Authorized Form of NameGerman (1899-1991); Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church
EpithetPatriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church
OtherFormsOfNameHranislav รoric
ActivityElected Patriarch 1958; declared unable to perform his duties owing to infirmity 27 August 1990; died in Belgrade 27 August 1991.

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Ramsey 240, ff. 117-119Serbian Patriarch1972Ramsey/4-287/1972/240/117-119
Ramsey 245, ff. 372-374Yugoslavia, Royal visit to1972Ramsey/4-287/1972/245/372-374
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Runcie/EOC/1983/21Patriarch German1983Runcie/EOC/1983/21
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Runcie/EOC/1984/34Serbia: Patriarch German1984Runcie/EOC/1984/34
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CFR CFR 41Archbishops of Canterbury: Archbishop Runcie: letters of congratulation1979-1980CFR/1/3/41
CIO/VIS/1German, Serb Orthodox Patriarch, 1969Aug 1969CIO/2/2/1
Runcie/EOC/1985/26Serbia: Patriarch German1985Runcie/EOC/1985/26
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CFR OC 253/3Individual Orthodox Churches: Serbia: Patriarch German: Visit to England, 19691969CFR/5/3/27/253-3
CFR OC 253/1Individual Orthodox Churches: Serbia: Patriarch German: Visits to England, 1968 - 691968-1969CFR/5/3/27/253-1
CFR OC 253/2Individual Orthodox Churches: Serbia: Patriarch German: Visit to England, 19691969CFR/5/3/27/253-2
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Runcie/EOC/1987/32Serbia: Patriarch German1987Runcie/EOC/1987/32
Runcie/EOC/1986/30Serbia: Patriarch German1986Runcie/EOC/1986/30
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