Authorized Form of NameAllin; John Maury (1921-1998); Bishop of Mississippi
ForenamesJohn Maury
EpithetBishop of Mississippi
ActivityBishop of Mississippi; Presiding Bishop of PECUSA

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Runcie/ACP/1982/38USA: Bishop Allin1982Runcie/ACP/1982/38
Runcie/MAIN/1981/4Advisory Council for Religious Communities1981Runcie/MAIN/1981/4
Coggan 67, ff.17-35Europe, Anglican Jurisdiction in 27 Oct-20 Dec 1978Coggan/4-220/64-76/67/17-35
Ellison O/1/4/2Washington DC1974Ellison/O/1/4/2
CFR AC 29United States of America: the dissident movement1977-1981CFR/1/5/29
Ramsey 194, ff.227, 232ALLIN (John Maury), bishop of Mississippi.1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/194/227, 232
Coggan 32, ff.19-45Europe, Anglican jurisdiction in 11 Dec 1975-20 Dec 1976Coggan/4-220/26-46/32/19-45
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Ramsey 281, ff. 109-161South America 1974Ramsey/4-287/1974/281/109-161
Coggan 62, ff.161-179United States - General6 Jan-9 Dec 1977Coggan/4-220/47-63/62/161-179
Coggan 15, ff.235-292Korea6 Jan-16 Dec 1975Coggan/4-220/4-25/15/235-292
Ramsey 283, ff. 242-292United States Episcopal Church: General1974Ramsey/4-287/1974/283/242-292
CFR RC 64/3Relations with the Vatican: Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogues: Joint Preparatory Commission (JPC): Circular on Ecumenical Relations in the Anglican Communion1968-1969CFR/6/3/1/64-3
Runcie/ACP/1980/38USA: Presiding Bishop, general correspondence1980Runcie/ACP/1980/38
CFR RC 20/2Relations with the Vatican: Anglican Visits to Rome: Archbishop Coggan's Visit: papers and correspondence 1977-1978CFR/6/3/1/20-2
CFR OC 30/3Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions (AOJDD): Anglican Membership Of 4 March 1974-4 August 1981CFR/5/3/2/30-3
Runcie/ACV/1985/45Canada: Anaheim (ECUSA)1982-1985Runcie/ACV/1985/45
Coggan 40, ff.17-24Partners in Mission3 Mar-26 Apr 1976Coggan/4-220/26-46/40/17-24
CFR RC 20/3Relations with the Vatican: Anglican Visits to Rome: Archbishop Coggan's Visit: papers and correspondence 1977CFR/6/3/1/20-3
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CFR RC 27/2Relations with the Vatican: Anglican Centre: General Correspondence 1977-1981CFR/6/3/1/27-2
Runcie/ACC/3Primates' Meeting: matters to be raised1980-1981Runcie/ACC/3
Runcie/INTER/13Temple of Understanding1982-1986Runcie/INTER/13
MS 4496 ff. 1-277Reminiscences of Archbishop Michael Ramsey1980-1989MSS/4496/1-277
Runcie/PHOTO/28Bishop Allin1981Runcie/PHOTO/28
LC 203/3, f. 490ALLIN (John Maury), bishop of Mississippi, and (1973) presiding bishop of P.E.C.U.S.A.1968LC/1968/203/3/490
Ellison O/1/1/13Bishops14 May 1974-2 March 1981Ellison/O/1/1/13
Ellison O/1/1/112Synodical Government - Diocese in Europe28 Aug 1973-22 April 1981Ellison/O/1/1/112
Ellison P/26/2Letters from Bishops 1952-1981Ellison/P/26/2
Coggan 57, ff.53-68Partners in Mission (PIM)14 Dec 1976-1 Aug 1977Coggan/4-220/47-63/57/53-68
Coggan 81, ff.1-140Europe, Anglican Jurisdiction in28 Dec 1978-5 Mar 1980Coggan/4-220/77-93/81/1-140
Coggan 97, ff.75-139Miscellaneous correspondence with and about individual bishops etc13 Apr 1976-4 Aug 1978Coggan/4-220/94-98/97/75-139
Coggan 170Lambeth Conference1978Coggan/158-222/170
Ramsey 267, ff. 72-133United States Episcopal Church: General file & misc. letters1972-1973Ramsey/4-287/1973/267/72-133
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Ramsey 275, ff. 199-331Jerusalem1973-1974Ramsey/4-287/1974/275/199-331
CIO/LC78/13Press Releases1978-1979CIO/2/3/3/13
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