Authorized Form of NameKensington, Middlesex; St Mary Abbots; ancient parish
Corporate NameSt Mary Abbots
Epithetancient parish
JurisdictionKensington, Middlesex

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Tait 148 ff 62-78KENSINGTON, MIDDX., St. Mary1867Tait/105-160/148/62-78
Tait 142 ff 73-4KENSINGTON, MIDDX., St. Mary1865Tait/105-160/142/73-4
FP Porteus 13, f.105PARISH FEES.1806FP/Porteus/13/105
Tait 130 ff 1-4, 143-6KENSINGTON, MIDDX., St. Mary1862Tait/105-160/130/1-4, 143-6
Tait 441/4KENSINGTON, Middlesex, Christ Church Chapel, Victoria Road; KENSINGTON, Middlesex, St Mary Abbots1862Tait/409-442/425-442/441/4
Tait 440/158KENSINGTON, Middlesex, St Mary Abbots1858Tait/409-442/425-442/440/158
FP Blomfield 70, ff.23-4KENSINGTON, Middlesex, St Mary Abbots1834FP/Blomfield/69-71/70/23-4
FP Terrick 22, f.16KENSINGTON, Middlesex, St Mary Abbots1767FP/Terrick/21-23/22/16
Arches J 11/6JONES V HARPER1724Arches/J/11/6
FP Jackson 1/13KENSINGTON, Middlesex, Christ Church Chapel, Victoria Road; KENSINGTON, Middlesex, St Mary Abbots; KENSINGTON, Middlesex, St Paul, Vicarage Gardens1883FP/Jackson/A/1/13
FP Randolph 10/121KENSINGTON, Middlesex, St Mary Abbots1810FP/Randolph/9-12/10/121
FP Porteus 35, f.83KENSINGTON, Middlesex, St Mary Abbots1793FP/Porteus/35-36/35/83
Arches D 947JONES V HARPER1724Arches/D/947
Arches A 23TALBOTT V LONDON1700Arches/A/23/182
Arches C 4 f.236JONES V HARPER1724Arches/C/4/236
Arches Aa 31/118JONES V HARPER1724Arches/Aa/31/118
Arches A 25UNSWORTH AND HOW V SMITH1707Arches/A/25/244
Arches G 6/4HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/G/6/4
Tait 133 ff 232-41BENNETT (John), of Paddington, Middlesex1863Tait/105-160/133/232-41
Arches H 533/1-13CHESTERTON AND HUTCHINS V FARLAR1836Arches/H/533
Arches Ee 2 ff. 217-219HODGES V BRUNKARD1665Arches/Ee/2/217-219
Arches G 93/27JONES V HARPER1724Arches/G/93/27
Arches E 8/2-5HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/E/8/2-5
Arches E 8/9-11HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/E/8/9-11
FP Blomfield 72/59KENSINGTON, Middlesex, St Mary Abbots1842FP/Blomfield/72-73/72/59
FP Creighton 3/36KENSINGTON, Middlesex, Christ Church Chapel, Victoria Road; KENSINGTON, Middlesex, St Mary Abbots; KENSINGTON, Middlesex, St Paul, Vicarage Gardens1900FP/Creighton/1-3/3/36
Arches C 3 f.15TALBOTT V LONDON1700Arches/C/3/15
FP Jackson 35Churches in the rural deaneries of Chelsea and Kensington1869-1884FP/Jackson/E/35
Arches E 8/7HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/E/8/7
Arches Aaa 45CHESTERTON AND HUTCHINS V FARLAR1836Arches/Aaa/45/a22
Arches Aaa 46CHESTERTON AND HUTCHINS V FARLAR1836Arches/Aaa/46/a20
Arches D 1861SEWARD AND TOLNEY V WIGAN, ETC.1684Arches/D/1861
FP Porteus 27/65KENSINGTON, Middlesex, St Mary Abbots1790FP/Porteus/24-30/27/65
Arches Ee 5 ff. 143-145,159-162HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/Ee/5/143-145,159-162
Arches E 28/40JONES V HARPER1724Arches/E/28/40
Arches F 8 f. 183HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/F/8/183
Arches A 4 ff. 8,11,58,61,64,66HODGES V BRUNKARD1664-1665Arches/A/4/8,11,58,61,64,66
Arches B 10/167HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/B/10/167
Arches B 10/150HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/B/10/150
Arches C 2 f.124HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/C/2/124
Arches A 16HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/A/16/129
Arches A 17HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/A/17/90
FP Randolph 13, ff.85-6KENSINGTON, Middlesex, St Mary Abbots1810FP/Randolph/13/85-6
FP Temple 20Correspondence and papers on parishes in the diocese of London1885-1896FP/Temple/1-39/20
FP Jackson 22Surnames Headlam - Heywood1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/22
FP Terrick 1Correspondence and papers1764-1777FP/Terrick/1
FP Terrick 6, ff.58-9KENSINGTON, Middlesex, St Mary Abbots1772FP/Terrick/6/58-9
FP Terrick 10, p.109KENSINGTON, Middlesex, St Mary Abbots1762-1824FP/Terrick/10/109
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