Authorized Form of NameOlang; Festo Habakkuk (fl. 1954-1970); Archbishop of Kenya
ForenamesFesto Habakkuk
Datesfl. 1954-1970
EpithetArchbishop of Kenya

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Ramsey 178, ff.122-6OLANG (Festo Habakkuk), bishop of Nairobe and archbishop of Kenya1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/178/122-6
Coggan 68, ff.287-288Kenya23-30 Oct 1978Coggan/4-220/64-76/68/287-288
Coggan 68, ff.289-344Kivengere, Bishop23 Dec 1977-21 Dec 1978Coggan/4-220/64-76/68/289-344
Ramsey 196, ff.155-7, 161-2, 191OLANG' (Festo Habakkuk), archbishop of Kenya1971Ramsey/4-287/1971/196/155-7, 161-2, 191
MU/OS/5/5/1General file for the province of Kenya1974-1983MU/1/OS/5/5/1
Fisher 312/81-94 Photographs - East Africa 1955, 1960 Fisher/312-17B/312/H
Fisher 153, ff. 236-331 passimAppointment and resignations of assistant bishops (Africa)1955Fisher/1-271/152-164/153/236-331 passim
Fisher 159, ff. 310-20 passimAppointment of assistant bishops in Diocese of MOMBASA, including Obadiah KARIUKI, Bishop of Fort Hall (1961), Festo Habakkuk OLANG, Bishop of Maseno (1961) and Archbishop of Kenya (1970)1955Fisher/1-271/152-164/159/310-20 passim
Coggan 87, ff.79-112Primates' Meeting16 Nov 1978-11 Dec 1979Coggan/4-220/77-93/87/79-112
Coggan 91, ff.34-90Uganda12 Jan-14 Dec 1979Coggan/4-220/77-93/91/34-90
LC 202/4-6Two group photographs and key1958LC/1958/202/4-6
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