Authorized Form of NameMilner-White; Eric Milner (1884-1963); dean of York
ForenamesEric Milner
Epithetdean of York
SourceNational Register of Archives

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LC 177 f. 88Correspondence with MILNER-WHITE (Eric Milner), dean of York.1948LC/1948/177/88
LC 174 f. 93Correspondence with MILNER-WHITE (Eric Milner), dean of York.1947LC/1948/174/93
LC 176 ff. 271-5Correspondence with MILNER-WHITE (Eric Milner), dean of York.1948LC/1948/176/271-5
Fisher 103, ff. 241-4MILNER-WHITE (Eric Milner), Dean of York1952Fisher/1-271/94-104/103/241-4
Ramsey 43, ff. 276-81Proposal to publish a memoir of Eric MILNER-WHITE , dean of York1963Ramsey/4-287/1963/43/276-81
Ramsey 3, f. 43Letter from Eric MILNER-WHITE , dean of York, on Archbishop Ramsey's 'From Gore to Temple'1960Ramsey/1-3/3/43
Bell 220, ff. 30, 65Correspondence with Eric MILNER-WHITE, dean of York (1941)1929Bell/184-368/219-220/220/30, 65
W.Temple 46, ff. 31-78William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury4 May 1916-2 Feb 1922W.Temple/1-62/46/31-78
Ramsey 2, ff. 187, 248-9, 349Letters from Eric MILNER-WHITE , dean of York, on preferment for Michael Ramsey1952, 1956Ramsey/1-3/2/187, 248-9, 349
MS 2637 ff. 101-3Milner-White (Eric Milner), Dean of York (1941)[1939]MSS/2615-2650/2637/1-136/101-3
W.Temple 55, ff. 279-389WAR 1939-4513 Oct 1942-1 Nov 1944W.Temple/1-62/55/279-389
Ramsey 3, f. 122Letters from Eric MILNER-WHITE , dean of York, on preferment for Michael Ramsey1961Ramsey/1-3/3/122
MS 3446, f.191Milner-White (Eric), Dean of York.1963MSS/3444-3458/3446/191
Fisher 110, ff. 451-2MILNER-WHITE (Eric Milner), Dean of York1952Fisher/1-271/105-111/110/451-2
W.Temple 56WAR 1939-458 May 1942-1 Sep 1944W.Temple/1-62/56
Lang 182, ff. 250-91 passimEric Mimer MILNER-WHITE, Dean of York1941Lang/1-186/182/250-91 passim
Ramsey 23, f. 264Letter to Eric MILNER-WHITE , dean of York, on his membership of the Liturgical Commission; letter to Douglas Reginald VICARY, honorary canon of Rochester cathedral, on the Liturgical Commission1962Ramsey/4-287/1962/23/264
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