Authorized Form of NameAddiscombe, Surrey; St Mary Magdalene; 1879-; ecclesiastical parish
Corporate NameSt Mary Magdalene
Epithetecclesiastical parish
JurisdictionAddiscombe, Surrey
RelationshipsCreated from Croydon Common parish in 1879. Part became Addiscombe St. Mildred in 1922.
SourceGuide to the Local Administrative Units of England, Frederick A. Youngs jnr, 1980

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VG 3/9a, ff.245-6ADDISCOMBE, Surrey, St. Mary Magdalene1893V/G/3/9/a/245-6
VG 3/8a, ff.256-7ADDISCOMBE, Surrey, St. Mary Magdalene1889V/G/3/8/a/256-7
Fisher 224, ff. 12-33ADDISCOMBE, Surrey, St Mary Magdalene1959Fisher/1-271/213-234/224/12-33
VG 3/6a, ff.317-18ADDISCOMBE, Surrey, St. Mary Magdalene1880V/G/3/6/a/317-18
Benson 44 ff.188-99ADDISCOMBE, Surrey.1887Benson/44/188-99
Benson 33 ff.1-3ADDISCOMBE, Surrey.1886Benson/33/1-3
VG 3/4a, ff.467-8ADDISCOMBE, Surrey, St. Mary Magdalene1872V/G/3/4/a/467-8
Benson 15 ff.166-96ADDISCOMBE, Surrey.1884Benson/15/166-96
VG 3/5a, ff.336-7ADDISCOMBE, Surrey, St. Mary Magdalene1876V/G/3/5/a/336-7
VG 3/14c, ff.206-7ADDISCOMBE, Surrey, St. Mary Magdalene1935V/G/3/14/c/206-7
F. Temple 8, ff. 301-4ADDISCOMBE, Surrey, St. Mary Magdalene.1898F.Temple/8/301-4
F. Temple 12, ff. 127-8ADDISCOMBE, Surrey, St. Mary Magdalene - Letters on the parish, and application to the Marriott Bequest for a grant. 1898F.Temple/12/127-8
Tait 172 ff. 1-36, 123-124CROYDON, Surrey, St. James, Croydon Common1871Tait/161-296/172/1-36, 123-124
VG 3/7a, ff.258-9ADDISCOMBE, Surrey, St. Mary Magdalene1885V/G/3/7/a/258-9
VG 3/10a, ff.227-8ADDISCOMBE, Surrey, St. Mary Magdalene1898V/G/3/10/a/227-8
VG 3/11a, ff.221-2ADDISCOMBE, Surrey, St. Mary Magdalene1902V/G/3/11/a/221-2
VG 3/13a, ff.312-15ADDISCOMBE, Surrey, St. Mary Magdalene1912V/G/3/13/a/312-15
VG 3/12a, ff.344-7ADDISCOMBE, Surrey, St. Mary Magdalene1907V/G/3/12/a/344-7
Fisher 199, ff. 1-5ADDISCOMBE, Surrey, St Mary Magdalene - permission for CONFIRMATION of Methodists in the church refused; METHODIST CHURCH - proposals for cooperation and reunion with the Church of England1958Fisher/1-271/199-212/199/1-5
Tait 163 ff. 395-403CROYDON, Surrey, St. James, Croydon Common1869Tait/161-296/163/395-403
Tait 187 f. 204CROYDON, Surrey, St. James, Croydon Common1873Tait/161-296/187/204
Tait 245 ff. 5-28CROYDON, Surrey, St. James, Croydon Common1879Tait/161-296/245/5-28
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