Authorized Form of NameEngland and Wales; Privy Council; 1536-1707
Corporate NamePrivy Council
JurisdictionEngland and Wales

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CM VI/11Copy of orders of Privy Council about collections and other measures for relief of plague. 9 July 1665CM/6/11
MS 650, f. 320Letter from the PRIVY COUNCIL to JONSON (Admiral - ) (copy).1594MSS/647-662/650/320
MS 652, f. 172PRIVY COUNCIL. [1595]MSS/647-662/652/172
MS 660, f. 79PRIVY COUNCIL. [1596]MSS/647-662/660/79
MS 651, ff. 191, 259Correspondence between PRIVY COUNCIL and CAESAR (Julius), Judge, Kt. (1603) (copy).MSS/647-662/651/191, 259
MS 652, f. 175Correspondence between the PRIVY COUNCIL and CAESAR (Julius), Judge, Kt. (1603) (copy).MSS/647-662/652/175
MS 654, f. 234Remonstrance to the PRIVY COUNCIL by LA FONTAINE (Robert de), French minister and agent in London.[1597]MSS/647-662/654/234
MS 652, ff. 273-275vPRIVY COUNCIL. 1595MSS/647-662/652/273-275v
MS 651, ff. 81-3, 189, 194PRIVY COUNCIL. 1595MSS/647-662/651/81-3, 189, 194
MS 653, f. 40Letter from DEVEREUX (Robert), 2nd Earl of Essex, to the PRIVY COUNCIL (copies). [1596]MSS/647-662/653/40
MS 651, f. 92PRIVY COUNCIL. MSS/647-662/651/92
MS 650, f. 337PRIVY COUNCIL1594MSS/647-662/650/337
CM IV/45Bond to the Queen to produce his wife before the Privy Council. Nicholas Hedley of Newcastle, merchant. 11 Jan. 1596-711 Jan. 1597CM/4/45
CM VIII/34Privy Council Order, 22 April 1638 (original), giving longer time for the production of a tithe valuation.22 April 1638CM/8/34
CM I/59Another copy of CM I/58. A Privy Council letter concerning the provision of men to wear the armour-addressed to the Archbishop. April 1590CM/1/59
MS 648, f. 23CAESAR (Julius), Judge; Kt. (1603). MSS/647-662/648/23
CM I/101Draft letter to the Privy Council about the difficulties and poor results in the campaign against 'Romish rogues' CM/1/101
MS 650, f. 285r-vPRIVY COUNCIL. 1594MSS/647-662/650/285r-v
MS 651, ff. 59, 113-4PRIVY COUNCIL. 1595MSS/647-662/651/59, 113-4
CM VIII/10Privy Council Order, 22 Jan. 1638-9, concerning the suit, ordering that tithes should continue as they are. Long endorsement relating to the reasons for making the order. 22 Jan. 1639CM/8/10
CM VI/10Copy of orders of Privy Council to Lord Mayor [Sir Thomas Bloodworth] about plague in London and burial of dead. 14 Feb. 1665-6. 14 Feb. 1666CM/6/10
CM I/582 copies of a Privy Council letter concerning the "provision of men to wear the armour-addressed to the Archbishop. April 1590CM/1/58
MS 654, f. 226PRIVY COUNCIL. [1597]MSS/647-662/654/226
MS 651, f. 248PETITION from NIPHO (Fabiano a), Italian resident in England, to the PRIVY COUNCIL. [1595]MSS/647-662/651/248
MS 653, ff. 16-19PRIVY COUNCIL. [1596]MSS/647-662/653/16-19
MS 650, f. 54PRIVY COUNCIL. 1595MSS/647-662/650/54
MS 657, f. 267Letter from DEVEREUX (Robert), 2nd Earl of Essex, to the PRIVY COUNCIL (copy).MSS/647-662/657/267
MS 582 pag. 122Large Extracts from the Original Register of the Acts of the Privy Council of K. Edward VI. in the years 1550, 1551,1552, 1553. pag. 122.MSS/582/36
CM I/84Petition from Thomas Atkyns to John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury.15 May [1592]CM/1/84
MS 706Shrewsbury Papers1530-1680MSS/694-710/706
MS 655, ff. 200v, 202Letters from WALLOP (Sir Henry), Lord Justice of Ireland and (Sir Robert), Chief Justice of Ireland, to the PRIVY COUNCIL (copies).1596MSS/647-662/655/200v, 202
MS 660, f. 115PRIVY COUNCIL. 1596MSS/647-662/660/115
MS 3205Talbot Papers1506-1612MSS/3192-3206/3205
CM VI/14Copy letter from Privy Council to Lord Mayor [Sir John Lawrence] of London, about measures to be taken for carrying on public business and control of plague. 23 June 1665CM/6/14
CM IV/140Bond to the Queen not to try to enter the Queen's presence or trouble the Lords of the Privy Council. John Parsons, vicar of Hampton, Middlesex22 June 1592CM/4/140
CM IV/7Order in Council concerning distribution of copies of a brief for Algerian prisoners in the diocese of Canterbury, addressed to the archbishop. 12 May 1680CM/4/7
CM VI/46Letter. Privy Council to the Archbishop [Gilbert Sheldon?], requesting particulars of hospitals in his province, in connection with provision for maimed seamen. 16 Ju ( ). CM/6/46
CM VIII/33Privy Council Order, concerning tithing procedure in London. 27 May 1638. CM/8/33
MS 3202Talbot Papers1600-1632MSS/3192-3206/3202
MS 3196Talbot Papers1558-1570MSS/3192-3206/3196
MS 696Shrewsbury Papers1549-1559MSS/694-710/696
MS 701Shrewsbury Papers1544-1607MSS/694-710/701
CM IV/72Bond to the Queen for his wife Isabel to appear before the Privy Council and not to confer with Jesuits etc. Nicholas Tempest of Stelley, co. Durham. 17 Feb. 1596-7.17 Feb. 1597CM/4/72
CM VIII/35Privy Council Order, 22 Jan. 1638-9 (original), allowing the clergy to sue for tithe in courts ecclesiastical until the King has time to investigate the whole matter. 22 Jan. 1639 CM/8/35
MS 2008Letters from the Privy Council to Archbishop Whitgift, unless otherwise stated, mainly about recusants24 December 1589-24 June 1593MSS/2000-2019/2008
MS 2003Replies by Bishops and others to an inquiry by Archbishop Grindal into Puritan 'prophesyings' in English and Welsh dioceses, with papers concerning the Archbishop's suspension1576-1577MSS/2000-2019/2003
MS 930Miscellaneous Papers1590-1714MSS/929-942/930
MS 3201Talbot Papers1589-1605MSS/3192-3206/3201
MS 695Shrewsbury Papers1471-1598MSS/694-710/695
MS 3200Talbot Papers1583-1600MSS/3192-3206/3200
MS 3193Talbot Papers1544-1558MSS/3192-3206/3193
MS 709Shrewsbury Papers1284-1643MSS/694-710/709
MS 3194Talbot Papers1550-1557MSS/3192-3206/3194
MS 3197Talbot Papers1571-1581MSS/3192-3206/3197
MS 3199Talbot Papers1570-1599MSS/3192-3206/3199
MS 3996Autograph Letters1558-1987MSS/3996
MS 3470Letters and papers mainly on ecclesiastical affairs, 16th-17th cents.1547-1601MSS/3470-3533/3470
MS 3472Miscellaneous letters and papers[1600]-1660MSS/3470-3533/3472
MS 3192Talbot Papers1334-1557MSS/3192-3206/3192
MS 3195Talbot Papers1557-1558MSS/3192-3206/3195
MS 3198Talbot Papers1550-1590MSS/3192-3206/3198
MS 3203Talbot Papers1583-1612MSS/3192-3206/3203
MS 2002Miscellaneous Papers1536-1601MSS/2000-2019/2002
MS 2004Miscellaneous Papers1577-1640MSS/2000-2019/2004
MS 2009Letters and papers concerning musters of the clergy.1580-1601MSS/2000-2019/2009
MS 932Miscellaneous Papers1526-1706MSS/929-942/932
MS 4267Further papers collected by James Fairhurst1589-20th centMSS/4267-4269/4267
CM IV/27Bond to remain in England and to appear before the Privy Council and the Archbishop [John Whitgift]. 11 June 1594CM/4/27
Reg. PoleRegister of Reginald Pole1556-1558V/A/16Pole
Reg. Grindal 1Register of Edmund Grindal1576-1583V/A/18Grindal1
Reg. Whitgift 1Register of John Whitgift1583-1592V/A/19Whitgift1
MS 929Miscellaneous Papers1611-1723MSS/929-942/929
MS 936Bacon Papers1594-1624MSS/929-942/936
MS 942Miscellaneous Papers1522-1705MSS/929-942/942
MS 3206Talbot Papers1499-1580MSS/3192-3206/3206
MS 3204Talbot Papers1546-1608MSS/3192-3206/3204
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