Authorized Form of NameAlen; John (1476-1534); Archbishop of Dublin
EpithetArchbishop of Dublin
OtherFormsOfNameJohn Alyn, John Allen
ActivityMaster of the Rolls, later Lord Chancellor of Ireland
SourceHandbook of British Chronology
James Murray, ‘Alen, John (1476–1534)’, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, Sept 2004; online edn, Jan 2008 [, accessed 23 Jan 2008]

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MS 601, p. 41THE LORD DEPUTY and COUNCIL to HENRY VIII. [Their letter to Cromwell of the same date is printed in "State Papers," II. 468.]12 Aug 1537MSS/596-638/601/41
MS 602, p. 90GERALD AYLMER, Justice [of the King's Bench], and JOHN ALEN, Master of the Rolls, to CROMWELL.31 Dec 1535MSS/596-638/602/90
MS 603, p. 105OWEN MCMAURICE O'CHONOUR.30 Aug 1540MSS/596-638/603/105
MS 603, p. 38EARL OF TYRONE and LORD MAGONIUS O'DONELL.14 July 1543MSS/596-638/603/38
MS 602, p. 100LORD JAMES BUTLER to CROMWELL.11 Aug 1536MSS/596-638/602/100
MS 602, p. 150ROBERT COWLEY.1538MSS/596-638/602/150
MS 602, p. 58JOHN ALEN to CARDINAL WOLSEY.1 June 1524MSS/596-638/602/58
MS 616, p. 32CONOSSIUS MAGUGYR, Knight, Chief of his Nation, and LORD OF FERMANCHAC, to HENRY VIII20 Feb 1534MSS/596-638/616/32
MS 602, p. 128SIR WILLIAM BRABAZON to GERALD AYLMER and JOHN ALLEN.[5 June] 1538MSS/596-638/602/128
MS 603, p. 108THADEUS O'DYN.30 Aug 1540MSS/596-638/603/108
MS 611, p. 63MURDER OF THE ARCHBISHOP OF DUBLIN.1534MSS/596-638/611/63
MS 603, p. 43aTHE MAGUNESSES.24 May 1541MSS/596-638/603/43a
MS 601, p. 3aSIR WILLIAM SKEFFINGTON, LORD DEPUTY, and the COUNCIL to HENRY VIII.26 March 1535MSS/596-638/601/3a
MS 601, p. 22aGERALD AYLMER, Chief Justice, and JOHN ALLEN, Master of the Rolls, to CROMWELL.21 Aug 1535MSS/596-638/601/22a
MS 616, p. 29THE COUNCIL OF IRELAND to HENRY VIII.9 Aug 1536MSS/596-638/616/29
MS 616, p. 53JOHN ALEN to CROMWELL.16 Feb 1535MSS/596-638/616/53
CM V/19A case submitted (? to the Archbishop) by John Alyn concerning appeals to a legate by those exempt from ordinary jurisdiction. Early 16th centuryCM/5/19
MS 611, p. 29HENRY VIII. to the LORD DEPUTY AND COUNCIL.1535MSS/596-638/611/29
MS 603, p. 66THE COUNCIL to JOHN ALEN.1533MSS/596-638/603/66
MS 611, p. 143EARL OF TYRONE and LORD MAGONIUS O'DONELL1543MSS/596-638/611/143
MS 722PROBATE ACT BOOK1523-1525MSS/722
MS 601, p. 40LORD LEONARD GREY.Oct 1540MSS/596-638/601/40
MS 603, p. 71THE O'NEILES.21 June 1542MSS/596-638/603/71
MS 603, p. 55EARL OF DESMOND.16 Jan 1541MSS/596-638/603/55
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