Authorized Form of NameScott; Charles Perry (1847-1927); Bishop of North China
ForenamesCharles Perry
EpithetBishop of North China

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MS 4542 f. 83Montgomery with Charles Perry Scott, Frederick Jones and others at Peking.MSS/4537-4543/4542/83
LC 170 no. 174Photograph of SCOTT (Charles Perry), bishop in North China1930LC/1930/170/174
LCC 6 f. 88Letter to SCOTT (Charles Perry), bishop in North China1946LC/LCC/6/88
MS 4542 ff. 38, 81Mission House, Chefoo, Shantung, with Charles Perry Scott, Bishop of North China, and Frederick Jones, priest in charge at Chefoo.MSS/4537-4543/4542/38,81
LC 67 ff. 218-21SCOTT (Charles Perry), bishop in North China1908LC/1908/67/218-21
LC 104 no. 26Photograph of SCOTT (Charles Perry), bishop in North China1908LC/1908/104/26
LC 37 no. 97Photograph of SCOTT (Charles Perry), bishop in North China1888LC/1888/37/97
F. Temple 50, f. 252SCOTT (Charles Perry), Bishop of North China.1901F.Temple/50/252
Tait 256 ff. 84-93SCOTT (Charles Perry), Bishop of NORTH CHINA1880Tait/161-296/256/84-93
Benson 133 ff.265-8SCOTT (Charles Perry), Bishop of North China.1894Benson/133/265-8
F. Temple 50, ff. 252, 258-61, 265-71SCOTT (Charles Perry), Bishop of North China.1901F.Temple/50/252, 258-61, 265-71
F. Temple 7, ff. 225-8SCOTT (Charles Perry), Bishop of North China.1897F.Temple/7/225-8
F. Temple 18, f. 161SCOTT (Charles Perry), Bishop of North China.[1898]F.Temple/18/161
F. Temple 43, ff. 214-15SCOTT (Charles Perry), Bishop of North China.[1901]F.Temple/43/214-15
Benson 19 ff.1-6, 16-17SCOTT (Charles Perry), Bishop of North China.1884Benson/19/1-6, 16-17
Davidson 109, ff.326-40SCOTT (Charles Perry), bishop of North China.1905Davidson/27-217/109/326-40
Benson 74 ff.362-3SCOTT (Charles Perry), Bishop of North China.1889Benson/74/362-3
Benson 133 ff.119-26SCOTT (Charles Perry), Bishop of North China.1894Benson/133/119-26
MS 2944 f. 2Bromby (Charles Henry), Bishop of Tasmania; Campbell (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor; Scott (Charles Perry), Bishop in North China; Titcomb (Jonathan Holt), Bishop of Rangoon19th centuryMSS/2944/1-40/2
Davidson 183, ff.279-401 passimSCOTT (Charles Perry), bishop of North China.1913Davidson/27-217/183/279-401 passim
MS 4542 ff. 60, 83Montgomery with Charles Perry Scott, Bishop of North China.MSS/4537-4543/4542/60,83
LC 75 ff. 309-14, 318-20Correspondence with Scott (Charles Perry), bishop in North China. LC/1908/75/309-14, 318-20
LC 25 ff. 162-3Letter from Charles Perry Scott, Bishop in North China, accepting the invitation and suggesting the discussion of reunion.April 1887LC/1888/25/162-3
F. Temple 41, ff. 22-3SCOTT (Charles Perry), Bishop of North China.1900F.Temple/41/22-3
Tait 265 ff. 160-3Correspondence and papers on the appointment of the bishop of NORTH CHINA1880Tait/161-296/265/160-3
MS 2551 ff. 114-131Colonial Church1890-1938MSS/2551/114-131
Davidson 101, ff.202-3, 212-13SCOTT (Charles Perry), bishop of North China.1905Davidson/27-217/101/202-3, 212-13
LC 45 ff. 84-5Letter from Charles Perry Scott, Bishop in North China, declining the invitation and suggesting the discussion of articles of religion for native Churches, a common name for all Anglican Churches in China, and ancestor worship. 24 December 1895 LC/1897/45/84-5
Benson 66 ff.7-14PRAYERS: Correspondence on a prayer for a heathen ruler1888Benson/66/7-14
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