Authorized Form of NameGreek Orthodox Church
Corporate NameGreek Orthodox Church
OtherFormsOfNameOrthodox Church of Greece

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MS 2912 ff. 225-264vCorrespondence concerning the Greek Orthodox Church1899-1907MSS/2908-2925/2912/225-264v
Davidson 121, ff.280-286Greetings to Archbishop Davidson from GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH.1906Davidson/27-217/121/280-286
Davidson 83, ff.170-175Greetings to Archbishop Davidson from GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH.1903Davidson/27-217/83/170-175
Tait 281 ff. 65-6GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH1882Tait/161-296/281/65-6
Fisher 46, ff. 27-9, 368-9GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH1948Fisher/1-271/39-50/46/27-9, 368-9
Tait 186 ff. 374-93, 404-9GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH1872Tait/161-296/186/374-93, 404-9
Benson 125 ff.285-6, 296-302GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH1893Benson/125/285-6, 296-302
Davidson 293, ff.65-72Greetings to Archbishop Davidson from GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH.Davidson/218-516/293/65-72
Tait 77 ff. 57-60STANLEY (Arthur Penrhyn), Dean of Westminster1841Tait/76-104/77/57-60
Tait 95 ff. 197-204GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCHTait/76-104/95/197-204
Tait 185 f. 203CONVOCATION OF CANTERBURY[1872]Tait/161-296/185/203
Tait 170 ff. 86-143GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH1870Tait/161-296/170/86-143
Benson 115 ff.231-8GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH1893Benson/115/231-8
Benson 84 ff.1-8EGYPT1890Benson/84/1-8
MS 2337, ff.113-114Letter from Hugh Corrie Frere, Archdeacon in Syria, to the Greek Orthodox Church at Beirut, stating Bishop Blyth's agreement to Greek Orthodox services in the Anglican church at Beirut (printed).2 March 1902MSS/2327-2340/2337/113-114
MS 2337, ff.225-235vPapers concerning a threatened schism of the Greek Orthodox Church at El Kura.1907MSS/2327-2340/2337/225-235v
Douglas 49APapers of J.A. Douglas concerning the ORTHODOX Church of GREECE20th centuryDouglas/49A
Douglas 14, f. 164GREECE, Orthodox Church of. 1939Douglas/14/108-98/164
Coggan 12, ff.233-235Greek Orthodox Church in England29 Jan-10 Feb 1975Coggan/4-220/4-25/12/233-235
MS 2353 ff. 174-191Riley (John Athelstan Laurie), churchman1924MSS/2343-2411/2353/174-191
Douglas 9Papers of J.A. Douglas concerning the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association and Church Unity Octave1916-1953Douglas/9
Ramsey 115, ff. 1-5GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH - correspondence on the St Nicholas Educational Centre, London; EDUCATION - correspondence on a Greek school in London1967Ramsey/4-287/1967/115/1-5
Ramsey 185, ff.27-8WESTMINSTER, city of.; GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/185/27-8
CFR OC 126-140 Individual Orthodox Churches: Greece 1939-1981CFR/5/3/17
Douglas 2, ff. 53-60GREECE, Orthodox Church of. 1930Douglas/2/1-147/1-79/53-60
Fisher 118, ff. 288-9Opposition in the GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCHES to the WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES1953Fisher/1-271/118-133/118/288-9
MS 2823PALMER PAPERS4 June 1849-June 1852MSS/2800-2857/2823
Douglas 78, ff. 96-122Papers and photographs relating to the Orthodox Church of GREECE20th centuryDouglas/78/96-122
CFR AC 39Lambeth Conference, 1958: informal conversations with the Orthodox1956-1958CFR/1/5/39
Fisher 204, ff. 336-41Opposition to the World Council of Churches in the GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH1958Fisher/1-271/199-212/204/336-41
Lang 153, f. 381GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH1937Lang/1-186/153/381
Fisher 199, ff. 232-6GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH1958Fisher/1-271/199-212/199/232-6
Ramsey 115, ff. 121-4GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH1967Ramsey/4-287/1967/115/121-4
Ramsey 189, ff.121-3GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/189/121-3
Ramsey 179, ff.185-6, 230, 286-7GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/179/185-6, 230, 286-7
Tait 165 ff. 41-2, 147-58GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH1869Tait/161-296/165/41-2, 147-58
Tait 86 ff. 85-6WILBERFORCE (Samuel), Bishop of Oxford, and (1869) of Winchester1869Tait/76-104/86/85-6
Tait 100 ff. 25-8SANDFORD (Charles Waldegrave), Bishop of Gibraltar1880Tait/76-104/100/25-8
MS 2337, ff.93-111Memorandum by Archdeacon [Hugh Corrie] Frere entitled 'Troubles in Greek Orthodox Church in Beirut, 1902', containing an account of the disputed appointment of a Bishop of Beirut and of the use of the Anglican church by the Greek Orthodox.1902MSS/2327-2340/2337/93-111
MS 2231, ff.104, 111vLetters from Hugh Corrie Frere, Archdeacon in Syria, to the Greek Orthodox Church in Beirut (printed)1902MSS/2227-2237/2231/1-235/104, 111v
MS 2627 ff. 54-9Lambeth Conference, 19201920MSS/2615-2650/2627/54-9
MS 2234, ff.142-1996. Miscellaneous papers.19th-20th centuryMSS/2227-2237/2234/142-199
Bell 91Greece, Turkey1944 - 1958Bell/65-117/91
Runcie/EOC/1988/10Greece: Pastoral exchange1988Runcie/EOC/1988/10
Runcie/EOC/1983/28USA: Archbishop Jakovos1983Runcie/EOC/1983/28
Runcie/EOC/1987/13Greece: Jerusalem1987Runcie/EOC/1987/13
Douglas 31, ff. 195, 223DAMIANOS KASIOTES, Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem1923Douglas/31/45-351/195, 223
FP Jackson 19Surnames Finlay - Furse1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/19
Runcie/EOC/1984/2Antioch: Patriarch Ignatius1984Runcie/EOC/1984/2
Runcie/EOC/1984/21Greece: exchange visit1982-1984Runcie/EOC/1984/21
Benson 9 ff.382-5GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH - Letters and papers on relations with the Church of England1882-1883Benson/9/382-5
Runcie/EOC/1987/14Anglican Greek exchanges1986-1987Runcie/EOC/1987/14
Runcie/EOC/1988/9Greece: Archbishop Seraphim1988Runcie/EOC/1988/9
Runcie/EOC/1987/12Greece: Archbishop Seraphim1987Runcie/EOC/1987/12
Runcie/EOC/1988/20Ecumenical Patriarchate: Great Britain: Archbishop Gregorios1988Runcie/EOC/1988/20
Ramsey 324, f. 17Photographs: Official Engagements 27 June 1961 Ramsey/324/14-66/17
Coggan 12, ff.236Greek Orthodox Conference5 Mar 1975Coggan/4-220/4-25/12/236
Ellison O/1/1/99Orthodox Churches15 Jan 1974-28 March 1980Ellison/O/1/1/99
Benson 40 ff.26-36ARMENIAN CHURCH - Letters on intercommunion1886Benson/40/26-36
Benson 48 ff.314-20Letters and papers on RITUALISM practiced in Lambeth, Surrey. 1887Benson/48/314-20
Fisher 202, ff. 105-7Opposition to the World Council of Churches in the GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH; INTERNATIONAL MISSIONARY COUNCIL - proposed union with the WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES1958Fisher/1-271/199-212/202/105-7
Lang 113, ff. 40-8Relations between the GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH and Anglican communities in Nassau, BAHAMAS1932Lang/1-186/113/40-8
Runcie/EOC/1987/11Greece: Church/state conflict1987Runcie/EOC/1987/11
Runcie/EOC/1988/18Ecumenical Patriarchate: General: Patmos, etc.1988Runcie/EOC/1988/18
Runcie/EOC/1982/12Greece: exchange visit1981-1982Runcie/EOC/1982/12
Runcie/EOC/1988/13Ecumenical Patriarchate: AOJDD co-chairmanship1988Runcie/EOC/1988/13
Davidson 794/6Presentations1928Davidson/793-794/794/6
Douglas 13, ff. 134-40DOUGLAS, John Albert, Hon. Canon of Southwark (1924 ); Rector of St. Michael Paternoster Royal and honorary general secretary of the Council on Foreign Relations (1933) 1940Douglas/13/134-40
MS 2913 ff. 75v-132vPapers of Wordsworth concerning relations with the Greek Orthodox Church in Beirut and with Maronites, 1902, including (ff. 75v-76) a printed notice by Archdeacon Hugh Corrie Frere of an agreement between George Francis Popham Blyth, Bishop in Jerusalem, and Photius, Patriarch of Alexandria, and (ff. 91-6) a report by the same of an interview with Maronites. 1902MSS/2908-2925/2913/75v-132v
MS 2626 ff. 15-31Memoranda by Kallinikos (Constantine), protopresbyter of the Church of the Annunciation, Manchester, on the Greek Orthodox Church[1918]MSS/2615-2650/2626/15-31
MS 2627 ff. 174-87Douglas (Canon John Albert), Hon. General Secretary to the Council on Foreign Relations1925MSS/2615-2650/2627/174-87
MS 2328PAPERS OF J.E.M.F1897-1899MSS/2327-2340/2328
MS 2333, ff.1-44Correspondence and papers concerning relations with the Orthodox Churches1888-1913MSS/2327-2340/2333/1-44
MS 2234, ff.90-1415. Papers concerning the Greek Orthodox Church.1890-1924MSS/2227-2237/2234/90-141
MS 2146, ff.162-8Greek Orthodox Church - address to Alexander Lycurgos, Archbishop of Syros and Tenos at consecration of Henry Mackenzie, Suffragan Bishop of Nottingham1870MSS/2140-2151/2140-2149/2140-2146/2146/162-8
Runcie/EOC/1982/18Ecumenical Patriarchate: England1981-1982Runcie/EOC/1982/18
FP Blomfield 49, ff. 287-90GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH1850FP/Blomfield/1-60/49/287-90
Douglas 51, ff. 153-5DOUGLAS, John Albert, Hon. Canon of Southwark (1924 ); Rector of St. Michael Paternoster Royal and honorary general secretary of the Council on Foreign Relations (1933) 1940Douglas/51/103-58 /153-5
LC 153Correspondence and papersMay 1928- July 1932LC/1930/153
F. Temple 61Letters and papers on the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox churches1874-1903F.Temple/61
Fisher 231, ff. 103-6AFRICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH - relations with the patriarchate of Alexandria/GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH - relations with the African Orthodox Church1959Fisher/1-271/213-234/231/103-6
Runcie/EOC/1987/10Visit to Greece (postponed)1980-1987Runcie/EOC/1987/10
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