Authorized Form of NameStorr; Vernon Faithfull (1869-1940); Canon of Westminster
ForenamesVernon Faithfull
EpithetCanon of Westminster
SourceWho Was Who

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MS 3356, ff.74, 105Storr (Vernon Faithfull), Canon of Westminster (1921).1915MSS/3356/74, 105
Lang 156, ff. 179-81Vernon Faithfull STORR, Archdeacon of Westminster1936Lang/1-186/156/179-81
Douglas 55, ff. 123-4STORR, Vernon Faithfull, Archdeacon of Westminster. Douglas/55/24-198/123-4
MS 2987 ff. 446, 449, 453Storr (Vernon Faithfull), Canon of Westminster1934MSS/2965-3015/2987/144-453/446-453/446, 449, 453
Bell 131Church and State Commission1933 - 1935Bell/118-183/125-131/131
MS 3576 ff. 3, 9-12v, 15, 29-30, 48, 50, 66, 69Storr, Vernon Faithfull (1869-1940), Canon of Westminster1927-1928MSS/3576/3,9-12v,15,29-30,48,50,66,69
Lang 147, f. 394Vernon Faithfull STORR, Archdeacon of Westminster1936Lang/1-186/147/394
MS 3061 ff. 189-199Memorandum by William Temple, Archbishop of York, Vernon Faithfull Storr, Archdeacon of Westminster, and Sir P. W. B. Wilbraham, 6th Bart., on Church and State (C.C.S. 120) [1933] MSS/3060-3062/3061/189-199
Douglas 89, ff. 298-9, 307, 323, 327, 329STORR, Vernon Faithfull, Archdeacon of WestminsterDouglas/89/298-9, 307, 323, 327, 329
Davidson 80, ff.367-8STORR (Vernon Faithfull), rector of Bramshott, Hants.1903Davidson/27-217/80/367-8
LD 5/2/1S. Th. Association Correspondence1918LD/5/2/1
LD 6/2/14Madge, Miss Gertrude M. 1915-1919LD/6/2/14
MS 2347 ff. 45, 231-232vStorr (Vernon Faithfull), Canon of Westminster1922, 1928MSS/2343-2411/2343-2348/2347/45, 231-232v
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