Authorized Form of NameMozley; John Kenneth (1883-1946); Canon and Chancellor of St. Paul's Cathedral
ForenamesJohn Kenneth
EpithetCanon and Chancellor of St. Paul's Cathedral
SourceWho was Who

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Bell 188, ff. 245-6MOZLEY (John Kenneth), canon of St. Paul's.1916 Bell/184-368/188/245-6
Bell 191, ff. 184-7Correspondence with John Kenneth MOZLEY, canon of St. Paul'sBell/184-368/191/184-7
MS 2628 f. 87Mozley (John Kenneth), Canon of St. Paul's1920MSS/2615-2650/2628/87
Douglas 18, f. 112MOZLEY, John Kenneth, Canon of St. Paul's, London1933Douglas/18/112
Bell 220, ff. 35, 54-6Correspondence with John Kenneth MOZLEY, canon of St. Paul'sBell/184-368/219-220/220/35, 54-6
Bell 190, ff. 284-98Correspondence with John Kenneth MOZLEY, canon of St. Paul's1918-1920Bell/184-368/190/284-98
W.Temple 51, ff. 51-182WAR 1939-4526 Apr 1939-26 Sep 1944W.Temple/1-62/51/51-182
W.Temple 48, ff. 216-83LAMBETH DIPLOMA OF THEOLOGY13 Oct 1942-7 Dec 1944W.Temple/1-62/48/216-83
MU/CO/1/15/2'Secretary's Copy of Records of the Proceedings of the First Group - appointed by C. Council'December 1930 - December 1932MU/1/CO/1/15-17/15/2
MU/CO/1/17Central Office file of lectures of the Group for the Study of Marriage1931-1937MU/1/CO/1/15-17/17
MS 2348 f. 71Mozley (John Kenneth), Canon of St. Paul's1932MSS/2343-2411/2343-2348/2348/71
LD 6/1/3Honorary Secretary's Correspondence: Miss Bevan1910-1930LD/6/1/3
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