Authorized Form of NameRutt; (Cecil) Richard (1925-2011); Bishop of Leicester
Forenames(Cecil) Richard
EpithetBishop of Leicester
ActivityDeacon 1951; priest 1952; Bishop of Taejon, 1968-74; Bishop Suffragan of St. Germans 1974-79; Bishop of Leicester, 1979-90; received into the Roman Catholic Church 1994; ordained priest 1995.
SourceWho's Who at Lambeth '68 (1968); Who's Who 2006 and Who Was Who 1897-2005 ( Obituary in The Times 4/8/2011

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Ramsey 192, ff.178-9Correspondence on the diocesan synod of diocese of TAEJON1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/192/178-9
Runcie/MAIN/1987/270Leicester, Assistant Bishop1987Runcie/MAIN/1987/270
Coggan 62, ff.137-146Unification Church1 Jan-20 Dec 1977Coggan/4-220/47-63/62/137-146
Coggan 61, ff.351-364Truro, Bishop and diocese of (visit to)15 Mar 1976-23 May 1977Coggan/4-220/47-63/61/351-364
Ramsey 339/10Crown Appointments: St. Germans1973-1974Ramsey/339/10
Coggan 69, ff.179-200Leicester, Bishop and diocese of28 Feb-30 Dec 1978Coggan/4-220/64-76/69/179-200
Coggan 37, ff.93-141Korea16 Jan-29 Dec 1976Coggan/4-220/26-46/37/93-141
CFR RC 145/1Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: National Dialogues: France: Contacts: Centre Unité Chrétienne, Lyon1936-1981CFR/6/3/5/145-1
Ramsey 230, ff.139-155Korea 1971-1972Ramsey/4-287/1972/230/139-155
Ramsey 99, ff. 232, 234, 236, 239, 241-2, 248, 251, 253Cecil Richard RUTT, bishop of Leicester (1979)1966Ramsey/4-287/1966/99/232, 234, 236, 239, 241-2, 248, 251, 253
Coggan 74, ff.232-260Unification Church29 Jun 1978-16 Jan 1979Coggan/4-220/64-76/74/232-260
MS 4920/37,38,40Richard Rutt, Bishop of Leicester MSS/4914-4920/4920/37,38,40
MS 4918/2-4Photographs of Victor Whitsey, Bishop of Chester; Graham Douglas Leonard, Bishop of Truro and Cecil Richard Rutt, Bishop of Leicester (pp. 2-4)
p. 2a-c: Victor Whitsey, Bishop of Chester
p. 3a: Graham Douglas Leonard, Bishop of Truro and Cecil Richard Rutt, Bishop of Leicester
p. 3b: Victor Whitsey, Bishop of Chester at an Ordination at Ely Cathedral
p. 4a-b: Victor Whitsey, Bishop of Chester
MS 4920/36Stanley Booth-Clibborn, Bishop of Manchester and Richard Rutt, Bishop of Leicester MSS/4914-4920/4920/36
LC 203/1, f. 84RUTT (Cecil Richard), bishop of Taejon1968LC/1968/203/1/84
Ramsey 191, f.247RUTT (Cecil Richard), bishop of Taejon (1968).1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/191/247
Ramsey 147, ff.101-16RUTT (Cecil Richard), bishop of Taejon (1968).1968Ramsey/4-287/1968/147/101-16
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Ramsey 276, ff. 63-72Korean Buddhist Scriptures1974-1977Ramsey/4-287/1974/276/63-72
Ramsey 280, ff. 183-189St. Germans, Bishop of1974Ramsey/4-287/1974/280/183-189
Ramsey 257, ff. 10-71Korea 1973Ramsey/4-287/1973/257/10-71
Coggan 15, ff.235-292Korea6 Jan-16 Dec 1975Coggan/4-220/4-25/15/235-292
Ramsey 264, ff. 1-9South East Asia 1973Ramsey/4-287/1973/264/1-9
Runcie/MAIN/1990/330Leicester, Bishop of1990Runcie/MAIN/1990/330
Runcie/MAIN/1988/203Criminal Justice Bill1988Runcie/MAIN/1988/203
Runcie/MAIN/1988/423Prayer Book Society1988Runcie/MAIN/1988/423
Ramsey 276, ff. 16-62Korea 1974Ramsey/4-287/1974/276/16-62
MU/OS/5/27/16aGeneral file for the Diocese of Taejon1968-1970MU/1/OS/5/27/16a
MU/OS/5/27/16bGeneral file for the Diocese of Taejon1971-1973MU/1/OS/5/27/16b
MU/OS/5/27/17aGeneral file for the Diocese of Taejon1974-1975MU/1/OS/5/27/17a
CFR LRC 142/1Anglican-Lutheran Relations: General Relations27 Mar 1953-7 Jan 1981CFR/4/3/31/142-1
LC 235Lambeth Conference 1968: Finance: South East Asia1965-1968LC/1968/226-239/235
Runcie/MAIN/1988/362Leicester, Assistant Bishop1988Runcie/MAIN/1988/362
CFR AC 13/2India and the Far East1952-1980CFR/1/5/13-2
Runcie/MAIN/1990/240General Synod July session: speeches1990Runcie/MAIN/1990/240
Runcie/MAIN/1990/414Religious communities1990Runcie/MAIN/1990/414
Ramsey 265, ff. 1-133South East Asia, Archbishop's visit to: Hong Kong, Philippines, Korea, Japan1972-1973Ramsey/4-287/1973/265/1-133
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