Authorized Form of NameHalliwell; Michael Arthur (1928-); Canon
ForenamesMichael Arthur
ActivityAttended Oxford University; Worked for the Council on Foreign Relations; Canon of Winchester Cathedral

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CFR RC 145/1Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: National Dialogues: France: Contacts: Centre Unité Chrétienne, Lyon1936-1981CFR/6/3/5/145-1
CFR LRC 75/6Germany: General contacts, Günther Schniffer17 Oct 1961-23 Mar 1962CFR/4/3/10/75-6
CFR CFC 53/1Old Catholic Church: Germany: ContactsDec 1961-Dec 1966CFR/3/3/6/53-1
CFR CFC 53/5Old Catholic Church: Germany: ContactsFeb 1965-June 1967CFR/3/3/6/53-5
CFR LRC 91/2Italy: Waldensian Church3 Aug 1933-Jun 1981CFR/4/3/14/91-2
CFR LRC 39/1France: Taize visit: Prior Roger Schutz 196018 Sep 1959-22 Sep 1960CFR/4/3/9/39-1
CFR LRC 19/10Denmark: Contacts: Rev R M Petersen26 Aug 1960-21 Jun 1961CFR/4/3/6/19-10
CFR LRC 19/5Denmark: Contacts:Rev Nielsjohan Frederiksen20 Feb-15 Mar 1961CFR/4/3/6/19-5
CFR CFC 41Old Catholic Church: Netherlands: General CorrespondenceJan 1948-Feb 1974CFR/3/3/2/41
CFR G 19/2Free Churches, relations with: Methodist Church1960-1969CFR/1/4/19-2
CFR LRC 24/2Estonia: Contacts: Pastor Kaide Ratsep3 Feb 1958-16 Aug 1963CFR/4/3/7/24-2
CFR LRC 74/5Germany: General contacts, Dr Heinz J Held12 Oct 1960-23 Feb 1961CFR/4/3/10/74-5
CFR CFC 51/2Old Catholic Church: Germany: ContactsAug 1951-Dec 1972CFR/3/3/6/51-2
CFR CFC 71/2Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church: ContactsDec 1961-Mar 1962CFR/3/3/13/71-2
CFR CFC 56/4Old Catholic Church: Switzerland: ContactsJune-Dec 1961CFR/3/3/7/56-4
CFR CFC 18Old Catholic Church: general: Anglican-Old Catholic Conversations: Amersfoort7 March-6 Dec 1961CFR/3/3/1/18
CFR CFC 45Old Catholic Church: Netherlands: The Catholic Apostolics1958-1970CFR/3/3/2/45
CFR CFC 52Old Catholic Church: Germany: ContactsFeb 1956-Sep 1973CFR/3/3/6/52
CFR CFC 63Philippine Independent Church: Relations with PECUSA and the Anglican CommunionDec 1947-Jun 1970CFR/3/3/11/63
CFR CFC 57/1Old Catholic Church: Switzerland: ContactsNov 1953-Jun 1973CFR/3/3/7/57-1
CFR CFC 34/1Old Catholic Church: general: Old Catholic International CongressesFeb-Sep 1961CFR/3/3/1/34-1
CFR CFR 27/4Assistant General Secretaries: Revd. Michael Halliwell1950-1962CFR/1/3/27-4
CFR CFC 53/4Old Catholic Church: Germany: ContactsNov 1959-Nov 1980CFR/3/3/6/53-4
CFR CFC 31Old Catholic Church: general: CorrespondenceOct 1938-Nov 1981CFR/3/3/1/31
CFR CFC 68/2Lusitanian Church: ContactsNov 1960-Apr 1980CFR/3/3/12/68-2
CFR LRC 72/2Germany: Contacts: Communities: Imhausen Community11 Feb 1963CFR/4/3/10/72-2
CFR RC 116Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: National Dialogues: Austria: General correspondence 1947-1978CFR/6/3/3/116
CFR LRC 81/1Germany: Anglican visits: Donald Coggan, Archbishop of York16 Apr 1962-5 Oct 1971CFR/4/3/10/81-1
CFR LRC 86/2Hungary: Reformed Churches in Hungary29 Dec 1953-1976CFR/4/3/12/86-2
CFR LRC 74/2Germany: General contacts, Pastor Wilhelm Geyer29 May 1960-12 Jul 1963CFR/4/3/10/74-2
CFR LRC 80/8Germany: Anglican visits: Rev Michael Bourke9 Mar 1962-12 Oct 1965CFR/4/3/10/80-8
CFR LRC 76/11Germany: Visitors from Germany: Ulrich Fritsche26 Mar-3 Oct 1964CFR/4/3/10/76-11
CFR LRC 76/7Germany: Visitors from Germany: Rev H H Gurland7 Mar-29 Jun 1960CFR/4/3/10/76-7
CFR LRC 75/12Germany: General contacts, Dr Albrecht Volkmann27 Oct 1949-30 Aug 1960CFR/4/3/10/75-12
CFR CFC 53/3Old Catholic Church: Germany: ContactsAug 1960-Dec 1961CFR/3/3/6/53-3
CFR LRC 59/2Germany: General Correspondence7 Jan 1965-27 Feb 1969CFR/4/3/10/59-2
CFR LRC 37/6France: Contact: Pastor Conord27 Mar 1953-18 Dec 1961CFR/4/3/9/37-6
CFR LRC 126Sweden: Anglican Relations: the Bishop of Chichester's Committee23 Sep 1953-17 Jan 1962CFR/4/3/25/126
CFR LRC 95/4Latvia: Contacts: Archbishop Kundzins17 Aug-15 Sep 1962CFR/4/3/16/95-4
CFR LRC 34/1France: Anglican Relations: Theological Conference 195627 Sep 1955-25 Sep 1956CFR/4/3/9/34-1
CFR LRC 23/1Estonia: Contacts: Archbishop Kiivit18 Oct 1955-24 Mar 1970CFR/4/3/7/23-1
CFR LRC 76/9Germany: Visitors from Germany: Dr Georg H. Huntemann20 Mar-26 Jun 1962CFR/4/3/10/76-9
CFR LRC 80/10Germany: Anglican visits: Anglican Ordinands, 1961 30 Nov 1960-12 Jul 1961CFR/4/3/10/80-10
CFR LRC 9Czechoslovakia: Czech Brethren 26 Nov 1935-30 Aug 1979CFR/4/3/5/9
CFR LRC 35/1France: Anglican Relations: Theological Conference 19602 Dec 1959-20 Feb 1961CFR/4/3/9/35-1
CFR LRC 37/3France: Contact: L'Illustre Protestant1 Dec 1960-28 Feb 1961.CFR/4/3/9/37-3
CFR LRC 36/2France: Anglican Relations: Theological Conference 19704 Oct 1968-30 Jun 1970CFR/4/3/9/36-2
CFR LRC 30/9Finland: Contacts: Chaplains to the Finnish Seamens' Mission in London6 Sep 1946-2 Oct 1972CFR/4/3/8/29-9
CFR LRC 33/1France: Anglican Relations: correspondence13 Jul 1933-25 Oct 1974CFR/4/3/9/33-1
CFR LRC 35/2France: Anglican Relations: Theological Conference 196231 May 1961-4 Mar 1963CFR/4/3/9/35-2
CFR LRC 37/1France: Contact: Anglo-French Christian Fellowship1 Oct 1951-12 May 1975CFR/4/3/9/37-1
CFR LRC 38/1France: Taize - general correspondence6 Aug 1946-23 Mar 1962CFR/4/3/9/38-1
CFR LRC 109/5Poland: Contacts: Bishop Fierla26 May 1959-7 Nov 1978CFR/4/3/20/109-5
CFR LRC 72/1Germany: Contacts: Communities: Marienschwesterschaft 17 Feb 1952-14 Jun 1971CFR/4/3/10/72-1
CFR LRC 132/4Sweden: Anglican Visits: Dr. John Robinson, Bishop of Woolwich26 Jan 1964-Jun 1964CFR/4/3/25/132-4
CFR LRC 87/3Hungary: Contacts: Bishop Szamoskozi31 Mar 1959-15 Jul 1961CFR/4/3/12/87-3
CFR OC 5/2Anglican Relations: Pan-Orthodox Conference, Rhodes, 1961 - Conference Papers, Reports And Correspondence18 September 1961-5 November 1961CFR/5/3/1/5-2
CFR LRC 64Germany: Anglican Relations15 Apr 1955-Nov 1981CFR/4/3/10/64
CFR RC 250Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Asia1955-1981CFR/6/3/34/250
CFR LRC 70/1Germany: Contacts: Bishops of Berlin-Brandenburg: Dr Otto Dibelius11 Feb 1949-20 Mar 1967CFR/4/3/10/70-1
CFR RC 127Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: National Dialogues: Belgium: Contacts: Abbaye Sainte Gertrude, Louvain 1962-1967CFR/6/3/4/127
CFR OC 55/2Oecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Athenagoras I: Letters Of Greeting December 1956-April 1963CFR/5/3/5/55-2
CFR CFC 50Old Catholic Church: Germany: General correspondence1940-Oct 1973CFR/3/3/6/50
CFR OC 75/3Oecumenical Patriarchate In Diaspora: Western Europe: Germany June 1950-September 1975CFR/5/3/6/75-3
CFR OC 53/2Oecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Athenagoras I April 1958-February 1962CFR/5/3/5/53-2
CFR RC 156/1Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: National Dialogues: Germany: General correspondence 1941-1967CFR/6/3/6/156-1
CFR OC 59/3Oecumenical Patriarchate: Contacts: Metropolitans And BishopsNovember 1953-April 1980CFR/5/3/5/59-3
CFR OC 258/2Individual Orthodox Churches: Serbia: Books for Serbian Libraries, 1945-781945-1978CFR/5/3/27/258-2
CFR AC 1A/1Anglicanism: "Bulletin Anglican" editorial correspondence A-I1954-1960CFR/1/5/1A-1
CFR OC 38/1Anglican Relations General: Anglican And Eastern Churches Association January 1960-December 1962CFR/5/3/3/38-1
CFR OC 265Individual Orthodox Churches: Serbia: Anglican Visits To Serbia, 1939 - 811939-1981CFR/5/3/27/265
CFR LRC 82Germany: Parishes in the United Kingdom11 Sep 1946-2 Jan 1981CFR/4/3/10/82
CFR LRC 96/2Latvia: Pastors in the United Kingdom: Dean Muziks30 Jul 1958-6 Sep 1979CFR/4/3/16/96-2
CFR LRC 96/4Latvia: Pastors in the United Kingdom: Pastor Gailis17 Mar 1958-13 Oct 1965CFR/4/3/16/96-4
CFR LRC 120/1Spain: General situation24 Jan 1958-8 Oct 1969CFR/4/3/24/120-1
CFR LRC 97Latvia: Congregations in London and the UK20 Nov 1945-25 Feb 1978CFR/4/3/16/97
CFR LRC 138General Subjects: General18 Mar 1935-1966CFR/4/3/30/138
CFR LRC 113/1Scandinavia: General situation1 Feb 1938-13 Jun 1973CFR/4/3/23/113-1
CFR LRC 134/5Switzerland: Contacts: Communaute Evangelique de Grandchamp25 Apr 1946-19 Jan 1970CFR/4/3/26/134-5
CFR LRC 124/2Sweden: Ordination of Women6 Sep 1957-24 Dec 1978CFR/4/3/25/124-2
CFR LRC 133Switzerland: General Correspondence13 Jul 1933-23 Aug 1961CFR/4/3/26/133
CFR LRC 134/1Switzerland: Contacts: London Chaplaincy19 Aug 1948-18 Dec 1963CFR/4/3/26/134-1
CFR RC 158Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: National Dialogues: Germany: Contacts: Abbey of St. Matthias, Trier 1964-1974CFR/6/3/6/158
CFR RC 222Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Baltic States: Reports on Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania1938-1981CFR/6/3/19/222
CFR LRC 3Belgium: General correspondence14 Feb 1951-11 Jun 1965CFR/4/3/2/3
CFR RC 239/2Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Latin America: Anglican-Roman Catholic relations in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay 1944-1977CFR/6/3/28/239-2
CFR RC 224Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Czechoslovakia: Reports, papers and correspondence 1939-1980CFR/6/3/21/224
EV 2/111Episcopi Vagantes: B. E. Burnett12/05/1962 - 03/07/1962EV/2/111
CFR LRC 39/2France: Taize visit: Brother Laurent19 Oct 1960-21 Nov 1961CFR/4/3/9/39-2
EV 2/119Episcopi Vagantes: Imre Black13/09/1956 - 17/02/1971EV/2/119
EV 2/120Episcopi Vagantes: Charles Boltwood07/09/1951 - 21/08/1986EV/2/120
NS/9/4/45Correspondence with Diocese of St. Davids1949-1954NS/9/4/45
CFR CFC 58Old Catholic Church: Yugoslavia: General correspondenceDec 1933-Jul 1974CFR/3/3/8/58
CFR LRC 59/1Germany: General Correspondence1948-1964CFR/4/3/10/59-1
CFR LRC 140General Subjects: Lutheran World Federation20 Jun 1947-28 Aug 1981CFR/4/3/30/140
CFR AC 37Lambeth Conference, 1958: ecumenical guests1953-1958CFR/1/5/37
CFR LRC 2Austria: General conditions29 Nov 1945-5 Apr 1975CFR/4/3/1/2
CFR LRC 13Denmark: General correspondence3 Jun 1935-Jun 1980CFR/4/3/6/13
CFR LRC 15Denmark: Anglican Relations16 Sep 1954-10 Aug 1971CFR/4/3/6/15
CFR LRC 66/1Germany: Anglo-German Theological Conversations 196418 Oct 1960-1 Dec 1964CFR/4/3/10/66-1
CFR LRC 67Germany: Kirchentags4 Aug 1950-Jul 1981CFR/4/3/10/67
CFR LRC 86/1Hungary: Reformed Churches in Hungary20 Oct 1948- 3 Feb 1981CFR/4/3/12/86-1
CFR LRC 135United Kingdom: General Relations19 Mar 1948-19 Dec 1979CFR/4/3/27/135
CFR RC 135Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: National Dialogues: Belgium: General contacts1936-1980CFR/6/3/4/135
CFR RC 139/1Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: National Dialogues: France: General correspondence1949-1965CFR/6/3/5/139-1
CFR RC 148Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: National Dialogues: France: Contacts: General contacts: A-C1939-1980CFR/6/3/5/148
CFR RC 229Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Yugoslavia: Reports and correspondence1950-1980CFR/6/3/25/229
CFR CFR 31/1Archbishops of Canterbury: Archbishop Fisher’s Pilgrimage to the Holy Land and visit to Istanbul and Rome1957-1961CFR/1/3/31-1
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