Authorized Form of NameChurch of Norway; 16th century-
Corporate NameChurch of Norway
Dates16th century-
OtherFormsOfNameNorske Kirke

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Fisher 75, ff. 416-17CHURCH OF NORWAY1950Fisher/1-271/67-78/75/416-17
Lang 102, ff. 67-91CHURCH OF NORWAY1930Lang/1-186/102/67-91
MS 2650 f. 187Correspondence on the treatment of the Church of Norway by Germany1942MSS/2615-2650/2650/176-190v/187
MS 2636 ff. 78-88Kolsrud (Olaf), Professor of Church History at Oslo[1937]MSS/2615-2650/2636/1-152/78-88
Fisher 98, ff. 11-28 passimCHURCH OF DENMARK; CHURCH OF ICELAND; CHURCH OF NORWAY1952Fisher/1-271/94-104/98/11-28 passim
Bell 182 Anglo-Scandinavian Conferences1947 - 1957Bell/118-183/182
BMU/EC/OC/5Church of Norway1974BMU/10/20/34/5
FP Jackson 28Surnames Mathews - Muspratt1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/28
Fisher 122, ff. 1-16 passimRelations of the Church of England with the CHURCH OF DENMARK, the CHURCH OF ICELAND and the CHURCH OF NORWAY1953Fisher/1-271/118-133/122/1-16 passim
Runcie/ACP/1985/30South Africa: Archbishops Russell and Tutu1984-1985Runcie/ACP/1985/30
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