Authorized Form of NamePotter; Philip Alford (1921-); General Secretary, World Council of Churches
ForenamesPhilip Alford
EpithetGeneral Secretary, World Council of Churches
ActivityMethodist Minister. Overseas Sec., British SCM, 1948–50; Superintendent, Cap Haitien Circuit, Methodist Church, Haiti, 1950–54; Sec., later Dir, Youth Dept, WCC, 1954–60; Sec. for WI and W Africa, Methodist Missionary Society, London, 1961–66; Dir, Commn on World Mission and Evangelism, and Associate Gen. Sec., WCC, 1967–72; General Secretary, World Council of Churches, 1972–84; Chaplain, Univ. of WI and Lectr, United Theol Coll. of WI, 1985–90.
SourceWho's Who

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