Authorized Form of NameChurch of England; Diocese of the Falkland Islands: Chaplaincy of Valparaiso, Chile: St. Paul
Corporate NameChurch of England
SubordinateDiocese of the Falkland Islands: Chaplaincy of Valparaiso, Chile: St. Paul
Activityconsular chaplaincy

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Tait 424 ff. 192-3HILLS (George), Bishop of British Columbia1861Tait/409-442/409-424/424/192-3
Tait 171 ff. 137-138, 145-154, 206-213, 228-229, 262-263CHILE1870Tait/161-296/171/137-138, 145-154, 206-213, 228-229, 262-263
Tait 424 ff. 204-208, 214-219BALFOUR (Alexander), shipowner1864Tait/409-442/409-424/424/204-208, 214-219
Tait 173 ff. 205-208CHILE1871Tait/161-296/173/205-208
Tait 173 f. 209HERVEY (Lord Charles Amelius), Vicar of Great Chesterford, Essex1871Tait/161-296/173/209
Tait 424 ff. 191-219CHILETait/409-442/409-424/424/191-219
Longley 3 ff. 47-48Resolutions passed at a meeting of members of the British Episcopal Church held at Valparaiso13 June 1868Longley/3/47-48
Tait 424 ff. 213-19HUME (Abraham), Vicar of Vauxhall, Liverpool, Lancs.1864Tait/409-442/409-424/424/213-19
FP Winnington-Ingram 4Correspondence1901-1907FP/Winnington-Ingram/4
Longley 3 ff. 49-52The Chaplain and Trustees of the British Episcopal Church at Valparaiso14 July 1868Longley/3/49-52
Tait 424 f. 192BAYNES (Admiral Sir Robert Lambert)1861Tait/409-442/409-424/424/192
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