Authorized Form of NameHow; William Walsham (1823-1897); Bishop of Wakefield
ForenamesWilliam Walsham
EpithetBishop of Wakefield
ActivitySuffragan Bishop of Bedford; Bishop of Wakefield 1888.
SourceDictionary of National Biography

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Benson 3 ff.163-6Letter and papers from HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888), on emigration1883Benson/3/163-6
MS 3535 f. 226How, William Walsham (1823-1897), Bishop of Wakefield (1888)1873MSS/3535/226
LC 27 f. 358Correspondence with HOW (William Walsham), bishop of Wakefield.1888LC/1888/27/358
LC 42 f. 37HOW (William Walsham), bishop of Wakefield.1897LC/1897/42/37
LC 46 ff. 121-2, 247Letters from HOW (William Walsham), bishop of Wakefield.1897LC/1897/46/121-2, 247
LC 37 no. 142Photograph of HOW (William Walsham), bishop of Wakefield.1888LC/1888/37/142
MS 3437, nos.32-3How (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888).19th centuryMSS/3437-3440/3437/32-33
Benson 57 f.160Letter from HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888), on the East London Church Fund1888Benson/57/160
Benson 167 ff.82-3Letter from HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888) on the Parish Councils Bill1893Benson/167/82-3
Benson 123 ff.20-4HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888)1894Benson/123/20-4
Benson 95 ff.69-70, 77-8Letters from HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888) on Robert Town vicarage, Yorks.1891Benson/95/69-70, 77-8
Benson 87 f.309HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888)1891Benson/87/309
Benson 123 ff.382-6HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888)1892Benson/123/382-6
Benson 105 ff.372Letter from HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888) on the Rev. L.H. Bradford1891Benson/105/372
Tait 271 ff. 87-98Letters and papers on alleged ritualist practices by HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888)1881Tait/161-296/271/87-98
Benson 153 ff.58-9Letters and paper from HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888) on the Clergy Discipline Bill1891Benson/153/58-9
FP Temple 2, ff. 247-9HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1886FP/Temple/1-39/2/247-9
FP Temple 9, ff. 59-60HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1886FP/Temple/1-39/9/59-60
FP Temple 17, ff. 282-3HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1887FP/Temple/1-39/17/282-3
FP Temple 51, ff. 114-39HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1892FP/Temple/51/114-39
FP Temple 37, ff. 154-7HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1885FP/Temple/1-39/37/154-7
FP Temple 11, ff. 187-90HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1884FP/Temple/1-39/11/187-90
Tait 259 ff. 301-2HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888)1880Tait/161-296/259/301-2
Tait 289 f. 257HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888)[1873]Tait/161-296/289/257
FP Temple 9, ff. 218-19HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1887FP/Temple/1-39/9/218-19
FP Temple 55, ff. 206-7HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of BedfordFP/Temple/55/206-7
FP Temple 38, ff. 41-2, 47-8.HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of BedfordFP/Temple/1-39/38/41-2, 47-8.
FP Temple 36, ff. 38-9HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1890FP/Temple/1-39/36/38-9
FP Temple 11, ff. 23-4HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1887FP/Temple/1-39/11/23-4
FP Temple 38, ff. 9-10, 15-16HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1885FP/Temple/1-39/38/9-10, 15-16
FP Temple 22, f. 110HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1888FP/Temple/1-39/22/110
FP Temple 53, ff. 336-7HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1886FP/Temple/53/336-7
FP Temple 30, ff. 39-40HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1886FP/Temple/1-39/30/39-40
FP Temple 11, ff. 11-12, 15-16, 20, 23-4HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1887FP/Temple/1-39/11/11-12, 15-16, 20, 23-4
FP Temple 32, ff. 1-4HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1885FP/Temple/1-39/32/1-4
MS 2961 f. 176How (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield1895MSS/2961/135-200/176
FP Temple 41, ff. 16-19HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of BedfordFP/Temple/41/16-19
Benson 39 ff.383-4, 386-9Letters and paper from HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888) on Y.W.C.A.1886Benson/39/383-4, 386-9
Benson 78 ff.154-5, 162HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888)1889Benson/78/154-5, 162
Benson 120 ff.1-13Letters and papers from and on a report on theological colleges by HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888)1893-1894Benson/120/1-13
MS 2028, p. 149Autographs of William Walsham How, Bishop of Wakefield1888MSS/2028-2029/2028/149
FP Temple 46, ff. 232-3, 237-8, 240-3HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1887FP/Temple/46/232-3, 237-8, 240-3
FP Temple 36, ff. 121-2HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1885FP/Temple/1-39/36/121-2
FP Temple 55, ff. 204-5HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1885FP/Temple/55/204-5
FP Temple 5, ff. 126-35 passimHOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1887FP/Temple/1-39/5/126-35 passim
FP Temple 35, ff. 249-50, 253-4, 272-3HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1886,1887FP/Temple/1-39/35/249-50, 253-4, 272-3
FP Temple 37, ff. 308-9HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of BedfordFP/Temple/1-39/37/308-9
FP Temple 37, ff. 160-4HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1886FP/Temple/1-39/37/160-4
FP Temple 38, ff. 226-7HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1886FP/Temple/1-39/38/226-7
FP Temple 37, ff. 281-6HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1888FP/Temple/1-39/37/281-6
FP Temple 24, ff. 334-5HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1885FP/Temple/1-39/24/334-5
FP Temple 31, ff. 21-2HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1886FP/Temple/1-39/31/21-2
FP Temple 38, ff. 88-91,95-8,102-3,128,130-1,134-5,142-3,148-56HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1886,1887FP/Temple/1-39/38/88-91,95-8,102-3,128,130-1,134-5,142-3,148-56
FP Temple 22, ff. 38-9HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1885FP/Temple/1-39/22/38-9
FP Temple 43, ff. 21-2BLAKISTON (Ralph Milburn), secretary of the Church Building Society1886FP/Temple/43/21-2
FP Temple 10, ff. 141-2HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1885FP/Temple/1-39/10/141-2
Benson 94 ff.149-51Letters and paper from HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888) on the Clergy Discipline Bill1891Benson/94/149-51
LC 26 ff. 24-5, 154-8Letters from William Walsham How, Bishop Suffragan of Bedford, on the request by the Church of England Purity Society that sexual purity be discussed at the Conference.14 July, 10 November 1887LC/1888/26/24-5, 154-8
FP Temple 39, ff. 5-7, 10-13, 69-70, 73-4, 152-5HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1885,1886FP/Temple/1-39/39/5-7, 10-13, 69-70, 73-4, 152-5
FP Temple 36, ff. 308-10HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1885FP/Temple/1-39/36/308-10
MS 4121General Correspondence1861-1898MSS/4096-4133/4116-4132/4121
MS 4512 ff. 128-129Letter to George Currey from William Walsham How, afterwards Bishop of Wakefield12 Nov 1866MSS/4512/118-144/128-129
LC 38 ff. 137-43HOW (William Walsham), bishop of Wakefield.1897LC/1897/38/137-43
LC 19 ff. 286-7HOW (William Walsham), bishop of Wakefield.1888LC/1888/19/286-7
LC 18 ff. 96-9, 240-1, 251, 254-5, 321-2, 324HOW (William Walsham), bishop of Wakefield.1888LC/1888/18/96-9, 240-1, 251, 254-5, 321-2, 324
Benson 17 ff.180-9, 193-4, 197-8Letter and papers from HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888) on Sir. T. Sykes1884Benson/17/180-9, 193-4, 197-8
FP Temple 45, ff. 15-16HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1886FP/Temple/45/15-16
FP Temple 11, ff. 90, 112-13, 166-7, 209-14, 223, 262-3HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1885,1886FP/Temple/1-39/11/90, 112-13, 166-7, 209-14, 223, 262-3
FP Temple 38, ff. 313-14, 350-3, 356-7, 360-2, 373HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1885-1888FP/Temple/1-39/38/313-14, 350-3, 356-7, 360-2, 373
FP Jackson 17Surnames Donne - Edgeworth1867-1884FP/Jackson/D/17
FP Jackson 16Surnames Davies, E - Donaldson1870-1884FP/Jackson/D/16
FP Jackson 46Churches in the rural deanery of Hackney1864-1883FP/Jackson/E/46
FP Temple 6, ff. 58-9, 79-80, 107, 125-6, 141-2, 178-85HOW (William Walsham), suffragan bishop of Bedford1885-1888FP/Temple/1-39/6/58-9, 79-80, 107, 125-6, 141-2, 178-85
FP Jackson 55Other Churches; the diocese of London; the Lay Helpers' Association1869-1887FP/Jackson/G/55
FP Jackson 10Surnames Abbott - Baker 1872-1884FP/Jackson/D/10
FP Jackson 13Surnames Cass - Clay1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/13
FP Jackson 24Surnames Isaacson - Kernahan1869-1883FP/Jackson/D/24
FP Jackson 31Surnames Roper - Spencer, A1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/31
Benson 10 ff.387-8Letters from HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888) on the appointment of bishops in Australia1883Benson/10/387-8
MS 5062 ff. 134r-135vPhotographs: WakefieldMSS/5062/134r-135v
MS 5069/139Photograph of William Walsham How, Lord Bishop of WakefieldMSS/5069/139
FP Jackson 34Surnames Weldon - Young1868-1884FP/Jackson/D/34
Benson 141 ff.28, 43, 49-50, 70Letters from HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888) on the appointment of bishops in Australia1895Benson/141/28, 43, 49-50, 70
Benson 150 ff.312, 345Letters from COMPTON (Lord Alwyne Frederick), Bishop of Ely; HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888), WORDSWORTH (John), Bishop of Salisbury on the Benefices Bill1896Benson/150/312, 345
FP Jackson 41Churches in the rural deaneries of St Martin in the Fields, St Marylebone and Paddington1868-1882FP/Jackson/E/41
Benson 16 ff.108-9, 114-15Letters from HOW (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888) on housing the poor1884Benson/16/108-9, 114-15
MS 4130General Correspondence1877MSS/4096-4133/4116-4132/4130
MS 3417, ff.112, 127How (William Walsham), Bishop of Wakefield (1888).1873-1878MSS/3417/66-148/112, 127
MS 2154, f.30Photographs of John William Horsley, Chaplain of Middlesex House of Detention, and William Walsham How, Bishop of Wakefield1877MSS/2154/30
FP Temple 36, ff. 249-50Correspondence on Arthur Temple LYTTELTON, master of Selwyn College, Cambridge from William Walsham HOW, suffragan bishop of Bedford, and a recommendation of Lyttelton for the living of St John, Bethnal Green, Middx.1892FP/Temple/1-39/36/249-50
FP Jackson 11Surnames Baldwin - Bradley1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/11
FP Jackson 12Surnames Brett - Casey1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/12
FP Jackson 23Surnames Hill - Hutton1869-1885FP/Jackson/D/23
FP Jackson 27Surnames MacCann - Mason1869-1885FP/Jackson/D/27
FP Jackson 29Surnames Napier - Perry1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/29
FP Jackson 30Surnames Philpott - Rooke1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/30
Benson 107 ff.418-23WACE (Henry), Principal of King's College, London: Correspondence and papers on Lambeth degrees.1892Benson/107/418-23
Benson 122 ff.106-7Correspondence on the Established Church (Wales) Bill1894Benson/122/106-7
Benson 123 ff.283-8Letters on fees1892Benson/123/283-8
Tait 99 ff. 130-2WELLESLEY (Gerald Valerian), Dean of Windsor1879Tait/76-104/99/130-2
Tait 258 ff. 206-8Correspondence on evangelism in LONDON1880Tait/161-296/258/206-8
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