Authorized Form of NameBloom; Andrei Borisovich (1914-2003); Metropolitan of the diocese of Sourozh
ForenamesAndrei Borisovich
EpithetMetropolitan of the diocese of Sourozh
OtherFormsOfNameMetropolitan Anthony (Antony) of Sourozh

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Bell 367, f. 8 BLOOM (Anthony), bishop of Sergievo.1958Bell/184-368/367-368/367/8
Coggan 48, ff.289-295British Council of Churches (BCC)26 Jan-16 Nov 1977Coggan/4-220/47-63/48/289-295
Coggan 72, ff.222-241Russian Orthodox Church London8-25 May 1978Coggan/4-220/64-76/72/222-241
Coggan 97, ff.140-175Agenda and programme9 Apr 1976-29 Jun 1978Coggan/4-220/94-98/97/140-175
Coggan 58, ff.372-381Russian Orthodox Church, London12 Jun-23 Dec 1977Coggan/4-220/47-63/58/372-381
CSA/10/32nd Oxford Conference of Anglican Religious "The Religious Community in the Church"3-6 July, 1967CSA/10/3
CFR OC 41General Orthodox Matters: General Papers On The Orthodox Churches 1958-March 1981CFR/5/3/4/41-3
CFR OC 102/3Individual Orthodox Churches: Bulgaria: Anglican relations1940-1976CFR/5/3/11/102-3
CFR OC 34/2Anglican Relations General: Subjects Of Controversy, The Assumption26 September 1950-26 June 1951CFR/5/3/3/34-2
CFR OC 147/2Individual Orthodox Churches: Latvia: General 1951-1976CFR/5/3/20/147-2
Harper/1970/7Correspondence for 1970: letters Bl1970Harper/1970/7
EV 2/57Episcopi Vagantes: Davison Arthur 30/10/1952 - 28/01/1959EV/2/57
Douglas 78, f. 77FELLOWSHIP OF SAINT ALBAN AND SAINT SERGIUS. 1948Douglas/78/67-84/77
CSA/10/1Talks, Papers and Conferences concerning Religious Life1958-1969CSA/10/1
Coggan 170Lambeth Conference1978Coggan/158-222/170
Ramsey 184, f.16Note of invitations to a dinner at Lambeth Palace for:1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/184/16
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