Authorized Form of NameTustin; David (1935-); Suffragan Bishop of Grimsby
EpithetSuffragan Bishop of Grimsby
ActivitySolihull School; Magdalene Coll., Cambridge (MA Hons); Geneva Univ. (Cert. in Ecumenical Studies); Cuddesdon Coll., Oxford. Philip Usher Memorial Scholar (in Greece), 1957–58; deacon 1960, priest 1961; Curate of Stafford, 1960–63; Asst Gen. Sec., C of E Council on Foreign Relations and Curate of St Dunstan-in-the-West, Fleet St, 1963–67; Vicar of S Paul’s, Wednesbury, 1967–71; Vicar of Tettenhall Regis, 1971–79; RD of Trysull, 1977–79. Canon and Prebendary of Lincoln Cathedral, 1979–2000. Co-Chm., Anglican/Lutheran Internat. Commn, 1986–98; Pres., Anglican/Lutheran Soc., 1986–99; Mem., Gen. Synod of C of E, 1990–2000 (Chm., Council for Christian Unity, 1993–98). Trustee, British Horological Inst. Mus., Upton Hall, 2015–. DD Lambeth 1998. Comdr, Royal Order of Polar Star (Sweden), 2000
Suffragan Bishop of Grimsby, 1979-2000. Hon. Assistant Bishop of Lincoln, since 2001.
SourceCrockford's Clerical Directory (online edition)

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Accession L-2014-1Uncatalogued accession1960s-2000s Accession/L-2014/1
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Runcie/EOC/1987/10Visit to Greece (postponed)1980-1987Runcie/EOC/1987/10
CFR AC 3Anglican Communion: Intercommunion1948-1973CFR/1/5/3
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