Authorized Form of NameGreek Orthodox Church; Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Corporate NameGreek Orthodox Church
SubordinatePatriarchate of Jerusalem

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Douglas 78, f. 58Derwas James CHITTY, Rector of Upton 1935Douglas/78/55-66/58
Douglas 35, ff. 36-42Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of JERUSALEM1923Douglas/35/18-263/36-42
MS 2649 ff. 100-105Memorandum on the the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalemc. 1935MSS/2615-2650/2649/100-105
Douglas 78, f. 63Photograph of TIMOTHEOS THEMELIS, Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem with his clergy1942Douglas/78/55-66/63
Douglas 78, f. 65Photograph of TIMOTHEOS THEMELIS, Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem with his clergy1943Douglas/78/55-66/65
Douglas 78, f. 57Photograph of DAMIANOS KASIOTES, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of JERUSALEM1925Douglas/78/55-66/57
Douglas 35, ff. 18-263Papers concerning the Patriarchate of JERUSALEM, and in particular the Commission on the Finance of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem and the Bertram/Young ReportDouglas/35/18-263
Douglas 78, f. 62Photograph of TIMOTHEOS THEMELIS, Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem in Bethlehem1942Douglas/78/55-66/62
Douglas 2, ff. 438-43Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of JERUSALEM1930Douglas/2/438-43
Douglas 78, f. 64Photograph of TIMOTHEOS THEMELIS, Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, with IRENE, Princess of Greece, PAUL, Prince of Greece, PETER, Prince of Greece1943Douglas/78/55-66/64
Douglas 78, f. 60Photograph of NIKEPHOROS, a Greek Orthodox Monk at Mar Saban.d.Douglas/78/55-66/60
Douglas 78, f. 66Photograph of TIMOTHEOS THEMELIS, Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem at ceremony of the washing of the feet1943Douglas/78/55-66/66
Douglas 14, ff. 158-60Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of JERUSALEM1936Douglas/14/108-98/158-60
Douglas 35, ff. 48-263Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of JERUSALEM1925-1929Douglas/35/18-263/48-263
CFR OC 142-146 Individual Orthodox Churches: Jerusalem 1932-1981CFR/5/3/19
Douglas 14, ff. 150-4BRIDGEKAN, Charles Thorley, of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America; Canon of St. George's Cathedral, Jerusalem, (1929). 1935Douglas/14/108-98/150-4
MS 2634 ff. 155-7Douglas (Canon John Albert), Hon. General Secretary to the Council on Foreign Relations[1929]MSS/2615-2650/2634/155-7
Douglas 78, ff. 55-66Papers and photographs concerning the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of JERUSALEM1925-1943Douglas/78/55-66
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