929ICBS/FILE/M1387
ICBS 601Church name: GATESHEAD FELL, St. John1824-1826ICBS/FILE/00601
ICBS 3429Church name: PITTINGTON, St. Laurence1844-1848ICBS/FILE/03429
ICBS 4710Church name: GREATHAM, St. John the Baptist1853-1856ICBS/FILE/04710
ICBS 5691Church name: SHIELDS, SOUTH, St. Mary, Tyne Dock1860-1862ICBS/FILE/05691
ICBS 6473Church name: BEWICK, OLD, Holy Trinity1866-1867ICBS/FILE/06473
ICBS 7007Church name: TYNEMOUTH, Christ Church, North Shields1869-1870ICBS/FILE/07007
ICBS 7073Church name: NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, St. Philip, Elswick1869-1873ICBS/FILE/07073
ICBS 7226Church name: BYWELL, St. Andrew1870-1873ICBS/FILE/07226
ICBS 7697Church name: CHILTON MOOR, St. Andrew1874-1897ICBS/FILE/07697
ICBS 8267Church name: MIDDLETON-IN-TEESDALE, St. Mary1877-1879ICBS/FILE/08267
ICBS 8366Church name: STOCKTON, St. Peter1878-1881ICBS/FILE/08366
ICBS 15246Church name: DURHAM, St. Oswald1978-1981ICBS/FILE/15246
MS 639MISCELLANY16th century-17th centuryMSS/639
Benson 70 ff.210-17CHURCH OF ENGLAND: Doctrine - Letters on lectureships in church doctrine and history.1889Benson/70/210-17
Ramsey 237, ff. 94-154Reunion: General1972Ramsey/4-287/1972/237/94-154
MS 4733Armorialc. 1692-1694MSS/4732-4733/4733
CC/ARCH/4/13/1Billingham, County Durham; St. Aidan . Diocese: Durham1963-1963CC/ARCH/4/13/1
CC/ARCH/4/13/4Dunston, County Durham; St. Nicholas. Diocese: Durham1965-1969CC/ARCH/4/13/4
CC/ARCH/4/13/14Hardwick Estate, Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham. Diocese: Durham1958-c.1965CC/ARCH/4/13/14
CC/ARCH/4/13/17Springwell Estate, Sunderland, County Durham. Diocese: Durham1950-c.1951CC/ARCH/4/13/17
QAB/7/7/PM13Diocese of DurhamQAB/7/7/PM13
ICBS 1943Church name: DALTON, Holy Trinity1836-1837ICBS/FILE/01943
CC/ARCH/4/13/2Quarry Lane, Cleadon Park, County Durham; St. Mark and St. Cuthbert. Diocese: Durham1965-1970CC/ARCH/4/13/2
CC/ARCH/4/13/5East Herrington, County Durham; St. Chad. Diocese: Durham1959-1963CC/ARCH/4/13/5
CC/ARCH/4/13/15Roseworth Estate, Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham; St. Chad. Diocese: Durham1957-1983CC/ARCH/4/13/15
CC/ARCH/4/13/19Thorney Close, County Durham; St. Peter. Diocese: Durhamc.1950-c.1950CC/ARCH/4/13/19
CC/OF/NB13Diocese of Durham New Benefice FilesCC/OF/NB/13
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