Authorized Form of NameMoore; Edgar (1902-1992); Archimandrite; missionary priest
EpithetArchimandrite, missionary priest
ParallelFormsOfNameFather Lazarus
ActivityStudied at St Augustine's College in Canterbury, England. Ordained a deacon in 1930 and a priest in 1931 by the Anglican Church. Worked with the Christa Seva Sangha in India in 1933. Travelled to Palestine in 1934-1935 where he was received into the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia and professed as a monk before being ordained into the priesthood in 1936. He worked as a missionary in in Palestine, Transjordan, India, Greece, Australia and California, and in Alaska where he died in 1992.
RelationshipsCousin of Evelyn Garth Moore
SourceOrthodox Wiki: [last accessed July 2012]

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