Authorized Form of NameNugee; Rachel Elizabeth (1926-); née Makower; Central President of the Mothers Union
ForenamesRachel Elizabeth
Epithetnée Makower; Central President of the Mothers Union
ActivityCentral President of the Mothers' Union, 1977-1982

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Coggan 56, ff.122-130Mothers' Union7 Jan-23 Jul 1977Coggan/4-220/47-63/56/122-130
MU/CO/PRES/4Papers of Rachel Nugee, president1971-1982MU/1/CO/PRES/4
MU/CO/PRES/4/22Papers relating to Rachel Nugee's visit to Trinidad and Tobago, 19811980-1981MU/1/CO/PRES/4/22
MU/CO/PRES/4/20Papers relating to speeches1981MU/1/CO/PRES/4/20
MU/MSS/1/16'The development and organisation of the Mothers' Union' by Rachel Nugee1997MU/MSS/1/16
MU/PHOTO/4/4/2Photographs of Rachel Nugee1981-1982MU/PHOTO/4/4/2
MU/CO/1/19Central Office file concerning the commissioning of Central Presidents1976-1983MU/1/CO/1/19
MU/CO/1/65Central Office file on the Nationwide Initiative in Evangelism1977-1980MU/1/CO/1/65
MU/CO/2/9Papers concerning the Australian Commonwealth Council1975-1981MU/1/CO/2/1-9/9
MU/CO/2/13/1Papers concerning constitutional matters in Canada1975-1978MU/1/CO/2/13/1
MU/CO/PRESPapers of the Central Presidents and Central Secretary1886-1982MU/1/CO/PRES
MU/CO/PRES/4/2Papers relating to the 1979 visit to Australia and Mauritius by Rachel Nugee and Joyce Farnill, Central Secretary1978-1979MU/1/CO/PRES/4/2
MU/CO/PRES/4/27Account by Rachel Nugee of events leading up to the inclusion of the fourth and fifith objects of the Mothers' Unionc.1980MU/1/CO/PRES/4/27
MU/CO/PRES/4/23Papers relating to Rachel Nugee's visit to Trinidad and Tobago, 19811981MU/1/CO/PRES/4/23
MU/CO/PRES/4/19Papers relating to Rachel Nugee's visit to the Province of Southern Africa, October - November 19811981-1982MU/1/CO/PRES/4/19
MU/CO/PRES/4/26Papers of Rachel Nugee, president, relating to the Young Families Department1979-1980MU/1/CO/PRES/4/26
MU/CO/PRES/4/29Papers of Rachel Nugee relating to the Partners in Mission English Consultation1981MU/1/CO/PRES/4/29
MU/CO/PRES/4/28Scripts of talks given by Rachel Nugee1972-1982MU/1/CO/PRES/4/28
MU/CO/PRES/4/25Papers relating to Rachel Nugee's visit to the West Indies visit, January - March 19821980-1982MU/1/CO/PRES/4/25
MU/OS/6/101Overseas Department file relating to 'Home and Family, and Digest'1972-1983MU/1/OS/6/101
MU/YM/5/8File relating to conferences attended or run by the Young Members' representatives1966-1975MU/1/YM/5/3-11/8
MU/PHOTO/4/4/1Photographs of Mothers' Union Central Presidents (excluding Mary Sumner)c.1918-c.1990MU/PHOTO/4/4/1
MU/PHOTO/4/5Photographs and postcards of miscellaneous MU members and groupslate 19th cent. - mid 20th cent.MU/PHOTO/4/5
MU/CO/3/13Papers concerning approval by the Privy Council of amended bye-laws1973-1982MU/1/CO/3/13
MU/CO/PRES/4/17Papers relating to overseas matters1977-1981MU/1/CO/PRES/4/17
MU/EDUC/7/19bMiscellaneous addresses and pamphlets1964-1978MU/1/EDUC/7/19b
MU/WAT/7/14/1Watch Department file on marriage1973-1985MU/1/WAT/7/14/1
Coggan 62, ff.1-114Uganda, General14 Feb-7 Dec 1977Coggan/4-220/47-63/62/1-114
Runcie/ACP/1981/31West Indies1980-1981Runcie/ACP/1981/31
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