Authorized Form of NameHigh Court of Delegates
Corporate NameHigh Court of Delegates
DatesAndPlacesEstablished by statute 25 Hen. VIII. c. 19, s. 4.
ActivityThe highest court of appeal from the archbishops' courts and also from the High Court of Admiralty. In 1833 the Privy Council was made the immediate court of appeal.

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Arches J 6/46GILLIVER V HAND1706Arches/J/6/46
Arches G 6Royal monitions to transmit processes to the Court of Delegates, 1683-17131683-1713 Arches/G/6
Arches G 6/25GILLIVER V HAND1706Arches/G/6/25
Arches G 6/10OWEN V CLARKE AND LAURENCE1690Arches/G/6/10
Arches G 101/36HAWKINS V MEACHAM1730Arches/G/101/36
Arches A 21BRABAZON V JAMES1688Arches/A/21/30
Arches G 142/26HARFORD V MORRIS1774Arches/G/142/26
Arches G 142/17HARFORD V MORRIS1774Arches/G/142/17
Arches G 151/18HARFORD V MORRIS1774Arches/G/151/18
Arches D 223BRABAZON V JAMES1688Arches/D/223
Arches G 148/18HARFORD V MORRIS1774Arches/G/148/18
Arches G 1a/96BRABAZON V JAMES1688Arches/G/1a/96
Arches C 2 f.370BRABAZON V JAMES1688Arches/C/2/370
Arches A 20BRABAZON V JAMES1688Arches/A/20/33
Arches Aaa 33a section 1High Court of Delegates1775Arches/Aaa/33a/1
Arches J 2/9BRABAZON V JAMES1688Arches/J/2/9
Arches N 7Precedent bookLate 17th centuryArches/N/7
Arches E 15/1-3PULESTON V RIDER1706Arches/E/15/1-3
CM XIII/2Exemplification by King Charles II of a sentence of the Court of Delegates (John Oughton notary public registrar)18 Apr, 24 May 1667CM/13/2
Arches Eee 8 ff. 64-66,71-79,103-105,118-123ROBERTS V ROBERTS1695Arches/Eee/8/64-66,71-79,103-105,118-123
Arches Ee 8/9ROBERTS V ROBERTS1694Arches/Ee/8/9
Arches A 19BRABAZON V JAMES1688Arches/A/19/27
Arches Ee 8/15BANBURY V BANBURYn.d.Arches/Ee/8/15
Arches Ee 8/20BANBURY V BANBURY1695Arches/Ee/8/20
Arches Eee 7 ff. 663-667,670-679,682-684,697-707BANBURY V BANBURY1693-1694Arches/Eee/7/663-667,670-679,682-684,697-707
Arches D 368aCAWLEY AND SMITH V OLDYS1684Arches/D/368a
Arches E 3/190BURGES V LEE1668Arches/E/3/190
Arches E 3/145BURGES V LEE1668Arches/E/3/145
Arches F 9 f. 5,14BRABAZON V JAMES1690-1691Arches/F/9/5,14
Arches F 9 ff. 139-140PULESTON V RIDER1706Arches/F/9/139-140
Arches E 16/1PULESTON V RIDER1706Arches/E/16/1
Arches A 25PULESTON V RIDER1706Arches/A/25/200
Arches A 21ROBERTS V ROBERTS1694Arches/A/21/208
Arches A 20BANBURY V BANBURY1693Arches/A/20/13
Arches A 21BANBURY V BANBURY1693Arches/A/21/8
Arches E 11/82-100BANBURY V BANBURY1693Arches/E/11/82-100
Arches G 75/20PULESTON V RIDER1706Arches/G/75/20
Arches Jj 6/31PULESTON V RIDER1706Arches/Jj/6/31
Arches E 11/42-47BANBURY V BANBURY1693Arches/E/11/42-47
Arches E 12/95BANBURY V BANBURY1693Arches/E/12/95
Arches E 12/99BANBURY V BANBURY1693Arches/E/12/99
Arches A 2 f. 307COKER V GUNDY1663Arches/A/2/307
Arches E 11/80ROBERTS V ROBERTS1694Arches/E/11/80
Arches E 11/105ROBERTS V ROBERTS1694Arches/E/11/105
Arches A 3 ff. 10,56,71,153,161COKER V GUNDY1663-1664Arches/A/3/10,56,71,153,161
Arches A 4 ff. 66,77,99COKER V GUNDY1665Arches/A/4/66,77,99
Arches D 206BOTELER V BOTELER1672Arches/D/206
Arches Aaa 33aAssignation Book (composite volume) 3 November 1775 - 4 October 17801775-1780Arches/Aaa/33a
Arches Ee 7 ff. 184-186,188-191,193-194BANBURY V BANBURY1693Arches/Ee/7/184-186,188-191,193-194
Arches Eee 8 ff. 31-37, 55-59,67-70,80-102,106-117,124-125,136-144,149-151,157-164,174-183,187,205-206BANBURY V BANBURY1694-1695Arches/Eee/8/31-37,55-59,67-70,80-102,106-117,124-125,136-144,149-151,157-164,174-183,187,205-206
Arches B 7/183,184BURGES V LEE1668Arches/B/7/183,184
Arches J 3/50ROBERTS V ROBERTS1694Arches/J/3/50
Arches E 3/280BURGES V LEE1668Arches/E/3/280
Arches Ee 3 ff. 387-388BURGES V LEE1669Arches/Ee/3/387-388
Arches Eee 3 ff. 239-241,392-395,402-403,430,431-432,435-436,501,533-534,556-559,567-568BURGES V LEE1668-1669Arches/Eee/3/239-241,392-395,402-403,430,431-432,435-436,501,533-534,556-559,567-568
Arches Bbb 703BRABAZON V JAMES1688Arches/Bbb/703
Arches D 436COKER V GUNDY1663Arches/D/436
Arches D 320BURGES V LEE1668Arches/D/320
Arches G 129/28HOLMES V FLEET1755Arches/G/129/28
Arches B 5/159,160ROBERTS V ROBERTS1694Arches/B/5/159,160
Arches B 5/162ROBERTS V ROBERTS1694Arches/B/5/162
Arches B 5/176BANBURY V BANBURY1693Arches/B/5/176
Arches Bbb 779BANBURY V BANBURY1693Arches/Bbb/779
Arches C 2 f.587ROBERTS V ROBERTS1694Arches/C/2/587
Arches DProcess books1660-1893Arches/D
Arches D 277BLACKBURNE V BROWNE1664Arches/D/277
Arches D 1762ROBERTS V ROBERTS1694Arches/D/1762
Arches F 12 ff. 1-41HARFORD V MORRIS1772-1781Arches/F/12/1-41
Arches G 1a/78ROBERTS V ROBERTS1694Arches/G/1a/78
Arches G 65/4PULESTON V RIDER1704Arches/G/65/4
Arches G 128/67HOLMES V FLEET1755Arches/G/128/67
Arches E 4/37WOODBRIDGE V HOLLOWAY1669Arches/E/4/37
Arches G 16/13WOODBRIDGE V HOLLOWAY1669Arches/G/16/13
Arches A 7 ff. 4,16,33,38,49,54 etcBURGES V LEE1669-1670Arches/A/7/4,16,33,38,49,54 etc
Arches A 6 ff. 157WOODBRIDGE V HOLLOWAY1669Arches/A/6/157
Arches A 6 ff. 27,49,54,74,78,81 etcBURGES V LEE1668-1669Arches/A/6/27,49,54,74,78,81 etc
Arches A 7 ff. 1,11,20,29WOODBRIDGE V HOLLOWAY1669Arches/A/7/1,11,20,29
Arches A 8 f. 132WOODBRIDGE V HOLLOWAY1671Arches/A/8/132
Arches A 9 ff. 18,40,45WOODBRIDGE V HOLLOWAY1671-1672Arches/A/9/18,40,45
Arches Bbb 21COKER V GUNDY1663Arches/Bbb/21
Arches A 12 ff. 189SURMAN V SURMAN1677Arches/A/12/189
Arches B 9/141SURMAN V SURMAN1677Arches/B/9/141
Arches D 2014SURMAN V SURMAN1677Arches/D/2014
Arches A 13 ff. 2,23,31,60,71,82,116,130,141SURMAN V SURMAN1677-1678Arches/A/13/2,23,31,60,71,82,116,130,141
Arches A 14SURMAN V SURMAN1678Arches/A/14/5,10
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