Authorized Form of NameNewman; John Henry (1801-1890); Cardinal
ForenamesJohn Henry
SourceNational Register of Archives

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MS 3535, f. 14Mill, William Hodge (1792-1853), Regius Professor of Hebrew, Cambridge1841MSS/3535/14
MS 3535, f. 284Newman, John Henry (1801-1890), Cardinal19th cent.MSS/3535/284
Tait 77 ff. 1-6NEWMAN (John Henry), Cardinal (1879)[1841]Tait/76-104/77/1-6
Ramsey 184, ff.229-35Correspondence on a conference on NEWMAN (John Henry), cardinal1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/184/229-35
MS 2353 f. 301Recollections by Riley (John Athelstan Laurie) of John Henry Newman and Edward Bouverie Pusey at Oxford1941MSS/2343-2411/2353/301
Tait 96 ff. 85-8GOLIGHTLY (Rev. Charles Pourtales), of Oriel College, Oxford1876Tait/76-104/96/85-8
MS 1562 f. 24John Henry Newman, Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, to Watson. 1835MSS/1562/24
MS 1822 f. 171NEWMAN, John Henry; Cardinal1837MSS/1822-1824/1822/171
MS 1562 ff. 64-65vJoshua Watson to [Anna] Rose, [widow of the Revd. Hugh James Rose].[1841]MSS/1562/64-65v
MS 1861, f. 57Letter from NEWMAN (John Henry), Cardinal (1879), to Roundell Palmer1841MSS/1861-1906/1861-1871/1861/57
MS 2498 f. 86Newman (Cardinal John Henry)1887MSS/2452-2502/2498/86
MS 2678 ff. 270-271Letter from Cardinal John Henry Newman to Chambers, stating his view of terms on which the Anglican and Roman Churches might be united (copy) 5 May 1880MSS/2677-2684/2678/257-294/270-271
MS 2840PALMER PAPERSMSS/2800-2857/2840
MS 2839PALMER PAPERSMSS/2800-2857/2839
Keble 2/94-5Letters to the Rev. John Keble, 1840-66: Rev. John Henry Newman, Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford1840, 1843Keble/2/94-5
MS 1946 ff.9-34vCorrespondence between Cardinal (1879) John Henry Newman, Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, and Revd. Charles Portales Golightly, his curate at Littlemore1831-1840MSS/1946/9-34v
FP Blomfield 28, ff. 30-6Letters on NEWMAN (John Henry), Cardinal (1879)1841FP/Blomfield/1-60/28/30-6
Runcie/ERCC/1990/26Great Britain: Newman centenary1989-1990Runcie/ERCC/1990/26
Runcie/SPEECH/371Newman Centenary6 Mar 1990Runcie/SPEECH/371
MS 4512 ff. 48-53Letters to Francis Merewether from John Henry Newman, theologian1837-1840MSS/4512/4-117/48-53
MS 4512 ff. 148-149Letter from John Henry Newman, theologian, to [Emily] Buchanan, on her conversion16 Apr 1875MSS/4512/148-149
Runcie/MAIN/1985/341St John Stevas, Norman1985Runcie/MAIN/1985/341
FP Jackson 16Surnames Davies, E - Donaldson1870-1884FP/Jackson/D/16
Carey/EG/1991/7Decade of Evangelism1990-1991Carey/EG/1991/7
Ramsey 280, ff. 16-51Roman Catholic Matters: general 1974Ramsey/4-287/1974/280/16-51
Runcie/ERCC/1982/12Great Britain1981-1982Runcie/ERCC/1982/12
MS 1812 ff. 72-73Letter from John Henry Newman, Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, to [William] Palmer, [Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford], on the political situation between Russia and Turkey.1840MSS/1812/72-73
SSJE/6/1/2/7/22Letter from Fr. Benson to Fr. Page19 Dec 1885SSJE/6/1/2/7/22
FP Blomfield 40, ff. 40b-5WILSON (Daniel), Bishop of Calcutta 1844FP/Blomfield/1-60/40/40b-5
SSJE/6/1/2/6/1Letter from John H. Newman (later Cardinal) to Fr. Benson11 Aug 1865SSJE/6/1/2/6/1
MS 5069/152-155Photographs of John Henry Cardinal NewmanMSS/5069/152-155
SSJE/10/11Non SSJE letters1840-SSJE/10/15
FP Jackson 34Surnames Weldon - Young1868-1884FP/Jackson/D/34
Runcie/MAIN/1990/186Cullinane, Bishop John1990Runcie/MAIN/1990/186
Runcie/MAIN/1990/382Newman, Cardinal1989-1990Runcie/MAIN/1990/382
MS 4474 ff. 146-198From John Keble, Vicar of Hursley1829-1862MSS/4473-4479/4474/146-198
MS 1811Tucker-WynterMSS/1804-1811/1811
MS 3264Beloe Papers1839-[1917]MSS/3256-3273/3264
Sion L40.2/E82WILLIAM SCOTT PAPERSc.1839-1873SionMSS/E/82
MS 3996Autograph Letters1558-1987MSS/3996
MS 4306Letters to Edwin Palmer (1824-1895) from various correspondents1870-1894MSS/4302-4321/4306
MS 4475 ff. 44-113From John Henry Newman1833-1865MSS/4473-4479/4475/44-113
MS 3534Miscellaneous papers1782-1967MSS/3534
MS 2164, ff.200-1To Charles Brent Wale, his garden; Cardinal (1879) John Henry Newman's threat to prosecute the publisher of Tract 90; Revd. Edward Hawkins, Provost of Oriel College, Oxford, regrets reprinting of the Tracts; Franks 26 April 1855MSS/2164/155-213/200-1
MS 1808Jeune-PuseyMSS/1804-1811/1808
MS 1824WORDSWORTH CORRESPONDENCE1831-1891MSS/1822-1824/1824
MS 1680 ff. 131-154vLetters to John Jebb, Prebendary of Hereford. 1847-1862MSS/1680/131-154v
Runcie/MAIN/1990/394Oxford: Newman centenary1988-1990Runcie/MAIN/1990/394
CFR RC 150Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: National Dialogues: France: Contacts: General contacts J-Z1946-1981CFR/6/3/5/150
FP Jackson 30Surnames Philpott - Rooke1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/30
Tait 81 ff. 184-7SANDFORD (Charles Waldegrave), Bishop of Gibraltar1864Tait/76-104/81/184-7
MS 2838PALMER PAPERS1861MSS/2800-2857/2838
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