Authorized Form of NameChurch of England; Province of Calcutta: Diocese of Colombo
Corporate NameChurch of England
SubordinateProvince of Calcutta: Diocese of Colombo

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Benson 18 ff.376-81Correspondence on the endowment of the Diocese of COLOMBO1884Benson/18/376-81
Benson 40 ff.126-32Correspondence on the endowment of the Diocese of COLOMBO1886Benson/40/126-32
Tait 159 ff 352-61COLOMBO, diocese of1866Tait/105-160/159/352-61
Tait 265 ff. 100-3Letters on the appointment of a chaplain to the diocese of COLOMBO 1880Tait/161-296/265/100-3
Benson 31 ff.215-18TALBOT (Edward Stuart), Bishop of Rochester, and (1911) of Winchester.1885Benson/31/215-18
Tait 169 ff. 385-8CLAUGHTON (Piers Calverley), Bishop of St. Helena, and (1862) of Colombo1869Tait/161-296/169/385-8
Benson 31 ff.204-14Correspondence on a report on Diocese of COLOMBO1885-1886Benson/31/204-14
Tait 195 ff. 206-9MILMAN (Robert), Bishop of Calcutta, and Metropolitan of India1873Tait/161-296/195/206-9
MS 1751 ff. 49-142Letters and papers of Piers Calverley Claughton, Bishop of St. Helena (1859-62) and of Colombo (1862-70).[1859-1870]MSS/1751/49-142
FP Jackson 53Anglican churches and clergy in Canada; India; New Zealand; Australia; Africa; the West Indies; Hong Kong; Japan; Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America1869-1885FP/Jackson/F/53
Tait 97 ff. 120-1COPLESTON (Reginald Stephen), Bishop of Colombo, and (1902) of Calcutta1877Tait/76-104/97/120-1
Tait 225 ff. 78-152COPLESTON (Reginald Stephen), Bishop of Colombo, and (1902) of Calcutta1876Tait/161-296/225/78-152
Tait 234 ff. 126-33COPLESTON (Reginald Stephen), Bishop of Colombo, and (1902) of Calcutta1877Tait/161-296/234/126-33
Tait 242 ff. 200-207COPLESTON (Reginald Stephen), Bishop of Colombo, and (1902) of Calcutta1878Tait/161-296/242/200-207
Tait 277 ff. 116-379COPLESTON (Reginald Stephen), Bishop of Colombo, and (1902) of Calcutta1881Tait/161-296/277/116-379
Tait 278 ff. 1-4JOHNSON (Edward Ralph), Bishop of Calcutta, and Metropolitan1881Tait/161-296/278/1-4
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