Authorized Form of NameEdward III (1312-1377); King of England, Lord of Ireland, and Duke of Aquitaine
ForenamesEdward III
TitleKing of England, Lord of Ireland, and Duke of Aquitaine
SourceOxford Dictionary of National Biography (2004)

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MS 606, p. 41Money by the King's Command paid to John de Carew.1344MSS/596-638/606/79
MS 507SIEGE OF CALAIS 1346-47late 16th centuryMSS/507
MS 577 pag. 46Mandatum Edwardi III. Regis de processu publico per Clerum et populum in ProvinciĆ¢ Ebor. habendo post bellum de Poitiers. MSS/577/28
MS 577 pag. 47Epistola Edwardi III. Regis ad singulos Episcopos AngliaeMSS/577/30
MS 594 pag. 81Breve Regis Edwardi III. contra latores Bullarum Papalium. MSS/594/49
CM XI/24Letters patent of King Edward III reciting a charter protecting the lands of the church of England against oppression.16 April 1340CM/11/24
CM XI/34Royal letters patent of pardon to John Kirkeby, Bishop of Carlisle, and his men keeping the castle of Carlisle, who have been involved in disputes with the townspeople of Carlisle. 14 May 1346CM/11/34
CM XI/43Royal licence to alienate in mortmain, to Miles of Stapleton and Joan his wife, who are giving the advowson of the church of Ingham to the college of Holy Trinity of Ingham, Norfolk. 2 Feb. 1358-9.2 Feb. 1359CM/11/43
Reg. Sudbury, f. 97 Edward III, King of England. 1377 V/A/7Sudbury/97
MS 606, p. 35The King's [Edward III] writ to the Sheriffs of Corke and Kilkenny to posses John de Carew of the Manor of Cleomentach.1340MSS/596-638/606/64
MS 606, p. 36Short Notes of several Parcels of Lands, belonging to the Carews, which were seized upon for the King in the reigns of Edward III & Richard II.MSS/596-638/606/65
CM XI/55Royal licence to the Abbot and Convent of Faversham to exchange their manor of Tring, which they hold of the king in free alms, with the Archbishop of Canterbury [John Stratford], in return for the advowson of Boughton under Blean and Preston next Ospringe, Kent1 June 1340CM/11/55
CM VI/116Inspeximus by King Edward III of the enrolment of a cause concerning the archbishop's claim to wardship of the heir of Nicholas Meynyll (lands in Northumberland).20 May 1342CM/6/116
Reg. LanghamRegister of Simon Langham1366-1368V/A/5Langham
CM XI/51Royal letters patent concerning the ownership by Leeds Priory of the advowson of Sutton Valence.15 May 1442CM/11/51
Reg. WhittleseyRegister of William Whittlesey1368-1374V/A/6Whittlesey
CM XI/78Grant by King Edward III to John Stratford, Archbishop of Canterbury, of a weekly Monday market at his manor of St. Nicholas in Thanet and an 8 day fair, for a week following the feast of the Nativity of B.V.M. 30 May 1336CM/11/78
MS 580 Section 2Epistolae, Diplomata, Aliaque Instrumenta Integra SequentiaMSS/580/2
Reg. IslipRegister of Simon Islip1349-1366V/A/4Islip
MS 171CONSTITUTIONES PROVINCIALES ETC.Late 13th century-14th centuryMSS/171
MSManuscripts9th century-20th centuryMSS
CM VI/117Grant by King Edward III to Archbishop John Stratford and his successors and their men, of freedom from toll, murage, pontage, pavage, lastage, stallage, tallage, carriage etc., with the privilege of returning writs, in his manor of Tring, Herts. 21 June 1340CM/6/117
MS 104POLYCHRONICON14th century-15th centuryMSS/104
MS 250MISCELLANY, INCLUDING ENGLISH VOYAGES 15th century - early 17th centuryMSS/250
MS 285ENGLISH ROYAL AFFAIRS AND CEREMONIALlate 16th century-early 17th centuryMSS/285
MS 306CHRONICLES, VERSE ETC.15th century-16th centuryMSS/306
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