Authorized Form of NameJohnson; Hewlett (1874-1966); Dean of Canterbury
EpithetDean of Canterbury
ActivityDean of Canterbury (1931-1963)
SourceNational Register of Archives; Who was Who

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Bell 192, ff. 282-5, 303Correspondence with Hewlett JOHNSON, dean of CanterburyBell/184-368/192/282-5, 303
Bell 216, ff. 20-3, 27Correspondence with Hewlett JOHNSON, dean of CanterburyBell/184-368/204-218/216/20-3, 27
Lang 109, ff. 290-301Hewlett JOHNSON, Dean of Canterbury1931-1932Lang/1-186/109/290-301
MS 3288, f.16Johnson (Hewlett), Dean of Canterbury.1942MSS/3287-3319/3288/16
Lang 175, ff. 239-67Communist sympathies of Hewlett JOHNSON, Dean of Canterbury1940Lang/1-186/175/239-67
Lang 168, ff. 180-5Communist sympathies of Hewlett JOHNSON, Dean of Canterbury1939Lang/1-186/168/180-5
Fisher 27, ff. 77-111JOHNSON (Hewlett), Dean of Canterbury1947Fisher/1-271/23-38/27/77-111
Fisher 97, ff. 18-105JOHNSON (Hewlett), Dean of Canterbury1952Fisher/1-271/94-104/97/18-105
Fisher 167, f. 93-132JOHNSON (Hewlett), Dean of Canterbury1956Fisher/1-271/165-182/167/93-132
Bell 203, f. 149Correspondence with Hewlett JOHNSON, dean of CanterburyBell/184-368/203/149
Ramsey 3, f. 108Letter from Hewlett JOHNSON, dean of Canterbury, on Archbishop Ramsey's translation to Canterbury1961Ramsey/1-3/3/108
Ramsey 33, ff. 261-6Papers on the retirement of Hewlett JOHNSON, dean of Canterbury1963Ramsey/4-287/1963/33/261-6
Lang 166, ff. 345-9Communist sympathies of Hewlett JOHNSON, Dean of Canterbury1938Lang/1-186/166/345-9
W.Temple 32, ff. 1-6Hewlett JOHNSON, Dean of Canterbury6 Nov-4 Dec 1942W.Temple/1-62/32/1-6
Fisher 96, ff. 333-45JOHNSON (Hewlett), Dean of Canterbury1952Fisher/1-271/94-104/96/333-45
Ramsey 34, f. 61Papers on the retirement of Hewlett JOHNSON, dean of Canterbury1963Ramsey/4-287/1963/34/61
Fisher 43, ff. 361-82JOHNSON (Hewlett), Dean of Canterbury1948Fisher/1-271/39-50/43/361-82
Lang 105, ff. 22-30CANTERBURY Cathedral - appointment of the dean; Hewlett JOHNSON, Dean of Canterbury - appointment as dean1931Lang/1-186/105/22-30
Fisher 81, ff. 328-51JOHNSON (Hewlett), Dean of Canterbury1951Fisher/1-271/79-93/81/328-51
Fisher 89, ff. 194-203JOHNSON (Hewlett), Dean of Canterbury1951Fisher/1-271/79-93/89/194-203
Bell 211, ff. 84-5JOHNSON (Hewlett), dean of Canterbury1951Bell/184-368/204-218/211/84-5
Bell 210, ff. 11-14Correspondence with Hewlett JOHNSON, dean of Canterbury1931, 1945Bell/184-368/204-218/210/11-14
Fisher 3, ff. 153-5Hewlett JOHNSON, Dean of Canterbury1945Fisher/1-271/1-10/3/153-5
MS 4515 ff. 91-92Letter from Hewlett Johnson, Dean of Canterbury, with reply (part) from William Temple8 Feb 1943, 9 Feb 1943MSS/4514-4534/4515/75-208/91-92
Bell 211, ff. 82v, 89, 92-3, 95, 97Correspondence with Hewlett JOHNSON, dean of CanterburyBell/184-368/204-218/211/82v, 89, 92-3, 95, 97
Fisher 189, ff. 86-127King's School, City of CANTERBURY - position of the chairman of the board of governors; Hewlett JOHNSON, Dean of Canterbury - position as chairman of the governors of King's school, Canterbury1957Fisher/1-271/183-194/189/86-127
CFR AC PHOTO ABC 5Consecration of Ronald Williams, Bishop of Leicester1953CFR/1/6/ABC/5
CFR AOC PHOTO ARM 4Visit by Vazgen I, 1956April 1956CFR/2/4/ARM/4
MS 3562 f. 115Johnson, Hewlett (1874-1966), Dean of Canterbury1939MSS/3562/115
Fisher 70, ff. 322-83JOHNSON (Hewlett), Dean of Canterbury1950Fisher/1-271/67-78/70/322-83
Fisher 120, ff. 37-49JOHNSON (Hewlett), Dean of Canterbury1953Fisher/1-271/118-133/120/37-49
Fisher 184, ff. 139-57 passimJOHNSON (Hewlett), Dean of Canterbury1957Fisher/1-271/183-194/184/139-57 passim
Lang 149, ff. 113-51Communist sympathies of Hewlett JOHNSON, Dean of Canterbury; civil war in SPAIN1937Lang/1-186/149/113-51
Ramsey 12, f. 149Letter to Hewlett JOHNSON, dean of Canterbury, on the appointment of a residentiary canon of Canterbury1962Ramsey/4-287/1961/12/149
W.Temple 8, ff. 282-9CANTERBURY Cathedral18 Feb 1943-31 Jan 1944W.Temple/1-62/8/282-9
W.Temple 111/8Enthronement in Canterbury Cathedral23 Apr 1942W.Temple/111/8
W.Temple 46, ff. 219-59William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury1926W.Temple/1-62/46/219-59
W.Temple 46, ff. 132-71William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury26 Nov 1920-24 Jan 1921W.Temple/1-62/46/132-71
W.Temple 8, ff. 199-281CANTERBURY Cathedral5 Feb-30 Sep 1943W.Temple/1-62/8/199-281
Fisher 1, ff. 383-7Visits by British churchmen to the UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS1945Fisher/1-271/1-10/1/383-7
CFR RC 211/4Relations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Spain: Spanish Civil War: correspondence and reports1938CFR/6/3/17/211-4
CFR AC PHOTO ABC 9Archbishop Ramsey's enthronement28 June 1961CFR/1/6/ABC/9
Runcie/MAIN/1988/323Hughes, Rev. R.1988Runcie/MAIN/1988/323
W.Temple 111/9Enthronement in Canterbury Cathedral23 Apr 1942W.Temple/111/9
CFR OC 62/2Oecumenical Patriarchate: Anglican Chaplains In Constantinople April 1938-January 1951CFR/5/3/5/62-2
CFR OC 203/6Individual Orthodox Churches: Russia: Contacts: Metropolitans 1955-1963CFR/5/3/25/203-6
CFR G 26Johnson, Dr Hewlett1949-1963CFR/1/4/26
CFR OC 181/1Individual Orthodox Churches: Romania: Anglican Visits To1948-1968CFR/5/3/23/181-1
Fisher 56, ff. 93-120, 301-3JOHNSON (Hewlett), Dean of Canterbury1949Fisher/1-271/51-66/56/93-120, 301-3
CFR LRC 109/4Poland: Contacts: Dr B. Kieskowski27 Feb 1945-11 Jun 1946CFR/4/3/20/109-4
EV 2/204Episcopi Vagantes: Carlos Costa 31/07/1947 - 25/09/1967EV/2/204
Monte/O/1/2Vicar of Great St. Mary's, Cambridge8th April 1963-7th September 1970Monte/O/1/2
CFR LRC 85Hungary: General situation9 Feb 1937-16 Dec 1981CFR/4/3/12/85
W.Temple 38, ff. 270-368RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH1 Dec 1942-27 Nov 1944W.Temple/1-62/38/270-368
W.Temple 47, ff. 1-48William TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury11 Feb-23 June 1942W.Temple/1-62/47/1-48
Fisher 193, ff. 227-8King's School, City of CANTERBURY - position of the chairman of the board of governors; Hewlett JOHNSON, Dean of Canterbury - position as chairman of the governors of King's school, Canterbury1957Fisher/1-271/183-194/193/227-8
Fisher 313Photograph album, including photographs of Geoffrey Francis FISHER, Archbishop of Canterbury1897-1961Fisher/312-17B/313
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