Authorized Form of NameArchbishop of Canterbury; Faculty Office; 1533-
Corporate NameArchbishop of Canterbury
SubordinateFaculty Office
OtherFormsOfNameOffice of Faculties; Court of Faculties

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Lang 170, ff. 1-20Reorganisation of the FACULTY OFFICE1938-1939Lang/1-186/170/1-20
Lang 121, ff. 117-23FACULTY OFFICE1933Lang/1-186/121/117-23
Tait 192 ff. 189-92FACULTY OFFICE1873Tait/161-296/192/189-92
Tait 230 f. 208CURREY (Edmund Charles), ecclesiastical lawyer1877Tait/161-296/230/208
F. Temple 21, ff. 442-57FACULTY OFFICE, Master of.1899F.Temple/21/442-57
CM IV/11Confirmation for pluralities, formerly obtained by him from the pope, to Walter Cretyng LL.D., rector of Rawreth in the diocese of London (Essex). Anthony Huse.28 July 1537CM/4/11
Tait 216 ff. 24-36FACULTY OFFICE1876Tait/161-296/216/24-36
CM IV/9Confirmation concerning an indult about ordination, formerly obtained by him from the pope, to Robert Alun, priest of Salisbury diocese 7 Sep. 1507, 27 Sep. 1537.CM/4/9
F I/CCC pp. 196a-eWILLINK, Rt. Hon. Henry Urmston10 Oct 1955F/1/54CCC/196a-e
MS 582 pag. 78Excerpta ex Registro Facultatum Matthaei Parker, Archiepiscopi.MSS/582/12
Coggan 216Legal Services Enquiry1979-1980Coggan/4-220/216
CM I/5Grant by Archbishop Abbot to E. Scott of Lambeth, his treasurer and servant, of office of clerk, scribe and registrar of faculties23 Sep 1624 (1629?)CM/1/5
VG 1/7 f 78Paul, George, LL.D.1713V/G/1/7/78-d
LR/L/16/6 D.S. Chambers, 'Faculty Office registers 1534-1549'1966LR/L/16/6
CM I/22Appointment by Archbishop Whitgift of Michael Murgatroyd as master of faculties. 14 Feb. 1597-8.14 Feb. 1598CM/1/22
CM I/4bConfirmation by Dean and Chapter of Canterbury of a grant by Archbishop Abbot to E. Scott of Lambeth, his treasurer and servant, of office of clerk, scribe and registrar of faculties (CM I/5)[c1624]CM/1/4b
CM IV/10Confirmation of an indult for pluralities, formerly obtained by him from the pope, 10 June 1524, to Christopher Grenyng, vicar of Waldingfield, Suffolk. 27 Sep. 1537CM/4/10
VG 1/7 f 89Paul, George, LL.D.1715V/G/1/7/89-a
Ramsey 19, ff. 282-94MARRIAGE - Correspondence and papers on the re-marriage of divorcees1962Ramsey/4-287/1962/19/282-94
CM XXII/25Archiepiscopal marriage licence for Robert Eden Duncombe Shafto of Whitworth, co. Durham, and Catherine Eden, daughter of Sir John Eden of Windlestone. 21 Oct. 1803.CM/22/25
CM XX/4Licence and inspeximus, as in 3, to John Lyne, M.A., of Christ Church, Oxford, chaplain to the earl of St. Germans, to hold the vicarages of Latton and Eisey, both in Wiltshire, in plurality. 2, 3 Jan. 1817CM/20/4
Ramsey 182, ff.69-81, 84-6, 89-92, 94COURT OF THE ARCHES: Correspondence on the appointment and tenure of the Dean of the Arches1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/182/69-81, 84-6, 89-92, 94
F. Temple 21, ff. 421-3FACULTY OFFICE, Master of.1899F.Temple/21/421-3
Tait 239 ff. 355-8MOORE (William Price), Registrar of the Faculty Office1878Tait/161-296/239/355-8
CM I/21Appointment by Archbishop Whitgift of Michael Murgatroyd as master of faculties. 14 Feb. 1597-814 Feb. 1598CM/1/21
Runcie/MAIN/1985/130Faculty Office1985Runcie/MAIN/1985/130
CM I/27Appointment by Archbishop Bancroft of Edmund Scott and John Langley 26 Aug. 1610CM/1/27
CM XX/3Licence by George Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury, under the seal of the faculties, to Nicholas Howson, S.T.B., to hold in plurality the rectories of Reepham and Winterton, diocese of Norwich (Norfolk). 27 Jan. 1612-3. Attached: Inspeximus by James I. 28 January 1612-13 (letters patent attached)Jan. 1613CM/20/3
Davidson 93, ff.315-43Special marriage licences issued by FACULTY OFFICE.1904Davidson/27-217/93/315-43
Ramsey 43, ff. 46-8Correspondence and papers on the issue of marriage licences by FACULTY OFFICE1963Ramsey/4-287/1963/43/46-8
VB 1/8/346Topham, Francis (Sidney Suss. Coll. Camb. LL.D.)9 Dec 1747V/B/1/8/346-a1
VB 1/10/322Hallifax, Samuel, clerk, LL.D.29 Oct 1770V/B/1/10/322-a1
VB 1/12/159Scott, William (Sir Wm. Scott, knt., LL.D., Lord Stowell)3 April 1790V/B/1/12/159-a2
VB 1/15/384Nicholl, Sir John LL.D. (M.P.) 30 Jan 1836V/B/1/15/384-a8
VB 1/16/106Dodson, John (Oriel Coll. Oxford)8 Nov 1841V/B/1/16/106-a2
VB 1/16/107Dodson, John (Oriel Coll. Oxford)8 Nov 1841V/B/1/16/107
F I/XX pp. 378a-sBAKER-WILBRAHAM, Sir Philip, Bt.6 Aug 1934F/1/49XX/378a-s
CM IV/8Confirmation by King Henry VIII 27 Feb. 1525, 7 Sep. 1537CM/4/8
Reg. HerringRegister of Thomas Herring1747-1757V/A/30Herring
LR/L/14/12Deposit of records of the Faculty Office1959-1986LR/L/14/12
Ramsey 110, ff. 328-35ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH - Correspondence and papers on marriages between Roman Catholics and other Christians1967Ramsey/4-287/1967/110/328-35
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