Authorized Form of NameDiocese of London; Consistory Court
Corporate NameDiocese of London
SubordinateConsistory Court

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Arches E 13/49MAGRATH V MAGRATH1701Arches/E/13/49
Arches E 45/105SWEARS V WILSON1797Arches/E/45/105
Arches G 127/25HENLEY V HENLEY1754Arches/G/127/25
Arches D 1286BROOK V LITTLEHALES1774Arches/D/1286
Arches B 2/11Mary Williams and James Clarke v Henry Bartlett (London): legacy in will of Henry Bartlett19 Feb 1623Arches/B/2/11
Arches J 8/8PIDGEON V GREETUM1713Arches/J/8/8
Arches H 617/1-7LOCKWOOD V LOCKWOOD1839Arches/H/617
Arches G 152/90LACEY V CHILD1786Arches/G/152/90
Arches E 17/28SPINKE V VESSEY1707Arches/E/17/28
Arches E 18/15SPINKE V VESSEY1707Arches/E/18/15
Arches H 326A/1-3LIVIE V MACKINTOSH1821Arches/H/326A
Arches J 11/61RUBY V HUDD1724Arches/J/11/61
Arches J 7/35SPINKE V FARRANT1707Arches/J/7/35
Arches G 117/74RODON V RODON1743Arches/G/117/74
MS 2876 ff. 1-138Papers concerning fees in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, the Consistory Court of London, the Court of Arches, and other ecclesiastical courts.1823-1828 MSS/2873-2880/2876/1-138
Arches G 154/52RYBOT V RYBOT1788Arches/G/154/52
Arches E 3/210BLUNT V HAYES1668Arches/E/3/210
Arches Hhh 2/6BLYTH V BLYTH1822Arches/Hhh/2/6
Arches Aa 94/11BEEBY V BEEBY1799Arches/Aa/94/11
Arches G 6/43FINLAY V TRAPP1712Arches/G/6/43
Arches B 9/4HUTCHENS V WHITEHURST1674Arches/B/9/4
Arches G 111/49TERRY V SHARPE1736Arches/G/111/49
Arches G 140/101WARREN V WARREN1772Arches/G/140/101
Arches B 14/113RUDGE V NEGUS1707Arches/B/14/113
Arches G 153/89ELWES V ELWES1796Arches/G/153/89
Arches G 155/95SWEARS V WILSON1797Arches/G/155/95
Arches G 89/14SPENDER V FITZGERALD1720Arches/G/89/14
Arches J 7/41DERKSON V COLEBRAND1707Arches/J/7/41
Arches E 14/2MAGRATH V MAGRATH1701Arches/E/14/2
Arches G 80/27PYKE V PYKE1711Arches/G/80/27
Arches J 7/32SPINKE V VESSEY1707Arches/J/7/32
Arches H 163/1-7COOKE V COOKE1812Arches/H/163
Arches Aa 71/23SMYTH V SMYTH1776Arches/Aa/71/23
Arches G 102/26PAGE V PHILPOT1731Arches/G/102/26
Arches A 22WESTCOMBE V JACKSON1698Arches/A/22/238
Arches H 157/1-2MANBY V MANBY1809Arches/H/157
Arches G 155/105SWEARS V WILSON1797Arches/G/155/105
Arches E 8/45ELLIS V BRIAR1685Arches/E/8/45
Arches E 40/61TAVERNER V MICHELL1761Arches/E/40/61
Arches G 5/28SALUSBURY V SALUSBURY1706Arches/G/5/28
Arches E 8/97JARVIS V MARKHAM1686Arches/E/8/97
Arches J 7/8BUCK V QUILTER1704Arches/J/7/8
Arches E 21/39ARCHER V BETTS1712Arches/E/21/39
Arches J 22/7LEIGH V LEIGH1782Arches/J/22/7
Arches J 3/6PECK V CALDWELL1691Arches/J/3/6
Arches E 45/57DODWELL V DODWELL1789Arches/E/45/57
Arches B 12/57WELLS V WELLS1692Arches/B/12/57
Arches B 2/50Edward Coo v John Rice (London): non payment of tithes12 July 1622Arches/B/2/50
Arches C 3 f.45HARRIS V LINGARD1702Arches/C/3/45
Arches G 123/9PEARSE V PEARSE1748Arches/G/123/9
Arches E 45/117BEEBY V BEEBY1799Arches/E/45/117
Arches E 45/64NASH V NASH1790Arches/E/45/64
Arches E 47/49NASH V NASH1790Arches/E/47/49
Arches G 114/12KEEPE V KEEPE1737Arches/G/114/12
Arches G 117/1TURST V TURST1739Arches/G/117/1
Arches G 123/66ADAMS V NEVILL1748Arches/G/123/66
Arches E 30/87,88HEAD V MOORE1732Arches/E/30/87,88
Arches H 252/1-20BARRON V BARRON1816Arches/H/252
Arches B 12/23JEFFERY V COLFORD AND GOUGE [recte GOUDGE]1690Arches/B/12/23
Arches G 139/75WATERHOUSE V ARROWSMITH1768Arches/G/139/75
Arches H 564/1-24SCRIVENER V SCRIVENER1836Arches/H/564
Arches G 140/87ALDERSEY V MCALPINE1770Arches/G/140/87
Arches J 7/98ALDERMAN V ALDERMAN1712Arches/J/7/98
Arches D 364CARTER V MAGSON1709Arches/D/364
Arches A 25HUNT AND BURNLEY V DAVIS1706Arches/A/25/116
Arches J 4/5GARRAWAY V GRAVETT1695Arches/J/4/5
Arches G 156/6ARABIN V ARABIN1787Arches/G/156/6
Arches E 47/19ARABIN V ARABIN1787Arches/E/47/19
Arches J 18/48WHITMORE V WHITMORE1751Arches/J/18/48
Arches G 72/25WYBARD, ETC. V GASCOIGNE, ETC.1699Arches/G/72/25
Arches H 180/1-18CHAMBERS V CHAMBERS1810Arches/H/180
Arches J 8/78PIDGEON V GREETUM1713Arches/J/8/78
Arches J 15/26TERRY V SHARPE1736Arches/J/15/26
Arches G 72/5MAGRATH V MAGRATH1701Arches/G/72/5
Arches G 88/1TERRY V TERRY1719Arches/G/88/1
Arches J 24/9REEVE V MARTIN1828Arches/J/24/9
Arches G 79/19COLLINS V COLLINS1709Arches/G/79/19
Arches E 30/18PAGE V PHILPOT1731Arches/E/30/18
Arches J 22/53COGHLAN V COGHLAN1790Arches/J/22/53
Arches G 139/50CHANCE V SPRINGAY1768Arches/G/139/50
Arches G 5/80,81PYKE V PYKE1711Arches/G/5/80,81
Arches J 6/15GOODYEAR V GOODYEAR1704Arches/J/6/15
Arches G 120/30BAMBRIDGE V BAMBRIDGE1746Arches/G/120/30
Arches J 19/7BRETTELL V WILMOTT AND KING1758Arches/J/19/7
Arches J 22/31ARABIN V ARABIN1787Arches/J/22/31
Arches G 155/72POPKIN V POPKIN1795Arches/G/155/72
Arches J 10/74HILL V KING1723Arches/J/10/74
Arches G 88/9WILLIAMS V REEVES1719Arches/G/88/9
Arches C 3 f.7BRAGG V EAST1700Arches/C/3/7
Arches E 2/249NORCOTT V NORCOTT1666Arches/E/2/249
Arches E 45/74WILMOT V WILMOT1791Arches/E/45/74
Arches Aa 20/25LEONARD V LEONARD1712Arches/Aa/20/25
Arches D 848GOODYEAR V GOODYEAR1704Arches/D/848
Arches G 123/110PEARSE V PEARSE1748Arches/G/123/110
Arches H 226/1-10DYOTT V DYOTT1815Arches/H/226
Arches E 37/54COPLEY V COPLEY1748Arches/E/37/54
Arches E 21/49ALDERMAN V ALDERMAN1712Arches/E/21/49
Arches E 36/164RODON V RODON1743Arches/E/36/164
Arches J 17/10KEITH V TREBECK1741Arches/J/17/10
Arches H 844/1-4DAVIDSON V DAVIDSON1856Arches/H/844
Arches G 88/24,25COLLINS V ADDISON1719Arches/G/88/24,25
Arches H 374/1-3SMITH V CURTIS AND MILLS1827Arches/H/374
Arches Aa 81/3LACEY V CHILD1786Arches/Aa/81/3
Arches G 156/17BROMER V BROMER1799Arches/G/156/17
Arches J 22/4GRESSE V GRESSE1781Arches/J/22/4
Arches H 236/1-4HERBERT V HERBERT1817Arches/H/236
Arches G 141/50-3EVELYN V EVELYN1772Arches/G/141/50-3
Arches G 141/30SAUNDERS AND SMITH V MINTERN1773Arches/G/141/30
Arches H 817/1CHESNUTT V CHESNUTT1854Arches/H/817
Arches J 21/17EVELYN V EVELYN1772Arches/J/21/17
Arches E 30/31PAGE V PHILPOT1731Arches/E/30/31
Arches H 388/1-6SMYTH V SMYTH1828Arches/H/388
Arches E 10/64,65WELLS V WELLS1692Arches/E/10/64,65
Arches E 3/66DAVIES V DEREHAM1667Arches/E/3/66
Arches H 547/1-10PEMBERTON V PEMBERTON1838Arches/H/547
Arches G 74/29BUCK V QUILTER1704Arches/G/74/29
Arches G 81/20ALDERMAN V ALDERMAN1712Arches/G/81/20
Arches H 441/1-7ROGERS V ROGERS1830Arches/H/441
Arches H 99/1-7BEAURAIN V BEAURAIN1808Arches/H/99
Arches E 26/64SPENDER V FITZGERALD1720Arches/E/26/64
Arches J 22/47RYBOT V RYBOT1788Arches/J/22/47
Arches G 85/58MELLISH V PARKES1716Arches/G/85/58
Arches E 41/54WATERHOUSE V ARROWSMITH1768Arches/E/41/54
Arches G 156/9WOOD V WOOD1786Arches/G/156/9
Arches G 114/56PARSEY V WILKIN1738Arches/G/114/56
Arches G 155/106BEEBY V BEEBY1799Arches/G/155/106
Arches J 20/8WATERHOUSE V ARROWSMITH1768Arches/J/20/8
Arches J 7/49WEEDON V WEEDON1708Arches/J/7/49
Arches J 19/4CHANCE V SPRINGAY1768Arches/J/19/4
Arches E 15/39OWEN V SCURLOCKE1704Arches/E/15/39
Arches J 22/26LACEY V CHILD1786Arches/J/22/26
Arches A 22COLLINS V SMALL1697Arches/A/22/52
Arches H 253/1-11BURGESS V BURGESS1818Arches/H/253
Arches B 12/105GARRAWAY V GRAVETT1695Arches/B/12/105
Arches A 22HOLDER V KAVANAGH1698Arches/A/22/115
Arches J 3/4JEFFERY V COLFORD AND GOUGE [recte GOUDGE]1690Arches/J/3/4
Arches E 13/64,65RUSSELL V GRANT1701Arches/E/13/64,65
Arches H 491/1-12BROWNE V BROWNE1833Arches/H/491
Arches Aa 27/101COLLEY V COLLEY1720Arches/Aa/27/101
Arches J 21/20BROOK V LITTLEHALES1774Arches/J/21/20
Arches D 1846SCHUTZ V SCHUTZ1772Arches/D/1846
Arches E 17/12ASH V ASH1707Arches/E/17/12
Arches B 3/99Mary Parnell v Sarah Brompton (London): defamation7 Dec 1639Arches/B/3/99
Arches E 45/108BOOTH V MITCHELL AND LISTER1798Arches/E/45/108
Arches H 404/1-3FLINTON V FLINTON1828Arches/H/404
Arches E 19/34COLLINS V COLLINS1709Arches/E/19/34
Arches E 45/94POPKIN V POPKIN1795Arches/E/45/94
Arches Bb 94/20, 21MALO V MALO1797Arches/Bb/94/20, 21
Arches G 156/15,16EVANS V EVANS1791Arches/G/156/15,16
Arches D 1801 ARUBY V HUDD1724Arches/D/1801 A
Arches D 5ADAMS V NEVILL1748Arches/D/5
Arches E 30/130STONE V HARWOOD1733Arches/E/30/130
Arches J 12/31TRISTRAM V AYRES1728Arches/J/12/31
Arches J 8/106THORNE V RUSSELL1715Arches/J/8/106
Arches B 14/218SEDGWICK V STONE1712Arches/B/14/218
Arches E 4/172BARKER V PLATER1672Arches/E/4/172
Arches J 11/6JONES V HARPER1724Arches/J/11/6
Arches B 8/213WILTON V CONGHLEY1674Arches/B/8/213
Arches J 9/35WILLIAMS V REEVES1719Arches/J/9/35
Arches B 19/79WOOD V WOOD1786Arches/B/19/79
Arches C 2 f.751MUSCHAMP V HILDEN1698Arches/C/2/751
Arches B 11/35NICHOLLS V NEW1685Arches/B/11/35
Arches H 588/1-6PEMBERTON V PEMBERTON1840Arches/H/588
Arches G 154/96EVANS V EVANS1791Arches/G/154/96
Arches J 15/17STONE V HARWOOD1733Arches/J/15/17
Arches G 128/29HOLMES V HOLMES1754Arches/G/128/29
Arches J 16/19PARSEY V WILKIN1738Arches/J/16/19
Arches J 11/18SIMSON V SIMSON1724Arches/J/11/18
Arches J 13/23ROBINSON V CANTRELL1729Arches/J/13/23
Arches H 95/1-4TURNER V TURNER1808Arches/H/95
Arches J 7/97VANSITTART V VANSITTART1711Arches/J/7/97
Arches H 480/1-16STORY V STORY1832Arches/H/480
Arches E 33/32TERRY V SHARPE1736Arches/E/33/32
Arches G 102/34PAGE V PHILPOT1731Arches/G/102/34
Arches G 5/84GLANFIELD V GLANFIELD1712Arches/G/5/84
Arches J 12/36HAND V COOPER1728Arches/J/12/36
Arches J 16/22PARSEY V WILKIN1738Arches/J/16/22
Arches E 41/80ALDERSEY V MCALPINE1770Arches/E/41/80
Arches E 13/13LEE V GARRETT1700Arches/E/13/13
Arches J 24/10SMYTH V SMYTH1828Arches/J/24/10
Arches H 649/1-9NUNN V VARTY AND MOPSEY1841Arches/H/649
Arches H 745/1-4MILES V MILES1849Arches/H/745
Arches A 18JONES V EDMUNDS1685Arches/A/18/144
Arches G 72/15HOLDER V KAVANAGH1698Arches/G/72/15
Arches Aa 20/43LEONARD V LEONARD1712Arches/Aa/20/43
Arches H 320/1-5BLYTH V BLYTH1822Arches/H/320
Arches E 41/123EVELYN V EVELYN1772Arches/E/41/123
Arches H 740/1-8SIMMONS V SIMMONS1847Arches/H/740
Arches G 154/76BARHAM V BARHAM1789Arches/G/154/76
Arches G 123/95PEARSE V PEARSE1748Arches/G/123/95
Arches G 123/109LASCELLES V LASCELLES1751Arches/G/123/109
Arches H 357/1-18BALL V BALL1825Arches/H/357
Arches G 122/21WHITMORE V WHITMORE1751Arches/G/122/21
Arches D 1285LITTLE V CLARE1694Arches/D/1285
Arches J 5/82WILSON AND ASHLEY V WEST1702Arches/J/5/82
Arches E 29/44WOOD V COUCHMAN1728Arches/E/29/44
Arches G 74/10BEVERLEY V SAVILLE1702Arches/G/74/10
Arches G 154/50RYBOT V RYBOT1788Arches/G/154/50
Arches D 354CALDECOTT V CALDECOTT1734Arches/D/354
Arches D 2195WATERHOUSE V ARROWSMITH1768Arches/D/2195
Arches A 19HAZELGROVE V JAMES1688Arches/A/19/126
Arches C 2 f.686CHAMBERS V CHAMBERS1696Arches/C/2/686
Arches H 780/1-10HULL V HULL1851Arches/H/780
Arches Aa 20/5GLANFIELD V GLANFIELD1712Arches/Aa/20/5
Arches H 134/1-8LOVEDEN V LOVEDEN1810Arches/H/134
Arches J 5/49BRAGG V EAST1700Arches/J/5/49
Arches G 154/57FERRERS V FERRERS1789Arches/G/154/57
Arches E 1/452-7MIDDLETON V MIDDLETON1662Arches/E/1/452-7
Arches G 123/25ADAMS V NEVILL1748Arches/G/123/25
Arches G 140/100SCHUTZ V SCHUTZ1772Arches/G/140/100
Arches D 973HARRIS V CARTER1683Arches/D/973
Arches D 1894SIMMONS V SIMMONS1847Arches/D/1894
Arches H 565/1-11TAYLOR V TAYLOR1839Arches/H/565
Arches E 28/81BABER V BABER1727Arches/E/28/81
Arches E 45/38WOOD V WOOD1786Arches/E/45/38
Arches E 6/154NEVE V GARRET1679Arches/E/6/154
Arches E 2/104BAXTER V BAXTER1664Arches/E/2/104
Arches H 430/1-9SCALES V HOILE1829Arches/H/430
Arches D 33ANDREWS V ANDREWS1702Arches/D/33
Arches G 148/19MUSGRAVE V RUSSELL1776Arches/G/148/19
Arches E 26/198BRIDGEN V PIGEON1725Arches/E/26/198
Arches G 155/107PARKER V PARKER1798Arches/G/155/107
Arches E 45/60COGHLAN V COGHLAN1790Arches/E/45/60
Arches G 125/26WHITMORE V WHITMORE1751Arches/G/125/26
Arches J 5/24BAKER V PRICE1696Arches/J/5/24
Arches E 41/119SCHUTZ V SCHUTZ1772Arches/E/41/119
Arches H 223/1-4WILLAN V WILLAN1815Arches/H/223
Arches G 3/29SKADER V SKADER1714Arches/G/3/29
Arches E 29/157LYDDELL V SMITH1730Arches/E/29/157
Arches G 152/94LACEY V CHILD1786Arches/G/152/94
Arches J 18/13ADAMS V NEVILL1748Arches/J/18/13
Arches G 154/8MALO V MALO1797Arches/G/154/8
Arches H 412/1-7REEVE V MARTIN1828Arches/H/412
Arches D 761FORD V SHELLEY1682Arches/D/761
Arches G 123/19COPLEY V COPLEY1748Arches/G/123/19
Arches G 102/24PAGE V PHILPOT1731Arches/G/102/24
Arches J 11/30BRIDGEN V PIGEON1725Arches/J/11/30
Arches Aa 25/38CART V CART1717Arches/Aa/25/38
Arches G 123/49PEARSE V PEARSE1748Arches/G/123/49
Arches G 152/102LACEY V CHILD1786Arches/G/152/102
Arches G 100/58WOOD V COUCHMAN1728Arches/G/100/58
Arches E 13/32LEE V GARRETT1700Arches/E/13/32
Arches Aa 70/9EVELYN V EVELYN1772Arches/Aa/70/9
Arches E 13/62LEE V GARRETT1700Arches/E/13/62
Arches H 77/1-9GILLESPY V GILLESPY1807Arches/H/77
Arches E 37/89LASCELLES V LASCELLES1751Arches/E/37/89
Arches E 45/80CHAMBERS V FRAZER1792Arches/E/45/80
Arches H 90/1-8LANGSTON V STEPHENSON1804Arches/H/90
Arches H 15/1-4OLIVER V OLIVER1801Arches/H/15
Arches J 15/51KEEPE V KEEPE1737Arches/J/15/51
Arches D 1627PHILLIPS V PHILLIPS1845Arches/D/1627
Arches Eee 15/30-32FREELOVE V SUTTON1749Arches/Eee/15/30-32
Arches G 153/85POPKIN V POPKIN1795Arches/G/153/85
Arches D 1723ELDERTON V READING AND TILBURY1717Arches/D/1723
Arches E 43/10SMYTH V SMYTH1776Arches/E/43/10
Arches C 3 f.56ANDREWS V ANDREWS1702Arches/C/3/56
CM IX/13Bill in London Consistory Court concerning tithe in the parish of All Saints on the Wall, 1519, 'extracted from the principal register of the bishop'. 1519CM/9/13
Arches B 17/202LILLY V HARDY1750Arches/B/17/202
Arches D 870GREGG V GREGG1824Arches/D/870
Arches A 23MAGRATH V MAGRATH1701Arches/A/23/117
Arches E 45/52RYBOT V RYBOT1788Arches/E/45/52
Arches Bb 97/21, 27COGHLAN V COGHLAN1790Arches/Bb/97/21, 27
Arches D 942HARGRAVE V HERNE1710Arches/D/942
Arches E 8/109VAUGHAN V JACKETT1685Arches/E/8/109
Arches A 24FREMAN V SAVAGE1702Arches/A/24/75
Arches Aa 93/17WILLIAMS V WILLIAMS1798Arches/Aa/93/17
Arches E 42/41ALDERSEY V MCALPINE1770Arches/E/42/41
Arches J 13/5WOOD V COUCHMAN1728Arches/J/13/5
Arches G 3/1GLANFIELD V GLANFIELD1712Arches/G/3/1
Arches G 2/56WEEDON V WEEDON1708Arches/G/2/56
Arches C 4 f.176COLLEY V COLLEY1720Arches/C/4/176
Arches H 690/1-12PHILLIPS V PHILLIPS1845Arches/H/690
Arches G 101/23VERNON V BURY1730Arches/G/101/23
Arches C 6/133BARHAM V BARHAM1789Arches/C/6/133
Arches J 18/17COPLEY V COPLEY1748Arches/J/18/17
Arches Aa 32/124ROWNTREE V PARR1726Arches/Aa/32/124
Arches E 3/317LOCKYER V DANVAS1670Arches/E/3/317
Arches E 45/9GRESSE V GRESSE1781Arches/E/45/9
Arches H 444/1-9MORRIS V MORRIS1830Arches/H/444
Arches H 92/1ROBINSON V ASTELL1808Arches/H/92
Arches D 2040TERRY V SHARPE1736Arches/D/2040
Arches D 287BROWNE V BROWNE1833Arches/D/287
Arches G 3/35SEYRIE V BROCKETT1715Arches/G/3/35
Arches C 4 f.153WILLIAMS V REEVES1719Arches/C/4/153
Arches E 6/27CLARKE V PENSAX1677Arches/E/6/27
Arches D 1101HUMFRIES V HUMFRIES1680Arches/D/1101
Arches J 2/11WESTON V WESTON1689Arches/J/2/11
Arches E 3/259BEARSTOWE V COLLINS, ETC.1669Arches/E/3/259
Arches E 30/30PICKERING V FILKIN1731Arches/E/30/30
Arches J 7/115ASTELL V ROUSE1713Arches/J/7/115
Arches Aa 69/36SAUNDERS AND SMITH V MINTERN1773Arches/Aa/69/36
Arches B 14/38BUCK V QUILTER1704Arches/B/14/38
Arches E 14/58BEVERLEY V SAVILLE1702Arches/E/14/58
Arches J 16/21GRAY V SALLIS1739Arches/J/16/21
Arches G 154/84COGHLAN V COGHLAN1790Arches/G/154/84
Arches H 658/1-3EVANS V EVANS1844Arches/H/658
Arches Bb 105/19ELWES V ELWES1796Arches/Bb/105/19
Arches C 2 f.614BLACKMAN V YOUNG1695Arches/C/2/614
Arches B 16/197RODON V RODON1743Arches/B/16/197
Arches J 15/44SCARR, ETC. V HOPKINS, ETC1734Arches/J/15/44
Arches Aa 27/133SPENDER V FITZGERALD1720Arches/Aa/27/133
Arches A 35 ff. 163,174,179,184,191,193DIX V LLOYD1771Arches/A/35/163,174,179,184,191,193
Arches B 3/4Ann Mabbs v John Ayres (London): defamation24 May 1639Arches/B/3/4
Arches E 38/60BUTLER V DOLBEN1756Arches/E/38/60
Arches Aa 24/216CART V CART1717Arches/Aa/24/216
Arches C 3 f.263ARCHER V BETTS1712Arches/C/3/263
Arches D 1776RODON V RODON1743Arches/D/1776
Arches B 10/14LEACH V PEACOCKE1680Arches/B/10/14
Arches J 5/60HOLDER V KAVANAGH1698Arches/J/5/60
Arches D 1853SCRIVENER V SCRIVENER1836Arches/D/1853
Arches D 1869SHARPE V FORRESTER1714Arches/D/1869
Arches E 45/63WALLACE V WALLACE1790Arches/E/45/63
Arches B 3/7Merriall Leake v Oliver Larkin (London): defamation24 May 1639Arches/B/3/7
Arches B 15/110BABER V BABER1727Arches/B/15/110
Arches J 15/25TIPPING V ROBERTS1735Arches/J/15/25
Arches C 3 f.89BUCK V QUILTER1704Arches/C/3/89
Arches D 1658POPKIN V POPKIN1795Arches/D/1658
Arches G 153/97-9BROMER V BROMER1799Arches/G/153/97-9
Arches B 18/49RIX V RIX1776Arches/B/18/49
Arches B 15/23COLLINS V ADDISON1719Arches/B/15/23
Arches Hhh 2/71WESTMEATH V WESTMEATH1826Arches/Hhh/2/71
Arches B 8/30BEARSTOWE V COLLINS, ETC.1669Arches/B/8/30
Arches A 16AUSTEN [recte AUSTIN] V TENGNELL1684Arches/A/16/13
Arches D 585DE LISLE [recte D' LISLE] V CARY1711Arches/D/585
Arches C 3 f.16MIDDLETON V BROME1700Arches/C/3/16
Arches D 1488NICOLLS V RUTTER1768Arches/D/1488
Arches B 3/38Alice Sutton v John Tall (London): defamation5 July 1639Arches/B/3/38
Arches C 4 f.5MORDAUNT V MORDAUNT1713Arches/C/4/5
Arches G 99/32WOOD V COUCHMAN1728Arches/G/99/32
Arches J 8/21BRYANT V GREETUM1713Arches/J/8/21
Arches E 45/18LEIGH V LEIGH1782Arches/E/45/18
Arches J 23/1DODWELL V DODWELL1789Arches/J/23/1
Arches G 156/3LEIGH V LEIGH1782Arches/G/156/3
Arches E 37/5BAMBRIDGE V BAMBRIDGE1746Arches/E/37/5
Arches J 3/9HAWKER V COOKE1691Arches/J/3/9
Arches H 783/1-6STORY V STORY1851Arches/H/783
Arches Bb 89/16, 21LEIGH V LEIGH1782Arches/Bb/89/16, 21
Arches D 1508NUTT V NUTT1731Arches/D/1508
Arches D 133BEAMISH V SMITH1790Arches/D/133
Arches C 4 f.225RUBY V HUDD1724Arches/C/4/225
Arches D 1801ROWNTREE V PARR1726Arches/D/1801
Arches Aa 85/24COGHLAN V COGHLAN1790Arches/Aa/85/24
Arches C 5 f.156WESCOMBE V DODDS1751Arches/C/5/156
Arches E 11/101CLEWER V DAVIS1694Arches/E/11/101
Arches Aa 35/129WOOD V COUCHMAN1728Arches/Aa/35/129
Arches H 331A/1-15BARKER V BARKER1823Arches/H/331A
Arches E 26/44COLLINS V ADDISON1719Arches/E/26/44
Arches J 23/21MOORSON V MOORSON1795Arches/J/23/21
Arches G 111/54TIPPING V ROBERTS1735Arches/G/111/54
Arches E 36/17PARSEY V WILKIN1738Arches/E/36/17
Arches E 41/128SAUNDERS AND SMITH V MINTERN1773Arches/E/41/128
Arches C 1 ff. 170-1LEWIS V CHAWORTH1668Arches/C/1/170-1
Arches E 3/131HUNGATE V PARKER1669Arches/E/3/131
Arches E 37/77ROACH V DANIEL1749Arches/E/37/77
Arches G 139/52PEIRSE V PEIRSE1768Arches/G/139/52
Arches B 19/88WILMOT V WILMOT1791Arches/B/19/88
Arches E 8/99,100VAUGHAN V JACKETT1685Arches/E/8/99,100
Arches B 16/11HAND V COOPER1728Arches/B/16/11
Arches D 1534PAGE V PHILPOT1731Arches/D/1534
Arches Aa 26/69COLLINS V ADDISON1719Arches/Aa/26/69
Arches J 14/11FILKIN V PICKERING1731Arches/J/14/11
Arches E 4/58STEPHENS V STEPHENS1671Arches/E/4/58
Arches G 123/73,74COKE V COKE1750Arches/G/123/73,74
Arches D 408LACEY V CHILD1786Arches/D/408
Arches E 30/136HARRINGTON AND STONE V LOTT1733Arches/E/30/136
Arches E 36/153BLAKISTON V BARNARD1743Arches/E/36/153
Arches E 28/29SIMSON V SIMSON1724Arches/E/28/29
Arches H 437/1-12HARRIS V HARRIS1829Arches/H/437
Arches E 37/49ADAMS V NEVILL1748Arches/E/37/49
Arches J 23/7BEAMISH V SMITH1790Arches/J/23/7
Arches G 154/92EVANS V EVANS1791Arches/G/154/92
Arches C 4 f.152COLLINS V ADDISON1719Arches/C/4/152
Arches C 3 f.140RUDGE V NEGUS1707Arches/C/3/140
Arches G 102/30PICKERING V FILKIN1731Arches/G/102/30
Arches C 6/74SCHUTZ V SCHUTZ1772Arches/C/6/74
Arches G 122/31LILLY V HARDY1750Arches/G/122/31
Arches Aa 20/14LEONARD V LEONARD1712Arches/Aa/20/14
Arches G 88/44HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/G/88/44
Arches E 30/35,36NUTT V NUTT1731Arches/E/30/35,36
Arches G 5/5PHEASANT V PHEASANT1703Arches/G/5/5
Arches B 2/59Elizabeth Minos v James Thwaites N.P. (London)31 May 1622Arches/B/2/59
Arches E 21/31PYKE V PYKE1711Arches/E/21/31
Arches H 84/1-13KIRKMAN V KIRKMAN1807Arches/H/84
Arches G 148/20EVELYN V EVELYN1772Arches/G/148/20
Arches D 1250LAXTON V HAYES1688Arches/D/1250
Arches C 6/75,76EVELYN V EVELYN1772Arches/C/6/75,76
Arches J 13/42LYDDELL V SMITH1730Arches/J/13/42
Arches Aa 82/10MALO V MALO1797Arches/Aa/82/10
Arches E 13/41LEE V GARRETT1700Arches/E/13/41
Arches J 10/68SCRIMSHIRE [recte SCRIMSHER] V NEALE1722Arches/J/10/68
Arches Aa 31/170MURRAY V SOPER1724Arches/Aa/31/170
Arches H 334/1-26GREGG V GREGG1824Arches/H/334
Arches Aa 28/93BEDALL V HUSSEY1721Arches/Aa/28/93
Arches B 7/91WELCH V REYLAND1667Arches/B/7/91
Arches H 111/1-9COPE V BURT1809Arches/H/111
Arches H 653/1-8COLLETT V COLLETT1838Arches/H/653
Arches G 80/29,30PYKE V PYKE1711Arches/G/80/29,30
Arches Bb 103/14ELWES V ELWES1796Arches/Bb/103/14
Arches H 444A/1-4MACLEAN V MACLEAN1829Arches/H/444A
Arches E 19/10CARTER V MAGSON1709Arches/E/19/10
Arches G 139/55CHANCE V SPRINGAY1768Arches/G/139/55
Arches H 19/1-5BONHAM V BONHAM1800Arches/H/19
Arches G 142/28-30ELIOT V ELIOT1775Arches/G/142/28-30
Arches J 23/2WALLACE V WALLACE1790Arches/J/23/2
Arches C 3 f.24RUSSELL V GRANT1701Arches/C/3/24
Arches G 114/29SAVILE V SAVILE1738Arches/G/114/29
Arches E 40/39LEEDS [recte LAMBORN, LAMBOURN, LEMBORN, LEMBOURN] V LEEDS1759Arches/E/40/39
Arches G 128/66HOLMES V HOLMES1754Arches/G/128/66
Arches D 297BUCK V QUILTER1704Arches/D/297
Arches Jj 6/2DEY V DEY1701Arches/Jj/6/2
Arches G 102/57RUDD V RUDD1731Arches/G/102/57
Arches G 153/1BACKSHELL V BACKSHELL1786Arches/G/153/1
Arches J 7/17SPINKE V VESSEY1707Arches/J/7/17
Arches G 82/26LEONARD V LEONARD1712Arches/G/82/26
Arches A 26STEELE V WALKINS1713Arches/A/26/314
Arches J 21/5WARREN V WARREN1772Arches/J/21/5
Arches Aa 20/24GLANFIELD V GLANFIELD1712Arches/Aa/20/24
Arches Aa 25/1CART V CART1717Arches/Aa/25/1
Arches D 144BEEBY V BEEBY1799Arches/D/144
Arches D 1862HALL V SEWEN1693Arches/D/1862
Arches A 20FITTER V HARVEY1692Arches/A/20/91
Arches D 1857SEDGWICK V STONE1712Arches/D/1857
Arches H 62/1-11TENSH V TENSH1805Arches/H/62
Arches E 29/122STETTENER V POCOCK1727Arches/E/29/122
Arches G 141/74-81EVELYN V EVELYN1772Arches/G/141/74-81
Arches G 131/29LEEDS [recte LAMBORN, LAMBOURN, LEMBORN, LEMBOURN] V LEEDS1759Arches/G/131/29
Arches Jj 5/55WELLS V WELLS1692Arches/Jj/5/55
Arches G 123/97COPLEY V COPLEY1748Arches/G/123/97
Arches J 10/39DUBORDIEU V MALLARD1720Arches/J/10/39
Arches J 24/6BALL V BALL1825Arches/J/24/6
Arches E 29/128MEACHAM V HAWKINS1730Arches/E/29/128
Arches Jj 9/33WALLACE V WALLACE1790Arches/Jj/9/33
Arches H 24/1-14OLDHAM V OLDHAM1800Arches/H/24
Arches D 1342MAGRATH V MAGRATH1701Arches/D/1342
Arches Bb 104/6, 24SWEARS V WILSON1797Arches/Bb/104/6, 24
Arches Aa 26/63WILLIAMS V REEVES1719Arches/Aa/26/63
Arches Bb 98/4EVANS V EVANS1791Arches/Bb/98/4
Arches D 47ARCHER V BETTS1712Arches/D/47
Arches G 117/44BLAKISTON V BARNARD1743Arches/G/117/44
Arches E 42/50SAUNDERS AND SMITH V HEATHCOTE1773Arches/E/42/50
Arches E 41/147BROOK V LITTLEHALES1774Arches/E/41/147
Arches Bb 93/9LACEY V CHILD1786Arches/Bb/93/9
Arches E 45/7SIMES AND MALCHER V IBBETSON1780Arches/E/45/7
Arches E 1/263ASHLEY V HOLT1664Arches/E/1/263
Arches A 17WILSON V CLARKE1685Arches/A/17/225
Arches C 4 f.12PIDGEON V GREETUM1713Arches/C/4/12
Arches Aa 27/82SPENDER V FITZGERALD1720Arches/Aa/27/82
Arches E 40/7BRETTELL V WILMOTT AND KING1758Arches/E/40/7
Arches J 8/80BRYANT V GREETUM1713Arches/J/8/80
Arches G 153/83POPKIN V POPKIN1795Arches/G/153/83
Arches D 2287WILLIAMS V REEVES1719Arches/D/2287
Arches B 14/239BRYANT V GREETUM1713Arches/B/14/239
Arches D 21ALLEN V HYDE1716Arches/D/21
Arches J 5/76HARRIS V LINGARD1702Arches/J/5/76
Arches H 149/1-8FLETCHER V FLETCHER1811Arches/H/149
Arches G 149/43BRISTOL V BRISTOL1779Arches/G/149/43
Arches E 29/152VERNON V BURY1730Arches/E/29/152
Arches E 45/55WILLIAMS V BOTT1789Arches/E/45/55
Arches E 9/11WESTON V WESTON1689Arches/E/9/11
Arches D 2312WOOD V COUCHMAN1728Arches/D/2312
Arches D 1589PEMBERTON V PEMBERTON1838Arches/D/1589
Arches D 289BRYANT V GREETUM1713Arches/D/289
Arches D 1897SKADER V SKADER1714Arches/D/1897
Arches D 367CODRINGTON V CASTLETON1690Arches/D/367
Arches Aa 23/271MELLISH V PARKES1716Arches/Aa/23/271
Arches J 7/43COLLINS V COLLINS1709Arches/J/7/43
Arches H 488/1-9SARGEAUNT V SARGEAUNT1833Arches/H/488
Arches J 22/48RAYBOULD V RAYBOULD1789Arches/J/22/48
Arches G 108/37FILKIN V PICKERING1731Arches/G/108/37
Arches C 3 f.267ALDERMAN V ALDERMAN1712Arches/C/3/267
Arches E 48/38PARKER V PARKER1798Arches/E/48/38
Arches C 2 f.122WYSEMAN V EVERLEY1684Arches/C/2/122
Arches G 153/90BOOTH V MITCHELL AND LISTER1798Arches/G/153/90
Arches D 752FITTER V HARVEY1692Arches/D/752
Arches G 7/7BAXTER V BAXTER1664Arches/G/7/7
Arches C 5 f.84RODON V RODON1743Arches/C/5/84
Arches Ee 1 ff. 171-172,212NICHOLLS V NICHOLLS1662Arches/Ee/1/171-172,212
Arches E 45/56BARHAM V BARHAM1789Arches/E/45/56
Arches E 30/165CALDECOTT V CALDECOTT1734Arches/E/30/165
Arches D 464,465COOKE V COOKE1812Arches/D/464,465
Arches Aa 31/115HARVEY V BUTLER1724Arches/Aa/31/115
Arches J 23/14RAYBOULD V RAYBOULD1789Arches/J/23/14
Arches G 151/12GRESSE V GRESSE1781Arches/G/151/12
Arches G 89/10HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/G/89/10
Arches E 15/13,14HOPPER V FREIND1705Arches/E/15/13,14
Arches A 36 ff. 4,8,11EVELYN V EVELYN1772Arches/A/36/4,8,11-a
Arches J 14/33PAGE V PHILPOT1731Arches/J/14/33
Arches D 2020SWEARS V WILSON1797Arches/D/2020
Arches E 37/93WESCOMBE V DODDS1751Arches/E/37/93
Arches E 13/34RUSSELL V GRANT1701Arches/E/13/34
Arches G 156/5WOOD V WOOD1786Arches/G/156/5
Arches Aa 21/218SKADER V SKADER1714Arches/Aa/21/218
Arches J 8/32SKADER V SKADER1714Arches/J/8/32
Arches D 700EVELYN V EVELYN1772Arches/D/700
Arches Aa 69/24EVELYN V EVELYN1772Arches/Aa/69/24
Arches E 13/47LEE V GARRETT1700Arches/E/13/47
Arches G 152/88,89WOOD V WOOD1786Arches/G/152/88,89
Arches C 2 f.589AYLAND V FOX1694Arches/C/2/589
Arches D 1490POWELL V NOBLE1696Arches/D/1490
Arches Aa 24/231CART V CART1717Arches/Aa/24/231
Arches D 554DAVIDSON V DAVIDSON1856Arches/D/554
Arches E 15/20HOPPER V FREIND1705Arches/E/15/20
Arches E 10/66HAWKER V COOKE1691Arches/E/10/66
Arches Jj 6/100HAND V COOPER1728Arches/Jj/6/100
Arches E 29/38ASHTON V HORNE1728Arches/E/29/38
Arches J 18/50,51LILLY V HARDY1750Arches/J/18/50,51
Arches E 40/71EARLE V HOLLAND1762Arches/E/40/71
Arches Aa 27/24SPENDER V FITZGERALD1720Arches/Aa/27/24
Arches E 5/8BEAUMONT V COOPER1673Arches/E/5/8
Arches G 141/35EVELYN V EVELYN1772Arches/G/141/35
Arches G 1a/36BAVER V BAVER1696Arches/G/1a/36
Arches J 23/26CADOGAN V CADOGAN1796Arches/J/23/26
Arches Jj 5/84,84AWESTON V WESTON1689Arches/Jj/5/84,84A
Arches D 1460MURRAY V SOPER1724Arches/D/1460
Arches Aa 35/87MIDDLEBROOKE V GRIFFITH1728Arches/Aa/35/87
Arches G 131/15LEEDS [recte LAMBORN, LAMBOURN, LEMBORN, LEMBOURN] V LEEDS1759Arches/G/131/15
Arches C 4 f.1LEONARD V LEONARD1712Arches/C/4/1
Arches Ff 236PARSEY V WILKIN1738Arches/Ff/236
Arches H 548/1-8COLLETT V COLLETT1838Arches/H/548
Arches Bb 98/14NASH V NASH1790Arches/Bb/98/14
Arches Aa 90/8LEVI V ADAMS1795Arches/Aa/90/8
Arches C 3 f.106HOPPER V FREIND1705Arches/C/3/106
Arches C 4 f.86ALLEN V HYDE1716Arches/C/4/86
Arches C 6/101LEIGH V LEIGH1782Arches/C/6/101
Arches C 4 f.69SEYRIE V BROCKETT1715Arches/C/4/69
Arches H 264/1-10BRISCO V BRISCO1818Arches/H/264
Arches C 4 f.241WILKINSON V PARRY1724Arches/C/4/241
Arches C 3 f.49MAGRATH V MAGRATH1701Arches/C/3/49
Arches Bb 96/2RAYBOULD V RAYBOULD1789Arches/Bb/96/2
Arches B 1/14Elizabeth Huyck v Henry and Joan Saxon (London): defamation1 July 1560Arches/B/1/14
Arches E 36/152BLEW V BARNARD1743Arches/E/36/152
Arches G 51/3GARWOOD V GARWOOD1701Arches/G/51/3
Arches A 15BRAMPTON V WAY1681Arches/A/15/35
Arches E 30/33HARDING V HARDING1731Arches/E/30/33
Arches Aa 94/13BROMER V BROMER1799Arches/Aa/94/13
Arches Aa 25/17CART V CART1717Arches/Aa/25/17
Arches Aa 85/30COGHLAN V COGHLAN1790Arches/Aa/85/30
Arches G 2/7HOPPER V FREIND1705Arches/G/2/7
Arches G 155/42BEAMISH V SMITH1790Arches/G/155/42
Arches Aa 96/9BONHAM V BONHAM1800Arches/Aa/96/9
Arches A 20JELLY V DICKENS1692Arches/A/20/156
Arches C 4 f.3ASTELL V ROUSE1713Arches/C/4/3
Arches E 29/158RUDD V RUDD1731Arches/E/29/158
Arches J 7/59BURTON V COLLYER1710Arches/J/7/59
Arches E 29/12STETTENER V POCOCK1727Arches/E/29/12
Arches D 2348MOORSON V MOORSON1795Arches/D/2348
Arches E 1/234MIDDLETON V MIDDLETON1662Arches/E/1/234
Arches G 123/44ROACH V DANIEL1749Arches/G/123/44
Arches J 5/72WHITFEILD V MARSHALL1701Arches/J/5/72
Arches Bb 99/17, 23CHAMBERS V FRAZER1792Arches/Bb/99/17, 23
Arches Bb 88/21SMYTH V WRIGHT1781Arches/Bb/88/21
Arches J 14/86,87HARRINGTON AND STONE V LOTT1733Arches/J/14/86,87
Arches E 36/61BATTY V JASPER1739Arches/E/36/61
Arches D 512MORRIS V MORRIS1830Arches/D/512
Arches D 2300WILMOT V WILMOT1791Arches/D/2300
Arches B 3/126Margaret Collison v Thomas Cliffe (London): espousals7 Dec 1639Arches/B/3/126
Arches C 3 f.189BOONE V HUDSON1708Arches/C/3/189
Arches J 21/2COMPTON V COMPTON1770Arches/J/21/2
Arches C 4 f.13BRYANT V GREETUM1713Arches/C/4/13
Arches G 79/22DAWSON V NICHOLSON AND NORTON1709Arches/G/79/22
Arches C 3 f.269SPINKE V SPINKE1712Arches/C/3/269
Arches Aa 23/60ALLEN V HYDE1716Arches/Aa/23/60
Arches J 29/1WESTMEATH V WESTMEATH1826Arches/J/29/1
Arches G 154/81DODWELL V DODWELL1789Arches/G/154/81
Arches C 4 f.52SKADER V SKADER1714Arches/C/4/52
Arches Hh 37BOLTON V BROOKE1898Arches/Hh/37
Arches B 19/51WATERHOUSE V ARROWSMITH1768Arches/B/19/51
Arches E 3/302HUNGATE V PARKER1669Arches/E/3/302
Arches D 1234LASCELLES V LASCELLES1751Arches/D/1234
Arches Aa 85/41EVANS V EVANS1791Arches/Aa/85/41
Arches E 13/15-9LEE V GARRETT1700Arches/E/13/15-9
Arches Aa 90/20MOORSON V MOORSON1795Arches/Aa/90/20
Arches B 3/139Grace Dickinson v Catherine Barnaby (London): defamation22 Feb 1640Arches/B/3/139
Arches D 979HARVEY V BUTLER1724Arches/D/979
Arches D 1750BENNETT V ROBERTS1690Arches/D/1750
Arches Aa 94/7BEEBY V BEEBY1799Arches/Aa/94/7
Arches E 12/14-16CLEWER V DAVIS1694Arches/E/12/14-16
Arches G 111/40JONES AND HARRISON V BERRY AND BENNETT1735Arches/G/111/40
Arches B 12/75WHITLAMB V WINDLE1692Arches/B/12/75
Arches D 1769ROBINSON V CANTRELL1729Arches/D/1769
Arches B 3/84Edward Smith v Joan Nicholls (London): espousals22 Nov 1639Arches/B/3/84
Arches G 139/116BORRADALE V BORRADALE1769Arches/G/139/116
Arches C 2 f.78TEMPLE V WEAVER1683Arches/C/2/78
Arches B 13/139WOOD V COUCHMAN1728Arches/B/13/139
Arches D 1580PECK V CALDWELL1691Arches/D/1580
Arches B 3/121Elizabeth Chambley v William Burkett (London): defamation7 Dec 1639Arches/B/3/121
Arches Aa 27/109SPENDER V FITZGERALD1720Arches/Aa/27/109
Arches J 14/12HARDING V HARDING1731Arches/J/14/12
Arches B 17/40STONE V HARWOOD1733Arches/B/17/40
Arches D 908HALE V KIFFIN1690Arches/D/908
Arches E 43/37HARPER [recte HARPUR] V REEVE1778Arches/E/43/37
Arches D 256MIDDLETON V BROME1700Arches/D/256
Arches B 12/28HAWKER V COOKE1691Arches/B/12/28
Arches G 3/58, 71ELDERTON V READING AND TILBURY1717Arches/G/3/58, 71
Arches Bb 96/17RAYBOULD V RAYBOULD1789Arches/Bb/96/17
Arches B 3/49Mary Jackson v Richard Hopton (London): jactitation of marriage25 June 1639Arches/B/3/49
Arches D 106BARKER V BARKER1823Arches/D/106
Arches D 1130JARVIS V MARKHAM1686Arches/D/1130
Arches G 155/71BOOTH V MITCHELL AND LISTER1798Arches/G/155/71
Arches B 3/130Joan Withowe v Audrey Hughes (London): defamation15 Feb 1640Arches/B/3/130
Arches G 4/24HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/G/4/24
Arches A 34WATERHOUSE V ARROWSMITH1768Arches/A/34/232
Arches B 2/58William Mason, Vicar of West Mersey [Mersea, Essex] v Thomas Johnson, clerk (London): disputed presentation31 May 1622Arches/B/2/58
Arches B 2/79Thomas Tompson v Simon Styward (London): defamation12 May 1622Arches/B/2/79
Arches B 11/4WATES [recte WATIS] V LEWIS1685Arches/B/11/4
Arches C 6/182BONHAM V BONHAM1800Arches/C/6/182
Arches B 3/110Ellen Reade v Elizabeth Ives (London): defamation22 Nov 1639Arches/B/3/110
Arches A 17HOLMES V FREELAND1685Arches/A/17/99
Arches J 18/110RODON V RODON1743Arches/J/18/110
Arches Aa 35/52MIDDLEBROOKE V GRIFFITH1728Arches/Aa/35/52
Arches B 3/24Elizabeth Hopper v Alice Langley (London)17 June 1639Arches/B/3/24
Arches B 3/12Alice Hyde v Thomas Langhorne (London): defamation24 May 1639Arches/B/3/12
Arches B 4/17NICHOLLS V NICHOLLS1662Arches/B/4/17
Arches B 3/2Alice Aubrey v Mary Powle (London): defamation24 May 1639Arches/B/3/2
Arches Bb 106/3, 5BEEBY V BEEBY1799Arches/Bb/106/3, 5
Arches J 7/117SEDGWICK V STONE1712Arches/J/7/117
Arches B 3/146Hannah Rowe v Thomas Jaggard (London): espousals22 Feb 1640Arches/B/3/146
Arches Aa 92/3SWEARS V WILSON1797Arches/Aa/92/3
Arches G 117/52BLEW V BARNARD1743Arches/G/117/52
Arches D 97BALL V BALL1825Arches/D/97
Arches G 117/43BLEW V BARNARD1743Arches/G/117/43
Arches D 1717RAYBOULD V RAYBOULD1789Arches/D/1717
Arches A 26ARCHER V BETTS1712Arches/A/26/14
Arches G 122/27LILLY V HARDY1750Arches/G/122/27
Arches A 27HALL V HALL1727Arches/A/27/80
Arches J 21/21SAUNDERS AND SMITH V MINTERN1773Arches/J/21/21
Arches E 29/32HAND V COOPER1728Arches/E/29/32
Arches J 18/101PHILLIPS V PHILLIPS1744Arches/J/18/101
Arches G 113/69KEEPE V KEEPE1737Arches/G/113/69
Arches B 12/8LAXTON V HAYES1688Arches/B/12/8
Arches D 1178KEEPE V KEEPE1737Arches/D/1178
Arches B 10/135TEMPLE V WEAVER1683Arches/B/10/135
Arches B 14/157WEEDON V WEEDON1708Arches/B/14/157
Arches E 11/49,50WELLS V WELLS1692Arches/E/11/49,50
Arches D 971HARRIS V HARRIS1829Arches/D/971
Arches J 4/56WESTON V WESTON1689Arches/J/4/56
Arches E 45/102ELWES V ELWES1796Arches/E/45/102
Arches C 4 f.177DUBORDIEU V MALLARD1720Arches/C/4/177
Arches B 10/181BROCKHURST V LINDSEY1684Arches/B/10/181
Arches J 7/85ASTELL V ROUSE1713Arches/J/7/85
Arches A 17QUATERMAN V ATKINSON1684Arches/A/17/158
Arches G 2/86ALDERMAN V ALDERMAN1712Arches/G/2/86
Arches G 100/94ROBINSON V CANTRELL1729Arches/G/100/94
Arches E 22/2SPINKE V SPINKE1712Arches/E/22/2
Arches E 13/5LEE V GARRETT1700Arches/E/13/5
Arches D 2060THOMPSON V WICKHAM1680Arches/D/2060
Arches C 4 f.125GRAY V WEBSTER1717Arches/C/4/125
Arches D 1063HOLYDAY V ELLIS1701Arches/D/1063
Arches Aa 35/81WOOD V COUCHMAN1728Arches/Aa/35/81
Arches E 45/30FIRMIN AND HUDSON V HOY AND KIDDLE1785Arches/E/45/30
Arches G 153/49CHAMBERS V FRAZER1792Arches/G/153/49
Arches E 12/48-53WESTON V WESTON1689Arches/E/12/48-53
Arches H 519/1-7BROWN V WILLIAMS1835Arches/H/519
Arches G 123/69COPLEY V COPLEY1748Arches/G/123/69
Arches B 11/162LEWKNER V LEWKNER1690Arches/B/11/162
Arches D 1288LIVIE V MACKINTOSH1821Arches/D/1288
Arches C 3 f.38HOLYDAY V ELLIS1701Arches/C/3/38
Arches C 5 f.35WALTHOE V WALTHOE1738Arches/C/5/35
Arches A 21BLACKMAN V YOUNG1695Arches/A/21/25
Arches Bb 93/30ARABIN V ARABIN1787Arches/Bb/93/30
Arches Aa 95/14BROMER V BROMER1799Arches/Aa/95/14
Arches Aa 27/99COLLEY V COLLEY1720Arches/Aa/27/99
Arches B 7/96BLUNT V HAYES1668Arches/B/7/96
Arches Aa 24/188CART V CART1717Arches/Aa/24/188
Arches D 1788ROGERS V ROGERS1830Arches/D/1788
Arches D 434COGHLAN V COGHLAN1790Arches/D/434
Arches E 37/100LILLY V HARDY1750Arches/E/37/100
Arches Aa 26/47WILLIAMS V REEVES1719Arches/Aa/26/47
Arches E 42/49SAUNDERS AND SMITH V MINTERN1773Arches/E/42/49
Arches J 4/12PORTER V HENDERSON1695Arches/J/4/12
Arches Aa 69/15EVELYN V EVELYN1772Arches/Aa/69/15
Arches E 13/58LEE V GARRETT1700Arches/E/13/58
Arches G 5/35LEE V GARRETT1700Arches/G/5/35
Arches C 6/118LACEY V CHILD1786Arches/C/6/118
Arches B 3/39Thomas Messinger v Jane Messinger (London): divorce25 June 1639Arches/B/3/39
Arches D 1363MARTYN V HIND1780Arches/D/1363
Arches D 435COKE V COKE1750Arches/D/435
Arches J 5/73NEVILE V NEVILE1700Arches/J/5/73
Arches J 5/63CHAMBLET V CHAMBLET1700Arches/J/5/63
Arches E 30/42GEORGE V LECHMERE AND LATEWARD1731Arches/E/30/42
Arches C 6/83SAUNDERS AND SMITH V MINTERN1773Arches/C/6/83
Arches D 1836SAUNDERS AND SMITH V MINTERN1773Arches/D/1836
Arches J 21/44SIMES AND MALCHER V IBBETSON1780Arches/J/21/44
Arches E 38/37SMITH V LOVEGROVE1755Arches/E/38/37
Arches D 16ALDERMAN V ALDERMAN1712Arches/D/16
Arches C 6/32BRETTELL V WILMOTT AND KING1758Arches/C/6/32
Arches H 478/1-12KENRICK V KENRICK1832Arches/H/478
Arches E 28/7HILL V KING1723Arches/E/28/7
Arches G 72/9CHAMBLET V CHAMBLET1700Arches/G/72/9
Arches G 155/59MOORSON V MOORSON1795Arches/G/155/59
Arches C 3 f.268SEDGWICK V STONE1712Arches/C/3/268
Arches D 1997STONE V STONE1844Arches/D/1997
Arches Aa 27/122SPENDER V FITZGERALD1720Arches/Aa/27/122
Arches D 1962SPENDER V FITZGERALD1720Arches/D/1962
Arches B 14/238PIDGEON V GREETUM1713Arches/B/14/238
Arches H 201/1-2DUNDAS V DUNDAS1814Arches/H/201
Arches E 26/171COLE AND COOK V BRAYTHWAYT1722Arches/E/26/171
Arches G 6/31LEE V GARRETT1700Arches/G/6/31
Arches A 26ALTHAM V ALTHAM1712Arches/A/26/9
Arches E 13/67LEE V GARRETT1700Arches/E/13/67
Arches D 2109TRUBSHAW V TRUBSHAW1693Arches/D/2109
Arches Aa 84/38BAYLEY V BRADBURN1790Arches/Aa/84/38
Arches G 1a/38WESTON V WESTON1689Arches/G/1a/38
Arches D 1339MACROE V VINCENT1726Arches/D/1339
Arches J 7/103SPINKE V SPINKE1712Arches/J/7/103
Arches E 43/6MUSGRAVE V RUSSELL1776Arches/E/43/6
Arches G 89/21FITZGERALD V SPELDER1720Arches/G/89/21
Arches H 676/1-15STONE V STONE1844Arches/H/676
Arches E 3/113FLETCHER V HAWERDINE1668Arches/E/3/113
Arches A 24STEELE V BROWNE1705Arches/A/24/205
Arches Ee 9/121MURRAY V SOPER1725Arches/Ee/9/121
Arches J 10/57SCRIMSHIRE [recte SCRIMSHER] V NEALE1722Arches/J/10/57
Arches Jj 9/36WILMOT V WILMOT1791Arches/Jj/9/36
Arches E 43/38GRIMBALDERTON [recte GRIMBALDESTON] V ANDERSON1778Arches/E/43/38
Arches Aa 25/7CART V CART1717Arches/Aa/25/7
Arches Aa 84/1FERRERS V FERRERS1789Arches/Aa/84/1
Arches E 33/107KEEPE V KEEPE1737Arches/E/33/107
Arches B 3/116Mary Vyan v Christopher Bainbridge (London): defamation12 Nov 1639Arches/B/3/116
Arches H 451/1-2CLEVE V CLEVE1831Arches/H/451
Arches E 3/120BLUNT V HAYES1668Arches/E/3/120
Arches G 154/101WILMOT V WILMOT1791Arches/G/154/101
Arches B 13/93BRAGG V EAST1700Arches/B/13/93
Arches D 2134VANSITTART V VANSITTART1711Arches/D/2134
Arches G 5/54COLLINS V COLLINS1709Arches/G/5/54
Arches D 1262LEIGH V LEIGH1782Arches/D/1262
Arches B 11/60BEST V PHILLIPSON1686Arches/B/11/60
Arches Bb 85/4GRIMBALDERTON [recte GRIMBALDESTON] V ANDERSON1778Arches/Bb/85/4
Arches G 155/85,86SWEARS V WILSON1797Arches/G/155/85,86
Arches Bb 102/9, 10LEVI V ADAMS1795Arches/Bb/102/9, 10
Arches A 16JARVAS V TUCKYR1683Arches/A/16/153
Arches D 366ATKINS V CASTLETON1690Arches/D/366
Arches A 21TATHAM V TATHAM1693Arches/A/21/238
Arches D 204BOOTH V MITCHELL AND LISTER1798Arches/D/204
Arches D 1590PEMBERTON V PEMBERTON1840Arches/D/1590
Arches B 17/152BLEW V BARNARD1743Arches/B/17/152
Arches G 85/8ALLEN V HYDE1716Arches/G/85/8
Arches G 153/94PARKER V PARKER1798Arches/G/153/94
Arches D 2037TAYLOR V TAYLOR1839Arches/D/2037
Arches C 2 f.672BAVER V BAVER1696Arches/C/2/672
Arches A 35 f.259SAUNDERS AND SMITH V MINTERN1773Arches/A/35/259
Arches D 2236WESTON V WESTON1697Arches/D/2236
Arches C 6/166BOOTH V MITCHELL AND LISTER1798Arches/C/6/166
Arches G 88/55,56HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/G/88/55,56
Arches D 1179KEITH V TREBECK1741Arches/D/1179
Arches B 10/76KINSMAN V KINSMAN1681Arches/B/10/76
Arches H 216/1-3DYOTT V DYOTT1815Arches/H/216
Arches B 15/188LYDDELL V SMITH1730Arches/B/15/188
Arches G 2/72SHORTHOSE V WOODWARD, ETC.1709Arches/G/2/72
Arches G 72/24NEVILE V NEVILE1700Arches/G/72/24
Arches G 4/4TERRY V TERRY1719Arches/G/4/4
Arches D 611DODWELL V DODWELL1789Arches/D/611
Arches Jj 6/46COLLINS V COLLINS1709Arches/Jj/6/46
Arches Aa 30/50SCRIMSHIRE [recte SCRIMSHER] V NEALE1722Arches/Aa/30/50
Arches Aa 92/22SWEARS V WILSON1797Arches/Aa/92/22
Arches J 7/7SPINKE V FARRANT1707Arches/J/7/7
Arches E 28/60MACROE V VINCENT1726Arches/E/28/60
Arches G 153/29,30RAYBOULD V RAYBOULD1789Arches/G/153/29,30
Arches E 4/183FEILD V WEBB1671Arches/E/4/183
Arches G 154/88COGHLAN V COGHLAN1790Arches/G/154/88
Arches E 36/11SAVILE V SAVILE1738Arches/E/36/11
Arches Aa 84/10FERRERS V FERRERS1789Arches/Aa/84/10
Arches E 36/128KEITH V TREBECK1741Arches/E/36/128
Arches Aaa 36SWEARS V WILSON1797Arches/Aaa/36/a77
Arches Aa 24/114GRAY V WEBSTER1717Arches/Aa/24/114
Arches G 129/22,23BUTLER V DOLBEN1756Arches/G/129/22,23
Arches D 1814RYBOT V RYBOT1788Arches/D/1814
Arches C 3 ff. 154,168SPINKE V VESSEY1707Arches/C/3/154,168
Arches D 2063THORNE V RUSSELL1715Arches/D/2063
Arches A 20LAXTON V HAYES1688Arches/A/20/168
Arches D 80BABER V BABER1727Arches/D/80
Arches B 15/28AWILLIAMS V REEVES1719Arches/B/15/28A
Arches Aa 70/12ELIOT V ELIOT1775Arches/Aa/70/12
Arches E 36/162DREW, ETC. V CHURCH1743Arches/E/36/162
Arches B 10/170WYSEMAN V EVERLEY1684Arches/B/10/170
Arches G 99/14MIDDLEBROOKE V GRIFFITH1728Arches/G/99/14
Arches G 89/28HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/G/89/28
Arches B 14/112DERKSON V COLEBRAND1707Arches/B/14/112
Arches E 30/38BLAND, ETC. V LECHMERE AND LATEWARD1731Arches/E/30/38
Arches E 3/193BLUNT V HAYES1668Arches/E/3/193
Arches G 122/43WHITMORE V WHITMORE1751Arches/G/122/43
Arches Aa 35/10WOOD V COUCHMAN1728Arches/Aa/35/10
Arches D 198BONHAM V BONHAM1800Arches/D/198
Arches B 2/65George Raymond v Richard Watis (London)2 Dec 1622Arches/B/2/65
Arches E 8/107VAUGHAN V JACKETT1685Arches/E/8/107
Arches D 396CHAMBERS V FRAZER1792Arches/D/396
Arches D 690EVANS V EVANS1844Arches/D/690
Arches Aa 24/209CART V CART1717Arches/Aa/24/209
Arches Bb 95/27RYBOT V RYBOT1788Arches/Bb/95/27
Arches G 4/7CART V CART1717Arches/G/4/7
Arches Aa 24/88GRAY V WEBSTER1717Arches/Aa/24/88
Arches Aa 91/1LEVI V ADAMS1795Arches/Aa/91/1
Arches Aa 93/2BOOTH V MITCHELL AND LISTER1798Arches/Aa/93/2
Arches D 185BLEW V BARNARD1743Arches/D/185
Arches B 14/270SKADER V SKADER1714Arches/B/14/270
Arches H 76/1TENSH V TENSH1805Arches/H/76
Arches B 16/153SAVILE V SAVILE1738Arches/B/16/153
Arches J 18/8BRETTELL V UMFREVILLE1749Arches/J/18/8
Arches E 12/31-2CLEWER V DAVIS1694Arches/E/12/31-2
Arches D 2225WELLS V WELLS1692Arches/D/2225
Arches Bb 89/2GRESSE V GRESSE1781Arches/Bb/89/2
Arches E 29/148MYRE V FRANCIS [recte FRANCIA]1730Arches/E/29/148
Arches Aa 24/199CART V CART1717Arches/Aa/24/199
Arches C 6/172BEEBY V BEEBY1799Arches/C/6/172
Arches E 30/1CHARLES V CHARLES1731Arches/E/30/1
Arches B 16/53LYDDELL V SMITH1730Arches/B/16/53
Arches Bb 93/3, 4WOOD V WOOD1786Arches/Bb/93/3, 4
Arches C 3 f.36WHITFEILD V MARSHALL1701Arches/C/3/36
Arches G 2/73CARTER V MAGSON1709Arches/G/2/73
Arches Aa 70/34SAUNDERS AND SMITH V MINTERN1773Arches/Aa/70/34
Arches A 20 f.92PECK V CALDWELL1691Arches/A/20/92
Arches Aa 76/4SMYTH V WRIGHT1781Arches/Aa/76/4
Arches G 117/23KEITH V TREBECK1741Arches/G/117/23
Arches C 3 f.91OWEN V SCURLOCKE1704Arches/C/3/91
Arches A 15FORD V SHELLEY1682Arches/A/15/107
Arches H 513/1-7RAY AND RAY V SHERWOOD1836Arches/H/513
Arches E 8/33VAUGHAN V JACKETT1685Arches/E/8/33
Arches Aa 95/8BONHAM V BONHAM1800Arches/Aa/95/8
Arches Aa 34/74HALL V HALL1727Arches/Aa/34/74
Arches E 27/14-16SCRIMSHIRE [recte SCRIMSHER] V NEALE1722-1723Arches/E/27/14-6
Arches Bb 94/1ARABIN V ARABIN1787Arches/Bb/94/1
Arches A 26ALDERMAN V ALDERMAN1712Arches/A/26/3
Arches D 1275LEWIS V WALLIS [recte WATIS]1685Arches/D/1275
Arches D 693EVANS V EVANS1791Arches/D/693
Arches C 5 f.97PHILLIPS V PHILLIPS1744Arches/C/5/97
Arches C 4 f.133ABERCROMBY V TIMBERLAKE AND BIRD1718Arches/C/4/133
Arches D 1079HOPPER V FREIND1705Arches/D/1079
Arches Bb 96/18BARHAM V BARHAM1789Arches/Bb/96/18
Arches Aa 26/73TERRY V TERRY1719Arches/Aa/26/73
Arches Aa 33/67BABER V BABER1727Arches/Aa/33/67
Arches E 7/105,106,107ENGLISH V ENGLISH AND BLOUNT1683Arches/E/7/105,106,107
Arches C 4 f.175SPENDER V FITZGERALD1720Arches/C/4/175
Arches Aa 71/22MUSGRAVE V RUSSELL1776Arches/Aa/71/22
Arches G 133/47EARLE V HOLLAND1762Arches/G/133/47
Arches B 15/133HAND V COOPER1728Arches/B/15/133
Arches Bb 106/6BROMER V BROMER1799Arches/Bb/106/6
Arches Aa 69/11EVELYN V EVELYN1772Arches/Aa/69/11
Arches Aa 25/63CART V CART1717Arches/Aa/25/63
Arches Aa 84/24BARHAM V BARHAM1789Arches/Aa/84/24
Arches G 88/15CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/G/88/15
Arches Aa 84/22DODWELL V DODWELL1789Arches/Aa/84/22
Arches A 23RUSSELL V GRANT1701Arches/A/23/165
Arches C 2 f.707THRUSTERAM V SILVEY1697Arches/C/2/707
Arches H 375/1-7KING V SANSOM1826Arches/H/375
Arches G 154/95BEAMISH V SMITH1790Arches/G/154/95
Arches D 2189WARREN V WARREN1710Arches/D/2189
Arches B 13/95MIDDLETON V BROME1700Arches/B/13/95
Arches E 9/35VAUGHAN V JACKETT1685Arches/E/9/35
Arches Bb 97/40NASH V NASH1790Arches/Bb/97/40
Arches C 2 f.198ELLIS V BRIAR1685Arches/C/2/198
Arches D 812GARRAWAY V GRAVETT1695Arches/D/812
Arches A 16LLOYD V JEFFERYES1683Arches/A/16/176
Arches D 786FRITH V STRUTTON1702Arches/D/786
Arches H 446/1-6BIRNIE V WELLER AND ELLIOTT1830Arches/H/446
Arches Aa 86/20NASH V NASH1790Arches/Aa/86/20
Arches C 1 ff. 441-2LEACH V PEACOCKE1680Arches/C/1/441-2
Arches D 998,2306HEAD V MOORE1732Arches/D/998,2306
Arches C 2 f.472PECK V CALDWELL1691Arches/C/2/472
Arches Aa 32/82SIMSON V SIMSON1724Arches/Aa/32/82
Arches C 2 f.509SUTTON V SUTTON1692Arches/C/2/509
Arches B 19/62BROOK V LITTLEHALES1774Arches/B/19/62
Arches G 1a/16CHAMBLET V CHAMBLET1700Arches/G/1a/16
Arches Aa 34/13BABER V BABER1727Arches/Aa/34/13
Arches E 29/46TRISTRAM V AYRES1728Arches/E/29/46
Arches B 19/80RYBOT V RYBOT1788Arches/B/19/80
Arches Aa 70/8SAUNDERS AND SMITH V MINTERN1773Arches/Aa/70/8
Arches E 26/3CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/E/26/3
Arches B 3/41Emanuel de Creitz v Elizabeth Abraham (London): nullity of marriage5 July 1639Arches/B/3/41
Arches C 3 f .142DERKSON V COLEBRAND1707Arches/C/3/142
Arches A 18ELLIS V BRIAR1685Arches/A/18/85
Arches B 14/92ANDERSON V SHERARD1706Arches/B/14/92
Arches Ee 3 f. 344HUNGATE V PARKER1669Arches/Ee/3/344
Arches Aa 24/154CART V CART1717Arches/Aa/24/154
Arches A 16SKRIMPSHIRE V PARKER1684Arches/A/16/250
Arches A 24PHEASANT V PHEASANT1703Arches/A/24/174
Arches D 1071HONEYCOTT V MILES AND BOYLSTON1719Arches/D/1071
Arches C 2 f.748HOLDER V KAVANAGH1698Arches/C/2/748
Arches Aa 20/89SHORTHOSE V WOODWARD, ETC.1709Arches/Aa/20/89
Arches G 34/1WYSEMAN V EVERLEY1684Arches/G/34/1
Arches Aa 27/125DUBORDIEU V MALLARD1720Arches/Aa/27/125
Arches D 478COPLEY V COPLEY1748Arches/D/478
Arches G 153/40-2WALLACE V WALLACE1790Arches/G/153/40-2
Arches Aa 86/39WILMOT V WILMOT1791Arches/Aa/86/39
Arches C 6/139BEAMISH V SMITH1790Arches/C/6/139
Arches A 14THOMPSON V WICKHAM1680Arches/A/14/300
Arches C 5 f.78BLEW V BARNARD1743Arches/C/5/78
Arches A 25RUDGE V NEGUS1707Arches/A/25/207
Arches G 153/59BINGHAM V PORTLAND1793Arches/G/153/59
Arches D 451COLLETT V COLLETT1838Arches/D/451
Arches Aa 69/48BROOK V LITTLEHALES1774Arches/Aa/69/48
Arches Aa 93/12BOOTH V MITCHELL AND LISTER1798Arches/Aa/93/12
Arches G 104/12,13NUTT V NUTT1731Arches/G/104/12,13
Arches Aa 34/19BABER V BABER1727Arches/Aa/34/19
Arches E 10/16HARE V BURRETT1690Arches/E/10/16
Arches D 1202KING V SANSOM1826Arches/D/1202
Arches C 5 f.147ROACH V DANIEL1749Arches/C/5/147
Arches B 16/233LILLY V HARDY1750Arches/B/16/233
Arches C 6/97GRESSE V GRESSE1781Arches/C/6/97
Arches D 1045SAMBEE V HINDE1685Arches/D/1045
Arches A 26DOUNDNEY V SIMPSON1713Arches/A/26/124a
Arches D 238BRETTELL V UMFREVILLE1749Arches/D/238
Arches J 13/30MEACHAM V HAWKINS1730Arches/J/13/30
Arches Aa 26/50TERRY V TERRY1719Arches/Aa/26/50
Arches Aa 86/34WALLACE V WALLACE1790Arches/Aa/86/34
Arches Aa 21/70GLANFIELD V GLANFIELD1712Arches/Aa/21/70
Arches E 8/46PERCIVAL V STRETCH1685Arches/E/8/46
Arches D 139BEAURAIN V BEAURAIN1808Arches/D/139
Arches A 30PARSEY V WILKIN1738Arches/A/30/144
Arches B 13/120GARWOOD V GARWOOD1701Arches/B/13/120
Arches Aa 81/6WILLSON V MORRIS1786Arches/Aa/81/6
Arches B 19/28BRETTELL V WILMOTT AND KING1758Arches/B/19/28
Arches Aa 90/19POPKIN V POPKIN1795Arches/Aa/90/19
Arches C 3 f.250HARGRAVE V HERNE1710Arches/C/3/250
Arches Aa 26/96WILKINS V TAYLOR1719Arches/Aa/26/96
Arches J 10/56COLE AND COOK V BRAYTHWAYT1722Arches/J/10/56
Arches A 18BEST V PHILLIPSON1686Arches/A/18/24
Arches A 19RAVEN V BROWNE1688Arches/A/19/209
Arches C 4 f.148TERRY V TERRY1719Arches/C/4/148
Arches A 31RODON V RODON1743Arches/A/31/143
Arches D 1999STONE V HARWOOD1733Arches/D/1999
Arches E 50/9BARKER V PLATER1672Arches/E/50/9
Arches B 16/22STETTENER V POCOCK1727Arches/B/16/22
Arches D 1381MEACHAM V HAWKINS1730Arches/D/1381
Arches Aa 71/10ELIOT V ELIOT1775Arches/Aa/71/10
Arches Bb 89/9NEWTON V NEWTON1782Arches/Bb/89/9
Arches E 25/24BEDALL V HUSSEY1721Arches/E/25/24
Arches C 4 f.269BABER V BABER1727Arches/C/4/269
Arches Aa 24/220,221CART V CART1717Arches/Aa/24/220,221
Arches D 869GREENHILL V GREENHILL1837Arches/D/869
Arches A 23FREMAN V SAVAGE1702Arches/A/23/63
Arches Bb 105/13, 14WILLIAMS V WILLIAMS1798Arches/Bb/105/13, 14
Arches Aa 30/61SCRIMSHIRE [recte SCRIMSHER] V NEALE1722Arches/Aa/30/61
Arches E 3/268LOCKYER V DANVAS1670Arches/E/3/268
Arches D 2147VERELEST V VERELEST [recte VERELST V VERELST]1813Arches/D/2147
Arches D 932HAND V COOPER1728Arches/D/932
Arches Aaa 39MANBY V MANBY1809Arches/Aaa/39/a82
Arches D 1206KINSMAN V KINSMAN1681Arches/D/1206
Arches C 1 f.415KEMP V KNIGHTSBRIDGE [recte KNIGHTBRIDGE]1680Arches/C/1/415
Arches A 19LAXTON V HAYES1688Arches/A/19/160
Arches D 2198WEEDON V WEEDON1708Arches/D/2198
Arches D 1506NUNN V VARTY AND MOPSEY1841Arches/D/1506
Arches D 2228WESCOMBE V DODDS1751Arches/D/2228
Arches D 184BLAKISTON V BARNARD1743Arches/D/184
Arches B 14/6,7WILSON AND ASHLEY V WEST1702Arches/B/14/6,7
Arches Aa 35/75ASHTON V HORNE1728Arches/Aa/35/75
Arches Bb 105/12PARKER V PARKER1798Arches/Bb/105/12
Arches Aa 98/7, 18MITCHELSON V MITCHELSON1803Arches/Aa/98/7, 18
Arches C 3 f.67KENNETT V WELLS1705Arches/C/3/67
Arches B 2/6Richard Jackson v Elizabeth Hearne (London): espousals23 Feb 1623Arches/B/2/6
Arches Aa 96/21OLIVER V OLIVER1801Arches/Aa/96/21
Arches D 947JONES V HARPER1724Arches/D/947
Arches D 103BARHAM V BARHAM1789Arches/D/103
Arches Aa 86/17WALLACE V WALLACE1790Arches/Aa/86/17
Arches B 3/161Richard Tray, clerk v Edward Alchorne (London): office27 Jan 1640Arches/B/3/161
Arches Aa 76/6GRESSE V GRESSE1781Arches/Aa/76/6
Arches C 2 f.258NICHOLLS V NEW1685Arches/C/2/258
Arches Aa 33/11BRIDGEN V PIGEON1725Arches/Aa/33/11
Arches D 830GILLESPY V GILLESPY1807Arches/D/830
Arches B 15/55DUBORDIEU V MALLARD1720Arches/B/15/55
Arches Hh 40GRENSIDE V OBJICIENTS1901Arches/Hh/40
Arches G 1, f. 452COLE V COLE1674Arches/G/1/452
Arches A 25SALUSBURY V SALUSBURY1706Arches/A/25/208
Arches A 18WHITWELL V KEMBAR1686Arches/A/18/285
Arches A 15KIDDER V PUREFOY1682Arches/A/15/179
Arches Aa 30/33COLE AND COOK V BRAYTHWAYT1722Arches/Aa/30/33
Arches E 20/27CALVERT V CALVERT1710Arches/E/20/27
Arches E 3/319BEARSTOWE V COLLINS, ETC.1669Arches/E/3/319
Arches Aa 30/70SCRIMSHIRE [recte SCRIMSHER] V NEALE1722Arches/Aa/30/70
Arches B 15/54SPENDER V FITZGERALD1720Arches/B/15/54
Arches E 3/169HUNGATE V PARKER1669Arches/E/3/169
Arches G 84/60REBOW V BICKERTON AND BAKER1716Arches/G/84/60
Arches B 5/74BARKER V PLATER1672Arches/B/5/74
Arches C 2 f.622GARRAWAY V GRAVETT1695Arches/C/2/622
Arches G 2/74, 77COLLINS V COLLINS1709Arches/G/2/74, 77
Arches A 34CHANCE V SPRINGAY1768Arches/A/34/39
Arches A 5 ff. 296BLACKWELL V BURNEBY1668Arches/A/5/296
Arches Hhh 2/36KING V SANSOM1826Arches/Hhh/2/36
Arches A 16HARRIS V CARTER1683Arches/A/16/124
Arches E 41/152ELIOT V ELIOT1775Arches/E/41/152
Arches A 16BROCKHURST V LINDSEY1684Arches/A/16/43
Arches Aa 72/34VAUGHAN V VAUGHAN1777Arches/Aa/72/34
Arches C 3 f.210CARTER V MAGSON1709Arches/C/3/210
Arches B 9/96WILKINSON V BAYLY1677Arches/B/9/96
Arches G 1, f. 170BEARSTOWE V COLLINS, ETC.1669Arches/G/1/170
Arches D 757FLETCHER V FLETCHER1811Arches/D/757
Arches C 1 ff. 276-7FEILD V WEBB1671Arches/C/1/276-7
Arches C 1 ff. 156-7WELCH V REYLAND1667Arches/C/1/156-7
Arches D 75AUSTIN V AUSTIN1703Arches/D/75
Arches Aa 30/148RUBY V HUDD1724Arches/Aa/30/148
Arches A 26WELLS V LANGLEY1710Arches/A/26/354
Arches A 27SALTER V HALLS AND GOODWIN1729Arches/A/27/175
Arches J 22/2HAWEIS V SELLON1780Arches/J/22/2
Arches D 2138VELEY AND JOSLIN V GOSLING1842Arches/D/2138
Arches B 17/117TURST V TURST1739Arches/B/17/117
Arches D 196BLYTH V BLYTH1822Arches/D/196
Arches Aa 93/19SWEARS V WILSON1797Arches/Aa/93/19
Arches Aa 25/27CART V CART1717Arches/Aa/25/27
Arches H 155/1-10DALRYMPLE V GORDON1811Arches/H/155
Arches C 6/174BROMER V BROMER1799Arches/C/6/174
Arches B 13/128HARRIS V LINGARD1702Arches/B/13/128
Arches B 16/224BRETTELL V UMFREVILLE1749Arches/B/16/224
Arches A 19SAMMON V MOMFORD1690Arches/A/19/229
Arches A 19HARDING V FRY1690Arches/A/19/122
Arches A 30WALTHOE V WALTHOE1738Arches/A/30/198
Arches C 2 f.80SPEED V ARIS1683Arches/C/2/80
Arches D 1496GRIGG V NORRIS1677Arches/D/1496
Arches A 26BLAKE V PEIRCE1711Arches/A/26/41
Arches C 3 f.223WELLS V LANGLEY1710Arches/C/3/223
Arches C 2 f.649STEVENS V DYER1696Arches/C/2/649
Arches A 15HOLGATE V RICHMAN AND FEILD1681Arches/A/15/156
Arches A 25DERKSON V COLEBRAND1707Arches/A/25/69
Arches A 22HOUBLON V MILNER1697Arches/A/22/117
Arches D 424CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/D/424
Arches B 7/84ANDERSON V WARNER1668Arches/B/7/84
Arches B 15/105BRIDGEN V PIGEON1725Arches/B/15/105
Arches Aa 97/8OLDHAM V OLDHAM1800Arches/Aa/97/8
Arches D 634WALLACE V WALLACE1790Arches/D/634
Arches A 17HARRIS V KIFFIN1685Arches/A/17/88
Arches B 13/117NEVILE V NEVILE1700Arches/B/13/117
Arches B 5/61STEPHENS V STEPHENS1671Arches/B/5/61
Arches A 15KEMP V KNIGHTSBRIDGE [recte KNIGHTBRIDGE]1680Arches/A/15/177
Arches A 15ELBOROW V WINCOPP1681Arches/A/15/93
Arches Aa 72/20SMYTH V SMYTH1776Arches/Aa/72/20
Arches D 329,330BURTON V COLLYER1710Arches/D/329,330
Arches A 16WYSEMAN V EVERLEY1684Arches/A/16/313
Arches A 18FURNIS V SAYWELL1689Arches/A/18/104
Arches A 35 ff. 218,220,222,224,227,234,239SCHUTZ V SCHUTZ1772Arches/A/35/218,220,222,224,227,234,239
Arches D 2017SUTTON V SUTTON1692Arches/D/2017
Arches B 15/150RIMBRONE V JAY AND ROSSER 1730:Arches/B/15/150
Arches Aa 32/29MURRAY V SOPER1724Arches/Aa/32/29
Arches Aa 81/43WOOD V WOOD1786Arches/Aa/81/43
Arches A 19BENNETT V ROBERTS1690Arches/A/19/19
Arches E 1/305-6MIDDLETON V MIDDLETON1662Arches/E/1/305-6
Arches A 18HOLMES V FREELAND1685Arches/A/18/131
Arches B 15/34BEDALL V HUSSEY1721Arches/B/15/34
Arches A 24HARRIS V CROCKER1703Arches/A/24/88
Arches C 6/121ARABIN V ARABIN1787Arches/C/6/121
Arches D 1647PEAD V STANSFIELD1691Arches/D/1647
Arches C 3 f.85GOODYEAR V GOODYEAR1704Arches/C/3/85
Arches Aa 72/5KINGSTON V BRISTOL1777Arches/Aa/72/5
Arches Aaa 45SCRIVENER V SCRIVENER1836Arches/Aaa/45/a86
Arches A 22WATTS V WORSELEY1699Arches/A/22/234
Arches G 102/111CHARLES V CHARLES1731Arches/G/102/111
Arches G 153/36WALLACE V WALLACE1790Arches/G/153/36
Arches A 16BROMELEY V BEAUCHAMP1684Arches/A/16/44
Arches A 19ATKINS V CASTLETON1690Arches/A/19/7
Arches Aa 22/115SEYRIE V BROCKETT1715Arches/Aa/22/115
Arches A 20JENNINGS V PAGE1693Arches/A/20/157
Arches A 19WHITWELL V KEMBAR1686Arches/A/19/281
Arches Aa 25/54ABERCROMBY V TIMBERLAKE AND BIRD1718Arches/Aa/25/54
Arches A 19WYBARD, ETC. V MARSH1689Arches/A/19/298
Arches A 21BAKER V PRICE1696Arches/A/21/7
Arches C 3 ff. 213-4DAWSON V NICHOLSON AND NORTON1709Arches/C/3/213-4
Arches A 17ELLIS V BRIAR1685Arches/A/17/59
Arches A 21WATSON V BOWDEN1696Arches/A/21/259
Arches A 21STEVENS V DYER1696Arches/A/21/235
Arches Aa 30/53SCRIMSHIRE [recte SCRIMSHER] V NEALE1722Arches/Aa/30/53
Arches C 6/143CHAMBERS V FRAZER1792Arches/C/6/143
Arches Aa 85/32BARHAM V BARHAM1789Arches/Aa/85/32
Arches D 1749RIX V RIX1776Arches/D/1749
Arches A 20HAWKER V COOKE1691Arches/A/20/131
Arches Bb 87/5, 6MARTYN V HIND1780Arches/Bb/87/5, 6
Arches B 16/158PARSEY V WILKIN1738Arches/B/16/158
Arches Aa 89/20MOORSON V MOORSON1795Arches/Aa/89/20
Arches Aa 27/65SPENDER V FITZGERALD1720Arches/Aa/27/65
Arches B 14/302ALLEN V HYDE1716Arches/B/14/302
Arches E 30/144SCARR, ETC. V HOPKINS, ETC1734Arches/E/30/144
Arches A 22BAKER V PRICE1696Arches/A/22/10
Arches E 8/96VAUGHAN V JACKETT1685Arches/E/8/96
Arches A 22THRUSTERAM V SILVEY1697Arches/A/22/221
Arches E 20/15HARGRAVE V HERNE1710Arches/E/20/15
Arches B 16/208PHILLIPS V PHILLIPS1744Arches/B/16/208
Arches E 12/54,55STAPLETON V STAPLETON AND GAGE1696Arches/E/12/54,55
Arches D 2224BIRNIE V WELLER AND ELLIOTT1830Arches/D/2224
Arches A 24AUSTIN V AUSTIN1703Arches/A/24/4
Arches Aa 24/161CART V CART1717Arches/Aa/24/161
Arches A 33HENLEY V HENLEY1754Arches/A/33/75
Arches D 1738REYNOLDS V WARD1700Arches/D/1738
Arches A 26BOONE V HUDSON1708Arches/A/26/44
Arches A 23HARRIS V LINGARD1702Arches/A/23/78
Arches A 24ANDREWS V ANDREWS1702Arches/A/24/2
Arches D 1810MUSGRAVE V RUSSELL1776Arches/D/1810
Arches J 14/25,26LECHMERE AND DAVENPORT V DOBSON AND ROWMAN1732Arches/J/14/25,26
Arches Aa 24/143CART V CART1717Arches/Aa/24/143
Arches A 26PYKE V PYKE1711Arches/A/26/271
Arches A 24OWEN V SCURLOCKE1704Arches/A/24/162
Arches A 28HEAD V MOORE1732Arches/A/28/85
Arches G 104/10CHARLES V CHARLES1731Arches/G/104/10
Arches G 129/30BUTLER V DOLBEN1756Arches/G/129/30
Arches D 502CONRAN V LOWE1754Arches/D/502
Arches A 26LEONARD V LEONARD1712Arches/A/26/211
Arches Aa 97/9BONHAM V BONHAM1800Arches/Aa/97/9
Arches A 26SPINKE V SPINKE1712Arches/A/26/307
Arches Aa 23/93ALLEN V HYDE1716Arches/Aa/23/93
Arches G 119/47EVERS V MICHELL1744Arches/G/119/47
Arches A 23ANDREWS V ANDREWS1702Arches/A/23/2
Arches Hhh 2/8CHICHESTER V DONEGALL1821Arches/Hhh/2/8
Arches A 25GENTILL V GENTILL1706Arches/A/25/87
Arches A 25WEEDON V WEEDON1708Arches/A/25/256
Arches A 26BYFEILD V BYFEILD1711Arches/A/26/68
Arches A 25SPINKE V FARRANT1707Arches/A/25/225
Arches E 26/100TAYLOR V ACKERLY1721Arches/E/26/100
Arches A 18WYSEMAN V EVERLEY1684Arches/A/18/296
Arches J 21/22SAUNDERS AND SMITH V HEATHCOTE1773Arches/J/21/22
Arches A 26DAWSON V NICHOLSON AND NORTON1709Arches/A/26/112
Arches A 26VANSITTART V VANSITTART1711Arches/A/26/339
Arches A 26WEEDON V WEEDON1708Arches/A/26/353
Arches A 26WARREN V WARREN1710Arches/A/26/349
Arches A 26SPARKES V SPARKES1711Arches/A/26/306
Arches G 132/29STALLWOOD V JACKSON AND DENNE1758Arches/G/132/29
Arches B 14/286THORNE V RUSSELL1715Arches/B/14/286
Arches Aa 85/34WALLACE V WALLACE1790Arches/Aa/85/34
Arches D 2313WOOD V WOOD1786Arches/D/2313
Arches B 13/102HOLDER V KAVANAGH1698Arches/B/13/102
Arches E 1/283-6MIDDLETON V MIDDLETON1662Arches/E/1/283-6
Arches D 1187KENNETT V WELLS1705Arches/D/1187
Arches Aa 25/67CART V CART1717Arches/Aa/25/67
Arches A 24GOODYEAR V GOODYEAR1704Arches/A/24/81
Arches A 28RUDD V RUDD1731Arches/A/28/171
Arches C 3 f.281LEONARD V LEONARD1712Arches/C/3/281
Arches A 29CALDECOTT V CALDECOTT1734Arches/A/29/32
Arches A 35 ff. 230,234,239,242,244,250,254,256EVELYN V EVELYN1772Arches/A/35/230,234,239,242,244,250,254,256
Arches G 117/53BLAKISTON V BARNARD1743Arches/G/117/53
Arches Bb 85/31HARPER [recte HARPUR] V REEVE1778Arches/Bb/85/31
Arches A 29BELCHIER V PARKE AND GARDINER1735Arches/A/29/15
Arches Aa 73/1GRIMBALDERTON [recte GRIMBALDESTON] V ANDERSON1778Arches/Aa/73/1
Arches A 34EARLE V EARLE1766Arches/A/34/70
Arches B 16/89HARRINGTON AND STONE V LOTT1733Arches/B/16/89
Arches D 1994STORY V STORY1832Arches/D/1994
Arches A 20FARTHING V DUNTON1693Arches/A/20/88
Arches D 239BRETTELL V WILMOTT AND KING1758Arches/D/239
Arches E 45/10HAWEIS V SELLON1780Arches/E/45/10
Arches A 34TAVERNER V MICHELL1761Arches/A/34/217
Arches B 18/51GRESSE V GRESSE1781Arches/B/18/51
Arches D 1546BELCHIER V PARKE AND GARDINER1735Arches/D/1546
Arches Aa 28/130RAVEN AND PARSONS V GODFREY1721Arches/Aa/28/130
Arches A 32LASCELLES V LASCELLES1751Arches/A/32/99
Arches D 1833SAUNDERS AND SMITH V HEATHCOTE1773Arches/D/1833
Arches A 21JENNINGS V PAGE1693Arches/A/21/129
Arches G 2/76DAWSON V NICHOLSON AND NORTON1709Arches/G/2/76
Arches D 452COLLETT V COLLETT1844Arches/D/452
Arches D 669ELIOT V ELIOT1775Arches/D/669
Arches B 19/93HAYTER V HAYTER1796Arches/B/19/93
Arches D 1281LEWKNER V LEWKNER1690Arches/D/1281
Arches D 1840SAVILE V SAVILE1738Arches/D/1840
Arches E 8/86VANMULIEN V VANMULIEN1686Arches/E/8/86
Arches Aa 25/82CART V CART1717Arches/Aa/25/82
Arches D 1527OWEN V SCURLOCKE1704Arches/D/1527
Arches Bb 89/8NEWTON V NEWTON1782Arches/Bb/89/8
Arches Aa 20/94ASTELL V ROUSE1713Arches/Aa/20/94
Arches A 23WILSON AND ASHLEY V WEST1702Arches/A/23/210
Arches Aa 23/294CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/Aa/23/294
Arches A 35 ff. 53,54BORRADALE V BORRADALE1769Arches/A/35/53,54
Arches A 35 ff. 2,8,12,15,21,25,30,32,37WATERHOUSE V ARROWSMITH1768Arches/A/35/2,8,12,15,21,25,30,32,37
Arches Aa 74/42SIMES AND MALCHER V IBBETSON1780Arches/Aa/74/42
Arches C 4 f.236JONES V HARPER1724Arches/C/4/236
Arches Aa 70/39DOD V STEVENSON AND CHESELDEN1775Arches/Aa/70/39
Arches B 14/181WARREN V WARREN1710Arches/B/14/181
Arches E 36/187EVERS V MICHELL1744Arches/E/36/187
Arches D 2101TRISTRAM V AYRES1728Arches/D/2101
Arches G 153/51BINGHAM V PORTLAND1793Arches/G/153/51
Arches E 5/54FEILD V WEBB1671Arches/E/5/54
Arches E 34/1PARSEY V WILKIN1738Arches/E/34/1
Arches C 6/84SAUNDERS AND SMITH V HEATHCOTE1773Arches/C/6/84
Arches Aa 74/18BRISTOL V BRISTOL1779Arches/Aa/74/18
Arches Aaa 34LACEY V CHILD1786Arches/Aaa/34/a67
Arches E 1/291NICHOLLS V NICHOLLS1662Arches/E/1/291
Arches Aa 84/30RAYBOULD V RAYBOULD1789Arches/Aa/84/30
Arches J 14/40WILKINSON V HUXLEY1732Arches/J/14/40
Arches D 1951aSPINKE V VESSEY1707Arches/D/1951a
Arches D 1841BEVERLEY V SAVILLE1702Arches/D/1841
Arches Aaa 39FLETCHER V FLETCHER1811Arches/Aaa/39/a57
Arches Aaa 36ELWES V ELWES1796Arches/Aaa/36/a33
Arches A 26SEDGWICK V STONE1712Arches/A/26/292
Arches Aaa 39LOVEDEN V LOVEDEN1810Arches/Aaa/39/a80
Arches C 5 f.64KEITH V TREBECK1741Arches/C/5/64
Arches A 28PICKERING V FILKIN1731Arches/A/28/154
Arches D 862,863GRAY V SALLIS1739Arches/D/862,863
Arches A 18NICHOLLS V NEW1685Arches/A/18/184
Arches A 24BUCK V QUILTER1704Arches/A/24/25
Arches C 3 f.31GARWOOD V GARWOOD1701Arches/C/3/31
Arches A 26BURTON V COLLYER1710Arches/A/26/67
Arches D 1520OSBORNE V GOLDHAM1808Arches/D/1520
Arches Aaa 44SARGEAUNT V SARGEAUNT1833Arches/Aaa/44/a80
Arches Aa 26/60TERRY V TERRY1719Arches/Aa/26/60
Arches A 28CHOLMLEY V COPE1734Arches/A/28/40
Arches Aa 94/10PARKER V PARKER1798Arches/Aa/94/10
Arches Aa 31/118JONES V HARPER1724Arches/Aa/31/118
Arches A 17MINORS V SMITH1684Arches/A/17/127
Arches Aaa 34MALO V MALO1797Arches/Aaa/34/a76
Arches G 3/8SHORTHOSE V WOODWARD, ETC.1709Arches/G/3/8
Arches E 36/55GRAY V SALLIS1739Arches/E/36/55
Arches B 14/208DE LISLE [recte D' LISLE] V CARY1711Arches/B/14/208
Arches C 4 f.85REBOW V BICKERTON AND BAKER1716Arches/C/4/85
Arches A 31BAMBRIDGE V BAMBRIDGE1746Arches/A/31/9
Arches Aa 90/32POPKIN V POPKIN1795Arches/Aa/90/32
Arches A 24KENNETT V WELLS1705Arches/A/24/120
Arches B 14/251GLANFIELD V GLANFIELD1712Arches/B/14/251
Arches B 15/175MEACHAM V HAWKINS1730Arches/B/15/175
Arches E 48/37WILLIAMS V WILLIAMS1798Arches/E/48/37
Arches Aaa 35EVANS V EVANS1791Arches/Aaa/35/a35
Arches G 77/7GREGORY V ATTERBURY AND HALL1707Arches/G/77/7
Arches C 4 ff. 210-1SCRIMSHIRE [recte SCRIMSHER] V NEALE1722Arches/C/4/210-1
Arches B 5/131NEVE V GARRET1679Arches/B/5/131
Arches Aaa 35aELWES V ELWES1796Arches/Aaa/35a/a27
Arches E 45/67EVANS V EVANS1791Arches/E/45/67
Arches Aaa 35COGHLAN V COGHLAN1790Arches/Aaa/35/a23
Arches Aaa 35aCADOGAN V CADOGAN1796Arches/Aaa/35a/a16
Arches Aaa 35aSWEARS V WILSON1797Arches/Aaa/35a/a65
Arches Aaa 37BONHAM V BONHAM1800Arches/Aaa/37/a12
Arches Aaa 35DODWELL V DODWELL1789Arches/Aaa/35/a33
Arches Aaa 35aPOPKIN V POPKIN1795Arches/Aaa/35a/a51
Arches B 8/177FEILD V WEBB1671Arches/B/8/177
Arches Aaa 35aLEVI V ADAMS1795Arches/Aaa/35a/a42
Arches B 19/31LEEDS [recte LAMBORN, LAMBOURN, LEMBORN, LEMBOURN] V LEEDS1759Arches/B/19/31
Arches Aaa 36BOOTH V MITCHELL AND LISTER1798Arches/Aaa/36/a11
Arches A 28FILKIN V PICKERING1731Arches/A/28/65
Arches D 1336LYONS V CALLOW1737Arches/D/1336
Arches Aaa 37TENSH V TENSH (TEUSH v TEUSH)1805Arches/Aaa/37/a92
Arches Aaa 38ROBINSON V ASTELL1808Arches/Aaa/38/a66
Arches D 2301WILSON AND ASHLEY V WEST1702Arches/D/2301
Arches Aaa 41LIVIE V MACKINTOSH1821Arches/Aaa/41/a45
Arches Aaa 40BARRON V BARRON1816Arches/Aaa/40/a9
Arches Aaa 41BARRON V BARRON1816Arches/Aaa/41/a5
Arches Aaa 41BLYTH V BLYTH1822Arches/Aaa/41/a7
Arches Aaa 43REEVE V MARTIN1828Arches/Aaa/43/a78
Arches B 15/192SMALLWOOD AND LOCKSWOOD [recte LOCKWOOD] V FELL1731Arches/B/15/192
Arches A 23BROXUP V BROWNE1701Arches/A/23/26
Arches A 30GRAY V SALLIS1739Arches/A/30/85
Arches D 1987STETTENER V POCOCK1727Arches/D/1987
Arches Aa 30/56COLE AND COOK V BRAYTHWAYT1722Arches/Aa/30/56
Arches A 27ASHTON V HORNE1728Arches/A/27/4
Arches B 16/216EVERS V MICHELL1744Arches/B/16/216
Arches B 14/159COLLINS V COLLINS1709Arches/B/14/159
Arches Aaa 42BALL V BALL1825Arches/Aaa/42/a6
Arches Aaa 43SMITH V CURTIS AND MILLS1827Arches/Aaa/43/a89
Arches Aaa 43HARRIS V HARRIS1829Arches/Aaa/43/a53
Arches Aaa 42BARKER V BARKER1823Arches/Aaa/42/a8
Arches Aaa 42GREGG V GREGG1824Arches/Aaa/42/a46
Arches Aaa 34ARABIN V ARABIN1787Arches/Aaa/34/a6
Arches Aaa 43MACLEAN V MACLEAN1829Arches/Aaa/43/a68
Arches Aaa 44MACLEAN V MACLEAN1829Arches/Aaa/44/a63
Arches Aaa 43FLINTON V FLINTON1828Arches/Aaa/43/a41
Arches Aaa 46EVANS V EVANS1844Arches/Aaa/46/a33
Arches Aaa 43PORTSMOUTH V PORTSMOUTH1825Arches/Aaa/43/a76
Arches Aaa 45LOCKWOOD V LOCKWOOD1839Arches/Aaa/45/a67
Arches C 6/78FAIKNEY V LONG AND CHADLEY1773Arches/C/6/78
Arches Aaa 44HARRIS V HARRIS1829Arches/Aaa/44/a41
Arches Aaa 44HEATHCOTE V HEATHCOTE1833Arches/Aaa/44/a45
Arches Aaa 45BROWN V WILLIAMS1835Arches/Aaa/45/a14
Arches Aaa 44SMYTH V SMYTH1831Arches/Aaa/44/a86
Arches Aaa 44BROWNE V BROWNE1833Arches/Aaa/44/a19
Arches Aaa 46PEMBERTON V PEMBERTON1840Arches/Aaa/46/a82
Arches C 5 f.99EVERS V MICHELL1744Arches/C/5/99
Arches Aaa 46LOCKWOOD V LOCKWOOD1839Arches/Aaa/46/a63
Arches E 2/173,174EVERARD V ATWOOD1666Arches/E/2/173,174
Arches B 17/39ATIPPING V ROBERTS1735Arches/B/17/39A
Arches A 16SPEED V ARIS1683Arches/A/16/257
Arches Aaa 46GRAVES V GRAVES1842Arches/Aaa/46/a43
Arches Aaa 48STORY V STORY1851Arches/Aaa/48/a90
Arches B 19/85WALLACE V WALLACE1790Arches/B/19/85
Arches Aaa 49CHESNUTT V CHESNUTT1854Arches/Aaa/49/a18
Arches Aaa 47STONE V STONE1844Arches/Aaa/47/a85
Arches A 18SAMBEE V HINDE1685Arches/A/18/230
Arches A 17SPEED V ARIS1683Arches/A/17/187
Arches Aa 26/116HONEYCOTT V MILES AND BOYLSTON1719Arches/Aa/26/116
Arches Aaa 47SIMMONS V SIMMONS1847Arches/Aaa/47/a83
Arches Aaa 49DAVIDSON V DAVIDSON1856Arches/Aaa/49/a23
Arches Aaa 47PHILLIPS V PHILLIPS1845Arches/Aaa/47/a74
Arches E 45/118BROMER V BROMER1799Arches/E/45/118
Arches B 17/82LYONS V CALLOW1737Arches/B/17/82
Arches Aa 89/1,7AUGUSTUS FREDERICK V MURRAY1794Arches/Aa/89/1,7
Arches G 1a/51WESTON V WESTON1689Arches/G/1a/51
Arches C 3 f.19RYLEY V BARKLEY, ETC.1700Arches/C/3/19
Arches A 18BROMLY V KEY AND BURMAN1686Arches/A/18/33
Arches E 3/3BOUCHER V MERRYALL, ETC.1667Arches/E/3/3
Arches E 1/30FORD V DENNING1662Arches/E/1/30
Arches D 1774ROACH V DANIEL1749Arches/D/1774
Arches Aaa 39CHAMBERS V CHAMBERS1810Arches/Aaa/39/a31
Arches Aaa 35BAYLEY V BRADBURN1790Arches/Aaa/35/a6
Arches Aaa 38LOVEDEN V LOVEDEN1810Arches/Aaa/38/a43
Arches Aaa 34RYBOT V RYBOT1788Arches/Aaa/34/a105
Arches A 28BLAND, ETC. V LECHMERE AND LATEWARD1731Arches/A/28/15
Arches Aaa 35BARHAM V BARHAM1789Arches/Aaa/35/a4
Arches Aaa 38CHAMBERS V CHAMBERS1810Arches/Aaa/38/a18
Arches A 30TIPPING V ROBERTS1735Arches/A/30/190
Arches Bb 103/4HAYTER V HAYTER1796Arches/Bb/103/4
Arches E 45/8MARTYN V HIND1780Arches/E/45/8
Arches D 917HALL V HALL1727Arches/D/917
Arches C 2 ff. 420,715WESTON V WESTON1689Arches/C/2/420,715
Arches A 17SKRIMPSHIRE V PARKER1684Arches/A/17/179
Arches Aaa 45GREENHILL V GREENHILL1837Arches/Aaa/45/a45
Arches E 37/99WHITMORE V WHITMORE1751Arches/E/37/99
Arches Aa 71/48RIX V RIX1776Arches/Aa/71/48
Arches D 1114SIMES AND MALCHER V IBBETSON1780Arches/D/1114
Arches A 13 f. 24GODDEN V GODDEN1677Arches/A/13/24
Arches Aaa 34FERRERS V FERRERS1789Arches/Aaa/34/a47
Arches C 1 ff. 202-3WATTS V HOWELL1669Arches/C/1/202-3
Arches A 21CLEWER V DAVIS1694Arches/A/21/56
Arches Aa 32/60,61SIMSON V SIMSON1724Arches/Aa/32/60,61
Arches B 5/177PORTER V HENDERSON1695Arches/B/5/177
Arches A 21LITTLE V CLARE1694Arches/A/21/151
Arches A 35 ff. 109,116,178,182,184,191,192,195,221,226COMPTON V COMPTON1770Arches/A/35/109,116,178,182,184,191,192,195,221,226
Arches A 17WYSEMAN V EVERLEY1684Arches/A/17/229
Arches Aaa 39DUNDAS V DUNDAS1814Arches/Aaa/39/a51
Arches A 22POWELL V NOBLE1696Arches/A/22/175
Arches C 3 f.265DE LISLE [recte D' LISLE] V CARY1711Arches/C/3/265
Arches E 7/69RYTHERDON V HICKS1682Arches/E/7/69
Arches E 38/27HOLMES V HOLMES1754Arches/E/38/27
Arches E 3/102,103HODGSKINS V CARTWRIGHT1668Arches/E/3/102,103
Arches A 22CLEWER V DAVIS1694Arches/A/22/48
Arches B 17/188BRETTELL V UMFREVILLE1749Arches/B/17/188
Arches E 34/35SCARR, ETC. V HOPKINS, ETC1734Arches/E/34/35
Arches A 27MYRE V FRANCIS [recte FRANCIA]1730Arches/A/27/145
Arches Aa 21/9SHARPE V FORRESTER1714Arches/Aa/21/9
Arches D 1715RAY V SHERWOOD AND RAY1836Arches/D/1715
Arches A 32COKE V COKE1750Arches/A/32/39
Arches G 6/4HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/G/6/4
Arches A 35 ff. 229,252HANFORTH V HANFORTH1772Arches/A/35/229,252
Arches D 350CADOGAN V CADOGAN1796Arches/D/350
Arches E 9/39VAUGHAN V JACKETT1685Arches/E/9/39
Arches B 13/119DEY V DEY1701Arches/B/13/119
Arches J 7/109FINLAY V TRAPP1712Arches/J/7/109
Arches G 155/3BARHAM V BARHAM1789Arches/G/155/3
Arches D 1312LOVEDEN V LOVEDEN1810Arches/D/1312
Arches A 25BROWNE V BROWNE1707Arches/A/25/31
Arches B 13/123HARRIS V LINGARD1702Arches/B/13/123
Arches A 25ROWE V TAYLOR1706Arches/A/25/206
Arches G 80/3HARGRAVE V HERNE1710Arches/G/80/3
Arches A 29KEEPE V KEEPE1737Arches/A/29/89
Arches Bb 92/5, 6FIRMIN AND HUDSON V HOY AND KIDDLE1785Arches/Bb/92/5, 6
Arches B 18/3CONRAN V LOWE1754Arches/B/18/3
Arches E 41/135SAUNDERS AND SMITH V HEATHCOTE1773Arches/E/41/135
Arches H 100/1-3STONE V BISHOP1808Arches/H/100
Arches A 23NEVILE V NEVILE1700Arches/A/23/137
Arches A 27WOOD V COUCHMAN1728Arches/A/27/218
Arches A 35 ff. 222,226,228,231,244WARREN V WARREN1772Arches/A/35/222,226,228,231,244
Arches E 36/46GRAY V SALLIS1739Arches/E/36/46
Arches E 31/21WOOD V COUCHMAN1728Arches/E/31/21
Arches D 1910SMALLWOOD AND LOCKSWOOD [recte LOCKWOOD] V FELL1731Arches/D/1910
Arches D 1205KEMP V KNIGHTSBRIDGE [recte KNIGHTBRIDGE]1680Arches/D/1205
Arches D 1843SCARR, ETC. V HOPKINS, ETC1734Arches/D/1843
Arches Aaa 38TURNER V TURNER1808Arches/Aaa/38/a82
Arches D 126BATTY V JASPER1739Arches/D/126
Arches A 16KINSMAN V KINSMAN1681Arches/A/16/166
Arches Aaa 46COLLETT V COLLETT1838Arches/Aaa/46/a23
Arches A 29TIPPING V ROBERTS1735Arches/A/29/164
Arches Aaa 37KEMP V FILEWOOD1804Arches/Aaa/37/a58
Arches Aaa 45MILLAR AND SIMES V PALMER AND KILBY1837Arches/Aaa/45/a69
Arches Aaa 36OLIVER V OLIVER1801Arches/Aaa/36/a58
Arches Aaa 49VELEY AND JOSLIN V GOSLING1842Arches/Aaa/49/a117
Arches Aaa 45PEMBERTON V PEMBERTON1838Arches/Aaa/45/a76
Arches E 26/106NEWBERRY V FRENCH1721Arches/E/26/106
Arches E 45/54RAYBOULD V RAYBOULD1789Arches/E/45/54
Arches A 14HUMFRIES V HUMFRIES1680Arches/A/14/166
Arches A 25BOONE V HUDSON1708Arches/A/25/27
Arches C 3 f.41DURAND V BAYLY [recte BAYLEY] AND CARTERET DE LA CLOCHE1701Arches/C/3/41
Arches G 120/15EVERS V MICHELL1744Arches/G/120/15
Arches J 22/8WORSLEY V WORSLEY1782Arches/J/22/8
Arches B 7/158HUNGATE V PARKER1669Arches/B/7/158
Arches E 47/52EVANS V EVANS1791Arches/E/47/52
Arches B 5/28EVERARD V ATWOOD1666Arches/B/5/28
Arches A 19LEWKNER V LEWKNER1690Arches/A/19/165
Arches A 30BATTY V JASPER1739Arches/A/30/15
Arches A 15LEACH V PEACOCKE1680Arches/A/15/183
Arches B 15/94ROWNTREE V PARR1726Arches/B/15/94
Arches A 26SMITH V GOATE1712Arches/A/26/301
Arches B 9/22GODDEN V GODDEN1674Arches/B/9/22
Arches A 19VAUGHAN V JACKETT1685Arches/A/19/273
Arches A 21AYLAND V FOX1694Arches/A/21/5
Arches E 7/72RYTHERDON V HICKS1682Arches/E/7/72
Arches A 2 ff. 133,138,148,152,159,166,174,187,196,203,221,234,245,291,300,301,315-316FORD V DENNING1662-1663Arches/A/2/133,138,148,152,159,166,174,187,196,203,221,234,245,291,300,301,315-316
Arches E 45/112PARKER V PARKER1798Arches/E/45/112
Arches G 153/102BROMER V BROMER1799Arches/G/153/102
Arches B 17/153RODON V RODON1743Arches/B/17/153
Arches J 21/4SCHUTZ V SCHUTZ1772Arches/J/21/4
Arches B 14/40OWEN V SCURLOCKE1704Arches/B/14/40
Arches E 18/6SPINKE V FARRANT1707Arches/E/18/6
Arches B 19/84RAYBOULD V RAYBOULD1789Arches/B/19/84
Arches E 45/81BINGHAM V PORTLAND1793Arches/E/45/81
Arches J 16/26TURST V TURST1739Arches/J/16/26
Arches G 149/45BRISTOL V BRISTOL1779Arches/G/149/45
Arches H 533/1-13CHESTERTON AND HUTCHINS V FARLAR1836Arches/H/533
Arches H 94/1-9OSBORNE V GOLDHAM1808Arches/H/94
Arches C 2 f.452JEFFERY V COLFORD AND GOUGE [recte GOUDGE]1690Arches/C/2/452
Arches D 203BOONE V HUDSON1708Arches/D/203
Arches G 82/8LEONARD V LEONARD1712Arches/G/82/8
Arches G 94/7,8SIMSON V SIMSON1724Arches/G/94/7,8
Arches E 35/34FREELOVE V SUTTON1747Arches/E/35/34
Arches Jj 9/28RYBOT V RYBOT1788Arches/Jj/9/28
Arches E 41/109COMPTON V COMPTON1770Arches/E/41/109
Arches D 1636PIDGEON V GREETUM1713Arches/D/1636
Arches E 6/152NEVE V GARRET1679Arches/E/6/152
Arches C 6/137NASH V NASH1790Arches/C/6/137
Arches C 2 f.638PORTER V HENDERSON1695Arches/C/2/638
Arches G 1a/317WILKINSON V BAYLY1677Arches/G/1a/317
Arches E 41/126FAIKNEY V LONG AND CHADLEY1773Arches/E/41/126
Arches E 12/81WYBARD, ETC. V GASCOIGNE, ETC.1699Arches/E/12/81
Arches G 149/35NAYLOR V NAYLOR1777Arches/G/149/35
Arches D 56ASTELL V ROUSE1713Arches/D/56
Arches E 41/57NICOLLS V RUTTER1768Arches/E/41/57
Arches Aa 74/21BRISTOL V BRISTOL1779Arches/Aa/74/21
Arches B 8/64LOCKYER V DANVAS1670Arches/B/8/64
Arches D 112BARRON V BARRON1816Arches/D/112
Arches J 10/11COLLINS V ADDISON1719Arches/J/10/11
Arches E 2/190,191NORCOTT V NORCOTT1666Arches/E/2/190,191
Arches Aaa 20MACROE V VINCENT1726Arches/Aaa/20/a
Arches Aa 27/91SPENDER V FITZGERALD1720Arches/Aa/27/91
Arches D 288BROXUP V BROWNE1701Arches/D/288
Arches G 173/1CADOGAN V CADOGAN1796Arches/G/173/1
Arches G 108/53SCARR, ETC. V HOPKINS, ETC1734Arches/G/108/53
Arches C 6/153MOORSON V MOORSON [MOORSOM V MOORSOM]1795Arches/C/6/153
Arches Aa 23/166MORGAN AND WYLDE V YOUNG AND MASTER1714Arches/Aa/23/166
Arches A 14LEACH V PEACOCKE1680Arches/A/14/186
Arches J 3/47WHITLAMB V WINDLE1692Arches/J/3/47
Arches G 128/14HOLMES V HOLMES1754Arches/G/128/14
Arches Aa 73/13PERKINS V PERKINS1778Arches/Aa/73/13
Arches D 865GREEN V KINNERSLEY1708Arches/D/865
Arches A 17SAMBEE V HINDE1685Arches/A/17/173
Arches C 4 f.193BEDALL V HUSSEY1721Arches/C/4/193
Arches B 15/200RUDD V RUDD1731Arches/B/15/200
Arches E 45/90MOORSON V MOORSON1795Arches/E/45/90
Arches G 100/77ROBINSON V CANTRELL1729Arches/G/100/77
Arches G 102/17LYDDELL V SMITH1730Arches/G/102/17
Arches A 15BALDWYN V YOUNG1682Arches/A/15/13
Arches D 1950SPINKE V FARRANT1707Arches/D/1950
Arches B 3/109William Bennett v Thomas Fly and Arthur Ducke LL.D. (London)2 Dec 1639Arches/B/3/109
Arches B 16/103CALDECOTT V CALDECOTT1734Arches/B/16/103
Arches A 36 ff. 4,7,8,12SAUNDERS AND SMITH V MINTERN1773Arches/A/36/4,7,8,12
Arches J 8/64.103DALE V DALE1715Arches/J/8/64.103
Arches G 93/27JONES V HARPER1724Arches/G/93/27
Arches E 38/2CONRAN V LOWE1754Arches/E/38/2
Arches E 9/29MILLISENT V MILLISENT1687Arches/E/9/29
Arches D 937HARDING V HARDING1731Arches/D/937
Arches H 479/1-22SMYTH V SMYTH1831Arches/H/479
Arches A 22BAVER V BAVER1696Arches/A/22/16
Arches C 6/60aWATERHOUSE V ARROWSMITH1768Arches/C/6/60a
Arches A 27MIDDLEBROOKE V GRIFFITH1728Arches/A/27/139
Arches A 23BRAGG V EAST1700Arches/A/23/20
Arches B 15/145STETTENER V POCOCK1727Arches/B/15/145
Arches A 32BRETTELL V UMFREVILLE1749Arches/A/32/23
Arches B 10/24KEMP V KNIGHTSBRIDGE [recte KNIGHTBRIDGE]1680Arches/B/10/24
Arches B 14/194BURTON V COLLYER1710Arches/B/14/194
Arches B 12/121PORTER V HENDERSON1695Arches/B/12/121
Arches A 9 ff. 12,20PICKMAN V LOAFE1671Arches/A/9/12,20
Arches B 14/182BURTON V COLLYER1710Arches/B/14/182
Arches A 15HUMFRIES V HUMFRIES1680Arches/A/15/162
Arches G 190/22GODDEN V GODDEN1674Arches/G/190/22
Arches G 155/45MIDDLETON V MIDDLETON1795Arches/G/155/45
Arches B 16/128WITHERINGTON V WAKELING AND BERRY1736Arches/B/16/128
Arches Aa 23/295ELDERTON V READING AND TILBURY1717Arches/Aa/23/295
Arches Aaa 39COOKE V COOKE1812Arches/Aaa/39/a38
Arches A 20JEFFERY V COLFORD AND GOUGE [recte GOUDGE]1690Arches/A/20/155
Arches Aaa 34WOOD V WOOD1786Arches/Aaa/34/a123
Arches A 28MEACHAM V HAWKINS1730Arches/A/28/124
Arches A 36 ff. 6,7,8,11FAIKNEY V LONG AND CHADLEY1773Arches/A/36/6,7,8,11
Arches B 14/217FINLAY V TRAPP1712Arches/B/14/217
Arches D 941HARE V BURRETT1690Arches/D/941
Arches B 19/66PERKINS V PERKINS1778Arches/B/19/66
Arches Aa 97/17MITCHELSON V MITCHELSON1803Arches/Aa/97/17
Arches A 15WARNE, ETC. V LAMMAS AND NEWMAN1681Arches/A/15/301
Arches A 18VAUGHAN V JACKETT1685Arches/A/18/271
Arches A 23HOLDER V KAVANAGH1698Arches/A/23/85
Arches E 12/61WESTON V WESTON1689Arches/E/12/61
Arches A 26WRIGHT V BRADLEY1711Arches/A/26/368
Arches A 23RYLEY V BARKLEY, ETC.1700Arches/A/23/168
Arches A 23CHAMBLET V CHAMBLET1700Arches/A/23/33
Arches A 28CHARLES V CHARLES1731Arches/A/28/39
Arches A 26WILES, ETC. V ADAMS1711Arches/A/26/358
Arches A 20BEDLE V NORTON AND THOROWGOOD1691Arches/A/20/23
Arches A 24SMYTHEIS [recte SMITHIES] V BRETT1703Arches/A/24/201
Arches Aaa 41BRISCO V BRISCO1818Arches/Aaa/41/a9
Arches Aaa 38MANBY V MANBY1809Arches/Aaa/38/a46
Arches B 15/74BCOLE AND COOK V BRAYTHWAYT1722Arches/B/15/74B
Arches A 28HARDING V HARDING1731Arches/A/28/79
Arches Aaa 37LANGSTON V STEPHENSON1804Arches/Aaa/37/a61
Arches Aaa 41BURGESS V BURGESS1818Arches/Aaa/41/a11
Arches Aaa 40BURGESS V BURGESS1818Arches/Aaa/40/a19
Arches Aaa 42KING V SANSOM1826Arches/Aaa/42/a56
Arches G 133/61COSTER V SCANDRETT AND LOVELL1762Arches/G/133/61
Arches Bb 87/16, 18HAWEIS V SELLON1780Arches/Bb/87/16, 18
Arches B 13/113WYBARD, ETC. V GASCOIGNE, ETC.1699Arches/B/13/113
Arches A 26WILLEY V ALTHAM, ETC.1709Arches/A/26/360
Arches Aa 27/53STANLEY V WARDLE1719Arches/Aa/27/53
Arches C 5 f.110BAMBRIDGE V BAMBRIDGE1746Arches/C/5/110
Arches Eee 12/16-20,45,54-64CLARKE V CLARKE1717-1718Arches/Eee/12/16-20,45,54-64
Arches E 19/2BOONE V HUDSON1708Arches/E/19/2
Arches E 4/16YOUNGER V YOUNGER1671Arches/E/4/16
Arches J 10/70,71,72,73SCRIMSHIRE [recte SCRIMSHER] V NEALE1722Arches/J/10/70,71,72,73
Arches E 15/65DE MORAIS V HARRISON1706Arches/E/15/65
Arches E 7/87,88ENGLISH V ENGLISH AND BLOUNT1683Arches/E/7/87,88
Arches D 2342YOUNG V WRIGHT, ETC.1730Arches/D/2342
Arches E 17/13SPINKE V FARRANT1707Arches/E/17/13
Arches E 8/2-5HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/E/8/2-5
Arches E 8/9-11HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/E/8/9-11
Arches B 2/2Hester Jackson v Susan Elmehirste (London): will of Hugh Bullocke, of London3 June 1622Arches/B/2/2
Arches H 489/1-11HEATHCOTE V HEATHCOTE1833Arches/H/489
Arches E 4/78STEPHENS V STEPHENS1671Arches/E/4/78
Arches A 7 ff. 131DEANE V LEE1670Arches/A/7/131
Arches A 33SEWELL, ETC. V TWYFORD AND MANN1754Arches/A/33/145
Arches F 8 ff. 203,204SPEED V ARIS1683Arches/F/8/203,204
Arches Aa 26/26TERRY V TERRY1719Arches/Aa/26/26
Arches E 18/16SPINKE V FARRANT1707Arches/E/18/16
Arches E 22/12SEDGWICK V STONE1712Arches/E/22/12
Arches Eee 10/309,311,314,316,317CALVERT V CALVERT1710Arches/Eee/10/309,311,314,316,317
Arches H 960/1-7SERJEANT, ETC. V DALE1875Arches/H/960
Arches Jj 7/38CALDECOTT V CALDECOTT1734Arches/Jj/7/38
Arches G 148/10RIX V RIX1776Arches/G/148/10
Arches A 23LEE V GARRETT1700Arches/A/23/105
Arches H 305/1-11CHICHESTER V DONEGALL1821Arches/H/305
Arches G 87/12CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/G/87/12
Arches G 155/78,79ELWES V ELWES1796Arches/G/155/78,79
Arches E 5/118PICK V WHITE1674Arches/E/5/118
Arches E 13/3NEVILE V NEVILE1700Arches/E/13/3
Arches B 14/56HOPPER V FREIND1705Arches/B/14/56
Arches E 31/14HAND V COOPER1728Arches/E/31/14
Arches D 1842SCALES V HOILE1829Arches/D/1842
Arches J 7/66BURTON V COLLYER1710Arches/J/7/66
Arches J 18/93SMITH V LOVEGROVE1755Arches/J/18/93
Arches B 7/57TYLER V BRIMSMEAD1665Arches/B/7/57
Arches D 815GARWOOD V GARWOOD1701Arches/D/815
Arches B 11/65WHITWELL V KEMBAR1686Arches/B/11/65
Arches J 7/33RUDGE V NEGUS1707Arches/J/7/33
Arches G 122/22LASCELLES V LASCELLES1751Arches/G/122/22
Arches J 19/30SCHUTZ V SCHUTZ1772Arches/J/19/30
Arches G 100/106ROBINSON V CANTRELL1729Arches/G/100/106
Arches J 6/31OWEN V SCURLOCKE1704Arches/J/6/31
Arches G 81/21ALTHAM V ALTHAM1712Arches/G/81/21
Arches E 28/41MURRAY V SOPER1724Arches/E/28/41
Arches G 152/5LEIGH V LEIGH1782Arches/G/152/5
Arches J 5/84WILSON AND ASHLEY V WEST1702Arches/J/5/84
Arches A 8 f.142STEPHENS V STEPHENS1671Arches/A/8/142-e
Arches E 18/5PICKARD V PICKARD1708Arches/E/18/5
Arches A 20PEAD V STANSFIELD1691Arches/A/20/207
Arches G 128/24HOLMES V HOLMES1754Arches/G/128/24
Arches H 36/1-13MITCHELSON V MITCHELSON1803Arches/H/36
Arches J 7/54BURTON V COLLYER1710Arches/J/7/54
Arches D 475COPE V BURT1809Arches/D/475
Arches E 22/37ASTELL V ROUSE1713Arches/E/22/37
Arches E 21/22aELMES V ELMES1711Arches/E/21/22/a
Arches H 63/1-8KEMP V FILEWOOD1804Arches/H/63
Arches D 1895SIMSON V SIMSON1724Arches/D/1895
Arches G 122/24LILLY V HARDY1750Arches/G/122/24
Arches B 15/74ARUBY V HUDD1724Arches/B/15/74A
Arches J 12/24STETTENER V POCOCK1727Arches/J/12/24
Arches C 4 f.243MURRAY V SOPER1724Arches/C/4/243
Arches G 123/111LILLY V HARDY1750Arches/G/123/111
Arches D 1467NASH V NASH1790Arches/D/1467
Arches B 17/201WHITMORE V WHITMORE1751Arches/B/17/201
Arches C 6/147RAYBOULD V RAYBOULD1789Arches/C/6/147
Arches D 1198KING V HILL1723Arches/D/1198
Arches Aa 74/41BURT V BURT1779Arches/Aa/74/41
Arches C 1 ff. 261-2PICKMAN V LOAFE1670Arches/C/1/261-2
Arches E 7/80RYTHERDON V HICKS1682Arches/E/7/80
Arches D 1949SPINKE V SPINKE1712Arches/D/1949
Arches D 873GRESSE V GRESSE1781Arches/D/873
Arches C 2 f.505WELLS V WELLS1692Arches/C/2/505
Arches D 2042,2043TENSH V TENSH (TEUSH v TEUSH)1805Arches/D/2042,2043
Arches D 742KEMP V FILEWOOD1804Arches/D/742
Arches Aa 88/2BEAMISH V SMITH1790Arches/Aa/88/2
Arches Aa 76/25,26GRESSE V GRESSE1781Arches/Aa/76/25,26
Arches G 102/64NUTT V NUTT1731Arches/G/102/64
Arches Aa 34/30BABER V BABER1727Arches/Aa/34/30
Arches D 641DYOTT V DYOTT1815Arches/D/641
Arches C 6/7HOLMES V HOLMES1754Arches/C/6/7
Arches B 14/164CARTER V MAGSON1709Arches/B/14/164
Arches D 1210KIRKMAN V KIRKMAN1807Arches/D/1210
Arches C 6/13SMITH V LOVEGROVE1755Arches/C/6/13
Arches G 154/66WILLIAMS V BOTT1789Arches/G/154/66
Arches B 18/11SMITH V LOVEGROVE1755Arches/B/18/11
Arches Aa 81/12BACKSHELL V BACKSHELL1786Arches/Aa/81/12
Arches D 242BRISTOL V BRISTOL1779Arches/D/242
Arches D 1188KENRICK V KENRICK1832Arches/D/1188
Arches B 16/108STONE V HARWOOD1733Arches/B/16/108
Arches Aa 34/35BABER V BABER1727Arches/Aa/34/35
Arches D 629DUBORDIEU V MALLARD1720Arches/D/629
Arches Aa 73/10GARLING V GARLING1778Arches/Aa/73/10
Arches Aa 84/18WILLIAMS V BOTT1789Arches/Aa/84/18
Arches D 407CHICHESTER V DONEGALL1821Arches/D/407
Arches Aa 77/5NEWTON V NEWTON1782Arches/Aa/77/5
Arches D 954HARRINGTON AND STONE V LOTT1733Arches/D/954
Arches G 156/2MARTYN V HIND1780Arches/G/156/2
Arches Aa 80/8FIRMIN AND HUDSON V HOY AND KIDDLE1785Arches/Aa/80/8
Arches E 36/183PHILLIPS V PHILLIPS1744Arches/E/36/183
Arches D 1865SEYRIE V BROCKETT1715Arches/D/1865
Arches A 23FRITH V STRUTTON1702Arches/A/23/64
Arches D 2124TURST V TURST1739Arches/D/2124
Arches Bb 86/16-18BRISTOL V BRISTOL1779Arches/Bb/86/16-18
Arches B 19/71MARTYN V HIND1780Arches/B/19/71
Arches H 615/1-4HARRISON V HARRISON1841Arches/H/615
Arches D 2041TERRY V TERRY1719Arches/D/2041
Arches D 417CLEWER V DAVIS1694Arches/D/417
Arches D 1573PEARSE V PEARSE1748Arches/D/1573
Arches A 20WHITLAMB V WINDLE1692Arches/A/20/292
Arches C 6/136EVANS V EVANS1791Arches/C/6/136
Arches D 1958DERBY V SPENCER1678Arches/D/1958
Arches C 4 f.249ROWNTREE V PARR1726Arches/C/4/249
Arches B 15/204PAGE V PHILPOT1731Arches/B/15/204
Arches B 11/44HOLMES V FREELAND1685Arches/B/11/44
Arches B 17/57TERRY V SHARPE1736Arches/B/17/57
Arches D 1070HOLMES V HOLMES1754Arches/D/1070
Arches D 1419MITCHELSON V MITCHELSON1803Arches/D/1419
Arches B 18/48ELIOT V ELIOT1775Arches/B/18/48
Arches C 5 f.133PEARSE V PEARSE1748Arches/C/5/133
Arches C 6/161CADOGAN V CADOGAN1796Arches/C/6/161
Arches C 4 f.65THORNE V RUSSELL1715Arches/C/4/65
Arches Aa 28/77BEDALL V HUSSEY1721Arches/Aa/28/77
Arches B 18/10HOLMES V HOLMES1754Arches/B/18/10
Arches E 36/185BATTY V JASPER1739Arches/E/36/185
Arches A 18JARVIS V MARKHAM1686Arches/A/18/141
Arches Aa 87/19CHAMBERS V FRAZER1792Arches/Aa/87/19
Arches A 18FOUNTAINE V FOUNTAINE1687Arches/A/18/97
Arches J 15/41TIPPING V ROBERTS1735Arches/J/15/41
Arches D 2257WHITMORE V WHITMORE1751Arches/D/2257
Arches C 1 ff. 488-9KINSMAN V KINSMAN1681Arches/C/1/488-9
Arches Aa 28/81BEDALL V HUSSEY1721Arches/Aa/28/81
Arches A 21BAVER V BAVER1696Arches/A/21/16
Arches D 1957SPEED V ARIS1683Arches/D/1957
Arches Aa 22/28GLANFIELD V GLANFIELD1712Arches/Aa/22/28
Arches D 1515OLDHAM V OLDHAM1800Arches/D/1515
Arches C 3 ff. 153,167SPINKE V FARRANT1707Arches/C/3/153,167
Arches A 16MINORS V SMITH1684Arches/A/16/193
Arches B 16/225COPLEY V COPLEY1748Arches/B/16/225
Arches D 595DEY V DEY1701Arches/D/595
Arches B 16/59,60NUTT V NUTT1731Arches/B/16/59,60
Arches Bb 105/10PARKER V PARKER1798Arches/Bb/105/10
Arches D 1902SKRIMPSHIRE V PARKER1684Arches/D/1902
Arches Ff 237HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Ff/237
Arches B 17/151BLAKISTON V BARNARD1743Arches/B/17/151
Arches D 17ALDERSEY V MCALPINE1770Arches/D/17
Arches B 17/181ADAMS V NEVILL1748Arches/B/17/181
Arches D 1559PARSEY V WILKIN1738Arches/D/1559
Arches D 1900SCRIMSHIRE [recte SCRIMSHER] V NEALE1722Arches/D/1900
Arches B 7/128LEWIS V CHAWORTH1668Arches/B/7/128
Arches B 14/44OWEN V SCURLOCKE1704Arches/B/14/44
Arches A 17BROCKHURST V LINDSEY1684Arches/A/17/23
Arches E 13/43,44LEE V GARRETT1700Arches/E/13/43,44
Arches D 142BEDALL V HUSSEY1721Arches/D/142
Arches B 5/165GARRAWAY V GRAVETT1695Arches/B/5/165
Arches C 6/154POPKIN V POPKIN1795Arches/C/6/154
Arches D 1302LOCKWOOD V LOCKWOOD1839Arches/D/1302
Arches G 84/53REBOW V BICKERTON AND BAKER1716Arches/G/84/53
Arches D 2153VYSE V VYSE1714Arches/D/2153
Arches D 1098HULL V HULL1851Arches/D/1098
Arches Aa 90/4POPKIN V POPKIN1795Arches/Aa/90/4
Arches E 23/41RUSSEL V THORNE1715Arches/E/23/41
Arches D 1009PORTER V HENDERSON1695Arches/D/1009
Arches E 31/73CHARLES V CHARLES1731Arches/E/31/73
Arches Aa 84/4RAYBOULD V RAYBOULD1789Arches/Aa/84/4
Arches Bb 97/26, 41BEAMISH V SMITH1790Arches/Bb/97/26, 41
Arches Bb 97/29, 30BAYLEY V BRADBURN1790Arches/Bb/97/29, 30
Arches B 13/116WHITFEILD V MARSHALL1701Arches/B/13/116
Arches Aa 26/76WILLIAMS V REEVES1719Arches/Aa/26/76
Arches Aa 96/3OLDHAM V OLDHAM1800Arches/Aa/96/3
Arches C 3 ff. 54-5WILSON AND ASHLEY V WEST1702Arches/C/3/54-5
Arches D 319BURGESS V BURGESS1818Arches/D/319
Arches D 2256WHITFEILD V MARSHALL1701Arches/D/2256
Arches D 1003HEATHCOTE V HEATHCOTE1833Arches/D/1003
Arches D 247BRIDGEN V PIGEON1725Arches/D/247
Arches B 15/64HILL V KING1723Arches/B/15/64
Arches J 7/67WILES, ETC. V ADAMS1711Arches/J/7/67
Arches A 26HARRISON V KING1712Arches/A/26/168
Arches D 448JEFFERY V COLFORD AND GOUGE [recte GOUDGE]1690Arches/D/448
Arches A 31PHILLIPS V PHILLIPS1744Arches/A/31/131
Arches C 5 f.9SAVILE V SAVILE1738Arches/C/5/9
Arches Aa 85/27COGHLAN V COGHLAN1790Arches/Aa/85/27
Arches D 1901SCRIMSHIRE [recte SCRIMSHER] V NEALE1722Arches/D/1901
Arches Aa 93/22WILLIAMS V WILLIAMS1798Arches/Aa/93/22
Arches C 5 f.18PARSEY V WILKIN1738Arches/C/5/18
Arches Aa 72/14KINGSTON V BRISTOL1777Arches/Aa/72/14
Arches B 3/16William Cooper v Anne Leminge (London): defamation24 May 1639Arches/B/3/16
Arches B 17/137KEITH V TREBECK1741Arches/B/17/137
Arches Aa 84/48RAYBOULD V RAYBOULD1789Arches/Aa/84/48
Arches J 13/33YOUNG V WRIGHT, ETC.1730Arches/J/13/33
Arches Aa 73/38GRIMBALDERTON [recte GRIMBALDESTON] V ANDERSON1778Arches/Aa/73/38
Arches B 9/187NEVE V GARRET1679Arches/B/9/187
Arches G 104/7CHARLES V CHARLES1731Arches/G/104/7
Arches Bb 93/11, 12WILLSON V MORRIS1786Arches/Bb/93/11, 12
Arches B 3/69Francis Palfryman v John Dickenson (London): defamation7 Dec 1639Arches/B/3/69
Arches B 3/9Priscilla Atkinson v William Jellyman (London): defamation15 May 1639Arches/B/3/9
Arches D 1714RAVEN AND PARSONS V GODFREY1721Arches/D/1714
Arches C 5 f.77BLAKISTON V BARNARD1743Arches/C/5/77
Arches E 45/111WILLIAMS V WILLIAMS1798Arches/E/45/111
Arches B 15/27TERRY V TERRY1719Arches/B/15/27
Arches B 17/88SAVILE V SAVILE1738Arches/B/17/88
Arches A 19CODRINGTON V CASTLETON1690Arches/A/19/65
Arches B 17/162PHILLIPS V PHILLIPS1744Arches/B/17/162
Arches E 26/20SWEETMAN V FREEMAN1718Arches/E/26/20
Arches C 2 f.678BAKER V PRICE1696Arches/C/2/678
Arches D 1944SMYTHEIS [recte SMITHIES] V BRETT1703Arches/D/1944
Arches Aa 85/26BEAMISH V SMITH1790Arches/Aa/85/26
Arches D 2235WESTON V WESTON1689Arches/D/2235
Arches Aa 87/8BEAMISH V SMITH1790Arches/Aa/87/8
Arches A 22NICHOLSON V LUXTON1698Arches/A/22/166
Arches Aa 21/255SKADER V SKADER1714Arches/Aa/21/255
Arches Aa 85/28NASH V NASH1790Arches/Aa/85/28
Arches D 400CHAMBLET V CHAMBLET1700Arches/D/400
Arches D 1668PORTSMOUTH V PORTSMOUTH1825Arches/D/1668
Arches Aa 76/31GRESSE V GRESSE1781Arches/Aa/76/31
Arches Bb 98/23, 24WILMOT V WILMOT1791Arches/Bb/98/23, 34
Arches C 3 f.129GENTILL V GENTILL1706Arches/C/3/129
Arches Aa 89/34MOORSON V MOORSON1795Arches/Aa/89/34
Arches Bb 88/15, 18, 32GRESSE V GRESSE1781Arches/Bb/88/15, 18, 32
Arches Bb 93/7BACKSHELL V BACKSHELL1786Arches/Bb/93/7
Arches D 2304ELBOROW V WINCOPP1681Arches/D/2304
Arches D 1551PARKER V PARKER1798Arches/D/1551
Arches C 6/168PARKER V PARKER1798Arches/C/6/168
Arches B 15/199PICKERING V FILKIN1731Arches/B/15/199
Arches C 6/96MARTYN V HIND1780Arches/C/6/96
Arches D 860GRAVES V GRAVES1842Arches/D/860
Arches A 15KINSMAN V KINSMAN1681Arches/A/15/181
Arches A 14KEMP V KNIGHTSBRIDGE [recte KNIGHTBRIDGE]1680Arches/A/14/180
Arches A 19GREENE V WATIS1689Arches/A/19/114
Arches A 23CATLYN V CATLYN1700Arches/A/23/32
Arches A 23REYNOLDS V WARD1700Arches/A/23/158
Arches A 29SCARR, ETC. V HOPKINS, ETC1734Arches/A/29/139
Arches Aaa 35BEAMISH V SMITH1790Arches/Aaa/35/a8
Arches Aaa 49WHITE V STEELE AND LENTON1861Arches/Aaa/49/a119
Arches A 23ALLISON V TURTEN [recte TURTON]1699Arches/A/23/1
Arches Aaa 48MILES V MILES1849Arches/Aaa/48/a73
Arches B 14/213HILL V LAMBERT1712Arches/B/14/213
Arches A 28STONE V HARWOOD1733Arches/A/28/202
Arches Aaa 36WILLIAMS V WILLIAMS1798Arches/Aaa/36/a85
Arches Aaa 36OLDHAM V OLDHAM1800Arches/Aaa/36/a57
Arches Aaa 33a section 4Consistory Court of the Bishop of London (mainly marriage cases) 1775-1780Arches/Aaa/33a/4
Arches Aaa 42PORTSMOUTH V PORTSMOUTH1825Arches/Aaa/42/a74
Arches A 26HILL V LAMBERT 1712Arches/A/26/187
Arches C 5 ff. 25,27GRAY V SALLIS1739Arches/C/5/25,27
Arches A 28HAWTEN AND WATSON V KENRICK, ETC.1732Arches/A/28/83
Arches Aa 32/113BRIDGEN V PIGEON1725Arches/Aa/32/113
Arches E 13/61OSWALD V EVERARD1700Arches/E/13/61
Arches A 32COPLEY V COPLEY1748Arches/A/32/43
Arches B 15/169ROBINSON V CANTRELL1729Arches/B/15/169
Arches A 25GREEN V KINNERSLEY1708Arches/A/25/94
Arches B 17/189COPLEY V COPLEY1748Arches/B/17/189
Arches C 2 f.170WATES [recte WATIS] V LEWIS1685Arches/C/2/170
Arches Aa 34/37BABER V BABER1727Arches/Aa/34/37
Arches Aa 29/150,151SCRIMSHIRE [recte SCRIMSHER] V NEALE1721Arches/Aa/29/150,151
Arches Bb 97/31BARHAM V BARHAM1789Arches/Bb/97/31
Arches C 5 f.136BRETTELL V UMFREVILLE1749Arches/C/5/136
Arches Eee 10/254-258,263-266BOONE V HUDSON1709Arches/Eee/10/254-258,263-266
Arches Aa 81/23BACKSHELL V BACKSHELL1786Arches/Aa/81/23
Arches C 5 f.140COKE V COKE1750Arches/C/5/140
Arches Aa 21/219MORGAN AND WYLDE V YOUNG AND MASTER1714Arches/Aa/21/219
Arches Aa 26/41TERRY V TERRY1719Arches/Aa/26/41
Arches Aa 32/75SIMSON V SIMSON1724Arches/Aa/32/75
Arches D 1263LEONARD V LEONARD1712Arches/D/1263
Arches Aa 93/16PARKER V PARKER1798Arches/Aa/93/16
Arches D 32ANDERSON V SHERARD1706Arches/D/32
Arches B 15/8SWEETMAN V FREEMAN1718Arches/B/15/8
Arches Aa 35/192STETTENER V POCOCK1727Arches/Aa/35/192
Arches C 3 f.120ANDERSON V SHERARD1706Arches/C/3/120
Arches Aa 30/32HILL V KING1723Arches/Aa/30/32
Arches C 3 ff. 236,237BURTON V COLLYER1710Arches/C/3/236,237
Arches B 15/198HARDING V HARDING1731Arches/B/15/198
Arches D 649EARLE V HOLLAND1762Arches/D/649
Arches Aa 25/134SWEETMAN V FREEMAN1718Arches/Aa/25/134
Arches B 13/42WESTON V WESTON1689Arches/B/13/42
Arches A 28SWAINE V CRUMPTON1732Arches/A/28/205
Arches B 5/137JEFFERY V COLFORD AND GOUGE [recte GOUDGE]1690Arches/B/5/137
Arches Aa 20/106ASTELL V ROUSE1713Arches/Aa/20/106
Arches A 26ASTELL V ROUSE1713Arches/A/26/18
Arches A 28AUSTIN V JARVIS AND BABSTOCK1732Arches/A/28/8
Arches B 16/55SMALLWOOD AND LOCKSWOOD [recte LOCKWOOD] V FELL1731Arches/B/16/55
Arches D 2267WILES, ETC. V ADAMS1711Arches/D/2267
Arches C 4 f.261MACROE V VINCENT1726Arches/C/4/261
Arches Aa 35/126TRISTRAM V AYRES1728Arches/Aa/35/126
Arches D 1599PERKINS V PERKINS1778Arches/D/1599
Arches C 4 f.64MORGAN AND WYLDE V YOUNG AND MASTER1714Arches/C/4/64
Arches C 3 f.17REYNOLDS V WARD1700Arches/C/3/17
Arches Aaa 47EVANS V EVANS1844Arches/Aaa/47/a40
Arches Aa 91/21,22CADOGAN V CADOGAN1796Arches/Aa/91/21,22
Arches Bb 85/6NAYLOR V NAYLOR1777Arches/Bb/85/6
Arches Aa 73/37HARPER [recte HARPUR] V REEVE1778Arches/Aa/73/37
Arches A 20SUTTON V SUTTON1692Arches/A/20/271
Arches C 2 f.286VANMULIEN V VANMULIEN1686Arches/C/2/286
Arches D 1912,1924SMITH V LOVEGROVE1755Arches/D/1912,1924
Arches Aa 75/8HAWEIS V SELLON1780Arches/Aa/75/8
Arches Aa 20/86ASTELL V ROUSE1713Arches/Aa/20/86
Arches Aa 76/9HAWEIS V SELLON1780Arches/Aa/76/9
Arches J 7/52WILLEY V ALTHAM, ETC.1709Arches/J/7/52
Arches C 6/15SMITH V LOVEGROVE1755Arches/C/6/15
Arches D 548DALE V DALE1715Arches/D/548
Arches A 25ANDERSON V SHERARD1706Arches/A/25/6
Arches B 17/11WILKINSON V HUXLEY1732Arches/B/17/11
Arches B 16/104SCARR, ETC. V HOPKINS, ETC1734Arches/B/16/104
Arches Aa 25/149ABERCROMBY V TIMBERLAKE AND BIRD1718Arches/Aa/25/149
Arches D 2136VAUGHAN V JACKETT1685Arches/D/2136
Arches A 23GARWOOD V GARWOOD1701Arches/A/23/67
Arches Bb 98/20WALLACE V WALLACE1790Arches/Bb/98/20
Arches A 35 f.261FAIKNEY V LONG AND CHADLEY1773Arches/A/35/261
Arches D 1972STAPLETON V STAPLETON AND GAGE1696Arches/D/1972
Arches A 21WHITLAMB V WINDLE1692Arches/A/21/265
Arches Aa 24/194ELDERTON V READING AND TILBURY1717Arches/Aa/24/194
Arches Aa 24/106ELDERTON V READING AND TILBURY1717Arches/Aa/24/106
Arches D 2125ALLISON V TURTEN [recte TURTON]1699Arches/D/2125
Arches A 28NUTT V NUTT1731Arches/A/28/140
Arches C 6/61NICOLLS V RUTTER1768Arches/C/6/61
Arches D 1309FAIKNEY V LONG AND CHADLEY1773Arches/D/1309
Arches E 36/9WALTHOE V WALTHOE1738Arches/E/36/9
Arches D 1060HOLDER V KAVANAGH1698Arches/D/1060
Arches E 3/257HUNT V HUGHES1669Arches/E/3/257
Arches A 16TEMPLE V WEAVER1683Arches/A/16/274
Arches C 5 f.154LILLY V HARDY1750Arches/C/5/154
Arches D 87BAMBRIDGE V BAMBRIDGE1746Arches/D/87
Arches A 17WATES [recte WATIS] V LEWIS1685Arches/A/17/212
Arches D 939LILLY V HARDY1750Arches/D/939
Arches A 24BEVERLEY V SAVILLE1702Arches/A/24/15
Arches D 2148VERNON V BURY1730Arches/D/2148
Arches D 948HARPER [recte HARPUR] V REEVE1778Arches/D/948
Arches A 19MILLISENT V MILLISENT1687Arches/A/19/180
Arches B 10/190SPEED V ARIS1683Arches/B/10/190
Arches D 549DALRYMPLE V GORDON1811Arches/D/549
Arches A 20HALE V KIFFIN1690Arches/A/20/117
Arches A 21HALL V SEWEN1693Arches/A/21/105
Arches A 21TRUBSHAW V TRUBSHAW1693Arches/A/21/249
Arches A 21GARRAWAY V GRAVETT1695Arches/A/21/87
Arches J 7/83FINLAY V TRAPP1712Arches/J/7/83
Arches B 13/22WESTON V WESTON1689Arches/B/13/22
Arches A 23MIDDLETON V BROME1700Arches/A/23/124
Arches A 22COALTMAN V PRICE1699Arches/A/22/49
Arches A 23HOLYDAY V ELLIS1701Arches/A/23/87
Arches C 3 f.171BISHOPP [recte BISHOP] V EAGLE AND FRANCKLIN1707Arches/C/3/171
Arches A 27HAND V COOPER1728Arches/A/27/82
Arches A 24WILSON AND ASHLEY V WEST1702Arches/A/24/240
Arches J 9/4HARRIS V HUMPHREYS1716Arches/J/9/4
Arches A 26COLLINS V COLLINS1709Arches/A/26/89
Arches A 25 ff. 165,170,176,182,184FORSTER V SCHUTZ1771Arches/A/25/165,170,176,182,184
Arches F 10 f. 66BRIDGEN V PIGEON1726Arches/F/10/66
Arches C 4 f.115CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/C/4/115
Arches Aa 23/35REBOW V BICKERTON AND BAKER1716Arches/Aa/23/35
Arches A 26HARGRAVE V HERNE1710Arches/A/26/164
Arches A 26DE LISLE [recte D' LISLE] V CARY1711Arches/A/26/118
Arches A 27STETTENER V POCOCK1727Arches/A/27/191
Arches D 1464MYRE V FRANCIS [recte FRANCIA]1730Arches/D/1464
Arches A 28HARRINGTON AND STONE V LOTT1733Arches/A/28/80
Arches Bb 85/30HARPER [recte HARPUR] V REEVE1778Arches/Bb/85/30
Arches D 1805RUDD V RUDD1731Arches/D/1805
Arches A 26PARSONS AND TOWNSEND V HUNT1711Arches/A/26/253
Arches A 28STETTENER V POCOCK1727Arches/A/28/200
Arches A 31DREW, ETC. V CHURCH1743Arches/A/31/45
Arches Aaa 39WILLAN V WILLAN1815Arches/Aaa/39/a144
Arches A 34PEIRSE V PEIRSE1768Arches/A/34/170
Arches B 5/214WESTON V WESTON1689Arches/B/5/214
Arches A 33STALLWOOD V JACKSON AND DENNE1758Arches/A/33/154
Arches A 18WATES [recte WATIS] V LEWIS1685Arches/A/18/278
Arches G 148/31NAYLOR V NAYLOR1777Arches/G/148/31
Arches A 34EARLE V HOLLAND1762Arches/A/34/71
Arches Aa 24/56ELDERTON V READING AND TILBURY1717Arches/Aa/24/56
Arches Ee 11/39ALDERSEY V MCALPINE1771Arches/Ee/11/39
Arches Aaa 44ROGERS V ROGERS1830Arches/Aaa/44/a76
Arches Aaa 45COLLETT V COLLETT1838Arches/Aaa/45/a24
Arches A 28MYRE V FRANCIS [recte FRANCIA]1730Arches/A/28/137
Arches Aaa 39DYOTT V DYOTT1815Arches/Aaa/39/a53
Arches Aa 24/27ELDERTON V READING AND TILBURY1717Arches/Aa/24/27
Arches B 17/106GRAY V SALLIS1739Arches/B/17/106
Arches D 2002STONE V BISHOP1808Arches/D/2002
Arches C 5 f.42BATTY V JASPER1739Arches/C/5/42
Arches A 23USTICK V USTICK1700Arches/A/23/195
Arches Aaa 36BEEBY V BEEBY1799Arches/Aaa/36/a8
Arches A 20WELLS V WELLS1692Arches/A/20/291
Arches B 19/52NICOLLS V RUTTER1768Arches/B/19/52
Arches A 30LYONS V CALLOW1737Arches/A/30/131
Arches Aaa 34BAYLEY V BRADBURN1790Arches/Aaa/34/a13
Arches D 2377SAVILE V SAVILE1738Arches/D/2377
Arches B 13/4BAKER V PRICE1696Arches/B/13/4
Arches C 4 f.103HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/C/4/103
Arches D 461COMPTON V COMPTON1770Arches/D/461
Arches B 19/61COMPTON V COMPTON1770Arches/B/19/61
Arches C 3 f.251WILES, ETC. V ADAMS1711Arches/C/3/251
Arches A 32ROACH V DANIEL1749Arches/A/32/151
Arches A 25KENNETT V WELLS1705Arches/A/25/129
Arches D 403CHARLES V CHARLES1731Arches/D/403
Arches Aaa 34DODWELL V DODWELL1789Arches/Aaa/34/a43
Arches E 8/7HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/E/8/7
Arches D 2269WILKINSON V HUXLEY1732Arches/D/2269
Arches Aaa 34COGHLAN V COGHLAN1790Arches/Aaa/34/a33
Arches E 45/39LACEY V CHILD1786Arches/E/45/39
Arches B 16/124JONES AND HARRISON V BERRY AND BENNETT1735Arches/B/16/124
Arches A 35 ff. 17,21,25,28,32,37,49,53,56,58,60,66,71NICOLLS V RUTTER1768Arches/A/35/17,21,25,28,32,37,49,53,56,58,60,66,71
Arches A 27TRISTRAM V AYRES1728Arches/A/27/199
Arches Aaa 35aBAYLEY V BRADBURN1790Arches/Aaa/35a/a8
Arches Aaa 36BONHAM V BONHAM1800Arches/Aaa/36/a10
Arches Aaa 35aMOORSON V MOORSON1795Arches/Aaa/35a/a47
Arches Aaa 35WILMOT V WILMOT1791Arches/Aaa/35/a104
Arches Aaa 35WALLACE V WALLACE1790Arches/Aaa/35/a98
Arches Aaa 35aMENDES BELISARIO V MENDES BELISARIO1796Arches/Aaa/35a/a44
Arches Aaa 36PARKER V PARKER1798Arches/Aaa/36/a60
Arches Aaa 37OLIVER V OLIVER1801Arches/Aaa/37/a75
Arches Aaa 38BEAURAIN V BEAURAIN1808Arches/Aaa/38/a6
Arches Aaa 38LANGSTON V STEPHENSON1804Arches/Aaa/38/a41
Arches Aaa 38KIRKMAN V KIRKMAN1807Arches/Aaa/38/a39
Arches Aaa 38TENSH V TENSH (TEUSH v TEUSH)1805Arches/Aaa/38/a78
Arches Aaa 40DYOTT V DYOTT1815Arches/Aaa/40/a31
Arches Aaa 40HERBERT V HERBERT1817Arches/Aaa/40/a43
Arches Aaa 40WILLAN V WILLAN1815Arches/Aaa/40/a87
MS 2873 ff. 264-299Miscellaneous cause papers 1739-1752MSS/2873-2880/2873/264-299
Arches Aaa 42BRISCO V BRISCO1818Arches/Aaa/42/a16
Arches Aaa 44SCALES V HOILE1829Arches/Aaa/44/a81
Arches Aaa 43KING V SANSOM1826Arches/Aaa/43/a65
Arches Aaa 44BIRNIE V WELLER AND ELLIOTT1830Arches/Aaa/44/a11
Arches Aaa 44CLEVE V CLEVE1831Arches/Aaa/44/a23
Arches Aaa 46HARRISON V HARRISON1841Arches/Aaa/46/a46
Arches Aaa 45CHESTERTON AND HUTCHINS V FARLAR1836Arches/Aaa/45/a22
Arches Aaa 45TAYLOR V TAYLOR1839Arches/Aaa/45/a93
Arches Aaa 46CHESTERTON AND HUTCHINS V FARLAR1836Arches/Aaa/46/a20
Arches Aaa 48SIMMONS V SIMMONS1847Arches/Aaa/48/a85
Arches E 1/29FORD V DENNING1662Arches/E/1/29
Arches Aaa 34BARHAM V BARHAM1789Arches/Aaa/34/a11
Arches Aaa 34RAYBOULD V RAYBOULD1789Arches/Aaa/34/a95
Arches Aaa 34WILLSON V MORRIS1786Arches/Aaa/34/a121
Arches Aaa 36BROMER V BROMER1799Arches/Aaa/36/a15
Arches Aaa 44WESTMEATH V WESTMEATH1826Arches/Aaa/44/a100
Arches A 22WYBARD, ETC. V GASCOIGNE, ETC.1699Arches/A/22/251
Arches Aaa 45HEATHCOTE V HEATHCOTE1833Arches/Aaa/45/a50
Arches C 3 f.204WILLEY V ALTHAM, ETC.1709Arches/C/3/204
Arches C 2 f.130AUSTEN [recte AUSTIN] V TENGNELL1684Arches/C/2/130
Arches B 11/61VANMULIEN V VANMULIEN1686Arches/B/11/61
Arches H 142/1-19WAKEFIELD V MACKAY1808Arches/H/142
Arches D 990HAWTEN AND WATSON V KENRICK, ETC.1732Arches/D/990
Arches A 25GREGORY V ATTERBURY AND HALL1707Arches/A/25/95
Arches A 26DEWSBERRY V WILLOWBY1713Arches/A/26/121
Arches J 14/63HAWTEN AND WATSON V KENRICK, ETC.1732Arches/J/14/63
Arches Aaa 38OSBORNE V GOLDHAM1808Arches/Aaa/38/a53
Arches D 676ELWES V ELWES1796Arches/D/676
Arches D 2240WESTMEATH V WESTMEATH1826Arches/D/2240
Arches D 295BABB V NEVILL1700Arches/D/295
Arches D 1861SEWARD AND TOLNEY V WIGAN, ETC.1684Arches/D/1861
Arches D 2188WARNE, ETC. V LAMMAS AND NEWMAN1681Arches/D/2188
Arches Aa 24/165ELDERTON V READING AND TILBURY1717Arches/Aa/24/165
Arches A 28SMALLWOOD AND LOCKSWOOD [recte LOCKWOOD] V FELL1731Arches/A/28/186
Arches Bb 100/7, 8BINGHAM V PORTLAND1793Arches/Bb/100/7, 8
Arches Aaa 35aHAYTER V HAYTER1796Arches/Aaa/35a/a34
Arches D 2161WAKEFIELD V MACKAY1808Arches/D/2161
Arches J 10/48NEWBERRY V FRENCH1721Arches/J/10/48
Arches E 19/6BOONE V HUDSON1708Arches/E/19/6
Arches E 18/25COLLINS V COLLINS1709Arches/E/18/25
Arches Ee 5 ff. 24-32RYTHERDON V HICKS1682Arches/Ee/5/24-32
Arches G 113/10SCARR, ETC. V HOPKINS, ETC1734Arches/G/113/10
Arches E 44/18RIX V RIX1776Arches/E/44/18
Arches E 8/106VANMULIEN V VANMULIEN1686Arches/E/8/106
Arches E 44/6EVELYN V EVELYN1772Arches/E/44/6
Arches H 537/1-10GREENHILL V GREENHILL1837Arches/H/537
Arches B 9/56HOWELL V HARRIS1676Arches/B/9/56
Arches E 8/44PERCIVAL V STRETCH1685Arches/E/8/44
Arches Ee 9/125BRIDGEN V PIGEON1726Arches/Ee/9/125
Arches E 45/103MALO V MALO1797Arches/E/45/103
Arches E 21/36VANSITTART V VANSITTART1711Arches/E/21/36
Arches Ee 6 ff. 38-41PERCIVAL V STRETCH1685Arches/Ee/6/38-41
Arches Eee 10/230BISHOPP [recte BISHOP] V EAGLE AND FRANCKLIN1708Arches/Eee/10/230
Arches Ee 1 ff. 575-576,586-589THACKER V MIDDLETON AND FLETCHER1664Arches/Ee/1/575-576,586-589
Arches G 1, f. 414PICK V WHITE1674Arches/G/1/414
Arches E 37/64BRETTELL V UMFREVILLE1749Arches/E/37/64
Arches E 1/160-162FORD V DENNING1662Arches/E/1/160-162
Arches E 26/42WILLIAMS V REEVES1719Arches/E/26/42
Arches D 1185WHITWELL V KEMBAR1686Arches/D/1185
Arches Ee 9/87,88,94,95,97,98SCRIMSHIRE [recte SCRIMSHER] V NEALE1723Arches/Ee/9/87,88,94,95,97,98
Arches Eee 3 ff. 91-92FLETCHER V HAWERDINE1668Arches/Eee/3/91-92
Arches E 20/24CALVERT V CALVERT1710Arches/E/20/24
Arches A 30BOURGET V IMBERT1737Arches/A/30/23
Arches A 4 f. 141TYLER V BRIMSMEAD1665Arches/A/4/141
Arches B 6/40COPLEY V BREWER1663Arches/B/6/40
Arches B 6/8FORD V DENNING1662Arches/B/6/8
Arches B 13/37STAPLETON V STAPLETON AND GAGE1696Arches/B/13/37
Arches A 4 ff. 28,39,43,51,90,128THACKER V MIDDLETON AND FLETCHER1664-1665Arches/A/4/28,39,43,51,90,128
Arches E 3/269LYDDALL V WORSELEY1669Arches/E/3/269
Arches E 3/81ANDERSON V WARNER1668Arches/E/3/81
Arches A 9 ff. 3,15,22,28,38,49,53,60,65,90YOUNGER V YOUNGER1671-1672Arches/A/9/3,15,22,28,38,49,53,60,65,90
Arches A 5 ff. 307WILDING V BEARE1668Arches/A/5/307
Arches G 1a/56STEVENS V DYER1696Arches/G/1a/56
Arches A 6 ff. 17ANDERSON V WARNER1668Arches/A/6/17
Arches E 3/153ALSTON V SKINNER1667Arches/E/3/153
Arches A 8 ff. 4,16HUNT V HUGHES1670Arches/A/8/4,16
Arches E 19/19WEEDON V WEEDON1709Arches/E/19/19
Arches E 26/200ROWNTREE V PARR1726Arches/E/26/200
Arches E 20/44WELLS V LANGLEY1710Arches/E/20/44
Arches E 18/14PICKARD V PICKARD1707Arches/E/18/14
Ellison O/1/1/81Katyn Memorial25 Feb 1974-14 Dec 1976Ellison/O/1/1/81
Arches Ee 3 ff. 442-444PICKERING V PICKERING1669Arches/Ee/3/442-444
Arches E 18/11ASH V ASH1707Arches/E/18/11
Arches E 43/16RIX V RIX1776Arches/E/43/16
Arches E 26/40TERRY V TERRY1719Arches/E/26/40
Arches A 6 ff. 3,13SNELLING V ELLIOT1668Arches/A/6/3,13
Arches E 26/24ABERCROMBY V TIMBERLAKE AND BIRD1718Arches/E/26/24
Arches A 25BISHOPP [recte BISHOP] V EAGLE AND FRANCKLIN1707Arches/A/25/25
Arches C 1 ff. 348-9WILTON V CONGHLEY1674Arches/C/1/348-9
Arches E 18/38,39PICKARD V PICKARD1708Arches/E/18/38,39
Arches E 20/16BURTON V COLLYER1710Arches/E/20/16
Arches A 9 f. 5LOCKYER V DANVAS1671Arches/A/9/5
Arches E 30/80WILKINSON V HUXLEY1732Arches/E/30/80
Arches A 29CHOLMLEY V COPE1734Arches/A/29/36
Arches A 5 ff. 10,35NORCOTT V NORCOTT1666Arches/A/5/10,35
Arches E 33/10BELCHIER V PARKE AND GARDINER1735Arches/E/33/10
Arches E 20/36CALVERT V CALVERT1710Arches/E/20/36
Arches E 21/22ELMES V ELMES1711Arches/E/21/22
Arches E 19/14COLLINS V COLLINS1709Arches/E/19/14
Arches E 19/41CARTER V MAGSON1709Arches/E/19/41
Arches D 1830SARGEAUNT V SARGEAUNT1833Arches/D/1830
Arches D 1606PERCIVAL V STRETCH1685Arches/D/1606
Arches G 108/49CALDECOTT V CALDECOTT1734Arches/G/108/49
Arches E 2/96,97BLACKAMORE V GOODWIN1665Arches/E/2/96,97
Arches A 11 ff. 286STRANGER V STRANGER1676Arches/A/11/286
Arches J 15/77SAVILE V SAVILE1738Arches/J/15/77
Arches A 31EVERS V MICHELL1744Arches/A/31/53
Arches Eee 14 ff. 99-122HILSBOROUGH V HILSBOROUGH1735Arches/Eee/14/99-122
Arches Eee 1 ff. 299-319,497-500BAXTER V BAXTER1664Arches/Eee/1/299-319,497-500
Arches E 13/45KENNETT V SAVAGE1701Arches/E/13/45
Arches E 23/24SMITH V CONSTANTINE1713-1715Arches/E/23/24
Arches E 18/19PICKARD V PICKARD1707Arches/E/18/19
Arches E 22/31BARON V MARIETT1712Arches/E/22/31
Arches E 22/36BARON V MARIETT1712Arches/E/22/36
Arches Eee 1 ff. 611-614ASHLEY V HOLT1664Arches/Eee/1/611-614
Arches Ee 5 ff. 143-145,159-162HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/Ee/5/143-145,159-162
Arches Ee 2 ff. 75-77,135-137BAXTER V BAXTER1664Arches/Ee/2/75-77,135-137
Arches Ee 3 f. 363MAYERS V RAM AND MOTT1669Arches/Ee/3/363
Arches Eee 2 ff. 582-583,604-606TYLER V BRIMSMEAD1667Arches/Eee/2/582-583,604-606
Arches E 29/107ROBINSON V CANTRELL1729Arches/E/29/107
Arches E 33/17TIPPING V ROBERTS1735Arches/E/33/17
Arches Ee 4 ff. 173-174,291-293FEILD V WEBB1673-1674Arches/Ee/4/173-174,291-293
Arches Ee 6 f. 106VANMULIEN V VANMULIEN1686Arches/Ee/6/106
Arches Ee 10/89,90,96FREELOVE V SUTTON1747Arches/Ee/10/89,90,96
Arches Eee 4 ff. 210-212BEARSTOWE V COLLINS, ETC.1670Arches/Eee/4/210-212
Arches Eee 4 ff. 512-520YOUNGER V YOUNGER1671Arches/Eee/4/512-520
Arches A 6 ff. 5,44,55,58LEWIS V CHAWORTH1668-1669Arches/A/6/5,44,55,58
Arches Eee 5 ff. 491-497GODDEN V GODDEN1675Arches/Eee/5/491-497
Arches Eee 7 ff. 291-293,296-297HAWKER V COOKE1691Arches/Eee/7/291-293,296-297
Arches Eee 11/107-108,203-204REBOW V BICKERTON AND BAKER1716Arches/Eee/11/107-108,203-204
Arches C 3 ff. 222,224NOORTWYCK AND CARTWRIGHT V EAGLE AND THOMPSON1710Arches/C/3/222,224
Arches Eee 10/168,170-171SPINKE V VESSEY1708Arches/Eee/10/168,170-171
Arches Eee 12/117-118BEDALL V HUSSEY1721Arches/Eee/12/117-118
Arches A 23WHITFEILD V MARSHALL1701Arches/A/23/204
Arches Eee 9/48-50,54-56,59-63HOPPER V FREIND1705Arches/Eee/9/48-50,54-56,59-63
Arches B 14/161WILLEY V ALTHAM, ETC.1709Arches/B/14/161
Arches D 706EVERS V MICHELL1744Arches/D/706
Arches Ee 8/81KENNETT V SAVAGE1701Arches/Ee/8/81
Arches Eee 10/279-283CARTER V MAGSON1709-1710Arches/Eee/10/279-283
Arches Ee 8/72SMITH V HATT1700Arches/Ee/8/72
Arches Ee 8/149ASH V ASH1707Arches/Ee/8/149
Arches Eee 8 ff. 333-336WATSON V BOWDEN1696Arches/Eee/8/333-336
Arches Eee 8 ff. 478-491,503-505,512-513,521,527-543,553-560WESTON V WESTON1697-1698Arches/Eee/8/478-491,503-505,512-513,521,527-543,553-560
Arches Ee 8/162COLLINS V COLLINS1709Arches/Ee/8/162
Arches Ee 9/181PAGE V PHILPOT1731Arches/Ee/9/181
Arches Ee 8/156,157BISHOPP [recte BISHOP] V EAGLE AND FRANCKLIN1708Arches/Ee/8/156,157
Arches A 26GLANFIELD V GLANFIELD1712Arches/A/26/146
Arches Ee 8/215DALE V DALE1715Arches/Ee/8/215
Arches Ee 8/230DALE V DALE1716Arches/Ee/8/230
Arches A 23KENNETT V SAVAGE1701Arches/A/23/99
Arches Aaa 39WAKEFIELD V MACKAY1808Arches/Aaa/39/a135
Arches Eee 10/1,4DE MORAIS V HARRISON1707Arches/Eee/10/1,4
Arches Ee 8/204SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/Ee/8/204
Arches Ee 9/7,11,19,20-22CLARKE V CLARKE1717-1719Arches/Ee/9/7,11,19,20-22
Arches Eee 11/69-72LAW V CADE1714Arches/Eee/11/69-72
Arches Ee 10/11,12STONE V HARWOOD1734Arches/Ee/10/11,12
Arches Ee 10/61PARSEY V WILKIN1739Arches/Ee/10/61
Arches Ee 9/188NUTT V NUTT1732Arches/Ee/9/188
Arches Eee 12/166a-172SCRIMSHIRE [recte SCRIMSHER] V NEALE1723Arches/Eee/12/166a-172
Arches A 26FINLAY V TRAPP1712Arches/A/26/136
Arches Ee 11/50-51SAUNDERS AND SMITH V HEATHCOTE1774Arches/Ee/11/50-51
Arches Eee 12/106-111TAYLOR V ACKERLY1721Arches/Eee/12/106-111
Arches Eee 11/78,80-83.BROOKLAND V CLARK1715Arches/Eee/11/78,80-83
Arches A 32LILLY V HARDY1750Arches/A/32/105
Arches A 32WESCOMBE V DODDS1751Arches/A/32/183
Arches Ee 11/59NAYLOR V NAYLOR1778Arches/Ee/11/59
Arches Eee 15/255-257RIX V RIX1777Arches/Eee/15/255-257
Arches Eee 11/90-93,180-183DALE V DALE1716-1717Arches/Eee/11/90-93,180-183
Arches Ee 9/16SWEETMAN V FREEMAN1718Arches/Ee/9/16
Arches B 9/65SHERMAN V BADGE1676Arches/B/9/65
Arches E 25/5SPENDER V FITZGERALD1720Arches/E/25/5
Arches Ee 4 f. 473MANSFEILD AND STEPHENS V REDLING1676Arches/Ee/4/473
Arches G 155/8WALLACE V WALLACE1790Arches/G/155/8
Arches E 4/23LOCKYER V DANVAS1670Arches/E/4/23
Arches E 34/15LYONS V CALLOW1737Arches/E/34/15
Arches Ee 1 ff. 67-68,118-122,125MIDDLETON V MIDDLETON1662Arches/Ee/1/67-68,118-122,125
Arches Ee 8/160COLLINS V COLLINS1708Arches/Ee/8/160
Arches Eee 12/1-8HARRIS V HUMPHREYS1717Arches/Eee/12/1-8
Arches Eee 14 ff. 149-156,315-324SCARR, ETC. V HOPKINS, ETC1735-1736Arches/Eee/14/149-156,315-324
Arches Eee 13 ff. 305-314NUTT V NUTT1731-1732Arches/Eee/13/305-314
Arches Ee 8/164COLLINS V COLLINS1709Arches/Ee/8/164
Arches Ee 9/1bHARRIS V HUMPHREYS1717Arches/Ee/9/1b
Arches Eee 13 ff. 271-286VERNON V BURY1731Arches/Eee/13/271-286
Arches Eee 13 ff. 65-74BENTLEY V BENTLEY AND TYRRELL1726-1727Arches/Eee/13/65-74
Arches Ee 10/21,22,32,35SCARR, ETC. V HOPKINS, ETC1735-1736Arches/Ee/10/21,22,32,35
Arches Aa 33/58BABER V BABER1727Arches/Aa/33/58
Arches Eee 13 ff. 289-292PAGE V PHILPOT1731Arches/Eee/13/289-292
Arches Eee 11/79NEWPORT V CARNEGY1716Arches/Eee/11/79
Arches Eee 2 ff. 812-815ANDERSON V WARNER1668Arches/Eee/2/812-815
Arches Eee 15/6-11EVERS V MICHELL1745Arches/Eee/15/6-11
Arches Ee 10/81EVERS V MICHELL1745Arches/Ee/10/81
Arches Eee 15/122-133FITZGERALD V FITZGERALD1757Arches/Eee/15/122-133
Arches Eee 14 ff. 419-423aBEAUFORT V BEAUFORT1743Arches/Eee/14/419-423a
Arches Ee 6 ff. 52-54FLEETE V BRIGGS1685Arches/Ee/6/52-54
Arches A 26BRYANT V GREETUM1713Arches/A/26/56
Arches Eee 1 ff. 291-295GOODALL V GLOVER1664Arches/Eee/1/291-295
Arches Ee 9/1aSMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/Ee/9/1a
Arches B 7/112HODGSKINS V CARTWRIGHT1668Arches/B/7/112
Arches Ee 2 ff. 81,240-241BALLOW V WESTFIELD1664Arches/Ee/2/81,240-241
Arches J 15/24BOURGET V IMBERT1737Arches/J/15/24
Arches Eee 4 ff. 51-52,57-59,62-63MAYERS V RAM AND MOTT1669Arches/Eee/4/51-52,57-59,62-63
Arches Eee 3 ff. 432-434,436-438,502,527-529.HUNT V HUGHES1669Arches/Eee/3/432-434,436-438,502,527-529
Arches D 732SPINKE V FARRANT1707Arches/D/732
Arches Eee 10/167,169,172SPINKE V FARRANT1708Arches/Eee/10/167,169,172
Arches A 17VAUGHAN V JACKETT1685Arches/A/17/205
Arches Eee 8 ff. 126-132,152-153,185-186,189-190,287-288,325-331,337-350,373-378,383CLEWER V DAVIS1695-1697Arches/Eee/8/126-132,152-153,185-186,189-190,287-288,325-331,337-350,373-378,383
Arches Ee 8/78LEE V GARRETT1701Arches/Ee/8/78
Arches A 21PORTER V HENDERSON1695Arches/A/21/192
Arches Eee 6 ff. 424-432,434-436NEVE V GARRET1680Arches/Eee/6/424-432,434-436
Arches Eee 8 ff. 646-652,656-672SMITH V HATT1699-1700Arches/Eee/8/646-652,656-672
Arches A 21STAPLETON V STAPLETON AND GAGE1696Arches/A/21/233
Arches E 1/1-6LACY V LACY AND PINNYFATHER1663Arches/E/1/1-6
Arches A 22MUSCHAMP V HILDEN1698Arches/A/22/164
Arches Ee 8/186,187BARON V MARIETT1712Arches/Ee/8/186,187
Arches Ee 8/172,173CALVERT V CALVERT1710Arches/Ee/8/172,173
Arches Eee 10/270,272,284-285ARMSTRONG V TILDESLEY AND ARMSTRONG1709-1710Arches/Eee/10/270,272,284-285
Arches Eee 10/245-251,271,288-292,330-332COLLINS V COLLINS1708-1711Arches/Eee/10/245-251,271,288-292,330-332
Arches Eee 10/386-389BARON V MARIETT1712Arches/Eee/10/386-389
Arches Ee 8/83LEE V GARRETT1701Arches/Ee/8/83
Arches Ee 11/75MIDDLETON V JANVEREN1792Arches/Ee/11/75
Arches A 23NORTHEY AND VERNETT [recte VERNETTI] V MARSH1700Arches/A/23/140
Arches Eee 10/366-369,371,373-374,379-381BARNARD V BARNARD1712Arches/Eee/10/366-369,371,373-374,379-381
Arches A 23DEY V DEY1701Arches/A/23/50
Arches Ee 8/155ASH V ASH1708Arches/Ee/8/155
Arches Eee 10/342-352ELMES V ELMES1711Arches/Eee/10/342-352
Arches Ee 8/208SMITH V CONSTANTINE1715Arches/Ee/8/208
Arches Eee 12/11-15HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Eee/12/11-15
Arches Ee 8/126DE MORAIS V HARRISON1706Arches/Ee/8/126
Arches Ee 8/82LANCASTER V LANCASTER1701Arches/Ee/8/82
Arches Ee 12/8WILLAN V GILL1667Arches/Ee/12/8
Arches Ee 8/184,185BARNARD V BARNARD1712Arches/Ee/8/184,185
Arches Eee 10/162-163,166,174-178,180-183,188-206,216-217ASH V ASH1707-1708Arches/Eee/10/162-163,166,174-178,180-183,188-206,216-217
Arches C 3 f.184MAYLE V MAYLE1708Arches/C/3/184
Arches A 26ELMES V ELMES1711Arches/A/26/131
Arches Ee 9/132-133BENTLEY V BENTLEY AND TYRRELL1726Arches/Ee/9/132-133
Arches A 27YOUNG V WRIGHT, ETC.1730Arches/A/27/225
Arches A 27ROBINSON V CANTRELL1729Arches/A/27/169
Arches A 26PIDGEON V GREETUM1713Arches/A/26/264
Arches Ee 10/73-74BEAUFORT V BEAUFORT1742-1743Arches/Ee/10/73-74
Arches A 28LYDDELL V SMITH1730Arches/A/28/120
Arches A 27MEACHAM V HAWKINS1730Arches/A/27/134
Arches A 29STONE V HARWOOD1733Arches/A/29/153
Arches A 26MORDAUNT V MORDAUNT1713Arches/A/26/239
Arches A 30TURST V TURST1739Arches/A/30/196
Arches Ee 10/18,28CLAVERING V CLAVERING1735Arches/Ee/10/18,28
Arches Eee 11/184-199CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/Eee/11/184-199
Arches A 29LYONS V CALLOW1737Arches/A/29/99
Arches A 31BLEW V BARNARD1743Arches/A/31/18
Arches A 32PEARSE V PEARSE1748Arches/A/32/138
Arches Aa 83/40RYBOT V RYBOT1788Arches/Aa/83/40
Arches A 29TERRY V SHARPE1736Arches/A/29/158
Arches A 30SAVILE V SAVILE1738Arches/A/30/168
Arches A 31KEITH V TREBECK1741Arches/A/31/87
Arches A 31BLAKISTON V BARNARD1743Arches/A/31/17
Arches A 33EVERS V MICHELL1744Arches/A/33/53
Arches A 32ADAMS V NEVILL1748Arches/A/32/3
Arches A 33BRETTELL V WILMOTT AND KING1758Arches/A/33/23
Arches A 33BUTLER V DOLBEN1756Arches/A/33/26
Arches Aa 88/1BINGHAM V PORTLAND1793Arches/Aa/88/1
Arches Ee 11/4,9FITZGERALD V FITZGERALD1754-1756Arches/Ee/11/4,9
Arches Aaa 42BLYTH V BLYTH1822Arches/Aaa/42/a12
Arches Aaa 43WESTMEATH V WESTMEATH1826Arches/Aaa/43/a102
Arches Aaa 44MORRIS V MORRIS1830Arches/Aaa/44/a67
Arches Aaa 44STORY V STORY1832Arches/Aaa/44/a87
Arches Aaa 44WILCOX V WHITE1832Arches/Aaa/44/a103
Arches Ee 8/218OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1716Arches/Ee/8/218
Arches Ee 11/3,8,15SEWELL, ETC. V TWYFORD AND MANN1754-1758Arches/Ee/11/3,8,15
Arches Aa 71/17MUSGRAVE V RUSSELL1776Arches/Aa/71/17
Arches Aa 75/1MARTYN V HIND1780Arches/Aa/75/1
Arches Aa 77/14LEIGH V LEIGH1782Arches/Aa/77/14
Arches Aa 81/1WOOD V WOOD1786Arches/Aa/81/1
Arches Aa 81/49ARABIN V ARABIN1787Arches/Aa/81/49
Arches Aa 91/24ELWES V ELWES1796Arches/Aa/91/24
Arches Ee 6 ff. 94-97,106-107STEPKIN V STEPKIN1686Arches/Ee/6/94-97,106-107
Arches Aa 94/2,3BROMER V BROMER1799Arches/Aa/94/2,3
Arches Aaa 37MITCHELSON V MITCHELSON1803Arches/Aaa/37/a71
Arches Aaa 38GILLESPY V GILLESPY1807Arches/Aaa/38/a27
Arches Aaa 38WAKEFIELD V MACKAY1808Arches/Aaa/38/a83
Arches A 32WHITMORE V WHITMORE1751Arches/A/32/187
Arches A 33CONRAN V LOWE1754Arches/A/33/37
Arches Eee 15/204-208HERVEY V HERVEY1771Arches/Eee/15/204-208
Arches A 33HOLMES V HOLMES1754Arches/A/33/82
Arches A 33SMITH V LOVEGROVE1755Arches/A/33/150
Arches Eee 14 ff. 235-257b,275a-276aCLAVERING V CLAVERING1735Arches/Eee/14/235-257b,275a-276a
Arches Eee 1 ff. 18-19,159-167,174-176,206-218MITTON V ELWAYES1664Arches/Eee/1/18-19,159-167,174-176,206-218
Arches Eee 15/237-240SAUNDERS AND SMITH V MINTERN1775Arches/Eee/15/237-240
Arches Eee 17/112-114WILLIAMS V WILLIAMS1798Arches/Eee/17/112-114
Arches Eee 15/241-244SAUNDERS AND SMITH V HEATHCOTE1775Arches/Eee/15/241-244
Arches Eee 15/152-160SEWELL, ETC. V TWYFORD AND MANN1755-1757Arches/Eee/15/152-160
Arches B 8/121BARKER V PLATER1672Arches/B/8/121
Arches Ee 3 f. 337BARINE V BARINE1669Arches/Ee/3/337
Arches B 4/70ADRIAN V ENT1663Arches/B/4/70
Arches Eee 16/79-81FOLEY V FOLEY1786-1787Arches/Eee/16/79-81
Arches Eee 7 ff. 138-141,143-145HARE V BURRETT1690Arches/Eee/7/138-141,143-145
Arches Eee 16/151-163FORSTER V FORSTER1791-1792Arches/Eee/16/151-163
Arches Eee 5 ff. 9-10,164-167FEILD V WEBB1673-1674Arches/Eee/5/9-10,164-167
Arches Eee 17/41-55MIDDLETON V MIDDLETON1795-1796Arches/Eee/17/41-55
Arches Eee 10/382-385GLANFIELD V GLANFIELD1712Arches/Eee/10/382-385
Arches Ee 10/1HAWTEN AND WATSON V KENRICK, ETC.1733Arches/Ee/10/1
Arches G 2/104ADRIAN V ENT1663Arches/G/2/104
Arches F 9 f. 24SUTTON V SYMPSON1692Arches/F/9/24
Arches E 23/36SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/E/23/36
Arches Bb 94/32ROEBUCK V ROEBUCK1787Arches/Bb/94/32
Arches A 19WESTON V WESTON1689Arches/A/19/279
Arches J 23/10ROEBUCK V ROEBUCK1787Arches/J/23/10
Arches G 19/3BALLOW V WESTFIELD1662Arches/G/19/3
Arches Eee 2 ff. 16-19BLACKAMORE V GOODWIN1665Arches/Eee/2/16-19
Arches G 0/15SMITH V HATT1699Arches/G/0-0/15
Arches B 6/26MITTON V ELWAYES1663Arches/B/6/26
Arches G 3/33LAW V CADE1714Arches/G/3/33
Arches E 2/59MITTON V ELWAYES1663Arches/E/2/59
Arches B 5/1MIDDLETON V MIDDLETON1662Arches/B/5/1
Arches E 1/150ADRIAN V ENT1663Arches/E/1/150
Arches B 6/45BAXTER V BAXTER1664Arches/B/6/45
Arches D 1407MILLISENT V MILLISENT1687Arches/D/1407
Arches A 4 ff. 7,27,43BAXTER V BAXTER1664Arches/A/4/7,27,43
Arches Aa 25/90LAW V CADE1714Arches/Aa/25/90
Arches A 4 ff. 101,109,118BLACKAMORE V GOODWIN1665Arches/A/4/101,109,118
Arches E 3/201HUNT V HUGHES1669Arches/E/3/201
Arches E 3/195HUNT V HUGHES1669Arches/E/3/195
Arches E 3/222HUNT V HUGHES1669Arches/E/3/222
Arches E 3/238MAYERS V RAM AND MOTT1669Arches/E/3/238
Arches E 3/263MAYERS V RAM AND MOTT1669Arches/E/3/263
Arches Ee 3 ff. 377-378HUNT V HUGHES1669Arches/Ee/3/377-378
Arches Eee 3 ff. 447-448,524MAYERS V RAM AND MOTT1669Arches/Eee/3/447-448,524
Arches E 1/82-85LACY V LACY AND PINNYFATHER1663Arches/E/1/82-85
Arches E 1/175ASH, ETC. V SAMBROOKE, ETC.1663Arches/E/1/175
Arches E 2/7LACY V LACY AND PINNYFATHER1663Arches/E/2/7
Arches F 8 f. 18FORD V DENNING1648Arches/F/8/18
Arches D 257BROMER V BROMER1799Arches/D/257
Arches H 184/1-10VERELEST V VERELEST [recte VERELST V VERELST]1813Arches/H/184
Arches G 1, f. 352FEILD V WEBB1671Arches/G/1/352
Arches Bbb 949GREGORY V ATTERBURY AND HALL1707Arches/Bbb/949
Arches A 25ASH V ASH1707Arches/A/25/9
Arches A 25MAYLE V MAYLE1708Arches/A/25/154
Arches A 26MAYLE V MAYLE1708Arches/A/26/230
Arches C 3 f.202WEEDON V WEEDON1708Arches/C/3/202
Arches G 79/11CALVERT V CALVERT1710Arches/G/79/11
Arches J 7/90HILL V LAMBERT1712Arches/J/7/90
Arches B 14/180CALVERT V CALVERT1710Arches/B/14/180
Arches D 71AUSTEN [recte AUSTIN] V TENGNELL1684Arches/D/71
Arches G 79/7CALVERT V CALVERT1710Arches/G/79/7
Arches E 17/19ASH V ASH1707Arches/E/17/19
Arches Jj 6/55CALVERT V CALVERT1710Arches/Jj/6/55
Arches F 10 f. 54TAYLOR V ACKERLY1722Arches/F/10/54
Arches D 362CART V CART1717Arches/D/362
Arches A 26CALVERT V CALVERT1710Arches/A/26/70
Arches E 27/1SCRIMSHIRE [recte SCRIMSHER] V NEALE1722-1723Arches/E/27/1
Arches A 26BARNARD V BARNARD1712Arches/A/26/25
Arches Aa 20/42BARNARD V BARNARD1712Arches/Aa/20/42
Arches B 14/241DOUNDNEY V SIMPSON1713Arches/B/14/241
Arches A 26BARON V MARIETT1712Arches/A/26/26
Arches Aa 20/21BARON V MARIETT1712Arches/Aa/20/21
Arches Aa 20/23BARON V MARIETT1712Arches/Aa/20/23
Arches Aa 20/37BARON V MARIETT1712Arches/Aa/20/37
Arches Aa 20/56BARON V MARIETT1712Arches/Aa/20/56
Arches Aa 20/87BARON V MARIETT1712Arches/Aa/20/87
Arches Aa 20/93BARON V MARIETT1712Arches/Aa/20/93
Arches Aa 20/162BARON V MARIETT1712Arches/Aa/20/162
Arches C 4 f.23WARD, ETC. V OLIVER1713Arches/C/4/23
Arches J 7/102BARNARD V BARNARD1712Arches/J/7/102
Arches J 7/105BARNARD V BARNARD1712Arches/J/7/105
Arches J 8/25LAW V CADE1714Arches/J/8/25
Arches Jj 6/63BARNARD V BARNARD1712Arches/Jj/6/63
Arches B 14/272LAW V CADE1714Arches/B/14/272
Arches G 82/28BARON V MARIETT1712Arches/G/82/28
Arches C 4 f.78DALE V DALE1715Arches/C/4/78
Arches Aa 21/26LAW V CADE1714Arches/Aa/21/26
Arches Aa 21/17SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/Aa/21/17
Arches Aa 21/36SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/Aa/21/36
Arches Aa 21/60SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/Aa/21/60
Arches Aa 21/89SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/Aa/21/89
Arches Aa 21/155SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/Aa/21/155
Arches Aa 21/158SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/Aa/21/158
Arches Aa 21/208SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/Aa/21/208
Arches Aa 21/230SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/Aa/21/230
Arches Aa 21/250SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/Aa/21/250
Arches Aa 21/271SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/Aa/21/271
Arches Aa 21/295SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/Aa/21/295
Arches Aa 21/313SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/Aa/21/313
Arches Aa 22/84,85SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/Aa/22/84,85
Arches Aa 22/136SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/Aa/22/136
Arches Aa 22/172SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/Aa/22/172
Arches Aa 25/71SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/Aa/25/71
Arches C 4 f.97HARRIS V HUMPHREYS1716Arches/C/4/97
Arches Aa 23/63DALE V DALE1715Arches/Aa/23/63
Arches Aa 23/199DALE V DALE1715Arches/Aa/23/199
Arches Aa 23/225,226DALE V DALE1715Arches/Aa/23/225,226
Arches Aa 23/249DALE V DALE1715Arches/Aa/23/249
Arches Aa 23/9DALE V DALE1715Arches/Aa/23/9
Arches Aa 23/28,29DALE V DALE1715Arches/Aa/23/28,29
Arches Aa 23/34DALE V DALE1715Arches/Aa/23/34
Arches Aa 23/58DALE V DALE1715Arches/Aa/23/58
Arches Aa 24/45DALE V DALE1715Arches/Aa/24/45-a
Arches Aa 24/1DALE V DALE1715Arches/Aa/24/1
Arches Aa 22/149DALE V DALE1715Arches/Aa/22/149
Arches Aa 22/236DALE V DALE1715Arches/Aa/22/236
Arches Aa 22/209DALE V DALE1715Arches/Aa/22/209
Arches Aa 22/177DALE V DALE1715Arches/Aa/22/177
Arches Aa 22/135NEWPORT V CARNEGY1715Arches/Aa/22/135
Arches Aa 22/171NEWPORT V CARNEGY1715Arches/Aa/22/171
Arches Aa 22/207NEWPORT V CARNEGY1715Arches/Aa/22/207
Arches Aa 22/231NEWPORT V CARNEGY1715Arches/Aa/22/231
Arches Aa 23/11NEWPORT V CARNEGY1715Arches/Aa/23/11
Arches Aa 23/33NEWPORT V CARNEGY1715Arches/Aa/23/33
Arches Aa 23/49NEWPORT V CARNEGY1715Arches/Aa/23/49
Arches Aa 23/92NEWPORT V CARNEGY1715Arches/Aa/23/92
Arches Aa 23/100NEWPORT V CARNEGY1715Arches/Aa/23/100
Arches Aa 23/148NEWPORT V CARNEGY1715Arches/Aa/23/148
Arches Aa 23/160NEWPORT V CARNEGY1715Arches/Aa/23/160
Arches Aa 23/171NEWPORT V CARNEGY1715Arches/Aa/23/171
Arches Aa 23/194NEWPORT V CARNEGY1715Arches/Aa/23/194
Arches Aa 22/139OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/22/139
Arches Aa 22/175OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/22/175
Arches Aa 22/191OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/22/191
Arches Aa 22/232OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/22/232
Arches Aa 23/2,3OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/23/2,3
Arches Aa 23/25OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/23/25
Arches Aa 23/30OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/23/30
Arches Aa 23/37OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/23/37
Arches Aa 23/40OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/23/40
Arches Aa 23/43OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/23/43
Arches Aa 23/46OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/23/46
Arches Aa 23/48OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/23/48
Arches Aa 23/79,80OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/23/79,80
Arches Aa 23/85OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/23/85
Arches Aa 23/112OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/23/112
Arches Aa 23/136OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/23/136
Arches Aa 23/149OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/23/149
Arches Aa 23/156OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/23/156
Arches Aa 23/172OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/23/172
Arches Aa 23/195OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/23/195
Arches Aa 24/80OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/24/80
Arches Aa 24/103OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/24/103
Arches Aa 24/109OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/24/109
Arches Aa 24/112OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/24/112
Arches Aa 24/133OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/Aa/24/133
Arches C 4 f.81NEWPORT V CARNEGY1715Arches/C/4/81
Arches B 14/311HARRIS V HUMPHREYS1716Arches/B/14/311
Arches G 86/3OSBORNE V WILLIAMS1715Arches/G/86/3
Arches J 9/7CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/J/9/7
Arches Aa 23/287HARRIS V HUMPHREYS1716Arches/Aa/23/287
Arches Aa 24/6HARRIS V HUMPHREYS1716Arches/Aa/24/6
Arches Aa 24/48HARRIS V HUMPHREYS1716Arches/Aa/24/48-a
Arches Aa 24/95HARRIS V HUMPHREYS1716Arches/Aa/24/95-b
Arches Aa 24/117HARRIS V HUMPHREYS1716Arches/Aa/24/117
Arches Aa 24/40ELDERTON V READING AND TILBURY1717Arches/Aa/24/40-a
Arches Aa 23/300HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/23/300
Arches Aa 24/4HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/24/4
Arches Aa 24/12HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/24/12
Arches Aa 24/22HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/24/22
Arches Aa 24/36HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/24/36
Arches Aa 24/79HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/24/79
Arches Aa 24/94HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/24/94
Arches Aa 24/102HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/24/102
Arches Aa 24/118HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/24/118
Arches Aa 24/144,145HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/24/144,145
Arches Aa 24/155HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/24/155
Arches Aa 24/179HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/24/179-b
Arches Aa 24/197HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/24/197
Arches Aa 24/200HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/24/200
Arches Aa 24/214HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/24/214
Arches Aa 24/224HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/24/224
Arches Aa 25/4HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/25/4
Arches Aa 25/14HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/25/14
Arches Aa 25/26HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/25/26
Arches Aa 26/111,112HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/26/111,112
Arches Aa 26/121HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/26/121
Arches Aa 27/6HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/27/6
Arches Aa 27/18HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/27/18
Arches Aa 27/105HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/27/105
Arches Aa 27/161HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/Aa/27/161
Arches C 4 f.104ELDERTON V READING AND TILBURY1717Arches/C/4/104
Arches Aa 25/76CART V CART1717Arches/Aa/25/76
Arches Ee 9/65,69,75TAYLOR V ACKERLY1721Arches/Ee/9/65,69,75
Arches C 5 f.41TURST V TURST1739Arches/C/5/41
Arches C 4 f.184TAYLOR V ACKERLY1721Arches/C/4/184
Arches E 26/166,167SCRIMSHIRE [recte SCRIMSHER] V NEALE1722Arches/E/26/166,167
Arches G 88/21HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/G/88/21
Arches B 16/47,48VERNON V BURY1730Arches/B/16/47,48
Arches B 15/65APAUL V PAUL1721Arches/B/15/65A
Arches E 3/199ANDERSON V WARNER1668Arches/E/3/199
Arches Jj 6/64GLANFIELD V GLANFIELD1712Arches/Jj/6/64
Arches E 18/9ASH V ASH1707Arches/E/18/9
Arches C 4 f.11DOUNDNEY V SIMPSON1713Arches/C/4/11
Arches E 19/18ARMSTRONG V TILDESLEY alias ARMSTRONG1709Arches/E/19/18
Arches E 18/35PICKARD V PICKARD1708Arches/E/18/35
Arches E 19/26WILLEY V ALTHAM, ETC.1709Arches/E/19/26
Arches E 22/25VANSITTART V VANSITTART1712Arches/E/22/25
Arches B 15/32A70BSCRIMSHIRE [recte SCRIMSHER] V NEALE1722Arches/B/15/32A70B
Arches E 26/16,17GRAY V WEBSTER1717Arches/E/26/16,17
Arches A 2 ff. 48,52,54,62,66-67,71,77,83,88,96,103,110,115,131,165MIDDLETON V MIDDLETON1662Arches/A/2/48,52,54,62,66-67,71,77,83,88,96,103,110,115,131,165
Arches E 27/67BRIDGEN V PIGEON1725Arches/E/27/67
Arches F 8 f. 56MIDDLETON V MIDDLETON1662Arches/F/8/56
Arches E 22/10FINLAY V TRAPP1712Arches/E/22/10
Arches E 28/40JONES V HARPER1724Arches/E/28/40
Arches B 7/179MAYERS V RAM AND MOTT1669Arches/B/7/179
Arches E 1/16-19FORD V DENNING1662Arches/E/1/16-19
Arches F 8 f. 206WYSEMAN V EVERLEY1686Arches/F/8/206
Arches F 8 f. 214BAXTER V BAXTER1687Arches/F/8/214
Arches C 2 f.300JARVIS V MARKHAM1686Arches/C/2/300
Arches E 16/3,4DE MORAIS V HARRISON1706Arches/E/16/3,4
Arches C 2 f.553BOUND V BOUND1693Arches/C/2/553
Arches A 22WESTON V WESTON1689Arches/A/22/239
Arches E 13/39,40LANCASTER V LANCASTER1701Arches/E/13/39,40
Arches D 964HARRIS V HUMPHREYS1716Arches/D/964
Arches D 594DEWSBERRY V WILLOWBY1713Arches/D/594
Arches B 13/73SMITH V HATT1699Arches/B/13/73
Arches D 1358NORTHEY AND VERNETT [recte VERNETTI] V MARSH1700Arches/D/1358
Arches C 2 f.662STAPLETON V STAPLETON AND GAGE1696Arches/C/2/662
Arches Aa 27/201TAYLOR V ACKERLY1721Arches/Aa/27/201
Arches Aa 28/47TAYLOR V ACKERLY1721Arches/Aa/28/47
Arches Aa 28/104TAYLOR V ACKERLY1721Arches/Aa/28/104
Arches Aa 29/5TAYLOR V ACKERLY1721Arches/Aa/29/5
Arches C 3 f.8CHAMBLET V CHAMBLET1700Arches/C/3/8
Arches Ee 1 ff. 93-94,154-155BALLOW V WESTFIELD1662Arches/Ee/1/93-94,154-155
Arches F 9 ff. 197-198ALDERMAN V ALDERMAN1709-1712Arches/F/9/197-198
Arches E 23/38SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/E/23/38
Arches E 16/9-12DE MORAIS V HARRISON1706Arches/E/16/9-12
Arches D 2201WILSON AND ASHLEY V WEST1702Arches/D/2201
Arches E 23/26LAW V CADE1714Arches/E/23/26
Arches G 72/27KENNETT V SAVAGE1701Arches/G/72/27
Arches Ee 9/6,28HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717-1719Arches/Ee/9/6,28
Arches F 9 f. 153CARTER V MAGSON1710Arches/F/9/153
Arches D 779BISHOPP [recte BISHOP] V EAGLE AND FRANCKLIN1707Arches/D/779
Arches F 9 f. 199BURTON V COLLYER1708-1713Arches/F/9/199
Arches F 8 f. 183HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/F/8/183
Arches Eee 10/234-244,252,253MAYLE V MAYLE1708Arches/Eee/10/234-244,252,253
Arches E 18/20-24ASH V ASH1707Arches/E/18/20-24
Arches E 18/26-34ASH V ASH1708Arches/E/18/26-34
Arches G 1a/151HOOPER V FAZAS1690Arches/G/1a/151
Arches A 26SHORTHOSE V WOODWARD, ETC.1710Arches/A/26/295
Arches B 14/155MAYLE V MAYLE1708Arches/B/14/155
Arches G 83/2WARD, ETC. V OLIVER1713Arches/G/83/2
Arches F 10 f. 17ELDERTON V READING AND TILBURY1717Arches/F/10/17
Arches F 9 f. 192WILES, ETC. V ADAMS1711Arches/F/9/192
Arches G 3/39, 40, 41, 42, 51DALE V DALE1715Arches/G/3/39, 40, 41, 42, 51
Arches E 23/28BARON V MARIETT1712Arches/E/23/28
Arches E 22/20HILL V LAMBERT1712Arches/E/22/20
Arches Ee 8/203LAW V CADE1714Arches/Ee/8/203
Arches Aa 24/24CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/Aa/24/24
Arches Aa 24/9CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/Aa/24/9
Arches Aa 24/49CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/Aa/24/49
Arches Aa 24/101CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/Aa/24/101-b
Arches Aa 24/110CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/Aa/24/110-b
Arches Aa 24/149CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/Aa/24/149
Arches Aa 24/164CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/Aa/24/164
Arches Aa 24/206CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/Aa/24/206
Arches Aa 24/218CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/Aa/24/218-a
Arches Aa 24/239CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/Aa/24/239
Arches Aa 25/152CLARKE V CLARKE1717Arches/Aa/25/152
Arches E 26/96PAUL V PAUL1721Arches/E/26/96
Arches E 1/401FORD V DENNING1662Arches/E/1/401
Arches G 127/19CONRAN V LOWE1754Arches/G/127/19
Arches Aa 30/28SCRIMSHIRE [recte SCRIMSHER] V NEALE1721Arches/Aa/30/28
Arches G 134/125EARLE V EARLE1766Arches/G/134/125
Arches G 94/29BRIDGEN V PIGEON1725Arches/G/94/29
Arches E 27/20PAUL V PAUL1723Arches/E/27/20
Arches E 36/73TURST V TURST1739Arches/E/36/73
Arches B 16/45MEACHAM V HAWKINS1730Arches/B/16/45
Arches B 15/150aTRISTRAM V AYRES1728Arches/B/15/150a
Arches E 29/159YOUNG V WRIGHT, ETC.1730Arches/E/29/159
Arches E 31/62YOUNG V WRIGHT, ETC.1730Arches/E/31/62
Arches G 104/29NUTT V NUTT1731Arches/G/104/29
Arches E 31/88HAWTEN AND WATSON V KENRICK, ETC.1732Arches/E/31/88
Arches B 15/193YOUNG V WRIGHT, ETC.1730Arches/B/15/193
Arches D 642DYSART V DYSART1844Arches/D/642
Arches C 1 ff. 21-2KEEBLE AND SAVADGE V SAMBROOKE, ETC.1663Arches/C/1/21-2
Arches D 1395MIDDLETON V MIDDLETON1795Arches/D/1395
Arches G 109/26SCARR, ETC. V HOPKINS, ETC1734Arches/G/109/26
Arches E 32/55,56SCARR, ETC. V HOPKINS, ETC1734Arches/E/32/55,56
Arches G 117/17KEITH V TREBECK1741Arches/G/117/17
Arches A 28PAGE V PHILPOT1731Arches/A/28/144
Arches E 33/122LYONS V CALLOW1737Arches/E/33/122
Arches B 17/118BATTY V JASPER1739Arches/B/17/118
Arches F 11 f. 12SCARR, ETC. V HOPKINS, ETC1741Arches/F/11/12
Arches G 117/56BLAKISTON V BARNARD1743Arches/G/117/56
Arches E 35/25EVERS V MICHELL1744Arches/E/35/25
Arches B 16/169BATTY V JASPER1739Arches/B/16/169
Arches E 24/3CLARKE V CLARKE1714-1717Arches/E/24/3
Arches E 35/13BEAUFORT V BEAUFORT1742Arches/E/35/13
Arches E 36/138,139BEAUFORT V BEAUFORT1742Arches/E/36/138,139
Arches F 11 ff. 61,76RANDALL AND HORDON V COLLINS AND LUDLOW1755Arches/F/11/61,76
Arches Aa 32/85MUILMAN V MUILMAN1734Arches/Aa/32/85
Arches G 109/6CLAVERING V CLAVERING1734Arches/G/109/6
Arches G 109/28CLAVERING V CLAVERING1734Arches/G/109/28
Arches A 28MUILMAN V MUILMAN1734Arches/A/28/136
Arches A 29MUILMAN V MUILMAN1734Arches/A/29/108
Arches B 16/102CLAVERING V CLAVERING1734Arches/B/16/102
Arches D 1471NAYLOR V NAYLOR1777Arches/D/1471
Arches E 37/24FREELOVE V SUTTON1747Arches/E/37/24
Arches G 141/17FAIKNEY V LONG AND CHADLEY1773Arches/G/141/17
Arches G 141/19-27FAIKNEY V LONG AND CHADLEY1773Arches/G/141/19-27
Arches G 119/37EVERS V MICHELL1744Arches/G/119/37
Arches E 24/4HEDDIN V HEDDIN1717Arches/E/24/4
Arches Aa 28/19BEDALL V HUSSEY1721Arches/Aa/28/19
Arches G 109/5MUILMAN V MUILMAN1734Arches/G/109/5
Arches G 117/55BLEW V BARNARD1743Arches/G/117/55
Arches F 9 f. 150PICKARD V PICKARD1707-1708Arches/F/9/150
Arches G 128/5-8FITZGERALD V FITZGERALD1754Arches/G/128/5-8
Arches C 6/5FITZGERALD V FITZGERALD1754Arches/C/6/5
Arches G 128/28FITZGERALD V FITZGERALD1754Arches/G/128/28
Arches G 128/30FITZGERALD V FITZGERALD1754Arches/G/128/30
Arches J 18/96,97RANDALL AND HORDON V COLLINS AND LUDLOW1755Arches/J/18/96,97
Arches B 19/12SEWELL, ETC. V TWYFORD AND MANN1754Arches/B/19/12
Arches C 6/11SEWELL, ETC. V TWYFORD AND MANN1754Arches/C/6/11
Arches A 33FITZGERALD V FITZGERALD1754Arches/A/33/57
Arches J 18/123SEWELL, ETC. V TWYFORD AND MANN1754Arches/J/18/123
Arches G 128/73-4FITZGERALD V FITZGERALD1754Arches/G/128/73-4
Arches E 39/1-5FITZGERALD V FITZGERALD1754Arches/E/39/1-5
Arches G 140/13COMPTON V COMPTON1770Arches/G/140/13
Arches G 132/32EVERS V MICHELL1744Arches/G/132/32
Arches Jj 8/41DIXON V DIXON AND JENKINSON1760Arches/Jj/8/41
Arches G 131/26DIXON V DIXON AND JENKINSON1760Arches/G/131/26
Arches F 11 f. 99DIXON V DIXON AND JENKINSON1760Arches/F/11/99
Arches G 131/33DIXON V DIXON AND JENKINSON1760Arches/G/131/33
Arches E 40/83COSTER V SCANDRETT AND LOVELL1762Arches/E/40/83
Arches A 34DIXON V DIXON AND JENKINSON1760Arches/A/34/64
Arches A 40 ff. 13-4DIXON V DIXON AND JENKINSON1760Arches/A/40/13-4
Arches F 11 f. 103COSTER V SCANDRETT AND LOVELL1763Arches/F/11/103
Arches E 24/17,18CLARKE V CLARKE1715-1717Arches/E/24/17,18
Arches E 24/27CLARKE V CLARKE1718Arches/E/24/27
Arches Jj 8/48COSTER V SCANDRETT AND LOVELL1762Arches/Jj/8/48
Arches A 34COSTER V SCANDRETT AND LOVELL1762Arches/A/34/51
Arches G 148/23NAYLOR V NAYLOR1777Arches/G/148/23
Arches J 22/37ROEBUCK V ROEBUCK1787Arches/J/22/37
Arches G 133/64COSTER V SCANDRETT AND LOVELL1762Arches/G/133/64
Arches F 11 f. 135NICOLLS V RUTTER1768-1769Arches/F/11/135
Arches A 35 ff. 76,80,85,86,90,92,94,95,101,106,108,115,120,123,126,129,131,134,136,138,141,146,147,150,153,155,157,158,159,163,170,173,175,179,184,190,193,196,239ALDERSEY V MCALPINE1770Arches/A/35/76,80,85,86,90,92,94,95,101,106,108,115,120,123,126,129,131,134,136,138,141,146,147,150,153,155,157,158,159,163,170,173,175,179,184,190,193,196,239
Arches G 139/99NICOLLS V RUTTER1768Arches/G/139/99
Arches E 43/28NAYLOR V NAYLOR1777Arches/E/43/28
Arches E 44/19NAYLOR V NAYLOR1777Arches/E/44/19
Arches E 42/7SEWELL, ETC. V TWYFORD AND MANN1754Arches/E/42/7
Arches G 141/56SAUNDERS AND SMITH V HEATHCOTE1773Arches/G/141/56
Arches G 151/5HAWEIS V SELLON1780Arches/G/151/5
Arches J 22/45ROEBUCK V ROEBUCK1787Arches/J/22/45
Arches E 47/51FORSTER V FORSTER1791Arches/E/47/51
Arches E 47/58FORSTER V FORSTER1791Arches/E/47/58
Arches E 45/17WORSLEY V WORSLEY1782Arches/E/45/17
Arches G 153/46BINGHAM V PORTLAND1793Arches/G/153/46
Arches Bb 85/32PERKINS V PERKINS1778Arches/Bb/85/32
Arches Bb 89/30WORSLEY V WORSLEY1782Arches/Bb/89/30
Arches G 153/24RAYBOULD V RAYBOULD1789Arches/G/153/24
Arches F 12 p. 77ROEBUCK V ROEBUCK1788Arches/F/12/77
Arches Aaa 35CHAMBERS V FRAZER1792Arches/Aaa/35/a17
Arches Bb 96/7WILLIAMS V BOTT1789Arches/Bb/96/7
Arches Aa 82/25ROEBUCK V ROEBUCK1787Arches/Aa/82/25
Arches Aa 82/32ROEBUCK V ROEBUCK1787Arches/Aa/82/32
Arches D 1779ROEBUCK V ROEBUCK1787Arches/D/1779
Arches Aaa 34BEAMISH V SMITH1790Arches/Aaa/34/a14
Arches G 153/44,45FORSTER V FORSTER1791Arches/G/153/44,45
Arches G 154/106FORSTER V FORSTER1791Arches/G/154/106
Arches C 3 f.84AUSTIN V AUSTIN1703Arches/C/3/84
Arches E 47/20FOLEY V FOLEY1786Arches/E/47/20
Arches Aaa 34WILLIAMS V BOTT1789Arches/Aaa/34/a119
Arches Bb 94/28ROEBUCK V ROEBUCK1787Arches/Bb/94/28
Arches J 23/16ROEBUCK V ROEBUCK1787Arches/J/23/16
Arches Bb 98/22WALLACE V WALLACE1790Arches/Bb/98/22
Arches Bb 97/39WALLACE V WALLACE1790Arches/Bb/97/39
Arches E 48/22MIDDLETON V MIDDLETON1795Arches/E/48/22
Arches Aaa 35NASH V NASH1790Arches/Aaa/35/a66
Arches G 155/62,63MENDES BELISARIO V MENDES BELISARIO1796Arches/G/155/62,63
Arches Bb 102/6, 13MIDDLETON V MIDDLETON1795Arches/Bb/102/6, 13
Arches G 155/56-8MIDDLETON V MIDDLETON1795Arches/G/155/56-8
Arches Aaa 35BINGHAM V PORTLAND1793Arches/Aaa/35/a10
Arches G 155/64-5MIDDLETON V MIDDLETON1795Arches/G/155/64-5
Arches F 12 pp. 264-267SMITH V RUESZ1805-1807Arches/F/12/264-267
Arches Aaa 35aROEBUCK V ROEBUCK1787Arches/Aaa/35a/a58
Arches E 2/220-2WILMER V WAREHAM1666Arches/E/2/220-2
Arches G 1, f. 224BEARSTOWE V COLLINS, ETC.1671Arches/G/1/224
Arches E 26/181RUBY V HUDD1724Arches/E/26/181
Arches Ee 2 ff. 137-139BUTT V POND1664Arches/Ee/2/137-139
Arches D 1777ROEBUCK V ROEBUCK1787Arches/D/1777
Arches E 13/69LANCASTER V LANCASTER1701Arches/E/13/69
Arches C 1 ff. 284-5BARKER V PLATER1672Arches/C/1/284-5
Arches Ee 1 ff. 266-271,487-490,619-620FORD V DENNING1663-1664Arches/Ee/1/266-271,487-490,619-620
Arches A 23OSWALD V EVERARD1700Arches/A/23/141
Arches D 734HOOPER V FAZAS1690Arches/D/734
Arches J 5/39ALLISON V TURTEN [recte TURTON]1699Arches/J/5/39
Arches C 3 f.29WYBARD, ETC. V GASCOIGNE, ETC.1699Arches/C/3/29
Arches A 23LANCASTER V LANCASTER1701Arches/A/23/102
Arches E 13/51LANCASTER V LANCASTER1701Arches/E/13/51
Arches A 25DE MORAIS V HARRISON1706Arches/A/25/68
Arches B 14/140ASH V ASH1707Arches/B/14/140
Arches E 16/28DE MORAIS V HARRISON1706Arches/E/16/28
Arches E 16/80DE MORAIS V HARRISON1706Arches/E/16/80
Arches G 76/35ASH V ASH1707Arches/G/76/35
Arches G 76/39ASH V ASH1707Arches/G/76/39
Arches D 1929SMITH V CONSTANTINE1714Arches/D/1929
Arches Aaa 38STONE V BISHOP1808Arches/Aaa/38/a74
Arches B 4/15MIDDLETON V MIDDLETON1662Arches/B/4/15
Arches Aa 28/26PAUL V PAUL1721Arches/Aa/28/26
Arches J 29/4REEVE V MARTIN1828Arches/J/29/4
Arches A 2 ff. 60,71,83,89,102,110,129BALLOW V WESTFIELD1662Arches/A/2/60,71,83,89,102,110,129
Arches Ee 1 ff. 560-561,606COPLEY V BREWER1664Arches/Ee/1/560-561,606
Arches E 2/149BAXTER V BAXTER1664Arches/E/2/149
Arches E 3/30ANDERSON V WARNER1668Arches/E/3/30
Arches E 5/43FEILD V WEBB1671Arches/E/5/43
Arches A 2 ff. 302,311MITTON V ELWAYES1663Arches/A/2/302,311
Arches E 1/395ADRIAN V ENT1663Arches/E/1/395
Arches E 2/83ASHLEY V HOLT1664Arches/E/2/83
Arches Ee 1 ff. 328-330,406-408,498ADRIAN V ENT1663Arches/Ee/1/328-330,406-408,498
Arches A 2 ff. 110,116,130,136,146,154,161,181,195NICHOLLS V NICHOLLS1662-1663Arches/A/2/110,116,130,136,146,154,161,181,195
Arches A 2 f. 121CLENDON V LAYFIELD1662Arches/A/2/121
Arches E 14/4,5MAGRATH V MAGRATH1701Arches/E/14/4,5
Arches D 1911,1916SMITH V HATT1699Arches/D/1911,1916
Arches C 1 f.23ASH, ETC. V SAMBROOKE, ETC.1663Arches/C/1/23
Arches A 13 f. 11SHERMAN V BADGE1677Arches/A/13/11-c
Arches E 1/256LACY V LACY AND PINNYFATHER1663Arches/E/1/256
Arches D 2075TIPPING V ROBERTS1735Arches/D/2075
Arches E 1/110-113MITTON V ELWAYES1663Arches/E/1/110-113
Arches E 1/317LACY V LACY AND PINNYFATHER1663Arches/E/1/317
Arches Ee 1 ff. 364-366LACY V LACY AND PINNYFATHER1663Arches/Ee/1/364-366
Arches E 1/10-15LACY V LACY AND PINNYFATHER1663Arches/E/1/10-15
Arches D 1566,1567PAUL V PAUL1721Arches/D/1566,1567
Arches E 4/17LOCKYER V DANVAS1670Arches/E/4/17
Arches E 2/153MITTON V ELWAYES1663Arches/E/2/153
Arches B 6/36GOODALL V GLOVER1664Arches/B/6/36
Arches B 6/50LACY V LACY AND PINNYFATHER1663Arches/B/6/50
Arches Ee 2 ff. 49-55MITTON V ELWAYES1664Arches/Ee/2/49-55
Arches Ee 1 ff. 554-556MITTON V ELWAYES1663Arches/Ee/1/554-556
Arches Eee 1 ff. 218-222ASH, ETC. V SAMBROOKE, ETC.1664Arches/Eee/1/218-222
Arches A 2 ff. 219,228,244,263,289ASH, ETC. V SAMBROOKE, ETC.1663Arches/A/2/219,228,244,263,289
Arches A 2 ff. 185-186,194,204,213,220,234,245,253,266,268,272,277,288,297,317ADRIAN V ENT 1663Arches/A/2/185-186,194,204,213,220,234,245,253,266,268,272,277,288,297,317
Arches A 2 ff. 233,243,252,264,273,275,279,282,285,297,314LACY V LACY AND PINNYFATHER1663Arches/A/2/233,243,252,264,273,275,279,282,285,297,314
Arches Ee 8/158MAYLE V MAYLE1708Arches/Ee/8/158
Arches Ee 3 ff. 104-105WILLAN V GILL1667Arches/Ee/3/104-105
Arches A 2 f. 314COPLEY V BREWER1663Arches/A/2/314
Arches Eee 10/185-186,207-215,227-228PICKARD V PICKARD1708Arches/Eee/10/185-186,207-215,227-228
Arches A 4 ff. 30,34,51GOODALL V GLOVER1664-1665Arches/A/4/30,34,51
Arches A 4 ff. 37,52,58CAMPION V HURST1664-1665Arches/A/4/37,52,58
Arches A 2 ff. 176,185,195,208,263,289KEEBLE AND SAVADGE V SAMBROOKE, ETC.1663Arches/A/2/176,185,195,208,263,289
Arches E 2/84BLACKAMORE V GOODWIN1665Arches/E/2/84
Arches D 704EVERARD V ATWOOD1666Arches/D/704
Arches E 1/157MITTON V ELWAYES1663Arches/E/1/157
Arches E 1/108ADRIAN V ENT1663Arches/E/1/108
Arches A 3 ff. 41,46,67,78TORDERAW V LOCUP1663Arches/A/3/41,46,67,78
Arches A 3 ff. 5,33,62,71,76,94,110,133,137,148,154ADRIAN V ENT1663-1664Arches/A/3/5,33,62,71,76,94,110,133,137,148,154
Arches A 3 ff. 10,17,29,46,67,79,167BALLOW V WESTFIELD1663-1664Arches/A/3/10,17,29,46,67,79,167
Arches A 3 ff. 28,41,44,61,71,76,92,110,124,130,159,162THACKER V MIDDLETON AND FLETCHER1663-1664Arches/A/3/28,41,44,61,71,76,92,110,124,130,159,162
Arches A 3 ff. 108,122,132,139,147,157BAXTER V BAXTER1664Arches/A/3/108,122,132,139,147,157
Arches A 3 ff. 4,15,44,60,110,116,130,136,168FORD V DENNING1663-1664Arches/A/3/4,15,44,60,110,116,130,136,168
Arches E 1/350ASH, ETC. V SAMBROOKE, ETC.1663Arches/E/1/350
Arches A 3 ff. 7,18,69,78,93,108,142,157,162COPLEY V BREWER1663-1664Arches/A/3/7,18,69,78,93,108,142,157,162
Arches A 3 ff. 109,124,130,149,154,161,171GOODALL V GLOVER1664Arches/A/3/109,124,130,149,154,161,171
Arches A 3 ff. 2,17,28,41,48,57,67,76,110,115,125,130,142,148,155,161,169MITTON V ELWAYES1663-1664Arches/A/3/2,17,28,41,48,57,67,76,110,115,125,130,142,148,155,161,169
Arches A 3 ff. 45,62,70,74,76,91,96,99-100,101-102,140ASH, ETC. V SAMBROOKE, ETC.1663-1664Arches/A/3/45,62,70,74,76,91,96,99-100,101-102,140
Arches B 10/167HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/B/10/167
Arches A 3 ff. 159,169WILLAN V GILL1664Arches/A/3/159,169
Arches Eee 1 ff. 465-469THACKER V MIDDLETON AND FLETCHER1664Arches/Eee/1/465-469
Arches A 3 ff. 7,18,33,67-68,93,105,126,134-135,147,157LACY V LACY AND PINNYFATHER1663-1664Arches/A/3/7,18,33,67-68,93,105,126,134-135,147,157
Arches E 1/57MITTON V ELWAYES1663Arches/E/1/57
Arches A 4 ff. 1,16,39ASHLEY V HOLT1664Arches/A/4/1,16,39
Arches A 4 ff. 7,57LACY V LACY AND PINNYFATHER1664-1665Arches/A/4/7,57
Arches A 4 ff. 15,27,34,54,62COPLEY V BREWER1664-1665Arches/A/4/15,27,34,54,62
Arches Hh 11PEEK, ETC. V TROWER, ETC.1881Arches/Hh/11
Arches A 4 ff. 40,54,66,74,91,93BALLOW V WESTFIELD1664-1665Arches/A/4/40,54,66,74,91,93
Arches A 5 ff. 40,53WEST V JENNING1667Arches/A/5/40,53
Arches A 4 f. 104ASH, ETC. V SAMBROOKE, ETC.1665Arches/A/4/104
Arches A 4 ff. 15,31,53,62,105,126WILLAN V GILL1664-1665Arches/A/4/15,31,53,62,105,126
Arches B 7/4EVERARD V ATWOOD1666Arches/B/7/4
Arches A 4A ff. 27,53,59,66EVERARD V ATWOOD1666Arches/A/4A/27,53,59,66
Arches B 5/45,46MAYERS V RAM AND MOTT1669Arches/B/5/45,46
Arches D 1635PICKERING V FILKIN1731Arches/D/1635
Arches A 5 ff. 9,17,28EVERARD V ATWOOD1666Arches/A/5/9,17,28
Arches Eee 2 ff. 94-99,101-102,123-124NORCOTT V NORCOTT1666Arches/Eee/2/94-99,101-102,123-124
Arches A 16RYTHERDON V HICKS1682Arches/A/16/235
Arches A 15RYTHERDON V HICKS1682Arches/A/15/243
Arches Eee 3 ff. 176-180,539-542HUNGATE V PARKER1668-1669Arches/Eee/3/176-180,539-542
Arches Eee 3 ff. 53-55,211-214BLUNT V HAYES1668Arches/Eee/3/53-55,211-214
Arches A 4A ff. 31,57,62,69LACY V LACY AND PINNYFATHER1666Arches/A/4A/31,57,62,69
Arches A 4A ff. 22,29,36,42,50,56NORCOTT V NORCOTT1666Arches/A/4A/22,29,36,42,50,56
Arches Ee 2 ff. 10-13,37,88-89LACY V LACY AND PINNYFATHER1664Arches/Ee/2/10-13,37,88-89
Arches B 10/150HAZARD, ETC. V SEWARD AND TOLNEY1684Arches/B/10/150
Arches A 3 ff. 18,28,69,78,93,102,108,122-123,147,157,161BUTT V POND1663-1664Arches/A/3/18,28,69,78,93,102,108,122-123,147,157,161