Authorized Form of NameGilbert; Patrick Nigel Geoffrey (1934-); General Secretary for the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
ForenamesPatrick Nigel Geoffrey
EpithetGeneral Secretary for the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
ActivityOUP, 1964–69; Linguaphone Group (Westinghouse), 1969–71 (Man. Dir in Group, 1970). World Assoc. for Christian Communication: Trustee, 1975–87; European Vice-Chm., 1975–82; representative to EEC, 1975–82, to Conf. of Eur. Churches, 1976–82, to Council of Europe, 1976–82, and to Central Cttee, 1979–84. Member: Bd for Mission and Unity of Gen. Synod, 1971–78 (Mem. Exec., 1971–76); Archbishops’ Cttee on RC Relations, 1971–81; Church Inf. Cttee, 1978–81; Church Publishing Cttee, 1980–84; Council, Conf. of British Missionary Socs, 1971–78; Council, Christians Abroad, 1974–79; Exec., Anglican Centre, Rome, 1981–91 (Vice Chm. of Friends, 1984–91). General Secretary of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1971–92; Consultant: Saga Travel, since 1994; Three Gorges Economic Development Co. (UK), since 1994.
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