Authorized Form of NameMylne; Louis George (1843-1921); Bishop of Bombay
ForenamesLouis George
EpithetBishop of Bombay
SourceNational Register of Archives

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MS 3064 no. 120Mylne (Louis George), Bishop of Bombay19th centuryMSS/3064/120
LC 26 f. 295Mylne (Louis George), bishop of Bombay.LC/1888/26/295
LC 37 no. 18Photograph of MYLNE (Louis George), bishop of Bombay.1888LC/1888/37/18
LC 9 ff. 202-4MYLNE (Louis George), bishop of Bombay.1878LC/1878/9/202-4
LC 8 f. 386MYLNE (Louis George), bishop of Bombay.1878LC/1878/8/386
LC 74 f. 320Mylne (Louis George), bishop of Bombay.LC/1908/74/320
LC 75 ff. 285-8, 326Mylne (Louis George), bishop of Bombay.LC/1908/75/285-8, 326
LC 27 ff. 109-10, 147, 221-6, 251Correspondence with Louis George Mylne, Bishop of Bombay. 1888LC/1888/27/109-10, 147, 221-6, 251
Benson 37 ff.190-1MYLNE (Louis George), Bishop of Bombay1886Benson/37/190-1
Benson 146 ff.279-80, 293-6MYLNE (Louis George), Bishop of Bombay1896Benson/146/279-80, 293-6
LC 7 ff. 316-18MYLNE (Louis George), bishop of Bombay.1878LC/1878/7/316-18
Benson 133 ff.368-9, 372-7MYLNE (Louis George), Bishop of Bombay1894Benson/133/368-9, 372-7
LC 12 ff. 130-1Mylne (Louis George), bishop of Bombay.LC/1878/12/130-1
Benson 64 ff.308-18MYLNE (Louis George), Bishop of Bombay1888Benson/64/308-18
Benson 80 ff.286-91MYLNE (Louis George), Bishop of Bombay1889Benson/80/286-91
Benson 110 ff.275-6MYLNE (Louis George), Bishop of Bombay1892Benson/110/275-6
Tait 239 f. 409MYLNE (Louis George), Bishop of Bombay1878Tait/161-296/239/409
Tait 96 ff. 13-25, 37-8, 43-7, 72-5MYLNE (Louis George), Bishop of BOMBAY1876Tait/76-104/96/13-25, 37-8, 43-7, 72-5
Tait 224 ff. 102-4MYLNE (Louis George), Bishop of Bombay1876Tait/161-296/224/102-4
Benson 53 ff.68-73, 151MYLNE (Louis George), Bishop of Bombay1884Benson/53/68-73, 151
LC 17 ff. 182-90MYLNE (Louis George), bishop of Bombay.1888LC/1888/17/182-90
LC 34 ff. 22-35Correspondence with MYLNE (Louis George), bishop of Bombay.1888LC/1888/34/22-35
LC 11 ff. 226-9Letter from Louis George Mylne, Bishop of Bombay, doubting the value of a conference but agreeing to attend.27 April 1876 LC/1878/11/226-9
LC 13 ff. 102-5Correspondence with Louis George Mylne, Bishop of Bombay, on the invitation of the Bishop of Natal to the Conference.May 1878LC/1878/13/102-5
F. Temple 17, ff. 36-41, 73-5, 78-82MYLNE (Louis George), Bishop of Bombay, India (1876-97); Vicar of St. Mary the Virgin, Marlborough , Wilts., 1897.1898F.Temple/17/36-41, 73-5, 78-82
F. Temple 47, ff. 417-18, 420MYLNE (Louis George), Bishop of Bombay, India (1876-97); Vicar of St. Mary the Virgin, Marlborough, Wilts., 1897.1892-1893F.Temple/47/417-18, 420
F. Temple 11, ff. 396-7, 415-16MYLNE (Louis George), Bishop of Bombay, India (1876-97); Vicar of St. Mary the Virgin, Marlborough , Wilts., 1897.1898F.Temple/11/396-7, 415-16
FP Jackson 52Anglican churches and chapels in Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland1866-1884FP/Jackson/F/52
MS 1617 f. 101MYLNE, Louis George; formerly Bishop of Bombay1905-1907MSS/1590-1679/1616-1679/1616-1629/1616-1620/1617/101
SSJE/9/1/4/6Letter from Bishop Mylne, Bishop of Bombay1 Oct 1888SSJE/9/1/4/6
F. Temple 28, f. 161MYLNE (Louis George), Bishop of Bombay, India (1876-97); Vicar of St. Mary the Virgin, Marlborough , Wilts., 1897.1899F.Temple/28/161
SSJE/6/1/2/11/11Correspondence with Louis Mylne, Bishop of Bombay 19 Mar 1877-21 May 1886SSJE/6/1/2/11/11
SSJE/9/1/2Annual Reports, Poona Mission1879-1896SSJE/9/1/2
MS 1947, ff.56-81Papers of Edward White Benson, Bishop of Truro, and (1883) Archbishop of Canterbury, concerning the Lambeth Conference, 18781878MSS/1947/56-81
MS 1618 ff. 98v-99MYLNE, Louis George; formerly Bishop of Bombay1905-1907MSS/1590-1679/1616-1679/1616-1629/1616-1620/1618/98v-99
FP Jackson 32Surnames Spencer, R - Toyne1868-1884FP/Jackson/D/32
FP Jackson 53Anglican churches and clergy in Canada; India; New Zealand; Australia; Africa; the West Indies; Hong Kong; Japan; Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America1869-1885FP/Jackson/F/53
F. Temple 31, ff. 204-11INCENSE, The Lambeth Hearing: The Archbishops' Hearing on the use of incense and processional lights, 1899 - Letters and papers on the Archbishops' Opinion including the lay communicants' protest, and including appeals to Archbishop Temple on church discipline and ritual1899F.Temple/31/204-11
F. Temple 47, f. 419LORD (John Douglas), Curate of Liverpool, Lancs.1893F.Temple/47/419
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