Authorized Form of NameDiocese of Chichester; Bishop
Corporate NameDiocese of Chichester

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Lang 95, ff. 297-308, 314-16Appointment of the Bishop of CHICHESTER1929Lang/1-186/95/297-308, 314-16
Fisher 154, ff. 39-44CHICHESTER, Bishop of1955Fisher/1-271/152-164/154/39-44
Davidson 10/25-39Appointment of bishop of CHICHESTERDavidson/1-26/10/25-39
Davidson 125, ff.159-97Appointment of bishop of CHICHESTER1907Davidson/27-217/125/159-97
Bell 204-218Correspondence as bishop of ChichesterBell/184-368/204-218
ED VIChichester Estates: BishopED/6
Coggan 28, ff.255-262Chichester6 Sep-1 Oct 1976Coggan/4-220/26-46/28/255-262
Arches A 11CHICHESTER V ELY1676Arches/A/11/90
Davidson 11/3-5Appointment of bishop of CHICHESTER 1919Davidson/1-26/11/3-5
MS 4417Summaries of the contents of registers of the Archbishops of Canterbury (ff. 1-247), and the Bishops of Winchester (ff. 248-271), London (ff. 272-279), and Chichester (ff. 280-285)n.dMSS/4400-4433/4415-4417/4417
MS 585 pag. 120Excerpta quaedam ex Collectaneis Johannis Lelandi, Episcopos Cicestrenses spectantia. MSS/585/42
MS 4415Summaries and excerpts, mainly from the registers of the Archbishops of Canterbury, the Bishop of Chichester, and Christ Church Canterburyn.dMSS/4400-4433/4415-4417/4415
MS 589 pag. 89Collectiones Similes de Archiepiscopis et Episcopis Angliae, de quibus in prima parte Anglia Sacrae non agebatur, scil. ad Annum 1540. MSS/589/3
Bell 203Bell's appointment as Bishop of Chichester1929Bell/184-368/203
Bell 265DiaryMarch 1929-September 1948Bell/184-368/239-298/265
Arches Aa 27/100RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/Aa/27/100
Arches E 26/120RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/E/26/120
Arches G 90/32RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/G/90/32
Arches F 10 f. 63RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1724Arches/F/10/63
MS 2029AUTOGRAPHS17th century - 19th centuryMSS/2028-2029/2029
COMM XIIa/2VOLUME 21647-1651COMM/12A/2
Arches E 7/38CHICHESTER V BRIDEOAKE1681Arches/E/7/38
Arches Ee 4 ff. 784-787CHICHESTER V BRIDEOAKE1681Arches/Ee/4/784-787
Arches E 27/6RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1722Arches/E/27/6
Arches A 15CHICHESTER V BRIDEOAKE1681Arches/A/15/54
Arches G 180/17RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/G/180/17
Arches A 27RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/A/27/162
Arches Ee 9/59,70,72,76,79RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1721-1722Arches/Ee/9/59,70,72,76,79
Arches Aa 27/121RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/Aa/27/121
Arches Aa 27/128RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/Aa/27/128
Arches Aa 27/141RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/Aa/27/141
Arches Aa 28/42RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/Aa/28/42
Arches Aa 28/48RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/Aa/28/48
Arches Aa 28/108RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/Aa/28/108
Arches Aa 28/144RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/Aa/28/144
Arches Aa 28/165RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/Aa/28/165
Arches Aa 29/32RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/Aa/29/32
Arches Aa 29/71RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/Aa/29/71
Arches Aa 29/86RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/Aa/29/86
Arches Aa 29/90RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/Aa/29/90
Arches Aa 29/93RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/Aa/29/93
Arches Aa 30/34,35RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/Aa/30/34,35
Arches Aa 31/19RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/Aa/31/19
Arches Eee 12/159a,160aRAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1721Arches/Eee/12/159a,160a
Arches J 10/54RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/J/10/54
Arches G 89/32RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/G/89/32
Arches G 90/43RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/G/90/43
Arches E 27/4RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1721Arches/E/27/4
Arches G 92/53RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/G/92/53
Fisher 185, ff. 128-39Appointment of the Bishop of CHICHESTER1957Fisher/1-271/183-194/185/128-39
Arches Bbb 483CHICHESTER V BRIDEOAKE1681Arches/Bbb/483
Arches Bbb 1098RAWLINSON V GREYSTOCK, ETC.1720Arches/Bbb/1098
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