Authorized Form of NameTomusange; Stephen Salongo (1903-); Bishop of West Buganda
ForenamesStephen Salongo
EpithetBishop of West Buganda
OtherFormsOfNameAlso known as Sutefano Salongo Tomusange
ActivityDeacon 1936; priest 1938; Assistant Bishop on the Upper Nile 1952-61; Bishop of West Buganda 1967-
SourceWho's Who at Lambeth '68 (1968)

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related catalogue records
LC 203/2, ff. 255-6TOMUSANGE (Stephen Salongo), bishop of West Buganda1968LC/1968/203/2/255-6
LC 193 f. 197TOMUSANGE (Sutefano Salongo), assistant bishop on the Upper Nile.1958LC/1958/193/197
Fisher 93, ff. 100-8Stephen Salongo TOMUSANGE, Bishop of West Buganda (1965)1951Fisher/1-271/79-93/93/100-8
Fisher 110, ff. 6-9Appointment of an assistant bishop in the Diocese on the UPPER NILE; Stephen Salongo TOMUSANGE, Bishop of West Buganda (1965) - appointment as an assistant bishop in the diocese on the Upper Nile1952Fisher/1-271/105-111/110/6-9
Ramsey 216, ff.198-306Uganda1971Ramsey/4-287/1971/216/198-306
MU/OS/5/11/42General file for the Diocese of Soroti1962-1979MU/1/OS/5/11/42
LC 192 ff. 47-8TOMUSANGE (Sutefano Salongo), assistant bishop on the Upper Nile.1958LC/1958/192/47-8
Ramsey 122, ff. 238-45, 251-4Correspondence and papers on the resignation of the Bishop of WEST BUGANDA1967Ramsey/4-287/1967/122/238-45, 251-4
LC 202/4-6Two group photographs and key1958LC/1958/202/4-6
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