Authorized Form of NameHayter; Thomas (1702-1762); Bishop of London
EpithetBishop of London
DatesAndPlacesBishop of Norwich, October 1749.
ActivityBishop of London 1761-1762
SourceNational Register of Archives

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MS 2028, p. 34Autograph of Thomas Hayter, Bishop of Norwich and (1761) LondonMSS/2028-2029/2028/34
CM XXII/38Grant for 14 years by Berney Brograve esq. of Worstead, Norfolk, to George and Margaret Hayter, administrators of the estate of Thomas Hayter, late Bishop of Norwich8 Nov. 1768CM/22/38
MS 2589, pp. 158-161'A register of the business dispatch'd in relation to the Plantations in the time of the right reverend Dr. Thomas Hayter, Lord Bishop of London'1761 MSS/2559-2598/2589/158-161
F II/90/29Hayter (Thomas) D.D.F/2/90/29
F I/K f 81HAYTER Thomas25 Nov 1749F/1/11K/81-a
FP HayterPapers of Thomas Hayter (1702-1762), Bishop of London1761-1762FP/Hayter
VB 1/8/465Hayter, Thomas1749V/B/1/8/465-a2
VB 1/10/12, 447Hayter, Thomas1761V/B/1/10/12, 447
FP XXIIVOLUME XXII: Ordination Papers1749-1783FP/1-40/22
FP XXIIIVOLUME XXIII: Ordination Papers1749-1775FP/1-40/23
FP XXIVVOLUME XXIV: Ordination Papers1747-1764FP/1-40/24
FP XXXVOLUME XXX: Ordination Papers1749-1822FP/1-40/30
VB 1/8/464Hayter, Thomas1749V/B/1/8/464-a3
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