Authorized Form of NameMann; Michael Ashley (1924-2011); Dean of Windsor
ForenamesMichael Ashley
EpithetDean of Windsor
Activityd 57 p 58 c 74. C Wolborough w Newton Abbot Ex 57-59; V Sparkwell 59-62; Nigeria 62-67; Home Sec Miss to Seamen 67-69; Can Res Nor Cathl 69-74; Vice-Dean 73-74; Dioc Ind Adv 69-74; Suff Bp Dudley Worc 74-76; Dean Windsor and Dom Chapl to The Queen 76-89; rtd 89; Hon Asst Bp Glouc from 89.
SourceCrockford's; Daily Telegraph obituary 3 January 2012

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