Authorized Form of NameSinclair; William Macdonald (1850-1917); Biblical and theological scholar
ForenamesWilliam Macdonald
EpithetBiblical and theological scholar
ActivityArchdeacon of London
SourceNational Register of Archives

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Benson 92 ff.277-8SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), Archdeacon of London.1891Benson/92/277-8
Benson 134 ff.385-92SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), Archdeacon of London.1895Benson/134/385-92
FP Temple 45, ff. 41, 53-5, 249-50SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London1890-1894FP/Temple/45/41, 53-5, 249-50
FP Temple 23, ff. 319-20SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/1-39/23/319-20
FP Temple 43, ff. 141-4,149-59SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/43/141-4, 149-59
FP Temple 1, ff. 194-7SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/1-39/1/194-7
FP Temple 21, ff. 54-7SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/1-39/21/54-7
FP Temple 27, ff. 190-1, 198-204, 222-4SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/1-39/27/190-1, 198-204, 222-4
Tait 277 ff. 86-7SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), Archdeacon of London (1889)1881Tait/161-296/277/86-7
FP Temple 24, ff. 251-4SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London1892FP/Temple/1-39/24/251-4
FP Temple 53, ff. 159-60SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London1889FP/Temple/53/159-60
FP Temple 23, ff. 91-4SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/1-39/23/91-4
FP Temple 41, ff. 229-30SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/41/229-30
FP Temple 50, ff. 99-102SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London1894FP/Temple/50/99-102
FP Temple 3, ff. 238-9SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/1-39/3/238-9
FP Temple 43, ff. 353-4SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London[1890]FP/Temple/43/353-4
FP Temple 47, ff. 15-16Correspondence between Hugh Lupus GROSVENOR, 1st duke of Westminster and William Macdonald SINCLAIR, archdeacon of London, on the London Diocesan Council for the Welfare of Young Men (copy)1884FP/Temple/47/15-16
FP Temple 37, ff. 9, 22SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/1-39/37/9, 22
Benson 32 ff.230-1, 255-6SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), Archdeacon of London.1882Benson/32/230-1, 255-6
FP Temple 36, ff. 279-82, 285-7, 301-3SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/1-39/36/279-82, 285-7, 301-3
FP Temple 23, ff. 71-2Visitation articles of William Macdonald SINCLAIR, archdeacon of London1890 FP/Temple/1-39/23/71-2
FP Temple 18, ff. 162-5SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London1891FP/Temple/1-39/18/162-5
FP Temple 38, ff. 386-8RITUALISM1893FP/Temple/1-39/38/386-8
FP Temple 35, ff. 94-7, 100-1, 104-5, 118, 190-1SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London1890-1895FP/Temple/1-39/35/94-7, 100-1, 104-5, 118, 190-1
FP Temple 38, ff. 248-9SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London1894FP/Temple/1-39/38/248-9
FP Temple 18, ff. 232-3, 367SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London1893FP/Temple/1-39/18/232-3, 367
FP Temple 25, ff. 108-10, 112-14SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/1-39/25/108-10, 112-14
FP Temple 46, ff. 140-5SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London1890FP/Temple/46/140-5
FP Temple 19, f. 343WILSON (Harry William), vicar of St. Augustine, Stepney, Middx1892FP/Temple/1-39/19/343
FP Temple 22, ff. 119-22, 178-9, 210SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/1-39/22/119-22, 178-9, 210
FP Temple 35, ff. 131,156SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London1893, 1896FP/Temple/1-39/35/131,156
FP Temple 37, f. 291SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London1896FP/Temple/1-39/37/291
FP Temple 10, ff. 222-3SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London1894FP/Temple/1-39/10/222-3
FP Temple 34, ff. 335-6SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/1-39/34/335-6
FP Temple 36, ff. 65-77SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London1890FP/Temple/1-39/36/65-77
FP Temple 36, ff. 148-51, 166, 188-9SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/1-39/36/148-51, 166, 188-9
FP Temple 35, ff. 255-8SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/1-39/35/255-8
FP Temple 24, ff. 300-5SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/1-39/24/300-5
FP Temple 48, ff. 186-7SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London1893FP/Temple/48/186-7
FP Temple 39, ff. 206-10SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London1894,1896FP/Temple/1-39/39/206-10
FP Temple 35, ff. 36-7,48-52,58SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/1-39/35/36-7, 48-52, 58
FP Temple 38, ff. 382-3SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London1890FP/Temple/1-39/38/382-3
FP Temple 36, ff. 17-23, 40-6SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London1890,1891FP/Temple/1-39/36/17-23, 40-6
FP Temple 16, ff. 168-71SHORE (Thomas Teignmouth), canon of Worcester.1888FP/Temple/1-39/16/168-71
FP Temple 29, ff. 186-91, 216-21SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/1-39/29/186-91, 216-21
FP Temple 48, ff. 100-31 passimSINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of London1895FP/Temple/48/100-31 passim
Tait 104 ff. 3-6SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), Archdeacon of London (1889)1882Tait/76-104/104/3-6
Tait 94 ff. 222-3CAMPBELL (George Douglas), 8th Duke of Argyll1875Tait/76-104/94/222-3
FP Creighton 14Correspondence1899FP/Creighton/14
FP Creighton 7Correspondence1897FP/Creighton/7
FP Jackson 55Other Churches; the diocese of London; the Lay Helpers' Association1869-1887FP/Jackson/G/55
FP Temple 23, ff. 91-4, 104-5, 109-10,273-6, 340SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), archdeacon of LondonFP/Temple/1-39/23/91-4, 104-5, 109-10,273-6, 340
FP Jackson 24Surnames Isaacson - Kernahan1869-1883FP/Jackson/D/24
Benson 100 ff.392-402SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), Archdeacon of London: letter from on the SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE.1891Benson/100/392-402
Benson 119 ff.28-32City of LONDON - Correspondence and papers on St. Paul's cathedral1893Benson/119/28-32
Tait 253 ff. 206-9SINCLAIR (William Macdonald), Archdeacon of London (1889)1879Tait/161-296/253/206-9
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