Authorized Form of NamePorteus; Beilby (1731-1809); Bishop of London
EpithetBishop of London
ActivityFormerly Bishop of Chester; Bishop of London 1787-1809
SourceNational Register of Archives

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MS 4239 ff. 5-33Eighteen letters from Beilby Porteus, Bishop of Chester, and subsequently of London, to various correspondents.1777-1809MSS/4239/5-33
FP Porteus 10, f.135PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.FP/Porteus/10/135
MS 2029, pp. 26, 95Autographs of Beilby Porteus, Bishop of London1787, 1796MSS/2028-2029/2029/26, 95
FP Randolph 5, f.9PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.FP/Randolph/5/9
FP Randolph 5, ff.283-8LEITH (Lockhart), rector of South Ockendon, Essex.1790, 1797FP/Randolph/5/283-8
MS 1719 ff. 30-31Letters and papers of and about Archbishop Secker1768MSS/1719/30-31
MS 2029, p. 27Engraving of Beilby Porteus, Bishop of London1847 MSS/2028-2029/2029/27
FP Porteus 13, ff.52, 99PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.FP/Porteus/13/52, 99
FP Randolph 7, f.16PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.FP/Randolph/7/16
FP Porteus 17, f.132PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.FP/Porteus/17/132
FP Porteus 3, ff.219, 252PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.FP/Porteus/3/219, 252
FP Porteus 17, ff.214-21PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.1795FP/Porteus/17/214-21
FP Randolph 6, ff.6, 82, 118PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.FP/Randolph/6/6, 82, 118
FP Porteus 4, ff.13-30, 32-5, 41-2, 47-8PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.1792-1804FP/Porteus/4/13-30, 32-5, 41-2, 47-8
FP Porteus 16, ff.162-3PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.FP/Porteus/16/162-3
FP Porteus 16, ff.105, 196PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.FP/Porteus/16/105, 196
FP Porteus 18, f.76PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.FP/Porteus/18/76
FP Porteus 19, f.58, 96PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.FP/Porteus/19/58, 96
FP Porteus 14, ff.87-8PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.late 18th centuryFP/Porteus/14/87-8
FP Randolph 17FULHAM PALACE, Middx.1813FP/Randolph/17
FP Porteus 3, ff.222-3PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London - curates and lecturers' licences1794FP/Porteus/3/222-3
FP Howley 27, ff. 100-3Letter on the will of PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.1816FP/Howley/24-46/27/100-3
MS 2029, p. 26Letter from Beilby Porteus, Bishop of London, to ---, on financial matters and a meeting of the Orphan Society28 June 1805MSS/2028-2029/2029/26
MS 1719 ff. 5-6Letters and papers of and about Archbishop Secker1772MSS/1719/5-6
MS 1719 ff. 9-10Letters and papers of and about Archbishop Secker1779MSS/1719/9-10
MS 1489 f. 81Beilby Porteus, Bishop of London, sending draft to Robert Mylne. Will send the account signed.30 August 1793MSS/1489/81
F I/N f 89PORTEUS Beilby D.D.15 Aug 1767F/1/14N/89-a
F I/P f 1PORTEOUS [PORTEUS] Beilby4 Feb 1777F/1/16P/1-a
FP Porteus 19, f.138PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.1801FP/Porteus/19/138
FP Porteus 34Commissions of Beilby PORTEUS, bishop of London, mainly for institutions to benefices, nos. 1-25.1801-1808FP/Porteus/34
FP Randolph 16FULHAM PALACE, Middx.1812FP/Randolph/16
VB 1/11/124Porteus, Bielby, Beilby, (Beilby P., Christ's Coll. Camb.)1777V/B/1/11/124-a3
FP Porteus 10, ff.154-5PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.1798FP/Porteus/10/154-5
FP Porteus 2, ff.158-201PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.1800FP/Porteus/2/158-201
FP Porteus 1, f.314PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London - Licences for non-residence1808FP/Porteus/1/314
FP Porteus 20, ff.80-3PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London.1800FP/Porteus/20/80-3
FP Porteus 16, ff.188-9PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London - open letter to his clergy on the decorous observance of divine worship.1804FP/Porteus/16/188-9
FP Porteus 13, f.90 PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London - curates and lecturers' licences1794FP/Porteus/13/90
SPG VIII. 214Porteus, Beilby, Bp.SPG/8/214-l
MS 1719 f. 7r-vLetters and papers of and about Archbishop Secker1779MSS/1719/7r-v
MS 4983 Porteus notebook 20 April 1781-1786MSS/4983
FP Porteus 1, ff.223-4PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London - Curates and lecturers' licences1791FP/Porteus/1/223-4
FP Porteus 16, ff.190-8PORTEUS (Beilby), bishop of London - Will (copy)1805FP/Porteus/16/190-8
LR/K/3/9Disposal of Porteus Library1957-1958LR/K/3/9
MS 5132Signed autograph letter from Beilby Porteus, bishop of London, to his publisher, Thomas Cadell 16 June 1806MSS/5132
SPG VI. 393Porteus, Beilby, Bp.SPG/6/393-g
MS 3273Beloe Papers1631-1951MSS/3256-3273/3273
MS 3534Miscellaneous papers1782-1967MSS/3534
VB 1/11/125Porteus, Bielby, Beilby, (Beilby P., Christ's Coll. Camb.)1777V/B/1/11/125-a2
VB 1/12/74Porteus, Bielby, Beilby, (Beilby P., Christ's Coll. Camb.)1787V/B/1/12/74-a4
F I/M f 186vPORTEUS Beilby M.A.9 Mar 1764F/1/13M/186v-a
F I/N f 9vPORTEUS Beilby M.A.12 Aug 1765F/1/14N/9v-a
VH 2/24/1George Murray, on the translation of Beilby Porteus from the bishopric of Chester to London, on the presentation of the crown29 March 1788V/H/2/24/1
F II/118/59Porteous [Porteus] (Beilby)F/2/118/59
F V/1/XIV f 235vHAMMET, RICHARD24 March 1777F/5/1/14/235v-a
F V/2/1791/LondonAIRSON, WILLIAM5 Dec 1791F/5/2/1791/London
FP XIIVOLUME XII: General Correspondence1724-1743FP/1-40/12
FP XVIVOLUME XVI: General Correspondence1731-undatedFP/1-40/16
FP XVIIIVOLUME XVIII: General Correspondence1740-undatedFP/1-40/18
FP XXIVOLUME XXI: Ordination Papers1748-1802FP/1-40/21
FP XXIIIVOLUME XXIII: Ordination Papers1749-1775FP/1-40/23
FP XXIVVOLUME XXIV: Ordination Papers1747-1764FP/1-40/24
FP XXVVOLUME XXV: Ordination Papers1765-1770FP/1-40/25
FP XXVIIVOLUME XXVII: Ordination Papers1750-1819FP/1-40/27
FP XXXIVOLUME XXXI: Ordination Papers1774-1819FP/1-40/31
FP XXXIIVOLUME XXXII: Ordination Papers1730-1821FP/1-40/32
FP XXXVOLUME XXX: Ordination Papers1749-1822FP/1-40/30
FP XXXVIVOLUME XXXVI: Missionary Bonds1761-1769FP/1-40/36
F. Temple 14, ff. 409-12CHARITY COMMISSIONERS FOR ENGLAND AND WALES - Letter and schedule of the Charity of Beilby PORTEUS (1731-1809), Bishop of Chester and London 1898F.Temple/14/409-12
Fisher 205, ff. 278-80FULHAM PALACE, Middx. - future of the Porteus library1958Fisher/1-271/199-212/205/278-80
FP PorteusPorteus, Beilby (1731-1809)1502-1816FP/Porteus
FP XXVOLUME XX: General Correspondence1750-1788FP/1-40/20
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